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Thread: New Year 2018

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    New Year 2018

    It's already the New Year in parts of the world. In the US you're still a good few hours away. Here in the UK we're getting into the evening and the hour will soon be approaching, and it'll soon be another year.

    Anyway, hope everyone has/had a good evening and best of luck to everyone in 2018.


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    Happy new year everyone. Just got back from my friends. Drinking my last can of beer then it's probably bed.

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    Happy New Year, guys. I hope the first day of 2018 treated everyone well.

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    Happy 2018 folks!

    Any New Year's Resolutions or Wishes?

    I'm getting back on the DDP Yoga. I know the whole fitness thing is a bit boring when it comes to Resolutions, but what better time is there than when you have to work off that Christmas puppyfat after all?!
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