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Thread: LPW Sign Up Thread

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    LPW Sign Up Thread

    Welcome to Lords of Pain Wrestling,

    I am your host, the LPW Sign Up Thread. I'm here to get you started with the key facts about what you need to know and do to join the LPW eFed.

    Firstly, you'll need to reply to me with your sign up information. You'll find this at the bottom of my first post. In order to correctly sign up, you'll need to answer every question with the correct coding. If you quote this post, then delete everything other than the sign up information at the bottom, this should make it easy. This sign up thread is much simpler to what current members of the roster are asked to do. This is to give you as many options as possible to explore your character, and give you a lot of wriggle room as you're finding your feet.

    Once you've done this, the next thing you'll need to do is start participating. The best way is to jump into the trash talking threads and start talking it up with the other characters. Introduce us to your character, and find your feet with the others here.

    Eventually, if you keep participating, you'll be contacted by Morpheus, Al or Eddie B to sign you up for Insanity or Pyromania. These are the two brands of LPW, and where you get signed to is where you will primarily compete. This isn't a sign that you should stop participating though. The more participation you engage in, the better chances you'll have of getting booked to a card. If you don't get signed, keep participating, vote on a card, or comment in the OOC thread. The more you can do to show you're keen to participate, the better.

    When you do get booked on a card, this is where the magic of competition happens. You'll be required to cut a promo (or a role play as other eFeds may call it), presenting a compelling arguement as to why you should win. It's quite difficult for me, a sign up thread, to explain. The best way to get a handle on this is to go back into the archives and read what other people have written. The more you read, the better understand you'll have of what we do. I mentioned voting before, and I'll cover it again. Voting happens as the second part of our contest, and helps determine the winner. Everyone who is involved in LPW may vote, whether they've been here for 10 years or 10 seconds.

    Matches are determined on a combination of a voting and promo score. Votes are counted as 0.1 points for each vote. Your promo will be rated on a scale of 5 points by a team of raters. Add these two totals together, and you'll get your score. If you get a better score than your opponent, you win. So if you get an average promo score of 4.0 (APS), and 15 votes, your score will look like this

    NEW PERSON (4.0 APS + 1.5 Vote = 5.5 Total)

    That's pretty much all you need to know to sign up. So you don't accidentally delete the sign up coding, I'll add some stars. Delete above the stars, and the "[/quote]" code at the end, and you'll be good to go. Good luck, and welcome to LPW.


    LPW Sign Up Thread.


    Basic Information
    Date of Birth:
    Height: 0'0"
    Weight: 000lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From:(City, State, Country)
    Base picture: (Who you would like to represent your character.)
    Biography: Self Explanatory

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Band Name - "Song Name"
    Entrance: Basic description of the entrance sequence. (NOTE - Not guaranteed to appear in all matches)
    Wrestling Style(s):
    Alignment: Face/Heel
    Primary Finisher: Name - Description
    Secondary Finisher(s): Name - Description
    Moveset: (Which moves would you like to see your character pull off?)

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:
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    Basic Information
    Name: Jesse Vice
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 227 lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: West Palm Beach, Florida
    Base picture: Aiden English
    Biography: The self-proclaimed "wisest man in professional wrestling", Jesse Vice thinks of himself as a wrestling savant. While he's not outstandingly strong, fast, or tough, Vice is a wily, thinking-man's wrestler, able to adapt to his opponent's style and outmaneuver them. His claim to fame is his knowing of nearly every wrestling trope and tactic, and how to avoid them. This includes everything from the signatures and finishers of opponents to standard spots like shoulder tackle exchanges. Vice is good at both suckering in people, as well as avoiding being suckered in to an easy counter. Of course, his ego tends to get in the way of winning, as he's likely to brag about how clever he is, which angers opponents until they're punching his face in. Nevertheless, the Vice President is willing and able to throw wrenches into any wrestler's plans, both to show his superiority and to belittle his foes, and he hopes to take these skills and use them to make money and win championships in LPW.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Queen - "I Want It All"
    Wrestling Style(s): All-Around with a slight strength in Technical
    Primary Finisher: Backslide from Nowhere - Backslide
    Secondary Finisher(s): Vice Slice - Inverted Headclock Spinning Elbow Drop (AKA Eye of the Hurricane)
    Moveset: Writer's Discretion, but be sure to include lots of flash pins and moves requiring little to no setup

