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    Time In A Bottle

    “The Flying Elbow! Hooks the leg… it’s over. We have a new champion!”

    His eyes opened slowly and adjusted, confused, he rubbed his head as the memory rang out in his mind. The cheers, the adulation… the adrenaline.
    Wherever he was, was void of all those things. His last memory was...

    It was dark.

    As his eyes adjusted, the slight sound of water surrounding him was met with faint sight- a fleeting view of deep calm waters sweeping gently around the boat he sat on the deck of, in a place surrounding it that almost looked like something out of a stygian tale of woe.

    It kind of resembled an old style gondola with the little light there was to see it in, though a bit stubbier, and sturdier. None of those observations helped the graying man’s confusion of what was going on, or where he was though- and neither did the cloaked figure sitting in the darkest corner of the boat.

    The bearded man caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye of the figure, as a silhouette of petite hands slightly extended out to meet with what oddly almost looked like a lute rested up against the stern.

    The figure held the instrument and gently began to strum a familiar tune very faintly, which in short ‘time’ enveloped the man in the sound so deeply, that he felt as if the chords themselves caused waves in the air surrounding him.

    It was so peaceful. So tranquil. The water seemed to stand still and yet, the boat kept moving ahead almost rhythmically. Before he knew it, the man was losing a fight to sleep...

    “Elizabeth, will you marry me?”

    Elizabeth shyly said “Yes” to the young man and embraced, as thousands of people erupted into cheers around them. Between the cheering and his love for her, he never felt more whole...

    The old man jerked forward, seemingly no cause around him as his eyes struggled to focus. As the figure continued to gently play the lute, the man, in his sudden memory of concern snapped out of his tranquil state at least long enough to get out a “Who are you?”

    “Ka-rin” the figure said in a low, gravelly, unnatural tone.

    “Where are we?”


    The man barely registered what was being said before the music seemed to pick up again, and he drifted another time...

    “I’ll be gone a week, Liz. You don’t leave here, do you understand me?” The woman stared like a deer in headlights, she couldn’t get out a word between her trembling. “And nobody comes over either, got it?!” She nodded as she swallowed back the notion to speak. “I bought everything you need so you don’t have to go anywhere- nowhere, do you understand me?”

    Before she could respond the frantic man went through a list of things he got, most of which were things she would have wanted if she had a choice. “That’s all you need for a week. No guys, Liz, I mean it!”

    The young man seemed convinced she hesitated just then, “You better not cheat! If I knew you were hurting me like that- I- I don’t know what I’d do... That can’t happen! I can’t lose you. I love you, Liz.”

    The striking young woman stuttered with weary eyes, “I would nev-er do that to you Randy, you know that already. I love you, but I--”

    The man heatedly interrupted as he got in her face and pressed her up against the wall, “No buts! You stay here. You don’t go anywhere. No guys, I swear to God!”

    In the moment, he hadn’t noticed the fear in her eyes...

    The old man woke sobbing, pressing his fingers into his temples as he exhaled so delicately for such a solid, imposing frame. He shuddered with grief, and it washed over him as he lay in the fetal position on the boats deck, and Charon continued to gently strum away down the gentle river untouched by time as Randy wept.

    “I can’t do this anymore, Randy. I can't. You never believe me. You never trust me. And I can’t spend the rest of my life trying to prove to you that I never hurt you. I would have never hurt you. I love you, and… and I just c-can’t…” She sobbed for a while before continuing on, “I can’t anymore. I can’t.”


    “No” she collected herself, “It’s- it’s over, Randy… I’m, I’m so sorry.” The weathered woman rushed off in tears, unable to face the defeated man any longer.

    Tears streamed down his face as he stood solemnly- stunned to silence as the remnants of their relationship flashed in his head…

    “One more chance Liz” the old man murmured as his mouth pressed against the deck. As he opened his eyes again, they were slightly swollen shut from crying, and in a haze he looked at the hooded figure, “Please. No more.”

    But the figure continued to strum...

    “Randy. Listen… Liz died last night.”

    The aging man struggled to hold the phone up- stiffened in shock, as if swimming in sub-arctic waters, the regret washed over him. Followed by an intense grief. A grief so profound that it made him feel completely hollow- as if his heart was gone.

