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Thread: Type's Hot takes: No More Flapjacks, Thoughts on Rousey/Heyman, Cena, Mixed Match Challenge, and MORE

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    Type's Hot takes: No More Flapjacks, Thoughts on Rousey/Heyman, Cena, Mixed Match Challenge, and MORE

    I haven't been fueled creatively to write a thought provoking column so decided I'd take another week to give some hot takes on what's relevant within the WWE.


    Dave Meltzer reported a few days back that management wasn't very happy with viewership for the Mixed Match challenge on Facebook Watch. I'm not sure why this is surprising, as the social media heavyweight is designed for quick hits. We go through our news feeds, share stories, comment on something and move onto the next thing that grabs our attention. This was the wrong venue to put something like this on. I ''liked'' the Mixed Match challenge and subscribed to it's updates, but often found myself distracted with other notifications when it would alert me of a new episode.

    Facebook has evolved into a platform for debating hot button topics like sports, religion and politics, as well as a hotbed for sharing everyday identifiable memes and funny stories that resonate with everyday people in all walks of life.. Above all, it's a place to keep in touch with friends and family. To ask anyone really to engage in weekly episodic television on the site is asking a lot.

    A lot of people enjoyed the interactions between some of the men and women who maybe wouldn't otherwise engage in storylines, but I found it to be unrealistic and messy. Braun showed a little bit of a vulnerable side to Alexa, a side I'd like to one day see but not at the present time. This is a guy who is in the hunt for the championship so forgive me if I find it unrealistic that he cares to win a competition with no prize. I think the WWE misconstrued however they gauge their social scores for RAW and Smackdown, thinking moving it over to the social media giant would give it instant likes, reactions and views. No dice.


    The evolution of The New Day truly is one of the most delightful surprises I can remember in a long time. The initial vignettes left little to be desired, and certainly it felt like being a heroic group of optimists had a limited ceiling. However, as is the case with most faces, a heel turn did the trick and gave the fans a newfound appreciation for the group once they did turn face again.

    But now? It's time to give it up.

    Ever since this group raided RAW and fought the Shield, I find myself extremely bored with them as an entertainment act. Instead of finally letting these 3 guys branch out, or at least do something engaging as a group, they have spent the better part of the month throwing flapjacks at people and using them as a tool to save Kofi from elimination from the Royal Rumble. In a kayfabe sense, since the WWE is sold to us as competition, it irks me to see a guy like Big E continue the ridiculousness with an act that seems unoriginal and expired. He's a big guy with a ton of charisma and confidence that wasn't there during his first singles run and part of me roots for someone to plant the seed that he won't go anywhere staying in this group. As for Xavier and Kofi, there's certainly mid card spots available for both them to come out better than they were prior to forming The New Day. Character development and evolving are intricate parts of the business, and it feels like this group has peaked in every facet possible outside of breaking up.


    I liked the idea of Shinsuke Nakamura challenging AJ Styles ahead of time, and the subsequent build up the announce team gave it, but we still have a Pay-Per-View prior to Mania and a champion who will be defending. The thin line between long term story building and presenting the fans with the idea that things can change on a dime is a tough dilemma. I would give it a 5% chance that Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn challenges AJ Styles for the championship at Wrestlemania, so why I should I even invest in this ridiculous 2-on-1 re-match? The idea of co-WWE champions comes off as lazy booking and though doing it once is passable, doing this twice is unacceptable. I understand there's still some unfinished with Shane/Daniel Bryan, as well as the potential (if not inevitable) break up of Kami, but it's not really enough to hold my interest.


    I absolutely LOVE the idea of Paul Heyman with Ronda Rousey and the same parallels that make Lesnar work can certainly work for her as well. Despite having the obvious UFC pedigree, she's quickly developed some adversary's who aren't too pleased with her disruption of the women's revolution. I can think of nobody better than Paul Heyman to tactfully put the frustrations of the women's locker room into a well crafted promo that makes Rousey look like a million bucks. Clearly, with someone who's never done the WWE thing, this is the best route to go. Build her up, let Heyman do the talking and make sure her words count when she does speak.