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes
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    Basic Information
    Name: Mason Paige
    Age: 20...ish
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 201lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From:(City, State, Country) -not specified-
    Base picture: Guy Pearce
    Biography: Mason seems to have come out of nowhere. He has no history to speak of in the industry, despite appearing to have been professionally trained by someone, somewhere. Mason's most notable trait appears to be an incredible ability to anticipate his opponent's next move before it has begun.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Steve Miller - "Fly Like an Eagle"
    Wrestling Style(s): Pure, showman.
    Primary Finisher: Deja Vu -initially a stunner, then as dazed opponent staggers about apply a full cutter to finish the job.
    Secondary Finisher(s): Name - Description
    Moveset: Various holds and throws but the primary weapon of choice = suplexes in many variations.

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: yerp.

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    Basic Information
    Name: Sean Jensen
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 245lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Sacramento, California
    Base picture: Chris Sabin
    Biography: Sean has lived a hard life, as many of LPW's fans know. After losing his fiancee and unborn child in a car accident that he was responsible for, and having demons in the form of alcohol and prescription and non prescription drugs, he's given himself many problems to live with.

    As he was cleaning himself up, he suffered a career ending injury. After which, he got hooked on painkillers again. He's attempted a return to professional wrestling a couple times, but his demons prevented his return to glory.

    Always the underdog, he kicked the addiction once again. And he's pissed off about everything he's missed out on. He's looking for a fight, and LPW has always been good about setting him up with some exciting matchups.

    He's back.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Newstead - "King of the Underdogs"
    Entrance: "King of the Underdogs" by Newstead plays as he comes out onto the ramp wearing black tights with a dark red cross on both outer thighs. He wears a dingy crown and cape combo. He walks down the ramp, shouting angrily at the fans and demands that they bow to him. He slides into the ring, takes off his crown and cape and warms up for his match.
    Wrestling Style(s): High flyer, brawler, and submission. Fights dirty as well.
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Concussion Inducer - Inverted Go To Sleep
    Secondary Finisher(s): Demonic Baptism - Lasso From El Paso
    DDT variants (Double Arm, Tornado, Reverse)
    Corkscrew Moonsault
    Suplex Variants (Belly to Belly, German, Dragon, Tiger)
    Powerbomb Variants (Gutwrench, Cross Powerbomb [to lighter opponents])
    Figure Four Leglock
    Leg Drop variants (Front Flip over the top rope)
    Lion Tamer
    Double Foot Stomp

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes sirs.
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    Laptop's having issues so might have to send it in to repair. Posting this here and I'll try to edit to go along with what TBM's guideline with phone just in case.

    • Billed As: Paul Brooks
    • DOB: 01/04/1986
    • Height: 5'8"
    • Weight: 235lbs

    Background Info
    • Billed From: Toronto, Ontario
    • Additional Billing Info: Nicknames, etc (Prefix, Suffix, In the middle)
    • Alignment: Face/Heel
    • Affiliation:
    • Biography: Self Explanatory

    Wrestling Info
    [list][*] Entrance Theme: Eminem - [ I]"Survival"[/I][*] Wrestling Style(s):[*] Entrance:
    [*] Primary Finisher: Good Night Cutter -[*] Secondary Finisher(s):
    • Name – Elgin bucklebomb followed by a Yakuza kick
    • Canadian Death
    • Name - Description
    • Package Piledriver – Package piledriver (Only in big matches. You don’t kick out)

    [*] Moveset: (Which moves would you like to see your character pull off?)
    • Signature Move Name - Description
    • Regular move description

    [*]High Spots: Will
    • Do whatever it takes to win.

