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Thread: Puroresu General Discussion

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    I havent caught up yet. BUT NJPW just spoiled me. The company promoted an ad on my twitter which showed the result literally 2 hours before i planned to watch it.

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    That's why you need to stay of the net until you watch these days, sadly. I had the same thing happen to me on my Facebook for the semis.

    Super into Okada vs Shibata. NJPW has clearly settled on Shibata having a wee little push to the main event scene as a water tester, in my opinion. I would be surprised if he won the belt, but can see them holding off and him earning a couple of opportunities at it first. Shibata having been the third musketeer in the 00s and then buggering off, before coming back and earning his way up the totem pole paying off his debt to NJPW is quite a nice little story, in a way. Makes some sense that they would just tease that he might not (yet) be on that level.

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    I was actually hoping he'd challenge Naito instead, simply because I would like his eventual IWGP Heavyweight Title victory to be a big moment in his first shot at it. I disagree with Mizzie that they don't see him as a possible face of the company, but I really don't think they'd put the strap on him yet. I'd love to be wrong, though. Should be an awesome match!

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