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Thread: Wayne's World: The Deadman, The Champ and My Future

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    Wayne's World: The Deadman, The Champ and My Future

    Welcome back one and all to the weird and wacky place that is my mind, my name is Wayne and you are now entering my world. Now as you all know it was but a few days ago I finished my yearly Superstar of the Year series. Normally when I finish (late most times) I need a fair few days to recover. This year however after being gone so long last year all that the month long series did to me was wet my appetite to write and after not doing anything for a couple of days all I want to do is put fingers to keyboard once more and see the words form on the screen. The problem is, what to write.

    Itís not to say I donít have ideas, I have plenty, I always do and some will come to fruition very soon but that doesnít help me know, I want to write in the present not the future. That and I donít have enough net to do the research needed for them. But the question is what to write for now. I canít give my opinions on the current product because I hardly know much about it at the moment. The Rumble was the only current product Iíve seen in over three months and I already discussed it in my Running Diary the other day. Then it hit me, why talk about wrestling when I can talk about me. Well at least me in terms of wrestling anyway. Donít get what I mean, well read on.

    So what do you guys know about me. Some more than others, depends on how deep our friendship goes or how well you have read my columns over the years. But do you really know what I like about wrestling, why I became a fan, shit like that. That is what I plan on doing starting today and continuing whenever I get the urge to spurn out a column on the spur of the moment. Even so, I need some sort of structure to these columns, a topic for me to discuss what I like. Thatís where the good old favourite 30 Day Wrestling Challenge comes in.

    No Iím not going into dailies again, as I said Iím doing these on the spur of the moment. What I am going to do though in these personal columns is go deeper into these questions than I would if I was to do them daily. Where it asked for one wrestler I will go deeper, giving you a few and why those particular wrestlers fit the bill. In this way I hope that you all get a deeper understanding of who I am and to possibly garner more discussion that my regular columns do. Also while these columns will take on a list style concept I will refrain from the easy road of this is my top 5 or 10 and so on, I will answer these questions with as little or as much as I see the need to do. These are my columns after all.

    So what is the topic for today's column? Well after searching the net for the different approaches to the 30-days the one I settled for asked me to name my favourite wrestler growing up, a nice easy one to start off. Those of you who have been around for a long time may remember in my first year (I think it was the first year anyway) here I did one of those top ten lists to this very question but only gave smallish reasons why they meant something to me. Today I plan to go with less wrestlers but go into an even deeper look at said wrestlers that the experience I have gained in the over 6 years I have spent in this place becoming a better writer and a better thinker.

    Before we start looking at the wrestlers we need to first set the stage. I was born in 1983 and while I do think I may have seen the odd match on Wide World of Sports involving the likes of Hulk Hogan in amongst their other sporting things I donít remember much. It wasnít till I was about 10 or 11 that I was really first introduced to wrestling. I just got new neighbours where I was living in Wingham, a small town about 15 minutes outside the bigger town of Taree and about 1.5 hours from where I live now in Kempsey, which all these place names meen jack to you guys from overseas so yeah. Anyway one of the kids was a mentally handicapped boy a few of years older than me, the other his sister (who I canít remember if she was older or younger than him). Anyway it was them who showed me and my friends some of their videos and it was here that I started to get hooked. Once I moved to my dadís in Sydney for the next year and a half he would hire me out more videos from the video stores and I could start to come to grasp with the wrestling world however a socially inept 12-13 year old could. It is from these early years that I will be approaching this column from. To me this is my period of growing up in wrestling. It was the New Generation who gave me my first taste of wrestling and without them I would never have enjoyed the Attitude Era during my late teen years as the WWEís major target audience, come back after I was married and start the religious two show a week and a PPV a month watching during the Ruthless Aggression Era, have the PG Era form the urge to get my thoughts onto paper and find a place to do so in LOP and most of all wouldnít have me here today in the aptly named ďNewĒ Era to write this column for you.

    So who made me the fan I am today and are wrestlers who still hold a very dear spot to me one way or another. Well what better place to start than right at the top, the one guy who clicked for me above any other and too this day is still my second favourite wrestler.

