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Thread: LPW Sign Up Thread

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    Basic Information
    Name: Miller Allen
    Date of Birth: 12/19/75
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 217 lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Bellingham, WA, USA
    Base picture: Finn Bálor
    Biography: A former spy for the United States government (shh, don't tell anyone), now retired with a decent pension and too much time on his hands. For Allen, wrestling is a way to stay in shape and burn off some residual aggression from his former job.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Devin Townsend Project - "Ziltoid Goes Home"
    Entrance: Allen focuses on the ring and stretches himself out in the corner (out first), or focuses on his opponent (out second). Yellow and red lights strobe to the upbeat pace of his music.
    Wrestling Style(s): Technical/Strikes
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: Make Total Destroy - Modified Bow and Arrow Lock (Instead of both knees putting pressure on opponent's back, uses one knee and wraps the other around opponent's neck, leaving the arm free to repeatedly punch the opponent in the liver)
    • The Gift of Guilt - Deadlift German Suplex (with or without Bridge Pin)
    • Grind the Ocean - European Uppercut into Superkick to the back of the head
    • Animal Bones - Backdrop Driver
    • Telos - Pumphandle Neckbreaker
    • Dropkick
    • Cradle DDT
    • Double Underhook Knees
    • Lots of Suplexes, Clotheslines, Kicks, and Punches

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Potato
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    Stop bleeding on the inside, we are alive
    And it's more than enough to paint the walls that are white
    Can we show the ones who are blind?

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    Basic Information
    Name: Baraz
    Date of Birth: 1992
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 250lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From:Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    Base picture: jason mamoa. Preferably this base pic:Jason-Momoa-Batman-vs-Superman.jpg Biography: Fear not, for you to shall be cleansed. Absolution shall be yours as i work through you. Truer words have never touched the ears of the one they call Baraz. Raised in an orphanage after his village was burned to the ground, Baraz claims to have visions of something dark on the horizon. He does not wish to stop it, only see it through.
    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Leonard Cohen - "Hallelujah"
    Entrance: Red and white strobe pulse through the arena as Baraz music hits. he walks slowly to the ring, head tilted down in prayer.
    Wrestling Style(s): Power, Technical
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Blood Sacrifice - Double Underhook Piledriver
    Secondary Finisher(s): To The Pit - Overhead Belly to Belly suples over top rope
    Moveset: Release German Suplex
    Sitout Powerbomb
    One Leg Boston Crab
    Writers Discretion

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:] Yes
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    Basic Information
    Name: Sidal Misease
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 225lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Unknown
    Base picture: Ermac MKX
    Biography: You don't wanna know.....ME!!! You don't wanna know my sad.....sad.....STORY!!! What about me......WHAT ABOUT ME??? I'll.....I'll quote the raven.....NEVERMORE!!! hehehehahaha

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Allele - "Stitches"
    Entrance: The area goes black with little light, green smoke fills the ramp and Sidal Misease slowly walks to the ring.
    Wrestling Style(s): Reckless High Flyer/Brawler
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Lunacy - Double Underhook Knee Strikes (to oppoents head until they collapse)
    Secondary Finisher(s): Fatality - Warrior's Way (preferably to opponents heart area) by Low Ki
    Kneecolepsy - Frighting Kneecolepsy by Frightmare
    Moveset: Any Reckless High Flying Moves, Variety of Stiff Kicks and Punches (not a lot of submissions always on the move high endurance level despite his slow talking)

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes
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    See Roster Info Update thread.
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    Basic Information
    Name: Jeremy Smitt
    Date of Birth: 4th February 1990
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight:210 lbs

    Background Info
    Billed FromBrisbane, Queensland, Australia)
    Base picture: Anthony Nese
    Biography: I am an international world champion gamer. I have cracked the top of the leader boards for so many games but there is one series of games that have inspired me and since they haven't brought out one for i while i decided to become the reason for them to make another on and the games I am talking about is the LPW series.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Eminem - "Survival"
    Entrance: each time he comes down as a different game character each time pretending to be them but inevitably strips to his wrestling gear
    Wrestling Style(s): high flyer
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: Fatality - (trouble in paradise)
    Secondary Finisher(s): Brutality - (red arrow)
    Moveset: multiple kick variations, Moonsault, Suplex, shoot kicks to kneeling opponent, superman punch

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: yes

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    Basic Information
    Name: "The Crippled Crusader" Chris Paradise
    Date of Birth: 1/7/96
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 215 LBS

    Background Info
    Billed From: Buffalo, New York
    Base picture: Gregory Irons
    Biography: Chris Paradise likes to reffer to himself as "The Crippled Crusader", born with Cerebral Palsy he learned to adapt to life with CP and quickly took up Pro-Wrestling as both a hobby and a career. He debuted in the indies at the young age of 19 and quickly learned that what he lacked in strength he made up for in smarts and cunning, quickly learning to hide behind his disability as a sort of crutch even though he is more than capable of mixing it up in the ring. Utilizing a submission based offense along with plenty of dirty tactics, Chris excells at fustrating fans and competitors alike whether it be due to his antics in the ring or his constant "inspirational" messages. Even though he has the skill to back up his trash talking, Chris perfers hiding behind bodygaurds or underlings to do the heavy lifiting so he can pick apart the scraps which has lead to Chris's huge ego which infuriates his fellow wrestlers to no end. However, be it in the ring or on the sidelines Chris is always willing to be a nuisance and be an "Inspiration" wherever he goes.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Joe Esposito-You're The Best Around

    Entrance: As You're The Best Around by Joe Esposito plays over the PA, Chris Paradise steps out from behind the curtain with a big grin on his face. He then hobbles down to ringside cane in hand ignoring outstretched hands or tricking fans as the boos begin to mount. As he nears ringside he rolls into the ring and hops up onto the turnbuckle flashing a thumbs up pose

    Wrestling Style(s): Submission, Technical, Dirty

    Alignment: Heel

    Primary Finisher: Cerebral Palsy Strech-Chikara Special
    Secondary Finisher(s): Crip-Tonite- Shining Wizard

    Moveset: Chuck Taylor's "Springboard" body press, using his cane as a weapon, calling for a dive and just bouncing off the ropes instead, frequently trying to get a "Timeout" because of his condition, various suplex variations, eye pokes, foot stomps, Spike DDT, Surfboard Facecrusher, assorted heel tactics and moves, the "Lawn Dart" Hangman Neckbreaker, Boston Crab, various submission holds

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Affirmative

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    Kenneth Lee Oswald

    Basic Information
    Name: Kenneth Lee Oswald
    Date of Birth: October 18, 1979
    Height: 6' 8"
    Weight: 310 lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Dallas, Texas
    Base picture: Dan Spivey in his Waylon Mercy persona
    Biography: Kenneth Lee Oswald was once described as “The illegitimate child of Max Cady and Hannibal Lecter on a good day.” He is a full blown sociopath who will obey the rules but will take advantage of any loophole that presents itself. He is cold, calculating and vicious. His attacks will normally single out one body part, which one is strictly dependent on what opportunity presents itself.

