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Thread: The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan: Horsemen Inbound (Oct '88)

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    The Life & Times of Bobby Heenan: Horsemen Inbound (Oct '88)

    Greetings, mizfan fans! And welcome back, after a looooong absence, to this crazy thing known as the Heenan series. When we last left our hero, the Family was still reeling from being defeated by the Mega Powers at the first ever Summerslam, and Andre was seeking revenge on Randy Savage by either taking his title or possibly taking out his woman, Miss Elizabeth! Meanwhile, Rick Rude was still being pursued by Jake Roberts after repeated insults towards his wife, Haku had gone solo and been crowned the new King by the Brain, Heenan was praising Hercules as the backbone of the Family while hinting that the group may soon expand, and Gorilla Monsoon was forcing Bobby to use a phone shaped like a banana on Prime Time. Man, just writing that out makes me feel ready to jump right back in! Letís get right to it!

    WWF, October Ď88
    Ongoing Heenan Storylines

    From Adultery to Phobia

    Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Jake Roberts Ė 10/29/88 WWF Saturday Nightís Main Event

    BH: You know, Rick Rude went by a dairy center the other day while he was wearing those tights with Jakeís wife on them. Eight milkmen came out and said ďHey, Cheryl!Ē.

    VM: I donít know what youíre inferring by that.

    BH: Well, she gets around.
    For six months, this has been one of the hottest feuds in the company, and now it all boils down to this. Before the match, we see that Rude has brought a particularly horrifying pair tights with Cheryl Robertsí face on it. Cheryl, on her side, has brought a tiny fig leaf. She says itíll be more than enough to cover Rude up Jake strips him again! Damn, Cheryl! I should say, Cheryl Roberts has been great through all of this, and is another piece of the puzzle in why this angle worked so well.

    BH: Of course Cheryl Roberts is going to say she prefers Jake. If she ran into the ring and put her arms around Rude the way she wants to, her husband wouldnít give her a ride home!
    As for the match itself, Iíve talked before about how both of these guys are great characters, but often fall short of being great wrestlers. I stand by that overall, but with so much heat going into the match I have to say, this is actually really good. Iíd actually say itís the best Jake singles match Iíve ever seen, and while Rude has a handful above it, itís still a great showing by him here, not exactly for the action but the story and crowd heat really put it over the top.

    BH: I see Jake Roberts, but I donít see his wife.

    GM: Well, she doesnít have to come to every match.

    BH: I donít see Rick Rude either. You put 2 and 2 together.

    GM: Please, would you stop?!?
    In the end, Jake hits the DDT and Rude is pretty clearly done, but Jake isnít interested in the pin. Instead, as he promised, he once again starts stripping the tights off Rude! At this point Heenan has seen enough, so he jumps in and causes the DQ. Figures that even a blow off match canít have an actual finish in this era, but Jake got the clear moral victory so Iím ok with it.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ĺ

    GM: This guy trying for a sunset flip, but Jakeís a little too smart for him.

    BH: If Jakeís too smart, this guy must REALLY be dumb!
    Jake Roberts is ready to tear Heenan apart, but he calls for help from the back and Andre appears! Andre beats up Jake with absolute ease for a bit, and knocks him out of the ring. When he sees a head on attack would be pointless, Jake instead arms himself with his favorite weapon before returning to the ring. He comes back with Damian in hand, and for the first time that I have ever seen, Andre actually shows fear!!! Jake threatens him with the snake and Andre actually begs off! But Jake has no pity, he throws Damian right at the Giant!

    Pretty sure that snake was even more freaked out than Andre.

    Andre freaks the hell out, begging Heenan for help, and then collapses in a heap! Heenan panics and thinks Andre has had a heart attack, and tries to revive him. Andre finally comes to and freaks out, looking everywhere for the snake. This is a different Andre than we have seen before.

    Giant down! GIANT DOWN!!

