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Thread: Sir Sam's Court: Survivor Series Biggest Winners & Losers

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    Sir Sam's Court: Survivor Series Biggest Winners & Losers


    Survivor Series Biggest Winners & Losers

    Wow, what a crazy night so full of mixed emotions. Some really great matches and some results that really stunk up my enjoyment of Survivor Series.

    Of course with so many wrestlers on the card there were so many opportunities for the WWE to go big but conversely a lot of chances for them to really screw the pooch and boy did the booking committee ever take that opportunity with two hands..

    So let's get stuck in and find out who were the lights that shon brightest and who were the ducks that crash landed at Survivor Series 2017. Strap yourselves in this is a bit of a long one.

    Biggest Winners

    The Shield

    Let's at least start with a positive note. For a second PPV in a row I have to ask, was it ever really in doubt? The WWE didn’t reunite three former World Champions to play second fiddle to midcarders and with a win over The New Day they erased any doubt over who is the strongest three man team in the modern day WWE.

    Their match started with introductions that highlighted the difference between each team: New Day entering with a shower of Booty-Os and trombones while The Shield barely cracked a smile on their way to the ring. The match built at a perfect pace, a skill the Shield boys are becoming masters of, and ended as The New Day failed to beat The Shield at their own game of ruthless teamwork and clinical execution.

    That wasn’t to say there were any moments of doubt, Ambrose took a hell of a beating and when they ate the triple splashes from The New Day things looked grim but ultimately they showed their trademark teamwork, constantly isolating The New Day members and working them over as a unit.

    Whatever the long term plan for The Shield is in a tough night for current gen stars they have reaffirmed their status as the top wrestlers of their generation.

    Old Bastards (Triple H, Shane McMahon, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton & John Cena)

    I guess experience counts for a lot in WWE because in the Elimination Match it seemed like for every year you have wrestled in the WWE you gained a few extra bars of power.

    Cena got rid of Samoa Joe, Randy Orton got rid of Finn Balor and even Old Man McMahon got to shrug off and take down the double team of Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. And who ultimately got the final pin? The Game, a man who is looking older every time he enters the ring but still has enough in him to take out just about anyone this generation has to offer.

    For those hoping to see generational change in the WWE this match made for some rough watching, at least there seems to be some semblance of story going on with Kurt Angle and Triple H trading shots on the way to the Raw win but do any of these guys really need any more lines to their CV?

    Braun Strowman

    The only person from the current generation that managed to make any sort of impact in the Elimination match and what an impact he got to make. Firstly he got rid of former NXT champions Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode in quick succession and even managed to have his way with the two #FutureHallOfFamers John Cena and Randy Orton

    After coming back from being slammed through a table and left as one of the survivors of the match he got to manhandle Triple H in a way few get the chance and earnt the massive roar from the crowd for his efforts.

    The only man who comes out of the match with any kind of upside. Let's pray he gets to continue looking like the absolute monster he got to be tonight.

    Brock Lesnar (and AJ Styles)

    I hate doing this but I have to include AJ Styles as a winner tonight, because as good as Lesnar’s character performance was at Survivor Series a year ago this was the best pure match he has had in years and it was largely down to the efforts of one AJ Styles.

    Lesnar played his part and looked like the Beast he claims to be. This was especially evident during the opening volleys where he threw and dragged Styles around the ring like a ragdoll. Styles let his body fold up, landing at all sorts of inhuman angles and upon his comeback actually had the crowd believing against all hope that he may just pick up a win over the WWE’s biggest and baddest.

    Lesnar took Styles’ biggest moves and when he looked down and out he caught AJ to take out the match with a decisive F5. AJ’s already sky high standing in the company will only rise up again from this match because whatever they are building Lesnar up for he looked better tonight than he has done in years.


    Speaking of dominance, if the women’s elimination match was made for one reason only it was to highlight Asuka.

    She looked in a class of her own as she just about took off Carmella’s head with a brutal kick then tapped out Natalya and Tamina in a 2-on-1 situation on the way to being the Sole Survivor for Team Raw. The crowd was into her as well which speaks well for her continual build as a presence on Monday Night Raw.

    To those whole complained about her lack of dominance in her match with Emma and said they were going to ruin her as they have ruined the younger fellas, was that enough for your dearest Waifu?

    The Usos

    Is there another team tag team that is hotter than The Usos right now? From their fiery promo on the way to the ring, to the hard hitting match, to the innovative finish, these guys couldn’t put a foot wrong if they tried.

