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Thread: "Fixing" Impact

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    "Fixing" Impact

    Pretty much every internet wrestling fan over the last few years has found themselves shaking their heads over TNA/Impact/GFW/Impact again and wondering what in the blue hell they're thinking. So many missteps, so many mistakes that seem blatant to everyone but them.

    In doing so, we've also all developed our own evolving opinions on what could be done to right the ship. Almost every one of us has, at one point or another, thought about how to "fix" Impact Wrestling.

    So how about a little game that'll maybe/hopefully spark plenty of discussion along the way?

    Name the one thing you would do right now as a step towards fixing Impact Wrestling. I'm not talking a cure-all, but just the first thing you'd do that you think would have an immediate positive impact, if you'll pardon the pun. A free agent signing, a change in the creative staff or direction, pushing one specific person/team/faction as the focal point of the company, whatever you think would help.

    How would you fix Impact?

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    Getting rid of Del rio.

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    I would present it like a 21st century take on the AWA or Crockett promotions. And that probably surprises no one.


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    A complete re-branding of the company, show, set design, etc. Everything aside from the six-sided ring (it's a unique thing to build around) would be gone. It's too tainted by their past reputation

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    Didn't they basically do that with the switch to GFW? And actually, before that, with the change to IMPACT Wrestling from TNA?

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    Impact is doing pretty good, actually. I don't know how much "fixing" needs to happen.

    There's little tweaks that could be made, but overall they're presenting an incredibly watchable show which they weren't a year or so ago. And they've been consistent in their ratings, barring last week's disaster.

    It feels like a genuine alternative. It feels a little grittier (that venue that they were in since BFG helped), and the production isn't quite at WWE's level which I don't feel like it should be.

    If anything, I'd like to see them make production level changes more than anything.

    Switch up their commentary booth to eliminate Josh Matthews. The problem with their booth is that JB doesn't have a great voice for commentary, and Josh Matthews can't take anything seriously and comes across disingenuous when he tries. Maybe Cyrus coming in will help with that issue?

    Ultimately, I think what they're missing is a sense of formality and order. WWE goes waaaaaaay too far in that direction, but it's little touches that Impact is missing that I think would go a long way. Tell Matthews to put a damn suit and tie on when he comes to work. Change those lime green ropes to plain black. Consider a backstage interview are without those TV's flashing the Impact logo (the movement is distracting and it makes it look like they're filmed in a Best Buy).

    None of that is going to make Impact soar to the top of the wrestling world, but what it will do is make it look more professional to the first time viewer.

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    I watch any wrestling content I can find and have followed the story of TNA / Impact / GFW / Impact through television and posts on the main page. Just joined the columns a few weeks back. Letting loose with my retro thoughts on the industry as I have been a wrestling fan since the 1960's.

    First they must stop the non-stop flow of talent in and out of the company. As fans we need to connect with at least one of the wrestlers that we can really like or really hate. The fact that budget issues led to the departure of so many and the influx of so many leaves me dizzy. Not having access to a lot of the indy content I am watching tag champions Ohio vs Everyone. Who are they? Yes I have read their bios and see the promotions they have worked for. And maybe watching Impact / GFW / Impact I would have learned more about them if I were not having to keep up with them and many more new wrestlers. But can a casual fan cheer for them? So stop the bleeding of talent and give us a roster we can get to know.

    Give the new talent time and content to get over. Continuing my point from above we have LAX. Version 1,001? I know Konnan but who are these new guys? And the company's way of letting us get to know them is to see them in a club. At least it is being a bit edgy. But get these guys and all new guys in the "Impact Zone" and let them get over by doing well lit interviews with good camera and mic work and into more wrestling segments. Maybe because I'm older and the hearing ain't that great anymore but the in club segments are hard to hear and therefore hard to follow.

    Till we get acquainted and invest in the characters follow the KISS method. Keep the stores and matches simple and make it clear what the motives are. When we invest in the character then muddy the waters a bit.

    Introduce new characters carefully. I always thought WCW made a mistake when they brought in Hogan and then Hall and Nash. Not being as into the backstage aspects of the business I did not understand why it had to be that way. But if Hulk Hogan had appeared in the company that used the tag line "We Wrestle" and had to adjust to the style, imagine what the response could have been. Commentators talking about how the guys up north were just not as tough as their guys. Hulk having to up his work rate and be more realistic in his matches. I realize that times have changed but I feel Impact should do a story line like that if more WWE rejects make their roster. And I think wrestlers from other promotions could be brought in strong. After all those companies don't promote themselves as sports entertainment. But especially WWE rejects should have a learning curve and work stiffer before they begin winning.

    Be different. Don't be WWE light. Spotlight the wrestling. I do like Eli Drake. I do like what they have done with EC3 even though he may be leaving. Build on these characters and slowly build up new foundations.

    Continue showing matches from partner promotions. It makes the product unique. But make sure those have good production values. It was probably on purpose that the matches from Mexico looked like there was smog in the building. But it makes the product look bush league. Matches like the world championship tonight tend to make the product look more realistic.

    Hopefully the good ship USS Impact has anchored itself in calmer waters. And after the departures we know of now will stabilize its roster and give us a few months of easy to follow story lines and matches while building up new heroes and villains. Maybe then some of the naysayers will start to change their tunes. E-li Drake could be your next favorite villain.
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    I'm all about more carefully introducing characters. I stopped watching Impact after several years when the Anthem transition took place, and part of the reason was the massive turnover of talent with no real attempt to effectively introduce or use the boatload of new talent which suddenly appeared. So, I totally get what you're saying here. But, on the plus side, Eli Drake is already one of my favorite villains.

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