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Thread: The Clubhouse - Golf Thread

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    The Clubhouse - Golf Thread

    For some it's a good walk ruined, but to the initiated Golf is a remarkable test of skill and nerve, and a deceptively tense game.

    I don't know if there are many Golf fans here but we've got a decent year to find out. As well as all the usual events we've got the Ryder Cup in the Autumn, coming from France for the first time. It's probably the first time since I have followed the game that there's been a real worry about Europe losing at home.

    Anyway, that's months away yet. For now, how many Golf fans are there? Anyone play and if so, what is your standard?

    "Eat my ass, Mooney"

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    Ryder Cup is great. I only sort of follow it the rest of the time.

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    So good to see Tiger fighting out the finish on day four again. Crazy how high the viewing numbers were. Think I read it was the highest rated golf numbers outside of the majors since Tiger's last win back in 2013 or whenever it was. Shows the power he has on the game and the interest of the fans.

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