    • Won't:

    • Base picture: Kevin Steen

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    Basic Information
    Name: Matt Clark
    Age: 27
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 220 lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    Base picture: Corey Graves
    Biography: Clark's last appearance with the company was over 2 years ago, as he teamed with Dick Dynamo at The Madness aga nst LPW Undisputed World Tag Team Champions X and Ash Strife. After the match, his former mentor Sean Jensen betrayed his student. After a length absense, Clark is back in better shape than ever.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Alexisonfire - "No Transitory"
    Entrance: Writer's choice, basic walk to the ring.
    Wrestling Style(s): Hardcore / Technical
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Hurricane Driver - Rolling cutter
    Secondary Finisher(s): Busaiku Knee - Running single leg high knee
    Jumping reverse bulldog
    Snap brainbuster
    Avalanche butterfly suplex
    Boston Crab
    Over the shoulder back to belly piledriver
    Diving double foot stomp to the back
    Tornado DDT while standing on the
    Double underhook piledriver
    Death Valley driver, sometimes onto the ring apron
    Front facelock/bodyscissors combination
    Frog splash
    Reverse piledriver, sometimes proceeded by scooping the opponent up
    Running arched big boot
    Sitout spinebuster
    Running front dropkick to a rope hung opponent
    Suicide dive
    Running crossbody
    Snapmare followed with running dropkick
    Short arm clothesline
    Reverse STO
    Springboard sunset flip from the corner

    Have you read and understood the LPW rules?: Of course.
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    Basic Information
    Name: Daniel Purser
    Age: 35
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 231lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From:City Of The Damned, Australia
    Base picture: Raven
    Biography: Daniel Purser, Pleasant or whatever you want to call him is back and as fucked up as ever. Still at the heart of things the same person, just there's something missing inside his mind, a broken link caused by unexplainable circumstances.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Heights - "We Live Alone"
    Entrance: Basic description of the entrance sequence. (NOTE - Not guaranteed to appear in all matches)
    Wrestling Style(s): Hardcore Brawler
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Famous Last Words - DDT
    Secondary Finisher(s): Senseless Violence - Running jumping knee strike to the back of the head
    A Surgeons Dream - Running Facewash
    Face Replacement - Rope Hung Cutter
    Suicide Dive
    Neckbreaker variations
    Martial arts inspired kicks

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yessum

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    Basic Information
    Name: Steven Thornridge
    Date of Birth: 21/09/1987
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 223lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
    Base picture: Eric Bana
    Biography: Steven is a newcomer to the wrestling game finding most of his young success in kickboxing at a very young age. Going 9 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw at the time of his last amateur fight at the age of 19, he was seen by many experts as a future World Champion in kickboxing. However in that pursuit he found himself slowly becoming disinterested at the rigidness of the rule structure while still keeping his fitness up in his daily routine of 'eat, sleep, wake, train and repeat'. It was within that mindset he found himself in a wrestling match for the first time against a former Australian champion. The match ended when Steven landed a clean roundhouse kick to his opponent's head, knocking him out after 3 minutes of action. Steven never celebrated as he knew he needed more than just a 'lucky' kick to take out future opponents, beginning to work on his submission game to great effect. He is seen as a student of the game, constantly watching upcoming wrestlers that he will be matched against and taking small notes in a notepad he keeps with him at all times. He has no gauge on what is right or wrong, he only focuses on how to win his match, get his money and leave.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Devin Martin - "Killbot"
    Entrance: After his music has been playing for about a minute and ten seconds, he slowly makes his appearance from behind the curtain. He walks to the ring with a steely look of determination and focus, going to his corner while waiting for his opponent without posing.
    Wrestling Style(s): Grounded, Submission, Striker
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Justice Cutter - Torture Rack into Cutter
    Secondary Finisher(s): West End Riot - Texas Cloverleaf
    Moveset: Various Ground Based Backbreakers
    Punches to the head
    Kicks to the head
    Submissions that focus on the neck and spine of the opponent
    Apart from that it will be Writer's Discretion, however he will never employ dirty tactics during a match (unless the rules are of a No-DQ nature)

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes

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    Basic Information
    Name: “The Fallen” Kane Jacobs
    Date of Birth: October 15, 1988
    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 210

    Background Info
    Billed From: Chicago, Ill
    Base picture: Randy Orton
    Biography: Born into a house of an abusive family with a drunken, ex-cop father. He never finished high school, dropped out his junior year and started running with thugs until he got arrested and spent two years in prison. When he got out did a bunch of odd jobs and ended up being a bouncer and fighting in street sponsored fight clubs for cash. He got spotted by a wrestling agent who got him into wrestling. Still not used to the idea of selling or pulling punches, Kane is known as being stiff to work with and has a bad reputation in the ring.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: "Keep on Swinging," by Rival Sons
    Entrance: Comes out, scans the crowd, and marches to the ring ignoring the fans as he heads to the ring. Halfway down the ramp, he pauses and throws his hands up in the air as pyro and explosions erupt on the stage. With a smirk, he rolls into the ring and goes to the far corner and faces the ring, waiting for his opponent.