    Up against fresh opposition in The Bar Jimi & Jey put together a fast paced and hard hitting match and looked dangerous while still showing their heart on the way to the win.

    They are in the run of their lives and desperately need more competition down on Smackdown, hopefully somehow we can get The Revival over on the Blue Brand to take them on.

    Baron Corbin

    Big Banter Corbin continued his build back from the worst week ever for a WWE Superstar with a win over the Intercontinental Champion The Miz.

    Corbin was able to overcome a spirited performance from A-Lister and also able to take out Miz’s two lakeys in a very strong outing.

    He even got to dangle his ‘belt’ in Miz’s face afterwards while he delivered a short but sharp few words into the mic in a display of complete cocky dominance.


    Rightfully took out the Battle of the Women’s Title holders and will hopefully be able to use it as a springboard to a strong run at the top of the Smackdown Women’s division.

    It was a long way from Charlotte’s best outing on PPV but given her opposition a decent win was probably the best case scenario. Charlotte is potentially the greatest women’s wrestler we’ve ever seen and if the WWE can hold off on it long enough a true dream match with Asuka awaits down the line.

    Jinder Mahal

    Just when you least expect it this fella puts on his best outing for the WWE since the Royal Rumble earlier this year. If I get to see more of these outstanding performances from the Modern Day Maharaja on PPV then I will be a very happy man.

    Biggest Losers

    The New Guard (Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe)

    Unless you were 6 foot 5 it was a bad night to be a rookie in the Men's Elimination Match.

    The first eliminations in the match were all new guys and with seven people left only Finn Balor and Braun Strowman remained out wrestlers who debutetd this decade. While Balor played a part in Cena’s elimination he didn’t even get the pin and was quickly taken out by Randy Orton afterwards. Even Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn who interfered and attacked Shane didn’t manage to have an impact on the flow of the match at all.

    The crazy thing is it was clear in the initial skirmishes that the crowd was dying to see the likes of Balor and Nakamura face off and while you could argue that each of them got a chance to get their licks in when it got to the pointy end of the night none of them were close to being seen.

    The New Day

    After Hell in a Cell I broke my (extremely loosely enforced) rule and gave these guys a winners prize in defeat but I’m not breaking it for them for a second time tonight. Spirited, passionate and oh so close but ultimately at Survivor Series the New Day were put in their place historically by The Shield.

    Some called this a potentially star making opportunity for The New Day and while they indeed took The Shield right to the edge they ended up losing every man on man match up, even the New Day’s heaviest hitter Big E succumbed to Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds at the end of the match after Dean took just about everything The New Day could dish out.

    New Day are a great side show but have a long way to go before they come close to the position of The Shield in the WWE.

    The Miz

    Despite having his wife bought into the pre match promos, promising to beat Corbin sill and with two men as backup on the outside The Miz couldn’t beat Baron Corbin.

    Even within the context of the night Miz was the first to lose a match for Raw, an event that started a three match losing streak for the Red Brand and putting the A-Shows supremacy briefly in question.

    While The Miz will take this bump in his stride a loss to Corbin is a loss to a man who only a month ago looked like a complete scrub losing within minute on the Summer Slam opening match. He will undoubtedly bounce back but this is not a good result for those hoping for a Miz run at the main event.

    Becky Lynch, Alicia Fox & Naomi

    For differing reasons these three women make the losers list for their efforts in the Women’s Elimination Match.

    With Lynch while she was give the position of team captain she eliminated first with the patented, devastating Divas-Roll-Up. Lynch has been on a downward slide since she lost the Championship and despite her obvious talent in the ring she cannot buy a reaction from the crowd.

    Naomi and Fox were a different kettle of fish showing for the whole world to see with their embarrassingly botched finish that they aren’t up to speed in the post-revolution Women’s Division. They are fun on Total Divas but when it comes time to throw down these two just can't keep up.

    My Worst Hair List

    Sheamus was clearly annoyed he didn’t make it on my 7 Worst Haircuts in WWE History column so took things to a whole new level, showing up with frosted tips of all things.

    Sorry Sheamus, I humbly bow down to your monstrosity of a haircut, you have outdone yourself this time.

    Shirt Sleeves

    Lastly does anyone wear an actual plain old t-shirts these days? In a night where t-shirts were given a chance to shine their poor sleeves are getting chopped from the main card at a faster rate than Cruiserweight title matches this year.

