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Thread: [CSI Group D, Round 2] CONFIDENTIAL - Authority Memo 000143: Operation Warhammer - HIGH PRIORITY

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    [CSI Group D, Round 2] CONFIDENTIAL - Authority Memo 000143: Operation Warhammer - HIGH PRIORITY



    While THE AUTHORITY is currently focusing its major efforts on OPERATION NO we have recently become aware of a potential major threat to the long term stability of Monday Night Raw, Smackdown and the World Wrestling Entertainment Incorporation: the threat posed by the three members of the faction THE SHIELD.

    The team was previously used as operatives of THE AUTHORITY but their actions on Monday Night Raw on the 17th of March, attacking AUTHORITY Director of Operations KANE indicate they are rouge agents and will now be classified as high priority targets.

    In response to this unprovoked assault and their high profile status in the WWE we will be launching OPERATION WARHAMMER to counter and neutralise the threat THE SHIELD pose to our general business operations.

    Please read this analysis of their individual and combined capabilities and our planned response.



    The original mastermind of THE SHIELD, subject SKUNK is the lead tactician of the faction and the closest thing they have to a leader. Subject is among the most versatile Superstars on the WWE roster, his blend of speed and strength makes him a threat in any position inside or outside the ring. His standard arsenal of moves blends a diverse range of strikes, slams and ariel dives. Subject possess high levels of cardiovascular endurance and will not tire quickly even when fighting at a high pace.

    Subject also has a shrewd tactical mind, capable of directing THE SHIELD on the fly and adapting to different in match scenarios. This makes him a high priority initial target when it comes to order of engagement.

    As previously stated subject is among the most athletic of all Superstars on the WWE roster and does not possess any obvious in ring weakness. However at times he has shown a propensity for high risk maneuvers, including high flying dives and high impact slams on larger opponents. If opportunity presents itself these moves are to be encouraged, with the goal of effecting an injury that could leave his fellow SHIELD members outnumbered.

    The main weakness to exploit is subject’s high level of ambition evident in his quick rise to the main event level outside the WWE, in Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT developmental prior to his main roster arrival. Subject recruited THE SHIELD to rise through the ranks of the WWE main roster more quickly than other Superstars have been able and as a result may be tempted by a guarantee of greater success within THE AUTHORITY. He has previously allied with us to great success and it is not yet clear if it was his decision to lead the rouge attack on the 17th of March.

    DeanBW350 (1).jpg

    While the least athletically gifted of the group subject NEIL DIAMOND has a long history of painful and violent matches which have seen him develop a level of resilience to pain matched by few others on the WWE roster. Submission based attacks are to be avoided as they will largely be ineffective against this subject. Subject posses a simple but effective brawling style of fighting focused on punches, clotheslines and his Double Arm DDT variant Dirty Deeds.

    Subject also appears to not be affected by the lures of success. His life outside the WWE is simple and centered more around seeking exhilarating experiences than any of the traditional trappings THE AUTHORITY can offer. Subject also takes great pride in the perceived 'hard work' that has earnt him his position on the WWE roster and we do not anticipate he will be tempted by shortcuts on offer.

    While subject appears to be the most heavily invested in THE SHIELD’s perceived brotherhood he has previously shown a habit of withdrawing from the team when he feels the other SHIELD members are not equally devoted to their combined cause but are instead seeking personal success. Secondly, as recently demonstrated in his interactions with agent JONES, subject can be easily goaded into a fight and will abandon previous tactics in the middle of a match if he feels a personal vendetta has developed.

    Subject is to be engaged in multiple forms of mental warfare, firstly through encouraging any personal feud with THE AUTHORITY or other outside agents to distract him from THE SHIELD’s ultimate plans. We will also seek to isolate subject from other SHIELD members and expose their different long term goals and ambitions in the hope he withdraws from subjects ESKIMO and SKUNK. We do not expect him to ally with us under any circumstances but he may be separated from THE SHIELD or given the right circumstances even preemptively attack if he feels his position is threatened from within.


    Subject ESKIMO is the clear powerhouse of THE SHIELD and operates as the group’s finisher. As evidenced at the recent Royal Rumble subject is capable of great acts of strength. His in ring arsenal is made up of explosive strikes combined and his finishing Spear maneuver. He is also the key man for the group's Triple Powerbomb which is to be avoided at all cost (please review Exhibit A below). Due to subject’s power it is recommended that he be isolated from fellow SHIELD members and agents are to maintain utmost caution upon approach.

    While subject has less experience than either subjects SKUNK or NEIL DIAMOND he comes from a long standing wrestling family with ties to current and past WWE Superstars including subject BLUE BLOOD. This family affiliation has helped him develop quickly into an important member of THE SHIELD even in the face of his relative inexperience compared to his fellow members. Any affiliations or allegiance with BLUE BLOOD or even lower level priorities such as subjects COOL and TOO are to be avoided.

    As previously noted, subject ESKIMO is the least experienced member of THE SHIELD and while powerful, his endurance is yet to be fully tested. In his previous occupation as a CFL Defensive Tackle, cardiovascular conditioning was not a priority and his role within THE SHIELD has largely been restricted to short bursts. It is estimated he will tire quickly if engaged for longer periods and any signs of fatigue should be met with increased intensity; subject should not be given any chance to recover if in a fatigued state.

