I was just wondering if anyone has ever done a reading challenge, like the one on Goodreads for example?

First one was last year. I set it pretty high, basically like a book a week (not quite, but near enough). Just about managed it with a few days to spare, but that was slightly padded out with a few plays which don't usually take very long at all. I quite like them as a way of freshening up after reading something different, though, because you don't have to make quite the same commitment.

I've decided to go for it again this time around but have set it a lot lower, basically just over a book every couple of weeks, because I've got a handful of quite fat things I want to try and fit in this year and each of them might take me a month at a time. I've got a couple of shorter novels in the bank this year already, so am racing ahead of the target, but that'll draw back in once I get to something with six or seven hundred pages in it.

Anyway, enough about me - anyone else ever try something like this?