    A little later in the show, Ventura interviews Heenan and Andre backstage. Andre is still freaked out, and Heenan is literally redfaced from shouting about what a vile human being Jake Roberts is. Ventura asks Andre point blank if he has a phobia of snakes, and Andre freaks out again! Heenan rants about how a snake has no place at ringside. This is great stuff, canít wait to see where this feud goes.

    JV: Bobby, itís obvious the Giant is afraid of snakes!

    BH: Itís obvious?? Itís obvious that wrestling is no place for a 30 foot python! Itís no place for a guy to bring his ugly old lady to ringside! That was bad enough, but he should have never, never never NEVER, been allowed to enter the sport of professional wrestling with a snake!!

    Heenan hates Jake Roberts so much, his face is about to explode.

    Slaves From Olympus

    On October 1st, DiBiase and Virgil join Heenan & Hercules on the interview platform. Okerlund is here to find out why theyíve asked for this time. Ted boasts about an amazing new possession he has just purchased, and the Million Dollar Man a big case of money to Heenan. Heenan confirms all the money is there, and the deal is done. Ted reveals he has now purchased a personal SLAVE! No, itís not Virgil, that was never the gimmick. In fact, Tedís new slave is none other than Hercules!

    GM: I bet youíd sell your real family members too, if you had the chance.

    BH: Why, whatíd you hear? Iíve got an uncle I donít care for, we could work something out.
    At first Herc laughs evilly with the rest of the group, but when he realizes whatís going on he doesnít take it very well. Herc is pissed! He tries to talk it out with Heenan, but Heenan blows him off and says not to worry about, and even frames it as a reward for Herc! Herc grabs Heenan and is about to beat the stuffing out of him, but DiBiase doesnít like how the deal is going down so he smashes Hercís head in with the money case! Ted tells Herc to learn his place as he and Virgil kick the crap out of him, and Heenan takes the opportunity to crawl away with his money in hand. Hercules wonít stay down though, and he throws Virgil off the platform! Herc gets ahold of his trusty chain and tries to brain Ted with it, so Ted jumps off the platform and retreats as well!!

    GM: Hercules told me you took 85% his earnings!

    BH: You canít believe Hercules, the man is an out and out liar. Not that Iím mad at him.

    No refunds!

    The crowd is way into this, and they even did a good job setting it up with Heenan praising Hercules recently on Prime Time, only to reveal he doesnít actually value Herc at all. The crowd chants for Hercules for the first time ever. Interestingly, with Hercules out the Heenan Family is down to only three member, just Andre, Rude, and Haku. Heenanís gonna have to beef that Family up soon!

    BH: Iím not mad at Hercules for choking me, he just reacted like a humanoid. He should have said thank you Mr Brain for finding me a position at all instead of putting me out to pasture!
    Monsoon questions Heenan on Prime Time and Challenge about how he could do such a thing to his man. Heenan says he has no hard feelings towards Herc and claims heís a friend, but then says he was expendable and Ted made an offer too good to pass up. He says Hercules will come around in time and enjoy working for DiBiase. Monsoon takes great pleasure in hinting that Hercules might show up at any time, which even scares Heenan clean out of the Prime Time studio a few times!

    GM: Where have you been anyway?

    BH: I called security and told them if a berserk individual arrives with 15 foot of change, to give me a call on my phone.

    Other Wars of Andre the Giant

    Andre the Giant (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Randy Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth), WWF Championship Ė 10/24/88 WWF MSG

    Watch Andreís face, and know true fear.

    Before taking up with Jake Roberts, Andre was still pursuing the WWF Championship, still in the hands of Randy Savage at that time. You may recall they had a real banger of a match back in September, so I was quite excited to check this out. In the end I canít say it was as good as the other match, but still quite excellent. Heenan is even allowed to stay at ringside this time! But Heenan is still causing a big distraction, trying to intimidate Elizabeth, so Pat Patterson instructs Finkel to announce that if either manager gets out of their corner in this match, it will cause a DQ. This finally forces Heenan to sit and behave. As far as the match goes, Savage bounces around like a madman and Andre, despite his limited mobility at this time, really makes every move count. When heís finally knocked off his feet, the pop is enormous because the moment was built up so well. Heenan keeps his seat as long as he can, but when it looks like Andre might really be down for the count, he jumps in and causes the DQ.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****

