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Thread: What Songs Are You Really Feeling Right Now?

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    So I just found out Nic Cester the lead singer of one of my favourite bands from the 00s, Jet has released a solo album. Bloody good stuff. To describe it succinctly I would say more blues but less rock than Jet.

    My pick of the album is Hard Times though the song Eyes on the Horizon seems to be getting most of the hype.

    Still a very good album, especially if you enjoyed Jet or their style of rock.

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    They are playing this new Midge Ure song on the radio lately. It's not the sort of thing I would usually go for but I am, as the thread title says, feeling it at the moment.

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    I'm waiting on a new CD from Amazon. Goatwhore's latest release. Heard a bit of it on youtube and it sounds good.

    Here's the title track if you're interested in some new metal

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