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Thread: What do you do for a living?

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    What do you do for a living?

    Pretty straight forward.

    I'm a foreman for a fire protection company. Now a forbes 500 company. In the fire protection ring, business is booming to where we can't even find people to work and are hiring pretty much any incompetent ass hat who comes along. It's a good problem in a way if you got lots of company stock but fuck I used to get legit working folk now I get guys that couldn't hack it at kfc but have to take them on because the economy is rolling. Min wage around here is not even $9 an hour and I have to hire guys for $18 an hour who can't count to 10.

    Is it like this by you?

    What you do?

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    I'm a pimp.

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    I own a moderately successful pet sitting business. It was doing pretty well until I got divorced and had to liquidate and distribute the assets equally and all that. Since then I had to change the name, get all the new cards and shirts and promotional materials and all that, as well as work towards establishing a new client base in the area I moved to. It hasn't been that bad and I figure I'll recover eventually, but it's a stone cold bitch starting over from scratch after damn near half a decade building a business to success.

    I'm not bitching too much, though. I literally get to play with cats and dogs for a living. It's like a fucking dream come true.

    I also supplement my income by way of podcasting.

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    I work for a large insurance company, doing operational forms administration. It's a mind-numbing job, but it pays the bills. A week ago, 2200 of us found out that we were basically traded to another company. So starting in Mid-April, I'm going to be doing the same job, in basically the same place (one floor down) but working for a new company. Only thing that sucks is my 15 years of tenure goes back to 1. Other than that, pay and benefits are decent. Is it what I want to do? Hell fucking no, but I've got three kids and a house and shit, so bills gotsta be paid.

    I want to write children's books really. Wrote two of them, but getting into that business is a bitch. And I don't draw at all, so getting someone to illustrate with no real promise of a deal is difficult. So yeah, there's that

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