    I'll be honest, I think the WWE has almost become a little too careful in leaving John Cena out of big match situations. I felt there was serious money with title #17 being marketed on the grandest stage. If long term plans weren't already in place, I would have really enjoyed seeing Cena/Styles for the WWE championship or even Brock Lesnar vs. Cena for the Universal title. Instead, it looks like we are could be getting Cena vs. Undertaker, but probably 2-3 years too late. The Undertaker looked slow and out of shape last year. With 2 losses on the Mania resume and the streak no longer a factor, I am having a difficult time getting behind this potential match-up after the damage of last year.


    Wrestlemania is always fun no matter what era of wrestling we've been in. I don't know if anyone else is feeling it, but I get the vibe we are slowly but surely reaching another new era in the WWE and a bit of a shift. I can't quite put words that yet, but it is just a feeling.

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    Really liked this Type. Quick and to the point is definitely your strongest suit. I agree with you, pretty much across the board, except on Taker/Cena. I think the damage done to Taker's legacy has been far worse than people realize. Brock should have retired him when he broke the Streak. The matches since then have done nothing but harmed his mystique since in my oppinion. Not even John Cena can fix that. It is far far past time for us to get the tearful retirement speech from the greatest of all time. I would honestly book an hour at the end of Wrestlemania for it. No match, just Mark Callaway and a microphone. End it right and stop bleeding the legacy dry.

    Good column dude!

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    Type, this will be a two for, as I just finished reading your rap battle when this was posted.

    I love creative columns, as I might be one of the odd duck columnists around here in that regard, but just be careful to not overdue them. A wise man named Samuel Plan once pointed out to me that if I have a topic I want to do something creative with, to stop first and consider which style would benefit the topic best- creative or straight. And he is right. I might still dive in to creative too quick, though that has made me aware of all the possibilities you can use to drive a topic home, and sometimes the best approach is straight. I only say all of that because you shouldnt feel like you have to post creatively on a regular basis. If it is forced, it often will show.

    I also know how therapeudic and valuable creative exercises can be for the mind, as I've had times when I would hit writers block until I could just get something creative out on "paper". Having said that, the MP does not cater to creative writing. I had to be an exclusively straight column writer up top to play to the audience up there, so if your aim is MP do keep that in mind. Never ditch your creativity though, it is one of the most valuable things you can have as a writer. It is a window to empathy.

    You captured Cena's voice surprisingly well, and I really enjoyed the light heartedness of it all. A very enjoyable column for me to read, which was a nice change of pace from the mentality I had after writing my last column lol. Being fun, even in straight columns, is very valuable. So very well done there overall.

    Mixed matches are great, but like you mentioned they lack motivation and story. There should be something they are striving for in terms of WWE accolades. I thought I renember a comment on here along the lines of the winners get to challenge for titles of their choice- I like that idea. At least it would give someone like Viking Braun a reason to team up or play nice with anyone.

    Sadly New Day will shill until Vince has squeezed every ounce of marketability out of them. They are gonna be this goofy shell of a team for a while, as kids love them.

    I think fans have to realize how much drawing power Ronda has. She is a draw. Bottom line. She will bring in viewers initially. So Heyman might be a great idea as a mouthpiece to a nervous rookie with the reputation Ronda has. She is a brute like Lesnar, it fits. I wouldnt mind seeing him speak for her for at least a while until she picks up some steam. It would only build up her mystique, which is never bad. If they did it right it could wind up leading to a mega feud with Asuka. I'd love to believe that happens, but who knows with WWE.

    Taker needs to be done. I hate his last match being against Reigns, but Taker is in such rough ring shape now. He's gotta go enjoy his life after wrestling already, before he loses the opportunity to.

    This is a good format to work with when you have a bunch of partial column ideas. Brief is good. Maybe space sections out more, and make headers stick out a bit more from the normal text. Consider using images, though not many are needed. Consider one last out loud proof reading before posting, as it helps single out little errors and odd spots.