    Subject’s individual popularity in the WWE Universe has been growing since his face off with agent ANIMAL at the Royal Rumble and recently hit a new peak in his confrontation with agent JONES. This personal popularity is to be encouraged with the goal of dividing THE SHIELD unit. Subject is known to be highly motivated to provide for his wife and children outside the WWE, this may lead to him pursuing potentially greater riches away from his three man team.

    Triple PB.jpg
    SHIELD Triple Powerbomb.
    Subjects SKUNK, ESKIMO & NEIL DIAMOND (left to right). Avoid at all costs


    As an initial response to THE SHIELD’s attack we will be deploying agents DOGG and ASS under the control of Director of Operations KANE. We propose the ideal place to start this counter-insurgency is the March 22 Smackdown Fatal Four Way tag match where THE SHIELD are scheduled to fight for the number 1 contenders position for the Tag Team Championships.

    To keep them away from any high profile championship matches at the coming Wrestlemania PPV, we propose that agents KANE, DOGG and ASS use these attacks as a way to provoke them into a match on the night. In the lead up to this proposed match AUTHORITY Agents will be utilised alongside other WWE Superstars who will be rewarded for any involvement they have in halting or hindering THE SHIELD’s efforts. We believe the team of THE REAL AMERICANS will be most compliant and effective in this endeavour, and we have marked subject FONDUE as a potential agent and beneficiary of our help in the coming months (see memo 000127, OPERATION MATTERHORN).

    It is recommended that in all skirmishes with THE SHIELD the number one priority be isolation of each member using the tactics outline above.

    As well as this combat offensive, AUTHORITY Chief Brand Officer STEPHANIE MCMAHON and Chief Operating Officer TRIPLE H will work backstage to divide THE SHIELD. Their primary targets will be subjects SKUNK and ESKIMO who they will attempt to lure away from subject NEIL DIAMOND.

    Agents ANIMAL and COWBOY are currently assigned to OPERATION MAIN EVENT which as of last week has been combined with OPERATION NO (see memo 000140 for further details). However all agents are to be prepared and remain on standby in case the proposed initial engagement does not yield success. We will consider PROJECT DARWIN as a fail safe strategy.

    Finally please note that OPERATION WARHAMMER is to be kept separate from OPERATION NO in all circumstances. While these are our two highest proiority operations we do not wish to risk an alliance, temporary or otherwise, between subject DRAGON and THE SHIELD. They have significant previous greviances which we do not expect them to put aside but the combination of these two entities would be considered catastrophically bad for business.

    All queries or suggestions in relation to OPERATION WARHAMMER go through Director of Operations KANE.


    AUTHORITY Chief Operating Officer TRIPLE H



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    Also to save everyone the effort I just read it through and yes I spelt some things wrong - rogue, priority and grievances. That's what I get for doing new things in my final read through. This no editing rule is really doing my head in. It's a tight group and I get the feeling those points are going to cost me.

    Oh well, hope people are still enjoying the column.
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    I really enjoyed this, rouge agents and all! Creative but simple and too the point. For me, the key to any creative column is to still have some good wrestling discussion behind it and so this ticked the boxes. I'd certainly score this one well. The story of the Shield is one of my favourites in wrestling history (along with Operation No as it goes) so the snippet of that moment it time really worked well for me.

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    I really like the aesthetic you gave this, taking this kind of creative route makes the column stand out and creates a certain interest that a dryer column might not be able to match. I have to admit, I was never very clear on why the Shield turned against the Authority, so I would have maybe liked to see some more analysis of that, though I guess I'm also not sure there was a distinct underlying reason, so that might have been difficult. The individual analysis was pretty much spot on, and I like how strategic and tactical some of the sections came off. It'd be interesting if WWE did more deep analysis of their characters and played off the characters with more individuality, though sometimes they do hit that mark regardless.

    I do have to say though, I thought this was going to have some kind of tie in to Warhammer 40k. Not sure what that would have looked like but it's definitely where my mind went!

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    Your best column of the competition thus far, methinks. Love the approach to this, both in theory and in execution. Such a great, historically accurate yet creatively framed way to dissect the Shield.

    The little things about this column were well chosen. The font, the capitalization of code names, the images all did wonders in putting that A-Team-esque typewriter sound in my head as I read along.

    Additionally, your rundown of each of the members was bang-on for the setting presented. It really shines a light on how truly special this group was, both in terms of how uniquely powerfully they were presented across the likes of Taker, Rock, and Cena, and in how they justified, with their performances, those lofty presentations.

    I loved the Proposed Plan of Engagement especially. Really sold the urgency of the situation by reinforcing the need to isolate “Operation Warhammer” and “Operation No”. I love the implied secrecy that the public words of the Authority (B+ player, etc.) were facades compared to how they felt about the potential power of uprisers Bryan and the Shield.

    The biggest thing that’s hurting you are errors within the column. “Effecting” instead of “affecting”; “rouge” instead of “rogue”; “posses” instead of “possesses”; “greviances” instead of “grievances”; some sentences wanting of commas. In a column as tremendous as this, these multiple slip-ups will have some detriment, especially since you’re in a group who collectively did a great job this round, I feel.

    But I think that the fact that your columns have gotten better as the tournament has progressed is great news for you, and I have a feeling you could knock one out of the park in Round 3. Clean up those errors, though.

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