    Wrestling Style(s): technical, brawler w/some high spots
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: “Revelation Revolution” (Swinging Reverse STO)
    Secondary Finisher(s): “Unholy Confessions” (Skull Crushing Finale) “Eternal Rest”(Backdrop Driver)
    Moveset: (Which moves would you like to see your character pull off?)
    Slice Bread #2
    Double underhook piledriver
    Scoop-lift inverted DDT and various DDT’s
    Swinging fisherman suplex
    The Ace Crusher
    Downward Spiral
    Gutwrench powerbomb
    Cradle Shock
    Double Knee Face buster
    Headlock driver
    Stepover armlock camel clutch
    Straightjacket Crossface
    630 Senton
    Bridging double chickenwing
    Cloverleaf with armlock
    Shooting Star DDT
    Guillotine choke
    Imploding 450 Splash
    Muscle Buster
    Spear into mounted punch
    Angle Slam into an anaconda vice

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: of course.

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    No tweeners kplzthnx.

    Heel or Face.

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    I'm gonna say face for now.

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    Basic Information
    Name: Killswitch
    Age: 28
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 230 lbs.

    Background Info
    Billed From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Base picture: Leo DiCaprio
    Biography: Killswitch has returned, having retaken control over Ryan James. Aligning himself with Sean Jensen and Daniel Purser in POV, Killswitch's motives remain unknown, and will do so until a time when he feels is right. Slightly unstable from his time in isolation, Killswitch returns with a mean streak not seen in his prior LPW runs.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Alice in Chains - "God Am"
    Entrance: Killswitch walks down the ramp, ignoring all but the goal at hand. He jumps up on the apron and slowly enters the ring.
    Wrestling Style(s): Brawler
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Coup de Grace - Diamond Cutter
    Secondary Finisher(s): Duality - Dominator
    Moveset: Big boot, double underhook DDT, brainbuster, various submissions, flying moves (desperation).

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Maybe

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    Basic Information
    Name: "Easy" Eddie Chamberlain
    Date of Birth: January 12, 1991
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 213lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Del Ray Beach, FL
    Base picture: Emile Hirsch
    Biography: Charismatic yet brooding, Irresponsible yet Calculating, Dangerous yet magnetic. Non-Conformist. Pro-Chaotic. Anti-Everything. If you were looking to classify the one man terror "Easy" Eddie Chamberlain, you'd be hard pressed to find that one right word. Blessed with seemingly unnatural agility, hyperactive senses, and a high tolerance to disease and infliction, Chamberlain was a force to be reckoned with back in his impoverished beach community of Del Ray Beach, turning to the community's culture of criminal behavior at an early age in order to fall in line. Toeing the borders of madness with each day's beginning, Chamberlain's own instability remains a loaded pistol to the head of anyone who encounters him, as well as himself.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Primus - "Mr. Krinkle"
    Entrance: The Mouth of the Entrance way is bathed in smoke, strobes, and random red lazers cutting through the fog, while the remainder of the arena is pitch black. As the kick and snare hit, Eddie charges through the commotion, a black towel draped over his head and shoulders. As he hits the top of the ramp, the fog and strobe lights dissipate while the ramp and ring are bathed in red. As he reaches the ring, he ascends to the second turnbuckle, arms shot out to his sides like a crucifix. Eyes closed Eddie slowly faces the heaves, then abruptly hops down, repeating the ritual in the opposite corner. After hopping off the second turnbuckle, he stands, arms hanging loosely by his sides, towel still hanging from his head and shoulders as he waits to stare down his opponent.
    Wrestling Style(s): Brawler with BJJ Grapples
    Alignment: Heel
    Primary Finisher: Ante Up - Crucifix Brainbuster DDT
    Secondary Finisher(s):
    Skrew Face - Surfboard Curb Stomp into Bottom Turnbuckle, or while opponent is biting the Bottom Rope
    Citadel - Submission with one leg in a muffler stretch while the other stetched across the muffler leg into a single leg crab.
    AU79 - Crippler Crossface
    Crack Bell - Surprise Shining Wizard

    Moveset: (Which moves would you like to see your character pull off?)