    Overall good job man. Keep it up!

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    Taker really needs to be retired. His last couple of matches have tainted his legacy, and another match would completely murder the send off he got last year. Cena v Taker should have happened before Brock broke the streak. Until then, Cena was probably the only other guy left that was a believable challenge to the streak. Now, that match does nothing for anyone.

    Talking of Cena, I truly expected him to win the Rumble this year & face Nakamura for his 17th title. As it hasn't happened at Wrestlemania, I guess maybe they do it at SummerSlam? That's supposed to be the biggest event of the summer so putting that milestone there instead of Wrestlemania may help them push that.

    With New Day though, I kind of agree and disagree. Certainly within the tag team ranks they've served their purpose, but as singles competitors they are definitely stronger as a group. Big E may have the muscle, but he proved he doesn't have a personality without the New Day behind him so he can't go it alone. Kofi has proven in the past his ceiling is in the mid-card, so that really only leaves Xavier, who is good but it's doubtful he'd get anywhere near the main event. As a faction though, any of them could get a decent push with Xavier as the mouthpiece, Big E as the enforcer and Kofi backing them both up. Certainly none of them get a run with a main title, but with the right booking any one of them could be placed in a multi man main event like Elimination Chamber or Money In The Bank.

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    I dig pieces like this! Though I hope they don't end up replacing your more thought provoking columns. Let's see what we got here...

    The idea of the mixed match challenge was a bit odd, and I agree the platform they chose was a poor one. As a big supporter of intergender wrestling, I find these mixed matches kind of awkward, though there does seem to be some potential for unique interactions and character work, so that's something. But yeah, no shock at all if the numbers are low.

    I'd actually prefer if the New Day stayed together insofar as they continue to back each other up, but at the same time I completely agree that they should branch out into some more individual pursuits. Historically WWE has been pretty bad at walking that line, so I would be surprised if we see some kind of grudge match between the three before the end of the year, but who knows? Hopefully something good will come out of it either way, as they're a talented bunch.

    Smackdown has sounded pretty poor ever since Triple H got his buddy Road Dogg set up as head writer. I guess having those "in the business" do the booking isn't always a guarantee of success, though how you can fuck up with that level of talent at your disposal is kind of amazing.

    I'm a big Heyman fan in general, but honestly I do think he's a little stale in the past couple years. Having him do the Lesnar shtick for another client isn't overly appealing to me, though I agree I can see some value in it. It's times like this I wish WWE had a few more managers. Hey, does Vickie want to come back? Her doing her shtick and hiding behind an invincible star sounds amazing, and when Rousey split from her and punched her out I think the pop would probably destroy the building.

    I never, ever want to see Taker wrestle again perfectly. If he HAS to wrestle, I guess Cena would be the best choice, but yeah, it's time for the guy to be done.

    Some good thoughts here man, I'm into it!

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    Finally got around to reading this, I've been busy so sorry for not stopping by earlier. I like the quick hits here, giving air too things that are interesting but don't merit a whole column. Obviously I like your more long form stuff but this is cool for a round up every now and again.

    As to some of the stuff you've said, I have very similar feelings about the New Day. After developing a more serious streak at the back half of last year they have very quickly regressed. Perhaps it is the wrong time for them to do it, WWE doesn't tend to take a lot of risks at this point of treatment year. Perhaps after Mania they may give them a chance doing something different. Maybe they could even own the Andre The Giant Battle Royale as a trio and use that to launch themselves.

    With Rousey, I'm fine with her being affiliated with Heyman but inky if it isn't just the same boring repetitive shtick that he runs out ever week with Lesnar. I'm as bored of him as I am of his client right now, which is a sad thing to say about such a creative guy.

    Lastly you are right that it is the last possible time we could seriously get Taker v Cena but just NO. We don't need them to take up an hour of Mania run time with a reminder of what could have been if they had jumped on it sooner before time took its toll. Also Taker's finale was a perfect ending for the character. He does not need to come back.

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