I thought I might create a thread about one of my favourite youtubers Casey Neistat. He is actually a professional film maker and for a number of years now has turned his attention nearly full time to YouTube. The results have been pretty amazing and on his chanel he has some really well made videos that tell some really great stories. You may have seen some of his more viral stuff like Snowboarding in New York or his really cool Nike commercial Make it Count

The daily stuff isn't quite as good as the things he spends a heap of time on but as far as daily vlogs go have pretty amazing production value and story telling. Here is his most recent vlog.

He has also recently launched a pretty ambitious Project called 368 which is essentially creating a production space for indy media producers in Manhattan.

I dunno what you guys think of him but if you want to talk some Casey Neistat here is the place to do it.