    He came from what most people would call a “normal” family. His father was a successful business man and his mother was a stay at home mother who was the president of the PTO for a number of years. Kenneth's brother is a successful neurosurgeon. In fact, Oswald himself became a forensic psychiatrist, a career choice that mirrored that of the fictional Lecter. The differentiating factor is that Kenneth Lee Oswald has not killed anyone.

    What Oswald has discovered is that he enjoys hurting people. Not wanting to spend his life within the confines of a six by eight cell. He first learned the art of Krav Maga, but decided that Mixed Martial Arts had too many rules for his liking. Eventually, he stumbled across professional wrestling. From there, history will soon be written.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Godsmack - "Voodoo"

    “I'm not the one who's so far away
    When I feel the snake bite enter my veins
    Never did I wanna be here again
    And I don't remember why I came”

    The smooth yet haunting drums and base of “Voodoo” by Godsmack fill the arena. From behind the curtain, Kenneth Lee Oswald makes his way out. He shakes the hand of any fan brave enough to stick their hand out as he makes his way to the ring. He calmly climbs up the ring steps and over to top rope into the ring. He shakes hands with the referee before removing his Hawaiian shirt and waiting for the bell to ring.

    Wrestling Style(s): Brawler/Power
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Hand of God Claw Hold (Location of Claw will depend on what body part he has been working over. His knowledge of nerves and pressure points will allow him to use this on arms and legs as well.)
    Lorraine Motel Inverted Chokeslam
    Ford's Theatre Alley Oop Facebuster (This move will be done onto or into anything available, turnbuckles, chairs, tables, barricades, over the top rope... whatever is available to cause the victim the most pain.)
    Audubon Ballroom Steiner Screwdriver (Again, onto or into anything that will cause more damage or to the outside.)
    Discus Clothesline
    Big Boot
    Snap Suplex Variations
    - German
    - Dragon
    - Half Nelson
    Running DDT
    Muscle Buster
    Various Krav Maga Strikes
    Will NOT use a chokeslam

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes.

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    Basic Information

    Name: Dustin Diamond
    Date of Birth: 4/23/1993
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 210lbs

    Background Info

    Billed From: New York City
    Base picture: Cesaro
    Biography: Dustin has always been a perfectionist in his life, straight out of high school when he was the valedictorian in his high school graduating class in the richest part of Manhatten in a private school in NYC. With that Dustin got a full ride to train at the best wrestling school in the country from that he went to an independent wrestling company to gain experience before heading to the big leagues. Dustin was the longest reigning heavyweight champion in the independent promotion he was in and held that title for over a year. Dustin also won that title a month into his career at XFL. Dustin is now in the big leagues and wants to take out the best and rise to the top of LOP.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Jim Johnston - "Dead White Guys"
    Entrance: Dustin makes his way down to the ring in a gold DD jacket as he walks slowly down to his kingdom surrounded by gold fireworks on the stage
    Wrestling Style(s): Technical, High Flyer
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Dustin Driver aka RKO
    Secondary Finisher(s): 450 Splash
    Moveset: Big Boot, Clothesline, Hurricanrana, Curb Stomp, Spinning Heel Kick, Pop Up Powerbomb, Poke to the eyes, Chokeslam, Last Ride

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes.
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    Basic Information
    Name: Gavin O'Connor
    Date of Birth: August 30th, 1994
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 255lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Base picture: Baron Corbin
    Biography: Gavin O'Connor had it all as a child. He had a stable home life, good grades in school, and a guaranteed scholarship to play football for Louisiana's premiere University; LSU. That all changed one day when an eighteen year old Gavin was arrested and thrown in prison for a year. After being released from prison and having found no hope to rebuild his athletic career in football, Gavin turned to his childhood love of Professional Wrestling. For the next two years, a young and focused Gavin O'Connor would train at the Wildkat Sports gym in New Orleans, Louisiana. He poured blood, sweat, and tears into his craft, determined to right the wrong that was dealt to him. Now, after two years of training, a new face has arrived in LPW. Gavin O'Connor has hit the scene, and he is ready to hit the ground running.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Xplore Yesterday - "One Last Stand"
    Entrance: The lights in the arena dim as the opening guitar riff for Xplore Yesterday’s “One Last Stand” blares through the arena’s PA Systems. Gray and white strobe lights flicker across the stage and around the arena as the black curtain falls to one side. The six foot six inch Gavin O’Connor steps onto the stage with his arms open. He steps to the center of the stage and tilts his head upwards to the sky as his arms are outstretched, absorbing the raw emotion from the crowd. His arms fall to his sides as he begins to walk across the stage and down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans as he makes his way down towards the ring. Instead of going towards the steel steps, Gavin pulls himself up onto the ring apron while using the ropes for leverage. He steps into the ring and walks towards the set of ropes closest to “hard camera.” His arms outstretch and his head tilts upwards once more as the lights return to normal. Gavin drops his arms once more and backs into a corner to stretch as “One Last Stand” fades out of ear shot.
    Wrestling Style(s): Brawler/Power
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: DeGavitation – Vertical Suplex Side Slam
    Secondary Finisher(s): DeRailed - Clothesline From Hell (usually sending smaller opponents into a backflip)
    • Various Punches
    • Uppercuts
    • Snap Suplex
    • German Suplex
    • Power Slams
    • Big Boot
    • Side Walk Slam
    • Powerbomb
    • Stalling Suplex
    • Jumping Lariat
    • T-Bone Suplex

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Naturally, yes.

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    Basic Information
    Name: Obsidian
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 333lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Parts Unknown
    Base picture: Papa Shango
    Biography: From the depths of mystery, Obsidian rises to lay waste to anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. Obsidian is compelled to fulfill the will of Serptenus, his evil master who is personified as a relic which was given to Obsidian before embarking on his career. Obsidian is on a path to both dominate LPW and recruit wrestlers into his stable: The Cabal of Serpentus. Obsidian respects few and cowers to no one. Obsidian will not rest until all in LPW have been compelled by the power of Obisidan.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Soilwork - "Stabbing The Drama" (full-length, instrumental version.)
    Entrance: Obsidian walks out to the stage, raising Serpentus (a bo staff with a cobra's head) up in the air as Obsidian looks to the sky. Obsidian then lets out a war cry before menacingly walking towards the ring (without acknowledging any of the fans who try to touch him.) Obsidian then walks over the top rope, faces the camera, and raises Serpentus once again as his pyro goes off in the ring.
    Wrestling Style(s): Powerhouse/Hardcore
    Alignment: Heel (Bipolar Lawful/Chaotic)
    Primary Finisher:
    Singles: Serpentus Clutch - Cobra/camel clutch combination (submission maneuver)
    Tag Team: The Mission of The Cabal - Super powerslam performed by Obsidian while partner performs a diving elbow drop.
    Secondary Finisher(s):
    Singles: Obsidian Tide - Triple powerbomb with sit-out pin at end.
    Tag Team: The Will of Serpentus - Double super powerslam performed by both Obsidian and his partner.

    Note To New Participants: Please note that not everyone needs to be this detailed with their moves; I'm just rather particular. The descriptions the other wrestlers have for their wrestlers are fine.