    But over to you LOP, who do you think were the biggest winners and losers at Survivor Series 2017?
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    Hey guys, sorry for the double post but I just wanted to acknowledge that having read this through there are some weird grammer and sentence structure issues with this column.

    I don't want to go back and overly edit it as I feel like that would be breaking some kind of rule but wanted to post here saying I am aware and I should probably read over things a few extra times next post.

    Anyway you live and you learn, I still hope you enjoy it for what it is.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for the double post.


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    Jinder Mahal? Am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous View Post
    Jinder Mahal? Am I missing something?
    I wondered about that too. I suspect there was an element of sarcasm, given that his best PPV performance consisted of him not performing....

    Having said that, great column, and nice spot with the T-shirts. It's definitely been a thing over the years for wrestlers to customise, but it's definitely becoming more prevalent.

    Have to admit, the thing I was hoping to see at Survivor Series involved T-shirts. Imagine this...

    All the guys come out for the men's Elimination match. They have the inevitable pre-match 5-on-5 stare down. Then HHH, Balor, Joe, Roode and Nakamura remove their red/blue shirts to reveal yellow NXT shirts and kick the crap out of the old guard to start an official NXT Takeover angle. That would have involved actually building some new stars though, WWE don't seem to want to build any new stars.

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    I wonder, do guys like the Shield and the old dudes in the 10 man match really win very much in scenarios like this? The Shield were already so well established, I feel like a win here is just a kind of expected outcome, and doesn't propel them forward very much. And the old dudes might have even lost status with the fans, as I've seen plenty of groans about how the way the booking of the match went down. Still though, I dig this format and I think it works well as a regular feature. I also really dig you linking back to your previous columns and tying them together, that's a really nice way to make your body of work look even more cohesive!

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    response and stuff

    I thought Sunday the Shield got back to basics. Believe it or not, we fell in love with Roman Reigns before he was pushed to the moon prior to ever being ready. I enjoyed him as the muscle of the group and this was such a golden opportunity to have him just play his role in the Shield and maybe even start winning some fans back but nope, he wins the IC title. I'm failing to believe in Shield 2.0 because I don't have a reason to believe that Roman needs the other 2. Rollins and Ambrose's story already played out so beautifully for us on TV. Shield 2.0 feels like Rocky V.

    Agree Corbin, Styles, Lesnar and Strowman all HUGE winners! Maybe it was just a feeling, but Corbin looks like a star! I believe in his long term future again. As far AJ/Brock. While I definitely give Styles all the credit in the world for working that match out of Lesnar, I was pleasantly surprised to see Lesnar working his ass off in the ring after months of kind of being lazy. Too bad he is going to be fed someone built to lose to him in January (maybe Samoa Joe part II?)

    Ughh, HHH doesn't feel like a winner to me. He felt like someone who stuck his nose in a storyline and it didn't come across natural on TV. It was odd. I'm hoping the following weeks prove me wrong.

    It was tough to see Nak/Roode so underutilized. These 2 were something special in NXT and their big time matches at Takeovers felt really special. I have no doubt those two could take it next level in the main event on Smackdown.

    Good, stuff. I like these winners and losers type columns as they put everything squarely in focus.

    ohhh and off topic, whaddya think of a possible Bliss face turn? Is it more '99 Rock going babyface or Miz early 2010's babyface?

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    Thanks all for reading and for the feedback guys, glad you enjoyed the column.

    @Nony & Dynamite yep, Dynamite is on the right track, check Mahal's amazing performance at the Royal Rumble last year and you will catch my drift with that award.

    As to your suggestion about the yellow shirts. I had that idea written in my pre-Survivor Series show that the former NXT Champs would all reunite and be joined by Kevin & Sami (also previous champs) and TEAR IT UP! Alas it was not to be and instead we got old dudes beating them down. I didn't think of the shirts though but that would have given it an awesome vibe.

    @Miz, I think that The Shield guys, particularly Rollins & Ambrose are still solidifying their position at the top so I didn't mind them winning too much. As you can tell from the tone of my column though I didn't love the Main Event, left me with a real bad taste.

    @TYPE You are right that Roman for sure doesn't need the IC title but I guess it is the only mid-card title he hasn't won so he has gosta have it. Watch out Cien Almas - watch your back buddy. The thing I hated was that the crowd was so into the new guys when they did the face offs at the start. The WWE actually has guys the crowd wants to see in those top positions but they keep refusing to give it to them. I understood it in the early - mid 00s when there wasn't really enough wrestlers ready for the top spot but now they have the troops they just need to give them the place.

