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Thread: I had a Nightmare

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    I had a Nightmare

    My first post was about factions and how they should be kept together. I mentioned growing up when fans believed. The number of Freebird records purchased and smashed because of the feud with the von Erich clan was enormous. Later Buddy Roberts had a stall at Trader's Village in Grand Prairie Texas. This was after Vince had outed the sport. But I still enjoyed the faction and enjoyed the Freebirds because I knew that there would be no need of a von Erich family without a good foe.

    Which leads me to my nightmare. I dreamed that The Shield was stalled with Roman Reigns as the Intercontinental Champion and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose falling short of the tag titles at every turn. Not only would Seth and Dean get more and more frustrated but so would the Big Dog. After all he lead the way by winning his title. In my dream all three did a slow simmer but Roman's fury would start to be aimed at his two partners for not winning gold. He would start to question the other two and their dedication to The Shield. If they truly believed in The Shield they would capture the titles to prove it. I could see where the story was headed. With ego and his title working on his mind Roman would make the character turn fans had been asking for. Waking I knew it was a dream because WWE would not want to allow their fans to have been right in the call. And aside from that how could they continue to sell Roman Reigns and Shield merchandise with a stuck up and vengeful character?

    Settling back to sleep I drifted into another nightmare. Dean Ambrose was injured. Seth Rollins was forced to work with another wrestler to compete in the tag team setting. Instead of allowing Seth and his partner to continue chasing The Bar and having great matches but coming up just a little short each time, somehow Seth and his new partner won the titles on their first try together. And it was not even Seth getting the pin after a great match but the new partner getting said pin. In my nightmare it was as if the WWE wanted to make Ambrose look weak. After all he and Seth just could not get the titles back that they lost by trickery of a New Day invasion. But the first match with the new partner and the titles are back with The Shield. And visions in my nightmare got darker. In one scene a returning Dean Ambrose turned on Seth for not waiting on him to go after the tag titles. In the other Seth returned to his mischievous ways and turned on Dean for not being able to help him win the titles. WWE creative just not being able to keep a faction together seemed a common theme of my nightmares. Uneasy night visions waken me once again.

    Dozing off again my nightmare changed shows. Rusev and Aiden English are enjoying the adulation of the crowd. Everywhere I turn for info as I read articles and hear my favorite LOP Radio hosts praise the team and how over they are. Much like Bray Wyatt was just a short while ago. But in my thoughts I just know that the powers that be in WWE have seen the reactions and are determined to allow the fans another crumb. Another Yes! movement with a wrestler making it to the top by their sheer will. In my nightmare they loose in a three way tag team match. Then Aiden gets a title tournament spot. And with Rusev's backing he still cannot get the job done. How soon will there be an element of jealousy between the two of them and that team is split? No more entertaining songs about Rusev Day and no more crowd chants?

    Maybe when I sleep again I can have a great dream. Lets say it could be the Wyatt family in some form going against the characters of a Woken Hardy universe. And they brawl happily together for the foreseeable future. Both teams get strategic wins and both look strong. And as their feud faces its crescendo other factions appear to keep these factions engaged. The WWE uses the factions to have some heated multi-month long feud with the intensity and entertainment of the biggest feud of my younger days in shades of The Fabulous Freebirds and the von Erich clan.

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    I have a bad feeling one of those dreams will come true, Von... it's the modern way, sadly.

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    Damn, I love this post Von.

    I actually originally called for Reigns to be the reason The Sheidl broke up this time around, I felt like his areshole character over the summer would believe himself beyond getting help from others and that is what would cause The Shield implosion. I would foresee Dean & Seth being divided with Dean being offended and Seth trying to play peace maker.

    Hopefully Russev and English stay together though, English doesn't have much else going for him and this part has been something special.

    I guess you are probably not too far off the mark though Von as you said in your last post WWE really doesn't love keeping people as factions.

    You should write in the CF though man, couple more paragraphs and you have a pretty damn solid column there.

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