    Signature Move #1: Superplex
    Signature Move #2: Running Lariat (sometimes as an Irish Whip reversal)
    Signature Move #3: Diving Elbow Drop (from top turnbuckle)
    Signature Move #4: Triple German Suplex
    Tag Team Signature Move: Aided snap swinging neckbreaker
    Illegal/No-DQ Signature Move : Serpentus Strike (hits opponent with bo staff)

    Setup Moves:
    Heart punch
    Striking combination: Right punch to chest, left punch to abdomen, elbow smash to neck, and headbutt.
    Fireman's carry slam
    Ankle lock
    Belly-to-belly suplex
    Release German suplex
    Pumphandle fallaway slam
    Release powerbomb
    Full nelson slam
    Shin-breaker/stomp to shin combo
    Half-nelson choke suplex
    Texas piledriver
    Reverse shoulder breaker
    Shoulder breaker
    Knee breaker/stomp to knee combination
    Sleeper hold (standing submission from front facelock)
    Bearhug (standing submission from side headlock)
    Armbar (standing submission from wrist lock)
    Lotus lock (standing submission from waist lock)
    Axe handle to ringside (dive from apron)
    Elbow strike (running dive from apron)
    Suplex (from apron to inside and from apron to outside)
    Big boot (Irish whip return)
    Belly-to-belly suplex (Irish whip return)
    Shoulder tackle (running)
    Spear (running)
    Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker (pull-back)
    Avalanche (corner)
    Buckle bomb (corner)
    Diving fist drop (top rope)
    Diving axe handle (top rope)
    Chinlock (opponent downed - submission maneuver)
    Armbar (opponent downed - submission maneuver)
    Single leg crab (opponent downed - submission maneuver)
    Shoulder claw (opponent downed - submission maneuver)
    Crossface/Scissored armbar combination (opponent downed - submission maneuver)
    Gut stomp (opponent downed) - Groin stomp (illegal/No-DQ variation)
    Rope choke against top rope (illegal/No-DQ)
    Apron choke (illegal/No-DQ)
    Testicular claw (illegal/No-DQ)
    Bite (illegal/No-DQ)

    Tag Team Setup Moves:
    Clothesline/chop block combination
    Double suplex
    Aided cross body
    Backbreaker and elbow drop combination

    Setup Reversal Moves:
    Kick reversal: Leg pullback clothesline
    Kick reversal submission: Reverse Boston crab
    Wrist lock reversal: Arm breaker
    Headlock reversal: Atomic drop
    Grappling reversal: Northern lights suplex
    Irish whip/running reversal: Spear
    Grounded reversal: Leg lock (from feet - submission maneuver)
    Grounded reversal: Inside cradle pin (from head)
    Standing diving reversal: Standing missile dropkick to mid-section
    Grounded diving reversal: Supine boot to face

    Basic Moves:
    Elbow smash (standing and from front facelock)
    European uppercut
    Punch to head (standing and from side headlock)
    Punch to mid-section
    Knee strike to mid-section
    Kick to mid-section
    Elbow to arm from wrist lock
    Headbutt to shoulder
    Elbow to back of head from waist lock
    German suplex
    Suplex lift neckbreaker
    Backbreaker drop
    Knee breaker
    Exploder suplex
    Tilt-a-whirl side slam
    Flap jack
    Elevated wrist lock
    Armlock scoop slam
    Reverse atomic drop
    Back suplex
    Heatbutt to shoulder
    Shin breaker
    Belly-to-back suplex
    Inverted power slam
    Pumphandle drop
    Shoulder arm breaker
    Double underhook lock
    Arm wrench/arm breaker
    Sit-out jawbreaker
    Punch (from apron)
    Hotshot (from apron to inside)
    Pull-down (from apron to floor)
    Hard chop (opponent on apron)
    Apron clothesline (opponent on apron)
    Stomp (opponent downed on apron)
    Armlock (opponent against top rope)
    Hip attack (opponent against middle rope)
    Elbow smash (running)
    Clothesline (Irish whip return/running)
    Shoulder throw (Irish whip return)
    Shoulder thrust (pull-back)
    Shoulder thrusts (corner)
    Kicks to mudhole stomp (corner)
    Diving fist drop (from middle rope)
    Diving standing fist drop (top rope)
    Stomp to head (opponent downed)
    Punch to head (opponent downed)
    Face stomp (opponent downed)
    Elbow drop to mid-section (opponent downed)
    Running elbow drop to mid-section (opponent downed)
    Stomp to arm (opponent downed)
    Leg stomp (opponent downed)
    Knee stomp (opponent downed)
    Eye Rake (illegal/No-DQ)
    Thumb to eye (illegal/No-DQ)
    Low blow (illegal/No-DQ)
    Weapon shot (illegal/No-DQ)

    Tag Team Basic Moves:
    Double DDT
    Double body blow
    Drop toe-hold/elbow drop
    Diving axe handle

    Basic Reversal Moves:
    Kick reversal: Takedown reversal
    Kick reversal submission: Hammer lock
    Wrist lock reversal: Wrist lock
    Headlock reversal: Back body drop
    Grappling reversal: Side slam
    Irish whip/running reversal: Clothesline
    Grounded reversal: Kick to leg (from feet)
    Grounded reversal: Punch to face (from head)
    Standing diving reversal: Punch to mid-section
    Grounded diving reversal: Roll

    Ring Mannerisms:
    Primary ring entry/exit: Walk over top rope.
    Secondary ring entry/exit: Roll under the bottom rope
    Primary victory celebration: Obsidian grabs the staff and forces his downed opponent to kiss the head of The Serpentus Staff.
    Secondary victory celebration: Obsidian raises The Serpentus Staff in the air as he laughs.

    Hard Irish whip
    Enraged when bleeding
    High endurance
    Steals maneuvers

    High Spots: Yes

    Always keeps his eyes towards his enemy.
    Break illegal maneuvers at the count of "4."
    Attack his opponent(s) before the bell if given the opportunity.
    Argue with officials.
    Resort to using weapons.
    Use the environment both in and out of the ring to his advantage.
    Attempt to recruit wrestlers into The Cabal (either by accepting heels or turning faces heel for acceptance.)
    Taunt fans during and after matches, as well as during interviews.

    Show opponents any mercy.
    Conscientiously give up (and will pass out from the pain before submitting.)
    Acknowledge the fans when walking to the ring.
    Appear without holding the Serpentus staff.
    Abandon a match.

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:: Yes
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    Squid: The Vagabond King

    Basic Information
    Name: Squid
    Date of Birth: Unknown by Squid, but is physically 26 years old. (See Biography)
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 235 lbs.

    Background Info
    Billed From: The Boxcar!
    Base picture: Attachment 477Rory McCann as The Hound Clegane of Game of Thrones
    Biography: Squid is a clone created by the CIA in a secret lab buried in The Pentagon from the recently deceased George S. Murdock, a former Navy SEAL and current operative of the CIA and its highly distinguished Special Activities Division. George S. Murdock was 32 when he passed away, but his genetic material that created Squid was taken from him at age 26, which created Squid at the beginning peak of his physical being (in theory). Alas, he was compelled to escape by a man named "Steele" in an Army uniform, who called him "Squid" as an insult to motivate him to leave after also telling the clone that he has been scheduled for termination. Not understanding anything about himself or the situation, but also not wanting to die, he managed to escape The Pentagon while learning to some extent what his skill set consists of.

