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Thread: "Real Song" Entrance Music

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    "Real Song" Entrance Music

    This thread is to discuss who you think has the best "real song" entrance music. What I mean by "real song" is that the entrance music is a real song not written or created by the WWE, WWE employees, or any other wresting promotion. Then the wrestler adopted said song and the song truly captures who the wrestler is and enhances the character, hence the reason for the selection. The song can be for any wrestler in any promotion in any era, just that the song had to be written and created NOT for the sole purpose for a wrestler's theme.

    My top Real Song Entrance Music in no particular order:

    1. Hollywood Hogan: Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix
    2. CM Punk: Cult of Personality - Living Colour
    3. Ric Flair: Also Sprach Zarathustra - Strauss
    4. Randy Savage: Pomp and Circumstance - Sir Edward Elgar
    5. The Road Warriors (pre-WWF): Iron Man - Black Sabbath
    6. Edge: Metalingus - Alter Bridge
    7. Daniel Bryan: Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner
    8. Shane McMahon: Here Comes the Money - Naughty By Nature
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