    He thought of the times they laughed. The times she smiled at him. The times they kissed. The times they made love. He always thought he had more time. Time to make things right. Time for one more chance…

    “But there never seems to be enough time,

    to do the things you want to do,

    once you find them.

    I’ve looked around enough to know,

    that you’re the one I want to go,

    through time with…"

    “Dr-i-nk” the figure said, as it outstretched it’s slender arm and pointed to the water outside of the boat. The old man was too defeated to question anything, all he wanted was to forget what time couldn’t erase. He cupped the ice cold water in his hands and sloppily raised them to his mouth and drank, as water splashed down his mouth.

    As he swallowed, the man could feel an unusual relief. The water subdued him as the music picked up again, and the air grew thick and heavy once more…

    The old man drove down the road numb to the world around him. Without wrestling, without Elizabeth, he truly had nothing. He felt nothing. He didn’t have enough time. If only he could go back.

    His mind retraced their time once more, as memories started to slip out of his brain like sand scattering in the wind.

    His chest hurt.

    Suddenly so much pain. So much feeling. It felt so tight. The dying man suddenly got light headed, as the world swirled together as if it circled an invisible drain…

    *car crashes*

    As the dead man rose he noticed the ferry had come to a stop. The boat seemed to sit on the edge of a cliff, unmoving, as the water surrounding it appeared to now be traveling in the direction they came from, almost as if the waters had stopped time itself, reversed, and were keeping the boat from going into the beyond. Below, the stream led down beyond any distance he could see, and he noticed out of the corner of his eye that the stream split. To his right, the other stream seemed to completely defy gravity, as it continued straight up into the sky, higher than the cavernous ceiling itself.

    As the dead man looked around, his eye caught light of the cloaked figure lifting it’s arms and taking down it’s hood. As he turned to look he noticed it was Liz, though she was much younger- probably about the age she was when he first met her. She was more beautiful than he even remembered.

    Confused, Randy sputtered out “Liz??” though as she turned her head he noticed half of her body was merely a skeleton. She gazed at him with dead eyes, which made his body tense up, and without words she pointed to the stream below.

    Randy was scared of the unknown accompanying the stream that winded down out of sight below him. He wanted to stay with her on that boat. He wanted to tell her everything he felt. The regret. The remorse. The love. Though he felt his body leap from the heights one last time before he could, descending down fast as the boat and it’s occupant quickly vanished from sight.

    Randy could feel the wind against him one more time. The sensation of flying- of being free. Of having no burdens or pain. Maybe he would find her again. This time it would be different. With that thought he smiled...

    “What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: 'This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more' ... Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: 'You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Damn. That's about all I've got for feedback on this one lol. Nice job Kleck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLAW View Post
    Damn. That's about all I've got for feedback on this one lol. Nice job Kleck!
    Got to admit, I've read this a couple of times now, can't think of anything else to say so that sums it up pretty well for me too!

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    Thanks guys!

    I wanted to do some quick f2f feed on this to maybe even pop in a disclaimer about the column for everyone (it felt weird to put it in the actual column) so here it is...

    I expected this to possibly get little feedback, as it is a bit unique from what is typically posted around LOP lol. It was just a creative column that had been rolling around in my head, and evolving, for a few years now. Partially inspired by a dream, partially inspired by an episode of an anime, my huge love for mythology, and my extreme love of the unknown. I grew up on comic books and mythology, so even in "adulthood" my mind tends to routinely travel to far out places. The point of this column isnt in the details, or religious undertones, but rather the overall message- it's just meant to make you think, look at the world and yourself at a different angle, and get lost in fiction(?) for a bit.

    I will say though in terms of the flashback sequences, those arent just merely created by my mind. The quotes were from wrestling shows, and the events sync up with coroners reports, and accounts from numerous guys in the industry about how Macho treated Liz behind the scenes- including yes, once even locking Liz in a house for a week and buying her everything she would need so she had no excuse to leave. His direct quotes with Liz being the only thing I can't definitely prove, though none of those quotes are a stretch, and to nit pick those is honestly superfluous to the point of this column.

    The underlying messages, and layers in this column I'll leave open to your individual interpretations.

    Thank you for reading, and hopefully more will feel free to jump in on the conversation/comments- I'd love to know what this column created in your minds. Cheers!

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    Wow man, I read the first few lines of this and intentionally put off reading the rest until I could focus on it and man am I glad I came back.

