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Thread: General Movie Discussion

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    Speaking of Andy Serkis, the latest trailer for War just hit. So excited for this movie. Woody Harrelson might just be the most adaptable actor Hollywood.

    While I'm here....

    -Kong: Skull Island was tons of fun. Who knew Kong was such a fan of sushi?
    -Get Out will keep your head spinning for the entire movie. I expect this to do wonders for Jordan Peele's career.
    -Fences is Denzel at his scene-chewing best.
    -Split is so tense it should come with a prescription of Xanax. The final scene (after the credits have started) will blow your mind, especially given the recent news of a certain sequel in development.
    I think it's awesome that the word lisp has an "s" in it.

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    Last week, I finally get to see Logan.

    What a great freaking movie.

    That is all.

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