Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Addams winning Golden Globes is a travesty. Jennifer Lawrence flat sucked in American Hustle. She was over dramatic and just came off as cringe worthy. Is her useless and pointless signing number the reason it was up for awards in the comedy/musical category. Did O'Russell just put it in there so they wouldn't have to compete with 12 Years, Gravity, Dallas Buyer's Club?

Addams was certainly better than Lawrence, but no where near the best actress last year.

Glad BB won a couple of awards because it certainly deserved it.

Surprises of the night go to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Glad Gravity only won for Director. I found it incredibly boring. Everything except the human pieces was fantastic.

Super stoked The McConaughsance is getting his due. He's been working his ass off lately and just flat out delivering fantastic performances.

I'd write more, but I gotta run.

Chime in if you feel like it.