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    Music Videos

    Music videos are an interesting beast, sometimes they add to the song, sometimes detract, sometimes they become a star making vehicle for the performer and completely overshadow the actual song.

    When they are great though they can add so much to my enjoyment of the song.

    I'll start things with this one: The Best of You, this is a song that set off my fandom of The Foo Fighters that abides to this day, they are my second most listened to band on, I bought a guitar to match Grohl's and to me this clip will always be linked to the song. While the Foo Fighters are known for their comedy videos which are often really good I love the simplicty and power of this. The opening shot of the mic that stays for nearly the first minute is really cool, seems to emphasises Grohl's amazing vocal performance and the inter-cut images throughout add to the power of the song.

    Here it is below, feel free to make further comment about this, the Foo Fighters or any video clip you want to talk about:

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    I really like the video to "Faget" by Korn because it's just like a live video. Instead of dumb, over complicated bullshit it's just them playing the damn song like it is.

    It's even more powerful because it's so badly produced.

    Here it is if you haven't seen it before:

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    As you mentioned the Foos Learn to Fly is a long-time favourite video of mine.
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    When I was around 16 y.o. The video for National Express by Divine Comedy was played all the time on MTV so I remember it vividly. I don't even like the song.

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