    The Deadman

    While at times it may have been hard for me to choose what video to borrow there was always one guarantee which would have me choosing one video over another, The Undertaker being on the front cover. I canít say what it was that overly drew me to him in the original place, other than the fact he was just so different than everyone else. There was an aura about him that made you sit up and watch and for an impressionable pre-teen that was enough to keep me in awe.

    From his clothes (which to this day my favourite colour combination is Black and Purple, thanks Taker) to the way he moves, everything just screamed hey look at me, I ainít like any of the others. And donít forget about Paul Bearer, man that guy was creepy. His screeching voice just added to that mystery that Taker possessed and donít even get me started on the Urn. That is one thing I miss from Taker in his later years, they forgot the fact his power came from the Urn. Bearer would hold that urn up and Taker would follow, impervious to pain. Everyone calls Cena Superman but shit he holds nothing to Taker in those early years, nothing could hurt him.

    While looking back a lot of Takerís booking was silly for a kid at that age, a mark through and through, that stuff was awe inspiring. Matches that are considered miserable flops, in particular Undertaker v Giant Gonzalez at Wrestlemania IX and Undertaker v Undertaker at Summerslam 94, are matches that I enjoy going back to watch as they were an important part of my early fandom and are guilty pleasures of mine. Really that whole particular time I love revisiting. The Royal Rumble 94 Casket match with Yokozuna is another one of my favourite Taker moments just because of how much sense it made for the persona of Taker to be taken down as such.

    Look Iím sounding way too much like a fanboy but that is what I am, I always look back at that time remembering what it was like for me back then, forgetting everything I have learned about everything and just reliving it. The funny thing is this isnít even my favourite Taker but I mightnít have loved that part so much if it wasnít for this early part. I know Iím not the only one around this place that fell in love with Taker at an early age and it just goes to show the pulling power of when a gimmick works.

    The Champ

    While one of my favourites Cena will always say ďThe Champ is HereĒ to me that necessarily the case, to me the champ is Bret Hart. You see that was my introduction to Bret, he was the champion of the WWF. The aforementioned girl who lived next door was a major Hart fan/crush and it was her that got instilled in me that Bret was the champion. It also helped that back then you held the belt for a bit of time, I wonder how fans cope today when there is a different champion every few weeks/months. It was easy to pick up a tape and see Bret defending the belt against somebody, or if not being in one of the major matches.

    Whereas Taker was all about the aura for Bret it was the wrestling. Bret wasnít something flashy or really character driven at all, but the one thing he definitely was was great between the ropes. My love for technical wrestling, and the likes of Benoit and Bryan, traces its history back to Bret. The ability to keep me enthralled in the match due to his amazing abilities had me enthralled even back then. While I may not have realised what it all meant at the time Bret allowed me to appreciate wrestling at its finest.

    It wasnít just Bret on his own though. Remember I was watching old tapes as well as up to date ones thus I got to see a lot of the Hart Foundation, and I loved what I saw. The mismatch that Hart and Neidhart were was many miles apart yet the two seem to make the perfect team. In those early years no other tag team came close to the Hart Foundation, except maybe The Natural Disasters, as my favourites, giving me even more reason why I loved Bret so much.

    Oh and I blame Bret as to why to this day Pink is my favourite colour.

    The Future

    Iím not talking about the future of the WWE here, though I guess if you take a look at his children now part of the roster and you could be partially right. No what I was meaning is at the time what I thought was my future, and no Iím not talking about becoming a professional wrestler. When I was younger I always wanted to be an accountant so therefore of course I gravitated to Irwin R. Schyster. I canít think of many other kids who would have had IRS as one of their favourite wrestlers but I was definitely one. In fact I would have to say that between him and the Big Boss Man (who went both sides at different times) were my first appreciation for heel characters, the first two I loved even though I was supposed to hate them.

    My love for IRS is still shown today as I have been fans of both of his sons from day one. While Bray has however has gone on to stardom Bo is of course struggling. For me there is only one real way to save this, give Bo his fatherís gimmick, I think he would do great with it.