    • El Golpe de Suerte - Bottom Rope Pele Kick to the Gut
      The Skull Fuck - Hurricaneranna DDT
      Thunder '91- Jumping knee to the chest, with a Bicycle Kick Delivery
      Molliwopper - Lou Thez Press, alternating between three right jabs and a forearm to the jaw or elbow to the temple.
      Stormin' Norman - Diving Somersault, from the apron or turnbuckle, to the outside
      • No Handed Springboard Suicide dive
      • Thigh Kicks, forearms, high impact lariats
      • Float over Snap DDT
      • Snapping Dropkick
      • Nothern Lights Suplex
      • Spinning Neckbreaker
      • Wheelbarrow Bulldog
      • European Uppercut
      • Stinger Splash
      • Forearm Plancha
      • Swinging Neckbreaker
      • Double A Spinebuster
      • Butterfly Suplex
      • Throat Thrust

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yaise.
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    Basic Information
    The Voice
    Date of Birth: 1/25/85
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 245lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From:
    Inside the Minds of Many
    Base picture: A masked figure
    Biography: The Voice is no longer one man. He was born, lived, and metaphorically passed...but this, his 3rd day, is the reinvention of revolution. His resurrection, however, is not to be ignored. He fights for sport, but speaks for purpose. Whether he is to be considered delusional or a prophet of hope and understanding is yet to be determined. The Voice does claim that his words are the thoughts in your mind...the truth in your life. Although he seems a shroud of mystery, you already know him...

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme:
    Audioslave "Cochise"
    Entrance: Arena goes black as the intro to the song dim blue shines upon a figure kneeling on the stage. As the harder portion of the song hits, The Voice bounds to his feet and makes his way to the ring.
    Wrestling Style(s): The Voice wrestles a very athletic style with elements of a technical background.
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: Sound of Silence (a full nelson lock is applied and then opponent is lifted and and dropped across both knees...Full Nelson Backbreaker)
    Secondary Finisher(s): Distortion Driver (reverse death valley driver)
    Moveset: High elevating dropkick, various kicks, snap suplex, running knee, anything the shows some athleticism.

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes

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    Basic Information
    Name: Connor McLendon
    Date of Birth: 1/27/1985
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 270lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: New Orleans, La
    Base picture: Roman Reigns (His shield appearance)

    Biography: A Former US Soldier who is making his LPW Re-Emergence, or whatever.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Nonpoint - "Truth"
    Entrance: Truth by Nonpoint hits as Connor comes out to a HUGE Ovation from the fans, walking to each side of the stage looking intense as ever. He then walks to the ring and stands on the turn buckle and looks to the sky before taking off his dog chains kissing them, and throwing them to the referee.
    Wrestling Style(s): Hardcore/Powerhouse
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: Equalizer - Vertebreaker
    Secondary Finisher(s):
    Spear - usually a high impact spear (In hardcore matches he will spear through his weapons as a match ender)
    Militia Fusion - Emerald Flowsion
    Burnout - Double Arm Lifting Sitout Facebuster

    Firemans Carry Neckbreaker
    Bicycle Knee Kick
    Fallaway Slam
    Standing Side Slam
    Headlock Knee Thrusts
    Running Big Boot
    Flying Clothesline
    Full Nelson Slam
    Running Knee
    Several Suplex Variations
    - German
    - Fisherman
    - Hanging Rollover
    Several Powerbomb Variations
    - Sitout
    - Jacknife
    - Running Powerbomb (Can Hurl smaller opponents out of the ring of off cages with this one)
    Turnbuckle Clothesline (Can lead into the Spear)

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:[/QUOTE] Yes

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    Basic Information
    Name: Dennis Lancaster
    Date of Birth:12/09/1984
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 275lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From:Downers Grove Illinois
    Base picture: Mick Foley foley.jpg
    Biography: Dennis Lancaster is 29 years old and lives in his rich parents basement. His father, a very successful neurosurgeon, and his mother an ad executive left Dennis alone as a child. Busy with their careers Dennis was raised primarily by the television. Providing him with a basic sense of right and wrong Dennis lives vicariously through the achievements of his favorite television characters. His parents though, tired of paying for him have told him that if he didn't find a job by the time he was 30 he would be kicked out and his inheritance would be cut off. One night on television Dennis saw an advertisement on television for a tryout at LPW. As Dennis likes to put it, "I am here to kick some ass and chew some bubblegum, and I am.....Mom shut the fuck up my stories are on!!"

