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Thread: Neville

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    Sticking to the agreement, I do agree with that in a sense, but WWE has all the power. Neville was expected to job to Enzo and then I guess keep putting people over.. but it could have turned into a scenario where Neville is released or not used at all and sat at home like he's Zack Ryder. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth with WWE forcing people to stay.You're right that Neville is not going to have a huge effect elsewhere... WWE is too big now where it probably wouldn't matter if Cena or Reigns their next guy up and left. Just another cog in the machine.

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    The problem is these guys and girls have no power. There is no union. There's no leverage for any worker unless they're someone of Cena or Reigns' stature. The only power the wrestlers have these days is to do what Neville and CM Punk did. How many times have we seen a promoter screw over workers with no comeuppance; hell Vince McMahon legit screwed over his top star over twenty years ago and not only faced no repercussions over it but ultimately benefited from it and is STILL benefiting from it today. So what are you supposed to do? Neville was a guy who worked hard and improved his performance, yet it wasn't enough to get a push. And clearly asking for a release wasn't going to be granted because they have pretty much frozen his contract. So what other way can you voice your displeasure when no one's listening other than to walk away? It's the only power he and the rest of the performers in the locker room's got.

    Ultimately though, the reason I brought up what happened with LU and Ricochet as a comparison was to point out the hypocrisy. When Ricochet was being forced to wait to go work for WWE because his LU contract stipulated he wait till 90 days after the last episode he appeared in aired (something that was delayed be LU's Network, El Rey, inexplicably delayed season three several months), all I and several other LU fans heard was how he was being held hostage (and to an extent he was). But then this Neville situation comes along and not only are those same people suddenly silent but now some of them, who when it came to Ricochet trying to go to WWE couldn't have been louder in supporting him, are acting like it's no big deal this is happening or its Neville's fault. It's a ridiculous double standard and it's not just with this; I can recall many situations where guys have walked out of indie promotions to come to WWE and have been applauded, but when the opposite happens they're ridiculed. There have been times where I've been told by people from this forum, good people mind you, that I was annoying for saying I wanted this guy or that guy to go some place, only for them to turn around and do the same thing with WWE and it be treated as gospel. The Ricochet and Neville situations just further illustrate the point; there's a major double standard when it comes to what WWE does to talent and what other promotions do to talent. And in the end, whatever WWE ends up doing is generally the side people latch onto, even if it's completely and utterly wrong.

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    These guys need better agents then.

    Neville was the face a of a brand. He was pushed huge on 205 Live. And I know the response is "Well, it's 205 Live and not RAW," but so what? He was a guy the WWE clearly valued. I get he's frustrated but just do your job until your contract expires and go prove them wrong.
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    At the end of the day, 205 Live still has a hardcore fanbase, no matter how small that is. And Neville was still putting on excellent matches and promos on Raw and PPVS. He should have been valued by management more than he was.

    True, we dont really know what went down. We are all insiders looking in. But with hindsight in mind, he was spot on in refusing to work further with Enzo, what with his attitude and behavior (if that is the reason Neville walked away).

    In my opinion, Neville singlehandedly owned a large part of WWE's first quarter last year, and continued to have a compelling feudbamd series of matches with Austin Aries. For someone who was, for some, MVP of 2017 due to his matches and his commitment to character, he should have been recognised as one who could easily be a top player on Raw or Smackdown proper in the mid-card title mix at the very least.

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    I do hold to the idea that you stick to the agreements, but even with that said I'm not taking the WWE's side here. Their own business practices can be predatory, and if you do something you don't get to be upset when someone turns around and does it back to you.

    Anyway, it's all gone very quiet on the Neville front so I guess this is just waiting it out unless something shifts the impasse. Anyone know how long his contract is meant to run for? Can't seem to find much information on that. If it's been done in three-year renewals he could be out before much longer, I guess.


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