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Thread: 2018 CF Columns List

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    2018 CF Columns List

    This thread will serve as a place to keep track of every column written in the CF over the course of 2018. The list will come by way of the CotM columns compilation sent to me every month by TripleR. The only difference between the columns listed here and those listed in the CotM thread will be that ALL columns will be listed here, not just those eligible to win the two respective monthly CF awards. That includes competition pieces written by main page columnists as well as "columns about columns" like a Month in Review or CF based piece.

    In other words, this list will seek to compile every single column posted in the CF in 2018, regardless of author or subject.

    HUGE thanks to TripleR for his part in compiling this list. It frankly wouldn't be possible without him.

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    205 Clive
    205 Clive - Great Care Should Be Taken With Future NXT Call-ups
    205 Clive - Royal Rumble: The Roman Reigns Show
    CSI Qualifier: I Hate That Kurt Angle Guy!

    CSI Qualifier - Nothing Half So Melancholy
    CSI Group B Round 1 - Seth and Success, Act III, Scene I

    Benjamin Button
    2018: Beyond the Puma Mask: The road for Ricochet/The Road for Lucha Underground.

    Burn it Down - Former Future

    CSI Qualifier - Boombox: Reasons to be Mero
    CSI Group C Round 1 – Sexploits

    Donnie House
    Spoiler Free: Royal Rumble 2018

    Bull from a Bulldog: The Legend Returns

    CSI Qualifier: Sittin' Pretty with eldandy: We Want Blood! We Don't Want Sawdust!
    [CSI Group B Round 1] Shakin’ Speary with eldandy: Verona Rumble

    Johnny Boomerang
    CSI Qualifier - Armageddon This Right?
    CSI Group A Round 1
    CSI Group A Round 2: The Boomerang Prophecies LIX

    The realisation of of unrealism

    Kingzak Presents: PPV-Star of WrestleMania
    Kingzak presents: Royal Rumble/Takeover 2018 Predictions
    [CSI Qualifier] Kingzak presents: Screw you, Last Year

    CSI Qualifier: Quantum Whoop Existence- Holla If You Save Me

    Laith presents The Wrestling Vision I: Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

    CSI Qualifier: Vince
    [CSI Group B - Round 1] Romeo and Juliet - Wool-Crossed Lovers

    [CSI Qualifier] REQUESTING FLYBY: A Man Out Of Time, Or, Why Stone Cold's Face No Longer Fits

    [CSI Qualifier] One Last Question
    [CSI Group C Round 1] Nothing But Net - The Knife of Hanging On

    CSI Qualifier - Ponds of Anarchy
    [CSI Group A, Round 1] REQUESTING FLYBY: The Key To The Kingdom
    [CSI Group A Round 1] TMTTTCITJTW

    The Bright Side: Match of the Year 2017 Countdown Spectacular!! (SERIES)
    CSI Qualifier - The Bright Side: Match of the Year 2000 Countdown Spectacular!!
    [CSI Group A Round 1] The Bright Side: Monopoly

    Oliver's Twist: Why WWE MUST look to it's PAST to SAVE Finn Balor
    Oliver's Twist: On Naito vs Okada.
    Bearly Reviewing III

    Prime Time
    Take Up Thy Wrestling Boots and Walk #220

    [CSI Qualifier] Under The Fleece: Episode 00 - What a difference a year makes

    CSI Qualifier: The Devil's Advocate presents The A to Z of 2000 - M is for Medal
    [CSI Group C - Round 1] The Devil's Advocate – Valnourished

    Sir Sam's Court: Lords of Pain 2017 People's Choice Wrestler of the Year Awards
    Sir Sam's Court: Kenny Omega v Chris Jericho: Judas in my Mind
    Sir Sam's Court: Late As Usual
    Sir Sam's Court: The Royal Rumble Biggest Winners & Losers
    CSI Qualifier: The Stories that Defined the WWF in 2000 - The Rock Rising
    [CSI Group D Round 1] Sir Sam's Court: WWE is Zeppelin

    CSI Qualifier. Sketch Speaks - K-Kwik will be the next big WWF Superstar.

    [CSI Qualifier] Wrestling Rainbow ~ Taste My Sex Ed Essay
    [CSI Group D / Round 1] Taste My Retirement? (SkitZ' Swan Song)

    Mizzie & The Spin's Total Non-Stop Wrestling Project- What Have We Done? (w/Mizfan)
    Spinning Out of Control: A Closed Door of Destiny
    CSI Qualifier- Funko Dojo Presents: My Developmental Diatribe
    [CSI Group C Round 1] Spinmaster's Sexual Stint: Seamen!, Sirens! Squirtle?

    (CSI Qualifier) All About The Game (Phat Pharm Debut!)
    [CSI Group D Round 1] Behind The Music: WWE

    The Doc
    [CSI Qualifier] Under The Bright Lights - Matthews 3:16 Says Stone Cold Steve Austin Sucks
    [CSI Group D, Round 1] - Doctor's Orders: The Notorious BRAAAAUUUUNNNN!!!

    [CSI Qualifier] WWF vs WCW Worms Armageddon Match!

    My World: The Return of The OutLAW
    My World: The Crippler
    CSI Qualifier: My World- Ep. 24/7

    WWE and the Women's Notvolution

    Chair Shots Presents: The 2017 LOP Royal Rumble Match
    Chair Shots Presents: EBLM J0555-57Ab

    Type It- Take 28: My 5 Favorite And Least Favorite WWE decisions for 2017
    Type's Take: Making The Case for 4 Longshots to Win The Rumble
    Type's Take: Spitfire thoughts
    Type's Take: #MeToo
    CSI Qualifier: Tell Me A Lie
    Type's Take: How To Make The XFL Succeed

    Life in Kayfabe: Turning Heel

    Old School Saturday Night
    From Iron Claw to Curb Stomp

    The King of Stats presents the Official Form Guide for the 2018 Column Series Invitational
    Wayne's World: Royal Rumble 2018 Running Diary
    The King of Stats presents the 2017 WWE Superstar & NXT Superstar of the Year (SERIES)
    [CSI Qualifier] The King of Stats presents the 2000 WWF Superstar of the Year

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