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Solaris - "Hey Sandy"
    Wrestling Style(s): All Around
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: NC-17 (Top Rope Splash) - Top Rope Splash
    Secondary Finisher(s): Prime Time Plunge - Military Press Slam and Legdrop
    Moveset: Punch

    Corkscrew Axe Kick

    Reverse STO

    Jumping Heel Kick Enzuigiri

    450 Splash

    Sitout Inverted Suplex Slam

    German Suplex

    Stinger Splash

    Flying Clothesline

    Backhand Chop

    Dragon Suplex
    Sidewalk Slam
    Release German Suplex
    Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex
    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: yes
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    This would probably be better posed in the OOC Thread. However, I'll answer these for you.

    - Promos are posted in the Voting & Promo Threads. There is a period in which these are applicable. You can only post promos if you are booked on a card. In the interim, utilize the Trash Talking threads for mini-promos or interaction between other talents.
    - Sure. Best place to do that would be in the sub-forum or on a Trash Talking Thread.
    - The champions are as follows:

    LPW World Heavyweight Champion: Morpheus
    LPW United States Champion(s): Pope Fred & Phantom Lord
    LPW Hardcore Wrestling Champion: Wevv Mang

    LPW International Heavyweight Champion: Eddie B.
    LPW Western States Heritage Champion: Steve Storme
    LPW PURE Wrestling Champion: Mourn Despana

    LPW Tag Team Champions: Death Sentence (Krimson Mask & Ash Strife)

    Currently, we're gearing towards a unification of the two world titles (World Heavyweight and International Heavyweight) to crown the first ever LPW Champion. The winner of the upcoming Mount Vesuvius Match (think Triple Cage from Ready to Rumble meets the Royal Rumble) will then face the LPW Champion at Altered Reality 7 (LPW's version of WrestleMania meets Survivor Series).

    - This is a CAW-only fed.

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    [Insert mom joke here]
    ^^ Thanks for the help.

    Basic Information
    Name: Funniez
    Date of Birth: Unknown - is 30'ish
    Height: 1,90m / 6'3''
    Weight: 79kg / 176lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Your mind
    Base picture: Rudy from "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" (
    Biography: Funniez is a derranged man and little is known about his past. He's always been troubling and didn't even make it through elementary school, constantly hurting other kids. Although bad parenting and home environment may have been the causes to his behaviour, the reasons are not clear.
    Wearing clown suit, plotting his moves carefully and the use of mind games are 3 things that define this person. Combined with a sense of dark humour, his next move is unpredictable.
    He seems rusty when it comes to in-ring skills and has a weak figure but he really is not. A past of violence and some trouble with the law and gangs have made him quite good in hand-to-hand combat and can handle himself with submissions.
    What moves this man? What goes on his mind? Why would he be interested in joining a wrestling company these days? Well, we'll have to see.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Marylin Manson - "Resident Evil Theme Song" -
    Entrance: The theme song plays through the arena as the lights flicker between white, purple and red. Funniez comes out, looking at the crowd for a bit, looking anxious to battle, focused on his match, not giving the slightest grin to anyone. Alternating between a fast pace and some little running, as he moves towards the ring, he then slides through under the bottom ring rope and then walks on the ring, eager for the match to start.
    Wrestling Style(s): Brawling
    Alignment: He doesn't really care about anyone or sides, he'll just mess with anyone he pleases, but since tweeners are not allowed.. I guess Heel...?
    Primary Finisher: Jack-in-the-box - Stunner (preferably followed by a fast pin)
    Secondary Finisher(s): 1. CHEESE! - He immobilizes the arms of his enemy (usually by wrapping his legs around them) and starts to force the mouth of his opponent wide open with his hands, giving his enemy some major jaw pain until they tap out.
    2. Bad Joke - Sharpshooter
    Moveset: Boston crab ; Leapfrog body guillotine ; Mudhole Stomp (used many times) ; Elbow drop ; Sleeper hold ; Spear ; Stomp ; Thesz press -- Kinda like a Steve Austin, but with a faster pace.

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes.
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