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    OK, so I remember when Fozzy were pretty much a joke, and no one in the rock world would really give them the time of the day. As they'd started out as a literal joke band and had the gall to have a WRESTLER as their lead singer, it was almost inevitable that they wouldn't be taken seriously. And to be honest, at the time, I'm not sure the music warranted that either.

    But when the recent stuff came out, I've actually found myself.... not completely hating it, to be honest. Nodding along, even. OK, so I kinda like it.

    So here's the thing... did Fozzy get good in the intervening years, or am I going soft in the head as I get older?

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    Fozzy's been good for over a decade. Those first two albums were pretty lackluster, as they were leaning on the "cover band" gimmick and all that, not to mention that Jericho was, at best, "unpolished" as a singer. He sounded like a dude doing a decent karaoke rendition of a song.

    From the time they put out All That Remains in 2005 they've gotten steadily better. Remains is a really solid record, at least in terms of when it was released. If you dig that Seether, Stone Sour, etc. vibe from the mid-2000s, you'll probably find a good bit to like on there, especially Enemy and the title track, All That Remains. Their next one, Chasing the Grail, was heavier and had some really good songs (Martyr No More, Let the Madness Begin, God Pounds His Nails), and that trend continued with Sin and Bones (Sandpaper kicks ass).

    I wasn't a massive fan of Do You Wanna Start A War?, though I do appreciate that the band sounded tighter and saw the continued all around improvement (Lights Go Out is probably the standout, unless you're an ABBA fan that would get a kick out the SOS cover as many did). Their latest, though, Judas, is probably their best yet. The title track is fantastic and has been climbing various charts for good reason.

    I think they're finally turning the corner as far as people inherently balking at them goes. Years of touring and putting out solid material is paying off. I've noticed that people who have just really "discovered" them with the Judas track are going back and finding a lot to like.

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    Their last album was the first time I really started to like them and I was one of the guys that liked SOS too Steve, there is actually a whole subgenre out there of Hard Rock and Metal bands covering ABBA, a few friends and I went down that rabbit hole when we were having a scotch and poker night. Judas is a big step forward for them, it is the first time I've heard a friend who isn't into wrestling mention one of their songs which seems like a big deal to me.

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