    Several months after the escape, Squid is now a vagabond riding the rails across the United States. During these months, he has murdered several other vagabonds and transit officers in order to remain safe from potential reprisals by the CIA and to maintain his own belongings. One of these murders was of another vagabond who had declared himself "The Vagabond King", and was known for raping and mutilating his victims, both men and women. The murder occurred while the Vagabond King was in the process of raping Micro-Pixie, a 16 year-old thief, prostitute, and drug addict who is deeply in love with Squid for saving her from mutilation at the hands of the Vagabond King. The fight proved to be dramatic for Squid, who was severely burned and wounded during the fight to the point of being incapacitated himself. Micro-Pixie nursed him back to health with her collection of pills, and have been inseparable since. Much to HIS chagrin, in certain instances.

    Several more months pass when he reads an ad in an old magazine found in a railyard in Topeka, Kansas about a former Navy SEAL and professional wrestler who had opened up a wrestling school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both Squid and Micro-Pixie rode down and found the school. Though the instructor, named Lance "Lancelot" Addison, was 73 years old and long-retired from both in-ring and instruction, he took on Squid based solely on his service with the Navy SEAL's, and provided instruction for free. Tragedy struck, when the old man was killed when the CIA raided his compound in an effort to take Squid. Squid later found out about the death of Lance, which made him even more bitter and angry than he already is.

    When the heat died off, Squid put his wrestling knowledge to use by applying to Lords of Pain Wrestling after accepting an open tryout from the company.

    His memory of his family or friends has not returned, and he likes it that way. He already has enough issues trying to keep Micro-Pixie out of trouble. With CIA heat, he also cares not to have people killed as a result of him, unless he's doing the killing. Even worse, he manages to get flashbacks of his "past life", which includes certain traumatic aspects of his childhood and his time in the Navy SEAL's. His "present life" has also brought him mental anguish, as he has been forced to kill to maintain his freedom on numerous occasions, which results in him abusing alcohol and painkillers to dull the pain of such memories.

    However, he has locked inside of him an incredible wealth of knowledge, though his most used skills have been Survival (Urban, Rural, and Wilderness), Fieldcraft (Ability to blend and conceal himself in his surroundings), CQC (Unarmed and Melee, with Improvised Weapons, and Firearms even though he does not use them except for hunting), Geography (Can tell where he is based on flora, fauna, and topography), and Foreign Languages (Besides English, he also speaks Spanish, French, and Italian. He speaks more languages, but has yet to encounter them).

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Jethro Tull - "Locomotive Breath"
    Entrance: Locomotive Breath begins to play over the small crowd. Song starts 0:40 second mark. Will pop out from behind the curtain at the 1:18 mark clad in his "attire", which consists of a gray overcoat held together with buttons and pins, a random and dirty t-shirt, leather pants in dire need of repair, and engineer boots in excellent condition.

    Ring Announcer: Coming to us from The Boxcar!!! Weighing in at 235 pounds! He is known nationwide as The Vagabond King, The Hobo Warrior, and The Boxcar Champion!!! He is SQUID!!!!

    Fans aware of him will jeer him roundly, and will throw food items at him, which he relishes with delight, as he catches food items and eats them. When beverages are thrown at him, he opens his mouth wide to get himself a "free drink"! When the crowd tires of throwing food items at him, he will move onward to the ring at a brisk pace.

    Once he gets to ringside, he hops onto the ring apron, before launching himself over the top rope into the ring. He pulls out a flask and takes a huge gulp, before putting the flask back into his coat and handing the ring attendant his coat, who rushes immediately to the desk to set it down and get away from it.

    (Matchwriter's Notes: Feel free to add dialogue of the ring announcers during his entrance. Feel free to play up his loathsome appearance, his poor hygiene, or any other facts/rumors known about Squid. Also feel free to have fun with whatever items may be thrown his way. If he's thrown clothing items, he will put them on right on the spot! Body wastes do not bother him, either. He WASTES NOT! But have fun with this part of the entrance.)
    Wrestling Style(s): Technical/Martial Artist/Submission
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Catching The Westbound - Steiner Screwdriver
    Secondary Finisher(s): Greasing The Wheels - Bow & Arrow Lock
    Basic moves:
    1: Armdrag Hiptoss
    2: Dropkick
    3: Running Lariat
    4: DDT
    5: Snap Suplex
    6: Soccer Kick to Downed Opponent
    7: Eye Gouge
    8: German Suplex (Release or Pin)
    9: Muay Thai Clinch w/Elbows & Knee Strikes (Corner Attack)
    10: Spear w/Punches
    11: Stomp-Assisted Kneebreaker (Opponent Prone)
    12: Slingshot into Turnbuckle
    13: Bulldog
    14: Northern Lights Suplex
    15: Drop Toehold into (Pick Whatever suits you) Indian Deathlock, Boston Crab, STF, Texas Cloverleaf, or Kneebreaker

    Signature moves:
    1: 1st Degree - Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick, used in a similar fashion that a Superkick would be used. Shin connection in lieu of foot.
    2: 2nd Degree - Spinning Hook Kick, usually as a follow-up to the 1st Degree for harder to put down opponents, or if he misses with 1st Degree.
    3: 3rd Degree - Back-flipping enzuguri. Usually results in opponent going outside of the ring.
    Will also use it on opponents outside of the ring.
    4: 4th Degree - Flipping Legdrop from Turnbuckle, regardless if opponent is standing or on the ground.
    5: Cannonball Drop - Samoa Joe Muscle Buster (Used when catching an opponent on the top turnbuckles)
    6: Fire Down Below - Mule Kick to Groin
    7: Grayback Bite - Crossface Chickenwing Choke