    The tale of Randy and Miss Elizabeth is perhaps one of the best ones the WWF has ever managed to tell and it is made all the more emotional and gripping with their real life relationship. One of the only times I've cried while watching wrestling was when I watched the Savage v Ultimate Warrior match. Ultimately it is a tragedy though drug overdose for America's sweetheart and Savage death was tainted by his past excesses and a life lived hard.

    Really cool concept you went with here Kleck and the quote at the end was quite something too.

    Fantastic work, I hope more people read it.

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    Haha Klecka my man, this is definitely one of your best works, remember our seven series where we morbidly went through the deaths of wrestlers and stuff with Subho? This is right up there with the rest of the series. I really wish we can get back together once a while just to collaborate abit- this story here is exactly why I missed you. Fantastic story. Touching and pretty deep towards the end. Great stuff.
    And Jacob wrestled with God.

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    Kleck, this was a powerful piece, and masterfully executed. Bravo to you, sir.

    The Savage/Elizabeth story is a difficult one for me to grapple with. Like many, I was moved by their romantic story as told within the confines of the WWF, and their reunification at Wrestlemania VII struck me when I first watched it as a beautiful moment. However, the more I learn about their lives, the harder it is to justify these feelings. Savage's emotional and mental abuse of Liz is uncontested, and can there be any doubt the hell he made her life at times was a factor in driving her to an early grave? Maybe that's too much to leave at Savage's feet, but then again maybe not. The chance to do it all over again, and hopefully do it better, is a powerful idea that resonates with me. There may be nothing more poignant than a terrible mistake that you can't change, and to have that chance... I really like this, Kleck, there's a tremendous amount to unpack and I think you did a wonderful job with it. An early contender for creative column of the year, no doubt.

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    Dark. Powerful. One of my favorite things I've read from you.

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    Sam! Thank you! Growing up I loved to hate Macho Man as a Hogan mark, so realistically he was my 2nd favorite wrestler of that generation. Getting older we saw what really went down behind the scenes, and it creates real conflict internally. In the end I like to believe just about everyone is capable of change, and I think, in later years especially, reflection is one of the only things you can do, as the road ahead grows smaller. It is obvious, even after reading the behind the scenes stuff, that Randy loved Elizabeth very deeply. It seems though that his own insecurities ruined the best thing he had going for him. I tend to think he knew that, and it affected him in his later years. I tend to believe if he was offered the chance to go back and make it right, knowing what he did, that he would in a heartbeat. Like most of us. That is the kind of thought I need in my mind when I think of him and Liz. And that became the driving point of this topic. Im just glad it seems to have hit the audience the way it hit me. Thanks man!

    JW- I look back on that series very fondly, as one of the highlights of my time writing here. I would definitely do it again if we could, if the material is there, I am down for it. You and I always fed off each other creatively, so I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this. I thought you might appreciate the religious/mythological undertones, and of course we both love a good dark piece of writing You will always be among my favorite writers on here. I'm sad we lost you to LPW, but it is a natural fit for such a creative mind.

    Mizzer! As I said to Sam, there is just no way Randy didnt have remorse in the end. I even went through interviews of him shortly before his death before writing this, and any time Liz is mentioned you can see his body language shift each time one way or another. Even just her name caused him to react subconsciously. Like you said, we all have regrets, and I think we all can redeem ourselves. If he had the chance in his last days to change it, I tend to believe he would. Though I would never blame Liz for wanting none of it. Love is such a battlefield. And for all his wrongs it is obvious he suffered for it. Their story is steeped in tragedy. Thank you for being the glue to this place (You and Steve), and thank you for taking time out to read this! People like yourself are why I will always find my way back to LOP.

    Skul- speaking of some of my favorite people! You influenced me a lot as I evolved here. You write with a lyricism that often speaks to a deeper part of me. So when you like something like this, and say it is deep and dark, it puts quite a smile on my face. I learned from some of the very best pal. And I only hope you will write once in a while, as you have an amazing talent in it that I miss dearly. When I came back I was thrilled to see you around. I will always circle LOP, and often times you will be among the first people I look for. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I'm happy you enjoyed it

    Thank you everyone! I plan on putting another column out soon, but feel free to chime in on this if you havent, or want to talk about it more. It is much appreciated!

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