    The Rooster Crows

    No sooner is Hercules out the door than Heenan has come up with a scheme to replace him! On the October 8th episode of Superstars, Bobby Heenan is Brother Loveís guest for for his debut on Superstars. I just canít escape this annoying guy. Heenan has a big announcement ready, and makes good on his promise to increase the size of the Family. He introduces Terry Taylor as the newest Family member. I canít say Iím much of a fan of Taylor, so this seems like a pretty big downgrade compared to Hercules. Heenan seems to confirm my feelings by stating that Taylor has only limited wrestling ability!! Heenan runs him down for not being as big as Andre, not as muscular as Rude, and not as good a wrestler as Haku, but promises to make him a star anyway. Taylor isnít quite sure what to make of it but he gamely tries to play along with his new manager. I can see these guys having some fun stuff going forward, as Heenan will no doubt blame Taylor for any failings he has and take all credit for any of his successes, and thereís no doubt only so much of that heíll be able to take!

    BH: You see, as limited as you are by being short, by not being muscular, by not having a gift for the sport of wrestling, there is one factor, one ingredient that will make you a super star! And that is ME! So I suggest you follow me, young man, follow me to stardom!

    The Crown vs. The War Bonnet

    Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Hulk Hogan Ė 10/16/88 WWF LA

    Hogan comes into this match wearing something he calls a ďwar bonnetĒ, which is a gladiator hat with a cheesy looking fist mounted on top of it. It is the stupidest piece of headgear I have ever seen.

    Hogan used the power of ďStupid HatĒ!

    These two have disappointed me in the past, so hopefully this is better than their last match. Haku goes hot on the attack right from the start, but Hulk is soon no selling it. Heenan yanks on Hoganís leg, and Hogan chases Heenan around the ring to a great reaction. Crowd is cheering so much that the hard cam shakes and the ring is vibrating, WOW! Canít deny the power of Hulkamania at its peak. Haku puts Hogan in the relaxing neck massage of doom though, which slows the match down to a crawl. My god, Heenan tries to wear Hoganís stupid helmet and have Haku smash Hogan into it, but Hogan reverses it and cracks Haku and Heenanís skulls together to get the win. Much better than their previous match, they still had a slow section in the middle but they did a lot more outside of that period than before, and the general energy of the match was way higher thanks to a wonderful crowd.

    And that hatís son would grow up to be the early 2000s Smackdown set.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***

    Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Hulk Hogan (w/Miss Elizabeth) Ė 10/29/88 WWF Saturday Nightís Main Event

    These two get a chance to go at it again, this time on national TV! Heenan, drenched in sweat from helping Andre with his panic attack earlier in the night, pulls himself together to accompany Haku to the ring. Haku is brought down the aisle on a throne, carried by minions. Hogan has a manager of his own this time, heís accompanied by Miss Elizabeth!! Hogan insists on holding the ropes for her instead of the other way around. I cannot imagine how Hogan is the babyface come ĎMania V, when Hogan is os obviously hitting on Elizabeth nonstop here.

    Heenan does more with one reaction than some wrestlers can with 100 bumps.

    Haku starts things off with a cheap shot! Crowd it red hot once again. We get a similar spot where Heenan grabs the foot again while Hogan is making a comeback, and Hogan threatens him but Haku regains the advantage. Heenan tries to direct Haku to jump off the apron and smash Hogan on the floor, but Hogan pulls Heenan in the way and he gets clobbered instead! Heenan gets helped to the back, poor guy had a real rough night.

    The best part is when the sight of Liz completely changes the direction of his momentum.

    Hogan grabs the crown after Heenan leaves and dances around like an idiot. God this guy drives me crazy sometimes. He pulls some goofy faces and shows he is impervious to pain before finishing it off with the leg drop. Hogan was incredibly annoying at the end, but overall the match was decent, close to the standard of the LA match. Hogan celebrates the win with Liz.