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes.
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    Basic Information
    Name: Maddie Murdock
    Date of Birth: 10/10/1991 (24)
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 120lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From:(Plymouth, Ma, USA)
    Base picture: Maria Kanellis
    Biography: Her mother killed giving birth to her and her twin sister, Maddie grew up in an abusive foster home, separate from her sibling. Being picked on throughout her adolescence helped to toughen her, and she discovered her passion for wrestling shortly after she turned 18. Going straight into the industry, she soon found her sister in the same profession. Later, they discovered they had a half brother also involved in the sport, and he helped to develop their skills in a fed called TNA-NWA. They teamed for a while before being torn apart over jealousy, betrayal, secrets, and a source of darkness deep within them. Maddie moved on to work in a fed called EHWF. It was there she found herself dominating in the sport, winning 65 straight singles matches before losing to her arch rival and ex lover David Arnold. Her ego having been held so high, caused her to crash down into a sort of depression. During this depression, she started to develop a favorite habit of drinking excessively which led to a one night stand. A result, she became pregnant and was forced to take time off until she had her daughter, Ava. A few months after her daughters birth, she returned to the sport she loved with a clearer head, and a new look out on life. She wasn't competing to necessarily win anymore. Her streak was broken. She was back to prove she still had what it took. A few months after her return, her life took another surprising turn. It was backstage after winning a match, that he locked eyes with a man well known through out EHWF but has never met in person before, and it was that moment, that she found her daughters father. It was the man of the one night stand nearly a year prior. She waited another month before publicly announcing it during her wedding to another man, when she surprised EHWF, the World, and her husband to be, that David was the father of her daughter. David Arnold came out, assuming she meant him. After leaving her "fiancé" at the alter, and meeting David Arnold at the ramp, it was then she revealed to David Arnold, that he was the wrong David. Confusion rung out through the arena, and as she smiled, she revealed at that father was infact David Gideon Smith's... her "fiancé's" nemesis. DGS walked out onto to stage confused. Maddie low-blowed David Arnold, and walked past DGS smirking. Giving DGS space, she waited for him to approach her, and after a week, he did. A blood test was done, although Maddie was positive he was the one at the bar that night, and it was proven that DGS was indeed Ava's father. It took a while for him to come around, but eventually, he did. With Maddie hanging around with David Smith more, a bond started to develop. He soon started to help to train her, building her confidence and her strength. But eventually, DGS moved on, leaving Maddie with Ava in EHWF. After his departure, things weren't the same in EHWF. Her drive and motivation were gone. Feeling herself starting to slip into another depression, she left EHWF in another leave of absence. After arriving to surprise DGS after a weekly show, DGS had Maddie thinking. Why not join him in LPW? She went home, pondering. And after being unable to think of a single good excuse, she asked herself the same question.... Why not?
    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Demi Lovato - "Confident"
    Entrance: The lights turn off, and pink lights begin to flash. The name Maddie Murdock appears over the titan tron, when Maddie appears on top of the ramp, her right hand on her hip. She stands at the edge of the platform, and pops out her hip in her signature stance. She waits a few seconds before descending down the ramp. She makes her way down the ramp, and then heads to the stairs. She climbs up the steel steps, and walks along the rings apron. She pauses a second, before taking her left leg and slipping it over the middle rope. Slowly she bends down and enters the ring as the crowd cheers, and she gives them a devilish grin. She straightens up and flips her long red hair back, and leans against the rope, waiting her opponent.
    Wrestling Style(s):Female / high flyer
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Beautiful Bulldog - wrestler grabs an opponent's head and jumps forward, so that the wrestler lands, often in a sitting position, and drives the opponent's face into the mat
    Secondary Finisher(s): Diving Crossbody - a wrestler jumps from an elevated position (usually the top turnbuckle) onto an opponent, landing horizontally across the opponent's torso, forcing them to the mat and usually resulting in a pinfall attempt
    Moveset: Bronco buster, with theatrics
    Cartwheel evasion
    Headscissors takedown
    Monkey flip
    Multiple pin variations: Inside cradle, Roll-up, Schoolgirl, Sunset flip

    Roundhouse kick
    Seeing Stars
    Split–legged fist drop

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes[/QUOTE]


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    Basic Information
    Name: “The Lone Wolf” Udy
    Age: 26
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 169lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: The Hidden Woods
    Base picture: Leo Kruger
    Biography: “The Lone Wolf” is a mysterious character who can sometimes be found brooding alone in the rafters or a secluded back stage area. The man speaks in riddles and can be very unpredictable. His history is little known but it’s a fact that there’s something strange about him. He constant reference of full moon, darkness and death can be unsettling to his opponents.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: A howl followed by Wolf Moon by Type O Negative
    Entrance: The Howl begins as the arena goes dark. The Tron plays showing a fullmoon with a shape of a wolf in foreground. It dissolves into "The Lone Wolf" Udys face and name. The Udy emerges as the Wolf Moon starts playing and faint silver light hits the arena. He walks to the ring slowly (Randy Orton like slow walk). As he enters and poses on one knee and howls, smokes surround the ring as the light slowly comes to normal.
    Wrestling Style(s): Lightweight MMA Style with some aerial moves
    Alignment: Tweener (More leaned towards Heel)
    Primary Finisher: The Howling Curse - Jumping Cutter
    Secondary Finisher(s): Moonlight Mauling (MM)- Sleeper Hold with Body Scissors
    The Piercing Howl: Running Single Knee/Shining Wizard
    LoboSplash - High Angle FrogSplash
    Wolfplex- German Suplex
    Snap Suplex
    Belly to Belly Suplex
    Suicide Dive
    Neckbreaker variations
    Knees to head and neck
    Martial arts inspired kicks
    Various Martial Art/Jiu Jitsu inspired Hold and Grapples
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    Perth, Western Australia
    Basic Information
    Name: Leon Caprice
    Date of Birth: 8th September 1990
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 145lbs

    Conor Mcgregor.jpg
    Background Info
    Billed From:(Perth, Western Australia)
    Base picture: Conor Mcgregor (suit if possible)
    Biography: A life of trials and tribulation has left Leon constantly embattled yet always seemingly better. Realising at an early age his aptitude to adapt and thrive in any situation he quickly begun to take advantage of those around him. He finished his Masters of Accounting and Finance at the University of Western Australia and has taken his knowledge of finance to begin to build his own empire.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Ra - "Far Enough"
    Entrance: As the first notes are struck Leon is slowly walking out into the centre of the entrance with his head bowed. When the music develops Leon slowly walks to the top of the ramp where he stands still with his head bowed and feet positioned shoulder width apart. He then lifts his head and extends his fists forward (keeping the upper arm still) and then violently retracting them with strength, while opening his mouth in anger. Then walking towards the ring observing the crowd and surroundings and when reaching the ring walking up the stairs to the left and entering the ring under the third rope. Making his way to the furthest turnbuckle and climbing up to the second rope and tensing his arm and clenching his fists while arcing his arms to his stomach. Then climbing down and shrugging his shoulders until the end.
    Wrestling Style(s): High-Flyer/Showman
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: Timewarp - Back to back, centre of the ring. Lift opponent into overhead crucifix, then lean to the right to allow swing to the left and finish with a modified RKO
    Secondary Finisher(s): Back Drop Bottom - Back drop into a Uranage
    Driving Home - Leap from top turnbuckle with foot pulled back exposing the knee into the opponents head
    • Timeless Worries - With the opponent resting on the turnbuckle, Leon quickly climbs the turnbuckle and performs a flashkick to the opponents jaw and follows through to a reverse front flip to his feet, facing the turnbuckle. Use this move as a setup for a finisher.
    • Trapped in Time - Leon will trap his opponent in between the top 2 ropes with his arms, Leon will then strike with various kicks to the body and strong rights to the face. To finish he will deliver a Superkick to the head.
    • Snap DDT
    • Vertical Suplex (depending on weight of opponent)
    • Swinging Neckbreaker
    • Yokosuka Cutter
    • Various DDT’s & Neckbreakers
    • Various Puroresu grapples
    • Sharpshooter
    • Running STO
    • Jumping Enzuigiri
    • Roundhouse Kick
    • Various kicks
    • Running Lariat
    • Shining Wizard
    • Whisper in the wind
    • Springboard Senton Bomb
    • Springboard Dropkick
    • Superplex

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes

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    Basic Information
    Name: Dash Flood
    Date of Birth: April 25, 1996
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 165 lbs.

