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Thread: The Deadly Armbar - 2/10/18 - It's a BIRD! It's a PLANE! It's a DEADLY ARMBAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Deadly Armbar - 2/10/18 - It's a BIRD! It's a PLANE! It's a DEADLY ARMBAR!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Deadly Armbar


    Welcome back! I am so glad to have all of you back after my debacle of a trial article. I'm just playing and really I am trying to get the rust off as we speak. I have received your constructive criticism and from your comments I got one thing...."WHERE'S THE BEEF?". You know what readers, You are right! So turn around and feel this armbar!

    This week, I want to touch on a huge subject in Roman Reigns' path to Wrestlemania. As we all know, Roman is Vince's guy. He is the one who is supposed to take the torch from John Cena and lead the WWE for years to come. Now, has that happened yet? Ehhh, I don't think so. Is he a hot commodity? Absolutely! He has a mixed fan base like Cena did as well. You either love or hate the guy. Now does Roman have what it takes to be the leader of this next generation? That's a question.

    Does Roman Reigns have what it takes as a total package to lead the WWE to the promised land for years to come?

    To me, The answer is....I don't really know. Does Roman have the look? Of course. Is Roman great on the mic? I think he has potential there. But the potential on the mic would be much better if Roman was a heel in my opinion. As a babyface, he is very boring to me. I think as a heel and with the attitude he has shown, he could be a chip off the old Dwayne Johnson block. That's right I said it. Roman has the star potential, he has the star look, BUT does he have the skills in the ring to get it done? Honestly, for someone who looks like he does and who is as intimidating as he is, I really don't think it matters for him. Yea is the Superman punch the dumbest finisher ever? Hell Yeah! However, one could also argue that The Rock's peoples elbow was pathetic too and we all know how much that really mattered for The Rock's career? He's out in Beverly Hills right now wiping his ass with a dollar bill while yours truly is here in a sweaty parts room writing this article.


    In all seriousness, The WWE is in a bit of a identity crisis in my opinion. They have big men like, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Big Cass (when he returns from his ACL injury) and Brock Lesnar. They have wily veterans like John Cena, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and Bobby Roode. They also have promising young talent like Tye Dillinger, Apollo Crews, Kalisto and more. Do they continue to feel Reigns is their savior? or do they happen to go with Strowman or perhaps Rollins or someone else to get the torch? What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to know. Will it be Roman vs. Brock at Wrestlemania since Shinsuke Nakamura who won the Royal Rumble chose to face AJ Styles (no surprise there.) Could it be someone up and coming like Elias? I still think Roman will go into the Chamber and win.
    The WWE has had this planned for months, and I'm not trying to ruin it for anyone but I'd probably fall off my recliner if it was someone else. Brock is going back to UFC almost certainly and Roman has been Vince's pawn in this chess game for far too long. Do I think he deserves it? Sure he has put his work in...but to be honest The Miz would be far more entertaining and his in ring skills trump anyone's in that Chamber match. BUT BUT having The Miz defeat Lesnar at Mania is not realistic at all, especially when Lesnar has beaten Cena, HHH, and ughh yeah that guy that had the undefeated streak at Wrestlemania...What was his name again? He was dead....he liked coffins, he won a casket match or two...Ughhh oh yea The Undertaker. I'm sorry but the only realistic choice besides Strowman winning that Chamber match and going to Mania is ...Roman Reigns. Braun is just not ready yet but that's not to say that he's not close. He definitely is. But let it be known on The Deadly Armbar that for the forseeable future Roman Reigns will be leading the WWE! That is Until Strowman is ready to take over...

    Thank you all for your time! I must go enjoy my weekend now. Any feedback or comments can be left below and are always greatly appreciated.

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    Hey man, good to see you back with your second column mate. I did enjoy your first piece and am glad your back for a second round.

    I think that you can never build a whole ers off the back of one person, you need a number of reliable figureheads that you can sub in and out of the title scene and keep in high profile situations. I think in The Shield trio they have that, add in Braun, Miz, Owens, Zayn and Balor and you have 7 guys who can conceivable hold down the upper and mid cards.

    As to who can beat Brock, I think given the right build any of those except for Miz could realistically take down Lesnar. Right now I think Braun and Reigns are the ones in a position to do it and I just want his reign to be over so I can see those aforementioned guys fight it out. Having the title on the part timer for so long has really held the place back.

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    Got to do pretty much a repeat of my feedback to your last 'column'. I like a short column, but for me this wasn't enough. Everything you mention seems like the start of some discussion that never truly happens. You seem to get some bullet points in your head, write them down and leave it at that.

    The thing is, like I said before you have the beginnings of a good column, you just need to put more thought & work into it. Explore your ideas. Write them down. Re-read them. Respond to yourself. Repeat. Argue the fors and againsts, the pros and cons.

    Most of all, get us to think about what you say and create some discussion. So far all you've done is come up with potential topics.

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    But where, indeed, is the beef? Once again, you're coming at us with something that shows potential but doesn't feel fleshed out at all. Have you checked around the CF to see what others do? By no means do you have to try to imitate anyone, but just to get a general idea of what's usually done around here.

    For instance, you compare Roman Reigns to the Rock here, but I'm not really seeing it and there's nothing here really to convince me. Basically they both have a dumb finisher and you think Reigns has potential. So what led you to this unusual conclusion? Even if it's just a vague feeling you have, maybe try to track down the source of that feeling and see if you can lead me down the same path.

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    I didn't think your debut column was bad, at least no different than mine or most people's initial.. so don't be so hard on yourself. Second, this place isn't going anywhere so taking some extra time on your second column would've been beneficial to you. I share the same sentiment as most in that you need to flesh out these columns a little more. Expand on the ideas and, like Billington said, explore your opinion from all angles, especially the opposition.

    Nobody who has put in the work here has ever gotten worse so stick around get better. I have no doubt you'll improve.

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