    Awesomeness Rating: **ĺ

    Horsemen Inbound

    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Tommy Angel & Bob Emory Ė 10/22/88 WWF Superstars

    THEYíRE HERE!!! Iíve been waiting for this moment in the Heenan series since we started. Heenan comes to the ring alone and says, as promised, the Heenan Family is about to get bigger, tougher, and meaner. He brings out Arn and Tully and officially dubs them the Brain Busters!! In a PIP, Arn says they are here to be the cement of an already profound dynasty. Spectacular. These guys are SO damn good right out of the gate, which should probably be obvious but yeah, this is awesome stuff. They spend several wonderful minutes dismantling these poor hapless jobbers in the coolest ways imaginable, then Arn hitís an achingly beautiful spinebuster and Blanchard puts the poor guy away with the slingshot suplex. By squash terms, that was freaking amazing. Rating on pure enjoyment and awesomeness, I have no problem throwing lots of stars at a match this ridiculously fun.

    Awesomeness Rating: ****ľ

    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Scott Casey & Sam Houston Ė 10/25/88 WWF Prime Time

    Arn and Tully get another chance to shine in a much longer match here, and man compared to a lot of the guys Iíve been watching theyíre downright godlike. Here they give Casey & Houston a bit of chance to shine and make them look about as good as humanely possible. Lots of really smart stuff with subtle tags at key moments, and roughing the jobbers up in various and fantastic ways when it counts. They do a great looking lariat/sunset flip combo to get the win. These guys are gonna be a joy to watch, go seek out some of these matches!

    Awesomeness Rating: ****Ĺ

    Rick Rude Gets Around

    Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Ken PateraĖ 10/26/88 WWF Salisbury

    Aired on some god forsaken program, with Alfred Hayes & Sean Mooney on commentary. Interesting meeting of Heenanís original muscle guy and his current one. Heenan is very active in this one, distracting Patera and loudly giving instructions to Rude to avoid any test of strength. Heenan would know better than anyone! Some fun stuff, with Rude trying to gyrate at innapropriate times and Patera making him pay for it. Patera turns a bearhug into a pinning combination, in a nifty sequence, and almost gets the win. Rude surprises Patera with a Rude Awakening for the clean win after a solid match. I think weíre just about at the end of seeing Patera, but I want to give him credit for being a real pleasure to watch in this series, mostly before he went to jail but even afterwards.

    Awesomeness Rating: ***

    Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Tito SantanaĖ 10/25/88 WWF Prime Time

    Hereís a tougher test for the Ravishing One! This was enjoyable overall but I have to say again, Rudeís tendency to just sit on his opponent and do nothing for long stretches can be very grating. Fortunately Rude also does a lot of stooging in this one too, and heís quite good at that. Thereís also a really funny moment where Heenan gets both his hands stomped on, one after the other, and looks like he wants to cry at ringside as a result. The end result is a time limit draw which is a bit of a cop out, but what do you expect in this era?

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ľ

    Hope You Like 80s BoxingÖ

    When in doubt, do physical comedy!

    I couldnít fail to mention this, since itís an ďon locationĒ episode of Prime Time, but if youíre like me and you donít know much about boxing feuds from 30 years ago, this one is a bit obscure. They are on location this at the site of the upcoming championship boxing match featuring Sugar Ray Leonard. Despite a lot of big talk the previous week about how he would show up Leonard, Heenan is nowhere to be found at first.

    Size does matter.

    GM: Iím writing down all the derogatory things youíve said about Sugar Ray Leonard so I can let him know when I see him.

    BH: Boy, I bet you were great in class! Teacher, teacher, look at what Bobby did!

    GM: Weasel did it, yes!
    He finally shows up and claims heís been with Sugar Ray, doing ďbrain thingsĒ. Sugar Ray himself shows up and Heenan tries to buddy up with him and give him advice, but Sugar just blows him off. Probably for the best, because Sugar Ray sure sounds like a man who gets punched in the head for a living when he talks.