    And no to Bliss as a face. Not for a long time.

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    The Shield sure did cement themselves as the top guys of the current generation and the beast three-man team/stable of the decade. I never doubted a Shield loss for a second. I really do wonder what is in store for these guys. Perhaps a dominant Rumble performance? Surprised Reigns didn't pick up the win.

    No comment on the Old Bastards, but dammit if Braun wasn't booked impressively. I almost forget that Lesnar beat him in 8 minutes not too long ago. He has gotten all his heat back and a little program with the game is something I wouldn't say no to.

    I agree that AJ is a deserved winner. At least now I know WWE doesn't see Styles as expendable. I fully expect him to get a lengthy run with the belt from this performance.

    As for Asuka, I don't think there was any doubt she was going to win here. I didn't think sole survivor but then again, in the grand scheme of things it does make sense. It's only a matter of time before she ascends to the top of the Womens Division.

    This is one of those columns I look forward to after a PPV. Great work Sam.

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    First off dude, you don't need to post apologies for any mistakes you might make! We're all only human. There's never been any rule against editing your posted column to polish it (at least outside of competition writing that is!) so you shouldn't feel nervous about doing that. The likelihood is nobody would notice anyways to be honest. So basically - don't swear it!

    I really, really like this concept you've got. I think it's got great potential, and as DON has said above, as a post-PPV read I think it's sufficiently different from other stuff to get a good readership if it ever reaches a bigger stage. Great stuff! I think there's a couple things maybe worth considering, though it's obviously totally up to you if you want to adopt any of them. I'm not entirely certain a total sweep of a whole show is going to always be necessary, especially on these four hour marathons. That could lead to long columns that say little in the effort to touch on everything, for instance; consider WrestleMania, for example. Maybe get a clutch of the stuff you've most thoughts on and write about those, in ever so slightly greater depth? I wouldn't lose the brevity though. That's what really makes this zing!

    But take, for instance, the Corbin entry on your winners list. If you read it back, your point is essentially that he wrestled an on-form Miz, won and cut a promo. Contrary to that, the entry for New Day on the losers list is absolutely fantastic, packing in a strong point by saying much in few words. That's a rare talent, and one that, if you keep polishing on till you master it, could really pay off for you; especially in a column format like this one! So basically, I think more entries like that of New Day, fewer like that of Corbin, and if that means killing off a little content to better the column then don't be afraid to do just that!

    This, of course, is only a suggestion. It's your baby and you should develop it however you see fit. I like the way you make room for your personality to shine through too. I got a couple of genuine chuckles for that, so kudos there.

    Overall, great work again Sam! Keep plugging away and you'll soon polish up into one of the best going today. Just remember that commas are your friends!
    101 WWE Matches To See Before You Die: The Book is now available to buy on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Europe! Just search for "101 WWE Matches" and it'll pop up!

    ~ Samuel Plan

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    I'm a Sam fan... you know this. However I'm not a fan of this concept I'm sorry to say. I feel like I can go to any website and read this format, sure it's good for a couple more clicks, but not long term potential, I'd like to see something different, same theme, but stand out. I get you probably think that this is a main page type column, but don't think that far ahead, it could be 12 months before you write up there, certainly until all the little errors you make are gone.

    Just a little food for thought, I'm not going hard just because the ashes are on, honest.

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    Thanks for the feedback Plan, DON & Bear.

    I really enjoy this format and enjoy thinking up little lines and assides while I'm watching the PPVs and I'm really glad that is seems to be something people are keen to have a look at after the shows. I will take what you have said on board Plan. In some of my earliest ones I did make it a but shorter and just ignored certain matches so I will keep that in mind come Night of Champions and Royal Rumble. I don't need to comment on everything.

    Glad you guys got a few laughs from it. Finding something off beat is one of my favourite parts about these columns.

    As to what you have said Bear. You've been in my corner ever since I called you Oliver by accident and I really appreciate it. I do want to continue to be creative and do longer, larger and more in depth columns but as I said above I really like doing these ones. I get what you are saying about the main page thing and while I would love to go there one day I don't see myself there any time in the immediate future and if people down here keep reading and responding to the winners and losers I will keep writing them. Hopefully I can inject enough personality into them that they do feel like they are 'mine' because I don't want them to be just another generic piece. Thank for your support though, I know your critique comes from a place that wants to see me be the best writer I can be.

    Thanks again for reading, it is so encouraging to read the comments you have all left.

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