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Thread: Wrestlemania 35 Thread

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    Wrestlemania 35 Thread

    I know it is extremely early, and we still do not have every WM34 match announced, but I started this thread for a very simple reason.

    Is the plan for the WWE moving forward to keep Strowman away from the Universal Title for the next year, but to actually build him up further through the midcard titles, and then pull the trigger at the Roayl Rumble 2019?

    That could mean that we could replay WM6 where hopefully Strowman has won the IC Title around Survivor Series the latest, and then wins the Rumble and goes on to challenge Reigns for the Uni Title at Mania 35.

    Is this the WWE's plan? Or something to that extent?

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    I would be down with that. A cool nod to the past and would also mean the main event wasn't Reigns v A Has-Been for the first time in a long time.

    Personally of course I prefer The Shield Triple threat but I could settle for Braun v Reigns as long as Dean makes the main card.

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