    Background Info
    Billed From:(London, Ontario, Canada)
    Base picture: Davey Richards
    Biography: Debuting.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Suicide Boys - "Paris"
    Entrance: The arena lights are shut off and after five seconds go by, the song "Paris" by Suicide Boys starts to play. The point of the song where the lyrics begin is the point where the lights are turned back on and the point where Dash Flood walks into the view of the audience, who are erupting with boos. He maintains a cold, bitter facial expression as he casually walks to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and walks to the far right hand corner, where he turns around and crouches. He stares at the entrance, awaiting his partner(s)/opponent(s) or alternatively (if opponent(s) is already in ring), stares at them.
    Wrestling Style(s): Technical, Fast
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: The Flood Out (also called T.F.O. for short) - One-armed choke slam into a back breaker.
    Secondary Finisher(s): The Drown - Arm triangle choke
    Moveset: DDT's, pile drivers, power bombs, big boots, clotheslines, aerial knees, punches and kicks, camel clutches, Boston crabs, etc.

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    Refer roster update thread.
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    Basic Information
    Name: Clarence Holt
    Date of Birth: 12/09/ 1986
    Height: 6'10"
    Weight: 285lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Detroit, Michigan , USA
    Base picture: Right to censor Bull Buchanan
    Biography: Clarence graduated at the top of his class from Stanford with a double major in Philosophy and Eastern European Studies and is now in crippling debt due to his student loans. He has spent the last few years community organizing in Venezuela and Cuba with the support of former presidents Chavez and Castro. He wants to bring the lessons he learned there to LPW in order to lead the underprivileged masses out of obscurity and to their rightful place as main eventers where they would be if the elite had not conspired to keep them down.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: System of a Down - "B.Y.O.B."
    Entrance: He calmly walks to the ring emotionless and determained. He is a humble man.
    Wrestling Style(s):Power
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Power to the People - Jackknife Powerbomb
    Secondary Finisher(s): The Equalizer - Closeline from Hell
    Moveset: Assorted Power moves. Writers discretion

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: yes

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    Basic Information
    Name: Brent Eades
    Date of Birth: 07/10/1981
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 265lbs

    Background Info

    Billed From: Des Moines, Iowa, USA

    Base picture:

    Biography: Brent Eades played football at the University of Iowa. Eades started at Defensive tackle for the Hawkeyes during his Junior and Senior season, earning Big Ten Defensive player of the year during his senior season after leading the Big Ten in Sacks and being named a Unanimous All American Selection as well. Shortly after his senior season at Iowa he was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that led to him having a splenectomy and thus ending any chance at a career in professional football. After the illness and surgery Eades fell into bad habits with his health and diet, gaining a bunch of extra weight. It was then that a friend invited him to go to a local independent wrestling show and Eades got his spark back. After attending the show and being approached by the promoter about becoming a wrestler, Brent decided to enroll in wrestling school beginning his training to become a professional wrestler.
    Since becoming a professional wrestler Eades has had success on the independent circuit as well as holding both the WWX World Tag Team Championship and the WWX World Wrestling Championship so far in his career.

    Wrestling Info

    Entrance Theme: Creed - "My Sacrifice"

    Entrance: “My Sacrifice” by Creed plays on the PA System as yellow and white lights flash throughout the arena. Brent Eades emerges onto the stage wearing his customary yellow biker short trunks with black Tiger Hawk (Iowa Hawkeye) logos printed on each hip, black elbow pads with yellow wrist tape. Black and Golden Yellow two toned wrestling boots adorn his feet while black knee pads cover both knees. He is wearing a black Dri-Fit T-Shirt with “Gridiron Gear” printed on the front in golden yellow Old English font. Eades stops at the top of the ramp, lowers his arms to his sides and raises them quickly pointing at the sky and looking up as Yellow pyro shoots off from left to right across the stage behind him. He drops his arms and makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans along the way. As he reaches the ring he stops, looks left, then right, before leaping from the floor onto the apron. As he lands on the apron Yellow Pyro shoots off simultaneously from the turnbuckle posts. Eades enters the ring, walks over the opposite turnbuckle and climbs it, pausing briefly to take in the cheers before pointing to the ceiling again with both index fingers. He jumps down, takes off his shirt throwing it into the crowd and backs into the corner preparing for the match.

    Wrestling Style(s): Power & Technical

    Alignment: Face

    Primary Finisher: Gridiron Bomb – Double Under hook Power Bomb
    Secondary Finisher(s): Goal Line Stand – Gorilla Press Power Slam (opponent lifted over head in a gorilla/military press and then dropped onto the shoulder and slammed to the mat.)

    Moveset: Suplex, DDT, Clothesline, Drop Kick, Diving Elbow Drop (off the top turnbuckle), Spear (signature/finisher set up), Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker, Scoop Slam, Belly to Belly, Super Plex, Russian Leg Sweep, Snake Eyes, Gorilla Press Slam, Back Side Slam, running shoulder block

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes
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    Basic Information
    Name: Caitlin Bennett
    Date of Birth: June 15, 1990
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 165lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Miami, Florida USA
    Base picture: April Rose (She will be dressed in high heels along with a short skirt and a tight blouse that is covered by a suit jacket. Also she will be wearing glasses as well.)
    Biography: Caitlin grew up in a stable household and her parents are very well respected in Denver. With her high intelligence, Caitlin went to law school and graduated top of her class. But Caitlin is a fighter at heart and that is why she will do anything to give Jeff a advantage. Instead of joining a law firm, Caitlin decided to move to Miami and become a top level executive in Jeff's corporation. Caitlin will use all of her smarts in order to make sure that Jeff comes out on top in a match.

    Managing Info
    Entrance Theme: Def Leppard - "Pour Some Sugar On Me"
    Entrance: Before the music plays, Caitlin comes out on the ramp and delivers a Rick Rude style promo that will piss the crowd off before introducing Jeff. Once the music plays Caitlin follows Jeff to ringside and stays there until the match is over.
    Alignment: Heel
    Moveset: Using her sexuality to cause a distraction in the match, handing Jeff a weapon from under the ring or that is hidden on her, Distracting the ref so that Jeff can cheat, Low blows behind the refs back and anything it takes to help Jeff win a match.

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    Basic Information
    Name: Lord Serpentus
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: 185 lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Parts Unknown
    Base picture: "Evil" Truth Martini

    Biography: The namesake of The Cabal has finally revealed himself to the LPW. What other mysteries will he reveal to the LPW Universe?

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Immortal - "Withstand The Fall of Time"
    Entrance: Lord Serpents walks out to the stage, raising his cane (a bo staff with a cobra's head) up in the air as his wrestlers strike their pose. Lord Serpentus will then walk straight to the ring; laughing maniacally without acknowledging any of the fans who try to touch him.
    Wrestling Style(s): Manager/Non-Playable Character
    Alignment: Heel

    High Spots: Absolutely Not

    Argue with officials.
    Taunt opposing wrestlers.
    Attack opposing wrestlers if given the opportunity.
    Resort to using weapons.

    Show opponents any mercy.
    Acknowledge the fans when walking to the ring.
    Implore a managed wrestler to abandon a match.

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes
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    Basic Information
    Name: Matthew 'Silver' Kazama
    Date of Birth: 09/25/88
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 215lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: New Orleans, La, USA
    Base picture: Adam Cole Bay-Bay!!