    BH: Iíve got the fastest hands in Beverly Hills.

    GM: Yeah, in somebodyís pocket maybe!

    BH: How are you going to pickpocket someone with boxing gloves on?

    GM: Youíd find a way!
    At the end, Heenan challenges Monsoon to get into the ring to shadowbox, but then pretends to hurt his back. Monsoon gives him a painful back adjustment for his trouble!

    Violent massages were just one of the ways they expressed their friendship.

    The Great Cow Buster Debate

    I present this 100% real interaction between Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan with no context:

    VM: What did Superstar Graham call that hold? A Cow Buster?

    BH: Thatís what they call cowboys where heís from. Cow busters. Yeah, they all ride that big horse outside the K-Mart. As long as they have change, of course.

    VM: Do theyÖ have difficulty finding change there?

    BH: Yeah, sometimes they wear the same shirt for months at a time. They hardly ever change.

    VM: Youíre a nice guy, do you know that?

    BH: Thank you! You just want to get in the will, donít you?

    VM: The wheel?

    BH: The will.

    VM: The well?

    BH: The will.

    VM: Oh, the will.

    BH: Weíll be right back.

    VM: No, not quite yet.

    Elsewhere in the WWFÖ

    Perfect Golfer

    Worth mentioning that the amazing Mr Perfect vignettes are now airing, in particular the golfing one. These are seriously brilliant. I canít wait for Hennig to join the Family.

    BH: Everything this guy Curt Hennig does is perfect.

    GM: Nobodyís perfect.

    BH: Stick around and watch, banana breath.

    Iron & Rockers

    Iron Mike Sharpe & Steve Lombardi vs. Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty Ė 10/30/88 WWF Challenge

    BH: The Rockers remind me of those male cheerleaders. You know, theyíre not tough enough to compete but they hang around and do cartwheels.
    Last but not least, have to once again shine a light on the absolute greatness that is Iron Mike Sharpe. The Rockers are fun, sure, but everyone is 10 times more entertaining against Sharpe, and Lombardi isnít bad either. Extremely enjoyable little match here!

    Awesomeness Rating: ***ľ

    Miscellanous Quotes

    GM: Theyíre hanging from the rafters this week!

    BH: YOU should be hung from the rafters.
    GM: Gene Okerlund, my longtime close personal friend.

    BH: Bald little windbag.
    GM: Iíve heard you call Jimmy Hart a runt!

    BH: I never said runt!

    GM: You certainly did!

    BH: I didnít mean it. It was a slip of the tongue.
    GM: Jack Tunney is looking into whether itís valid for Ron Bass to carry those spurs into the ring anymore.

    BH: Oh sure, heíll let a guy bring a snake in, heíll let a guy bring a 2x4 in, heíll let a guy bring a giant pair of scissors, but heís looking into spurs. Good going, Mr Tunney!
    GM: Did he take part in the Olympics when he was a youngster?

    BH: B Brian Blair did, he was a towel boy.

    GM: I meant Dino Bravo!
    GM: You know a lot about the slammer, donít you?

    BH: I donít know a thing. Iíve never done anything that anyone would question ever. Except that bum rap in France.
    BH: All you people, send me $400 and Iíll get you front row special passes to Survivor Series.

    GM: You know those run about $1000 all inclusive.

    BH: Ok then, people, send me $1500.
    GM: Every week, our magazines, our tapes, all this stuff goes missing! What, are you saving up for the holidays?

    BH: The floor man over there looks very shady.

    GM: Iím not worried about the floor man!

    BH: And the guy at camera one.

    GM: Camera one actually does look a little suspicious.

    BH: And those two guys in the production booth? Hide your wallets!
    GM: Bossman is handcuffing this manís hands behind his back!

    BH: Thatís so he donít hurt himself. Hit him with the stick!

    GM: Would you stop? Iíll get someone to hit you with a stick!

