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Thread: New Knockouts

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    New Knockouts

    Like everything else in the Impact world the Knockouts division is going through a roster shake up. The two newest members that I have seen are Kiera Hogan and Hania. And the churn continues as Hania has already left the organization. Su Yung is scheduled to appear on my screen soon. The turnover sorta started with the retirement of Gail Kim.

    Kiera Hogan has had two impressive bouts against the departing Laurel Van Ness. She seems to have some great skills in these matches but was helped by Allie's appearance. I look forward to the development of Kiera and believe she will be a strong presence going forward. Can the current Impact management team do with her what they have done with so many other wrestlers? Allie, Laurel Van Ness and Rosemary seem to have developed characters and grown each time I have seen them on screen. It would be nice to see Kiera Hogan grow in the same way.

    Hania the Huntress did not impress me in her debut. Her moves did not seem crisp. There was a punch that looked like she was trained by Shane McMahon. And she was not a good student at that. I believe she would have been a project if she had not parted ways for whatever reason with Impact Wrestling.

    Su Yung's in ring debut is something I look forward to. I have not seen any of her matches but the fact that she is working on Impact after a few years on the independent scene gives me hope. The Knockouts division historically has been strong. As Su Yung develops her character on Impact I hope they go for something unique. I hope the new regime does not think they have to have a good impersonator of Auska or that they need to mold her after Gail Kim.

    The eternal optimist in me sees great possibilities with Kiera Hogan and Su Yung. The Knockouts division has been a strong point of Impact in the past and I hope adding these performers to the cast of Allie, Rosemary, Sienns and Taya Valkyrie will strengthen it. The Impact roster page also lists Alisha Edwards whom I have not seen on television in quite some time. I do not get to watch Impact every week so maybe I missed her.

    Looking forward to great Knockouts action to go along with the in ring action from my favorite wrestler Eli Drake and all the other members of the Impact roster.

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    I'm interested to see how they turn out but must admit I haven't seen enough to form an opinion yet.


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