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Thread: Matt Sydal

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    Matt Sydal

    Discussion thread for the current Impact Grand Champion, Matt Sydal.

    I'm not overly up on what he's been doing but it seems as if leaving the WWE has worked out OK for him. Seems to have done alright for himself, probably better than he would have done in the 'E in the intervening years. Though if they'd had 205 live all that time, who knows if he wouldn't have been a good fit in there.

    Anyway, discussion for Sydal in Impact wrestling: go!


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    I always liked him in WWE. There was that time where it looked like he might get a wee push, and I thought that was the company getting behind him and it was all going to go through the ceiling for him as a main event high flyer. There was a tag as Cena's partner, and then (if I remember rightly) a short feud with Jericho and a tag partnering, I think, Orton? It seemed he had a good spell going, and then he had some surgery, came back and was paired with Kofi, and then the wellness failure and car accident/injury put him off the radar for a long time - I'm not sure he even returned to TV after that.

    Thought his NJPW tag work with Ricochet was good too.

    I've not caught up with him in Impact, but hopefully he continues to shine there. Always liked his style.

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    I'm a big fan of Sydal, at one point he was honestly one of my favorite guys in the world in fact. I don't have him quite that high on my list these days, but he remains a fantastic talent that a lot of independent guys could stand to learn from. Part of the appeal is he was not only athletically great, he was also very precise and made sure his stuff was not only flashy but looked amazing, and that's a really important distinction to me.

    His biggest post WWE problem has definitely been running afoul of the super strict drug laws in Japan, even getting arrested for a short period over there last year due to possessing marijuana. He's now banned from the country I believe, which is too bad as he was very fun in New Japan and had worked Dragon Gate as well quite a bit over the years. But he's still getting plenty of work, and it's always a pleasure to see him.

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    Only saw the title switch a few days ago, are we maybe behind the schedule here?

    Anyway I think he's set up well to benefit from the new broom in Impact and will be an important part of the show from now on.

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