    BH: Oh, Duggan can use a 2x4 but Bossman canít use a nightstick?
    GM: Listen to that horrible sound from Jimmy Hartís megaphone.

    BH: I like it.

    GM: You like anything thatís annoying.

    BH: I like you. Hah, I lied.
    BH: Jim Duggan is basically an illiterate with a miserable 2x4, probably full of termites and rodents of some kind.
    VM: Did you hear what the fans were chanting during that Bossman match?

    BH: I never listen to what the humanoids say.

    VM: They were chanting for Hogan!

    BH: You mean those fans want to see Hogan handcuffed and beaten?
    VM: We have a newcomer this week, whatís his name? Sandy Beach?

    BH: I know his sister, Kitty Litter.
    BH: A lot of people gripe about Brother Love, but I know he brought love into my heart.

    VM: Into your heart? Iím not sure thereís room, Mr Heenan.

    BH: Well I did have some Mexican food a few days ago thatís still in there, but other than that I have love in my heart.

    VM: Some people might say youíre full of something different than love.

    BH: Ah! Yes, intelligence. Youíve hit the nail on the head there.
    BH: I would never stoop to the levels Miss Elizabeth did at Summerslam.

    VM: If you stooped to those levels, Iím sure Madison Square Garden would evacuate! Who would want to see that??

    BH: Youíre right they would evacuate. Right to my hotel room!

    VM: Who, exactly?

    BH: I donít have to discuss my private evenings with you. Or my private parts!
    BH: Iím waiting for an apology.

    GM: Donít wait, go ahead and make one. Iíll accept it.
    GM: Wouldnít you like one of those ďMineĒ dolls from George Steele?

    BH: Iíd like about 65 of them.

    GM: Oh?

    BH: I have 65 sticks of dynamite that Iíve got no use for.
    GM: This guy looks a bit like a young Chief Jay Strongbow!

    BH: Thereís no such thing as a young Chief Jay Strongbow.
    GM: I thought it was Valentineís shin that was hurt, not his calf!

    BH: Well, as I understand it the injury moves around.
    BH: Look at this Duggan poster. Look at the expression, the mentality. Whatís your IQ, Duggan? See, heís got one finger up.
    GM: Why didnít you include my quote in that recent article about you?

    BH: Your quote wasnít fit for print!

    GM: Yes it was, I said you looked like 6 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag.
    GM: I remember in very specific terms, Honky Tonk Man said he was ready to defend his belt against anyone!

    BH: Yes, but he was under the impression they would alert him beforehand. He didnít think some raving lunatic would run to the ring and start attacking him!
    BH: The Blue Blazer better not wear those feathered robes this time of year, heís likely to end up in somebodyís pot!
    BH: I think I know who Blue Blazer is. I know heís not Bad News Brown, his hair is too long.
    GM: Bad News Brown obviously had a very unhappy childhood.

    BH: Hey, I had it rough too you know. Once we had no chauffeur for a week!
    GM: Beefcakeís hair looked pretty good, didnít it?

    BH: Looked like he got it done at a car wash.

    GM: He got that cut from the famous Salvatore!

    BH: Well the famous Salvatore should stop cutting hair with a blindfold on.
    GM: Where have you been? Did someone turn over a big rock outside and turn you loose?

    BH: Oh no. Iíve been doingÖ brain things.
    GM: How can you stand there and lie like that?

    BH: Simple, Iíve been hanging out with you for too long.

    Phew! So weíve seen a major shift in the biggest feud for the Family, with the focus of the war with Jake Roberts turning towards Andre and his apparent phobia instead of directing against Rude. Andre isnít in great shape, of course, but heís still got something left in the tank which should make this pretty fun. The loss of Hercules is a bummer, and he could present problems for the Family going forward, but the addition of the Brain Busters and (to a far lesser extent) Terry Taylor bolsters the ranks quite a bit. What will happen as we approach the second annual Survivor Series? Only one way to find out!

    Thatís it for today, humanoids. Iíll be back soon with the next entry, until then donít let the ham-and-eggers get you down, and stay awesome!