    Quickfire Round

    If I keep giving wrestlers full sections I will be here forever. I have touched on the three main ones that resonate through to today the most but of course they are not the only ones that I loved to watch in those early years. I have already mentioned Big Boss Man and Earthquake (through the Natural Disasters) both bigger men who managed to grab my attention, the former through his cool gimmick, the later due to his amazing finisher (which by todayís standards (well maybe even the standards back then) is really poor).

    Then you had the flashy wrestlers, Macho Man Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior. The sheer colours and excitement these guys brought to the ring made a youngster pay attention. And talking about youngsters who better for a young kid to grab hold of than someone closer to his age like the 1-2-3 Kid.

    These are the wrestlers I better remember from those early days. While nowadays I can add a few other names to this list that would be cheating. Those names came later but these are the guys who had me coming back again and again. If it wasnít for Undertaker, Bret Hart and IRS then there would not be any Wayneís World column for you to be reading. So now I put the question to you. Who were your favourite wrestlers in those early years of your fandom, and most importantly why?

    Anyway thatís it for now I think I have dragged this column out enough. Next time I get the urge to pump one of these out the challenge has me talking about my favourite female wrestlers. So until next time,

    Thanx for reading,

    Wayne Little

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    I always like these kind of columns, I remember some time ago there was a craze of people doing the 30 day challenge. I got as far as an initial draft of the first day - but I'm old enough that there was only one real option for my favourite wrestler as a child, and he wore yellow instead of pink. Back then there wasn't too much option for a kid's hero, things are much different these days.

    I keep thinking about going back to it & picking out random days occasionally to write about, no chance I'd manage it daily but I figure it would be a good target to hit all 30 subjects within a year.

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    I can definitely see some potential in a series like this, though this felt a bit scattered to me Wayne. Maybe a bit more focus on the individual categories, maybe? I do appreciate hearing about how people got into this crazy fandom, and hearing about unlikely old favorites like IRS! Fun stuff Wayne, interested to see more, and glad you're back around these parts.

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    A little late on my F2F, but then again better late then never

    DynamiteBillington: Yeah the 80's was all about Hogan and while there was other faces never was the emphasis on them as big. Still I am interested in hearing what Hogan meant to people growing up as I came in after that so never got to have Hulkamania wash over me.

    As to you doing the series, I say go for it. You can do it similar to me, a column here a column there. Just something to do when you want to write but have nothing up your sleeve at the moment.

    Mizfan: Yeah it might of been a bit scattered, the problem with me writing about feelings. As it came to my head I put it down not really considering the flow proper. I think the individual categories suffered here just because I took so long in the intro. If I remember correctly I was already over 1000 words before I even got to the Undertaker part.

    IRS is a crazy fandom isn't it, I don't think I have ever really heard anyone else say they were one.

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    Can I offer one piece of advice? I'm not going to obsess about technical stuff, we've been down that road before. It's just this bit...

    Quote Originally Posted by zzzorf View Post
    The problem is, what to write.

    It’s not to say I don’t have ideas, I have plenty, I always do and some will come to fruition very soon but that doesn’t help me know, I want to write in the present not the future. That and I don’t have enough net to do the research needed for them. But the question is what to write for now. I can’t give my opinions on the current product because I hardly know much about it at the moment.
    Honestly, you lost me a little at this point. I know that you bring it back around, but it's a basic psychological principle that if you don't know why you are writing, there's not a whole lot of reason for someone to read it. There will be a smaller audience who'll stick with your regardless because they know your stuff but in general people want to know that there's this really good reason why they have to read this, now. In short, honesty is great, but be honest in the right areas, and remember that as a writer you have control over what you let people see.

    EDIT: And my Mrs is an IRS fan, for what it's worth!


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    Hey, I popped for those place names, even if no one else recognised them at all.

    The first wrestler to catch my attention was Batista. I think it was the larger than life nature of him that I liked, kind of a similar reason to why you gravitated to Taker.

    Bret Hart is one I've been getting into a bit recently, really since I did the best of Survivor Series with Skullduggery and since Doc and TRSOP did their top 10 series which gave me a number of matches by him to sink my teeth into. Really crisp guy who certainly carried himself as The Champ, his pride in his position shined through.

    Fun read zzzorf.

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