    Biography: A now ten year veteran in the ring, Matthew Kazama began his wrestling career in 2005 at the age of 17 along side his two older brothers Kise and Jin Kazama. After a bride six months on the independent circuit with his brothers, Matthew was signed to Bad Blood Wrestling in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the summer of 2005 the youngest Kazama brother would get his first taste of wrestling glory, capturing the BBW International Championship. He would go on to defend and hold that Championship until BBW's doors closed in the New Year. From there he would rejoin his brothers in multiple federations, including the infamous XFC, the wrestling island titans. The three brothers would remain together until the death of Jin Kazama in 2008.

    While Kise would continue his career, Matthew left the wrestling world in 2008 to deal with the loss of his eldest brother. He would not return to action until 2010 when he joined his brother Kise in NEWera Wrestling. There, he would capture NEWera Tag Team Gold with his then love interest, Zoe McDraven. The Silver Dragons, as they were called, would reign over the tag division until 2011 when Matthew would be put on the shelf for two years after being thrown head first into traffic by their then rivals Aces High.

    In October of 2013, The Last Kazama would return the wrestling world while searching for signs of his missing brother, Kise. He would join EHEF and quickly lay claim to the EHWF Hardcore Championship. By Christmas, disaster out news would befall the Kazama home. Kise Kazama would be laid to rest, presumably murdered by Brandon Bash, Matthew Kazama's first friend in BBW. War would wage between the two former friends as Matthew desperately searched for answers.

    In February of 2014 Matthew would achieve a milestone, his first World Championship. A bittersweet moment for The Last Kazama, however it would be short lived. Two months later David Gideon Smith would make his return to the World Title picture and dethrone Matthew. What followed can only be described as an 8 month long battle of wills. For three months, EHWF's Blackstar would thwart The Last Kazama...until Scars and Stripes.

    At Scars and Stripes, EHWF's flagship event, Matthew would finally reclaim the EHWF Championship in a 6 man Hell in a Cell match, despite not pinning David. This lead to Aftermath, where Kazama would defeat Smith in an Empty Arena Match. Since then, the two have clashed sporadically, merely extending their story.

    After David's Departure from EHWF, Matthew would go on to be EHWF's inaugural (and later a two time) Showtime Champion. He would also go on to claim his second Hardcore Championship.

    In September of 2016, Matthew 'Silver' Kazama agreed to terms with LPW following the events of Insanity's Pay-Per-View event, Sacrament.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Skillet - "Not Gonna Die" (Plus Intro)

    The arena blacks out with only dim blue lighting glowing around the titantron. A figure is seen moving from behind the black curtain to center stage as a hymn accompanied with lyrics pierces the silence.

    "I can feel the shadows creeping in my mind. Don't close your eyes!"

    The synthesizer from "Not Gonna Die" by Skillet reverberates through the arena as the lights kick back on. Blue and white lighting floods the arena as Matthew Kazama is standing center stage with his arms thrown out wide. A huge eruption of cheers echo throughout the arena as The Last Kazama panders to them from the stage before making his way down the ramp, slapping hands on his way down to the ring.

    He pauses slightly at the ring steps, looking left and right to the seae of people around him before smirking to himself and vaulting up to the apron. Kazama climbs to the top turnbuckle before throwing his arms out once more with a primal yell.


    Matthew vaults off the top rope, landing on his feet in the ring with an echoing clap. He throws his arms up in the air in the center of the ring before pulling his shirt off and throwing it towards the crowd beneath the hard camera as "Not Gonna Die" fades out of earshot.

    Wrestling Style(s): High Flying and Striker
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: Name - Silver Diamond - Cyclone DDT
    Secondary Finisher(s): Name - The Last Kazama - Corkscrew Shooting Star Press
    Head Scissor Takedown
    Snap Suplex
    Knife-edge Chop
    Roundhouse Kick
    Step-up Enziguri
    Running Knee Strike
    Diving Crossbody
    Dropsault (Paul London)
    Leaping Leg Lariat
    Pele Kick

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yepper!!
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    Basic Information
    Name: Joe Michaels
    Date of Birth: 1/27/84
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 200lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Arlington, Texas By Way of Toronto, Ontario
    Base picture:

    Biography: Joe’s an old guy returning

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Leader - "Warrior Inside"
    Entrance: “Warrior Inside” by Leader hits as Joe Michaels appears wearing a sweater with hood over his head walking slowly down the ramp, high fiving fans along the way down, as he climbs in the ring he stands on the top rope points at the crowd to a massive cheer and then removes his hood.
    Wrestling Style(s): Puroresu
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: Kiss 2 Kill - Kneeling Crosslegged STF
    Secondary Finisher(s): RUSH - KENTA/Hideo Itami's Combo Rush that ends with a Busaiku Knee Kick
    Kiss of Distortion (Inverted Full Nelson Face Driver [Innovated])
    Tribute to Misawa (Emerald Flowsion 2)
    Suplex Lift Northern Lights Bomb
    Saito Suplex
    Wrist Lock Lariat
    Koji Clutch
    Several Different MMA Inspired Kicks and Chops
    Rolling Dragon Sleeper (Innovated)
    Arm Trap German Suplex
    Several Neckbreakers
    Avalanche Swinging Side Slam
    Standing Phoenix Splash
    Knife Edged Chops
    Springboard Pele Kick
    Firemans Carry Facebreaker
    Slingshot Senton
    Suplex Variations
    - Bridging Dragon Suplex
    - Full Nelson Suplex
    - Sleeper Suplex

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:[/QUOTE] Ayy Yup

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    Basic Information
    Name: Marlon Verity
    Date of Birth: 03/08/1982
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 223lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From:Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
    Base picture: Mads Mikkelsen

    Biography: Marlon has arrived in LPW out of curiousity, studying it as an art form and space of sociological curiosity. He is intrigued by the personalities of its participants, and seeks to comprehend what drives them - as well as the lengths that they are willing to go to succeed.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Full Of Hell/The Body - "Abel"
    Entrance: Song starts at 38 seconds, lights black out. Marlon steps out from behind the curtain with head bowed, cracking knuckles/stretching neck before looking up at 1:21 as red and purple lights flash as he walks directly into the ring, rolls in, and stands on the turnbuckle looking out into the audience.
    Wrestling Style(s): Brawler, utilises ring and surroundings against opponent
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Full Stop - Leaping Curbstomp utilising knee, to standing or kneeling opponent
    Secondary Finisher(s): Noisy Dream - Coquina Clutch
    Elipses - Repeated elbows/punches/strikes to head of grounded opponent as a submission/for referee stoppage
    Review - Opponents finisher, only attempted at a point where a win appears assured
    - Caesura: Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex to running opponent
    - Back Suplex
    - Russian Legsweep
    - Roundhouse Kick
    - Superkick
    - Gutbuster
    - Big boot
    - Single Leg Boston Crab
    - Drive by kick
    - Reverse STO
    - Throws into surroundings
    - Drop toe hold
    - Brainbuster
    - Neckbreaker
    - Spinebuster
    - Chop Block
    - Stomps (a la Randy Orton)
    - Tree of Woe Dropkick

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes
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    Basic Information
    Name: El Portador De La Muerte
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 238lbs