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    My favorite series in the CF. Glad to catch some of this while I'm around

    I get that nobody wants their woman on another man's trousers, but the way Jake is always ripping Rude's pants off, I think Rude might be attracting attention from the wrong Roberts. I've seen Jake in some good matches before his WWE days. I think he could wrestle much better than he let on there. He telegraphed everything, then, but he was getting a reaction so who can blame him. He's got a way when it comes to wrestling psychology.

    Taylor was always a good wrestler but just so damn boring I guess the WWE thought it best to make him a rooster. Still, lotta good shit coming up there.

    It's cool to see how Andre hung in there with good work up till the end.

    I think this is the group Heenan begins to strike gold with: The Brain Busters, Rude, and Perfect.

    How does one go about selling a man as a slave in 1988? lol I guess we've come further than I thought in the last 30 years.

    Shit, all that from Bobby in just one month...He's had more wicked lines in this one column than most have thir entire career. Quit wit.

    Great read!

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    This was, as usual, spectacular. What a joy he is. The line about Cheryl and Rude both not being there is so good I ended up laughing out loud in work. It's so simple, but so effective.

    Speaking of which, having Andre make a "heel save" for Rude is such a great transition to the feud with Jake for Andre. Those simple transitions from one feud to the next just don't happen in WWE nearly as often these days. A feud ends at a PPV, and then someone comes out the next night and talks and gets interrupted, or someone does something inexplicable like spill coffee on Kane and it's a feud. I miss the days when things made more sense from a storyline standpoint.
    Read my latest. That's not a request.


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    Buried the lead: Andre looking dapper in his button-up shirt.

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    If they ever do a column or a series hall of fame (maybe they do?) this is first ballot. Just a masterpiece. It's like getting into a time machine and living it over again and that is writing at it's finest. You might be the only one capable of capturing something like this. I can tell this is your baby and you take pride in it.

    This was, as usual, spectacular. What a joy he is. The line about Cheryl and Rude both not being there is so good I ended up laughing out loud in work. It's so simple, but so effective- lol ME TOO Rayhagan! Same situation!

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    Ah, I love the feedback bump you get when you haven't posted in a while!

    Benny Butts - Jake is such a unique case in the ring. He's both very good and sort of lacking something at the same time. I'm always open to recommendations for pre-WWF Jake, if you have any! Taylor, good but boring. Perfect summary. And YES, the feud is going to be far better than people remember it being. The Family is pumping up to look great right now, Brain Busters, Rude, Haku, Andre, he's packing one hell of a punch. Thanks for the very kind words, more coming very soon!

    Ray - I am stoked to see you!! I missed your feedback dearly in the latter half of last year. Phenomenal point about the way these feuds flow into each other, because this is an era where wrestlers have real relationships to each other and are able to react in the moment, and not have their memory wiped at the end of each month to start something new. Heels allying with each other is one of my favorite things. Glad you loved the comedic bits, making people bust out at work is a mark of pride!!

    Mystic - I can't wait to cover this stuff again for WWF: The Legacy Series. This is why we need to include SNME as we go along. Andre looks damn handsome in a button-up big enough to be a tent!

    Tiiiiiin Man - Thank you for the extremely kind words. I've literally devoted years to the series at this point, and there's still so much to talk about. Yes, got two people busting out at work! Amazing!

    Thanks all for reading and feeding. I'm chipping away fast at November, hope to have it out by next week!

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    It's back! The 2017 Series of the Year!

    Such a fun entry too, so much fun stuff going on. How amazing is the Andre and the snake stuff? They would 100% not get away with that stuff today, PETA would have an utter hissy fit (pun intended). Still Andre sold this so well, what a wrestler!

    I love how when Heenan gets pushed over in the Hercules thing he still crawls away with money in his hand, he truly never misses the little things that would go unnoticed 95% of the time.

    And lastly that boxing gloves gag is so good, you can just imagine how much it would eat away at Heenan that Monsoon had bigger gloves. Hilarious!

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