View Poll Results: What was the best TV show of 2000-2009?

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  • The Wire

    2 11.11%
  • Mad Men

    0 0%
  • Breaking Bad

    7 38.89%
  • Arrested Development

    0 0%
  • Deadwood

    2 11.11%
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

    0 0%
  • The Office (US)

    0 0%
  • 30 Rock

    0 0%
  • Dexter

    0 0%
  • Other

    7 38.89%
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Thread: Best TV show of the 2000s

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    Best TV show of the 2000s

    I'm curious as to what people think was the best TV show of the first decade of the millennium. So I thought I'd start a poll. The options here are the first ones that come up with a google search, and are not really steers from me. So feel free to make good use of the 'other' option, if you prefer to nominate something I haven't listed. Shows that just missed off the poll, for your consideration, are Sons of Anarchy, Veronica Mars, Six Feet Under, Friday Night Lights, The Shield, HIMYM, and Firefly.

    For the sake of this thread, a 2000s show is one that STARTS between 2000 and December 31st, 2009. So things like The Sopranos, The West Wing, Buffy and South Park would all be 1990s shows that ran into this decade and wouldn't count, but things like Parks and Rec, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family would all count.

    OK, get to voting - and if you do click other, be sure to post and let us know what show you're thinking about.
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