    Background Info
    Billed FromBogota, Columbia)
    Base picture: Highlander-Camouflage-Wargame-Paintball-font-b-Mask-b-font-Outdoor-font-b-Army-b-font-Full.jpg
    Biography: Not much is known about this masked man. He does not speak. he does not move. Not without her approval.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Deathstep " DeathRage"
    Entrance: The arena is bathed in crimson light as the music begins. El Portador De La Muerte walks down the ramp accompanied by his master Pandora. When they get to the ring she points at the ground. He drops to his hands and knees and she uses his back as a step up onto the apron. they enter the ring and stand in the middle. The growl from the entrance music sounds as Muerte raises his arms and throws his head back. The arena begins to strobe in black and crimson.
    Wrestling Style(s): Speed, Technical
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Her Wish - Sunset Flip Powerbomb
    Secondary Finisher(s): Name - Sacrificial Lamb - Diving Somersault Facelock Jawbreaker
    Stiff kick striking
    Assorted submissions
    Diving Clothesline
    Writers discretion

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes

    Basic Information
    Name: Pandora
    Date of Birth: June 18 1996
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 112lbs


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    Basic Information
    Name: Kassandra
    Nicknames: The Dark Maiden
    Date of Birth: 7/20/1986
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 143lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Beverly Hills, California
    Base picture: Kana/Asuka

    Biography: The wife of LPW Superstar Mourn Despana, Kassandra is an athletic, snarky, tomboy. She has been thrust into the international spotlight after Golden revealed a nude tape on LPW television. After being convinced by Mourn that it was for the best, she now follows him to combat believing that it is safer by his side than staying away and being isolated.

    Entrance Theme: Joe Walsh - "Turn to Stone"

    Entrance: After the semi long intro, when the 1st verse starts, Mourn strolls out onto the ramp with Kassandra to his right. He peers out at the crowd as she places a hand on his shoulder. After he nods to the crowd in appreciation, they look to one another before Mourn leads them to the ring.

    Alignment: Face

    Advise Mourn
    Stay away from the action (A very fast runner)
    Slap the mat to get the crowd behind Mourn.

    Get physically involved in a match
    Talk over Mourn on camera

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Sure.
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    Basic Information
    Name: Otomi
    Date of Birth: August 16th, 1999
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 217lbs
    Background Info
    Billed From:
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    Base picture: Rey Fenix
    Biography: There is not much known about the history, or even the identity of Otomi. The little that we do know is that he showed up, at PWX Wrestling Academy around 6 months ago, already wearing his mask and introduced himself as simply, Otomi. Initially everyone in the school found it very odd, but after watching the young kid bump around the ring and training with him for a few months, no one was questioning the fact that he would never show his face or give up his real name. The work rate of Otomi was outstanding, he was always the first one in and the last one out of the gym and the other wrestlers and trainers could tell right away they had something special on their hands. Through training, some of his peers also learned that Otomi was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu, which would become an integral part of the hybrid style he was quickly developing. After only six months Brandon K, head trainer at PWX, felt like Otomi was ready to start competing and got to work looking for a company he thought would be the best fit for his young star.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme:
    "We Built This City" - Starship
    "As the opening cords of "We Built This City" by Starship begins to play across the arena the lights dim, multi-colored strobe lights start to flash, and as the music breaks, at the same time, fireworks and Otomi explode from underneath the entrance ramp. Otomi shoots six feet into the air, between the fireworks, before landing back on the stage, taking two steps, and slides on his knees while playing air guitar. He pops up from his knees and begins dancing around with the fans while shaking there hands before he suddenly sprints towards the ring, jumping between the top and middle ropes, somersaulting into the ring. Otomi pauses a moment striking a karate pose, then jumps up onto the middle ropes and continues to play air guitar with the song. "

    Wrestling Style(s): MMA heavy, with a lot of high flying mixed in
    Alignment: Face

    Primary Finisher: Pittsburgh Plunge - The Rock Bottom
    Secondary Finisher(Submission): Selenic Sleeper - Dragon Sleeper
    Secondary Finisher(Top Rope): Shooting Star Splash

    Top Rope(Dives):
    Five Star Frog Splash - 450 Splash
    Swanton Bomb - Phoenix Splash
    Moonsault - Elbow Drop
    Cross Body Block - Thrust Kick
    (All top rope moves can be performed as springboard moves, to the inside and outside of the ring, also.)

    Submission Holds:
    Sleeper Hold - Guillotine Choke
    Triangle Choke - Anaconda Vise
    Rings Of Saturn - Cobra Clutch
    Cross Face Chicken Wing - Fujiwara Armbar
    Kimura Lock - Crossface
    Gory Special - Surfboard
    Torture Rack - Camel Clutch
    Abdominal Stretch - Sharpshooter
    Half Crab - Figure Four Leg Lock
    Compression Locks(Achilles, Bicep, Calf) - Ankle Lock

    Power Moves:
    Powerbomb(Jackknife, Sitout, Multi) - Vertical Suplex
    Spinebuster - Scoop Slam
    Pumphandle Slam - Powerslam
    Fishermans Suplex - Death Valley Driver
    Olympic Slam - Samoan Drop
    Michinoku Driver - German Suplex
    Belly to Belly Suplex - TBone Suplex
    Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex - DDT
    Inverted Exploder Suplex - White Noise
    Piledriver - Backbreaker
    Sidewalk Slam - Back Body Drop
    Atomic Drop - Arm Drag
    Hip Toss - Sitout Crucifix Powerbomb
    Double Underhook Suplex, Blue Thunder Bomb

    Round House Kick(To Face, Legs, or Stomach) - Uppercut
    Spinning Reverse Kick(Jumping or Standing) - Elbow Strike
    Superkick - Spinning Heal Kick(Jumping or Standing)
    Front Kick(To Face or Stomach) - Springboard Sidekick
    Standing Drop Kick - Knee Strike
    Forearm Strike - Shining Wizard

    Top Rope/Corner(Moves):
    All versions of Suplexs in Power Moves - Tornado DDT
    Hurricanrana - Corner Splash
    Blockbuster - Tree Of Woe Attack

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes
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    Basic Information
    Name: Jonnie Dobber
    Date of Birth: Who cares?
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 204 lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: The Middle of Nowhere
    Base picture: James Ellsworth
    His parents told him "Don't set your goals too high, son."
    He was cut out of his senior class picture.
    He was booked in an opening match at a wrestling school despite having three years experience.
    His girlfriend told them she wanted to see other people after he lost his virginity to her.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Why Can't We Be Friends? - WAR
    Entrance: He's already in the ring when the camera turns on, mate.
    Wrestling Style(s): Bruno Sammartino thinks he should get with the times.
    Alignment: Whatever gets him booked.
    Primary Finisher: Boston Crab
    Secondary Finisher: Pile Driver

    Moveset: Punches, kicks, clotheslines, rest holds, body slams, hip tosses, shoulder throws, and the best dropkick you've seen aside from Erik Watts!

    High Spots: Yeah, but it'll be a miracle if he ever connects with such a move.

    Will: Probably be too nice in a business where nice guys finish last.

    Won't: Piss on the seat, hide the keys, or wrinkle your Randy Travis poster.

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:: Yessssssssssssssssssss

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