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Thread: Share your vacation / holiday pics!

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    Share your vacation / holiday pics!

    I recently went on a weekend trip and took a few cool pics. I thought others would find them interesting and wanted to share them here, so I'm opening this thread for that. But more importantly, I especially would love to see everyone else's travel pics that they've taken during vacation / holiday trips elsewhere in the world. So I look forward to seeing more people's lovely pictures here.

    I'll start with my recent ones from this past weekend. The wife and I went to Nagoya, Japan (about 110 miles / 180 kilometers east of Osaka) to spend the weekend there and visit a park / garden called Nabana no Sato around that area. This garden is popular during the winter months in Japan because it has one of the biggest and most impressive winter illuminations in the country. The main attractions are two tunnels that stretch a few hundred meters full of strings of light, and a huge animated field of lights as well. The scale of the whole thing was really impressive. We also visited a zoo (which are always awesome) and a few areas around the city of Nagoya, which is a nice city with some great food.

    (FYI: If you want to see the full-sized version of one of these pics, just click on them.)

    View of the city of Nagoya from Higashiyama Sky Tower.

    The main tunnel at Nabana no Sato.

    Inside the main tunnel.

    The second tunnel in Nabana no Sato, which was the same with the exception of the lights being decorated like cherry blossom leaves.

    A huge field covered in lights with the backdrop being animated.

    EDIT: I found this video on YouTube taken from someone else that shows the main field and the entire animation - it truly was amazing to see in person.

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    Here are a few of my better Vegas pics from over the years.

    The Luxor

    The Luxor at night

    A view of the Paris from Bellagio

    The same Eiffel Tower shot that every single tourist takes

    Optimus Prime stopping to watch an impromptu dance battle that popped off between a random dude and a homeless guy.

    No, seriously, that's exactly what's happening here.

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    That tunnel looks amazing Degen.

    I recently went to the North East coast of the UK, just beyond Hull. Pretty much anyone will confirm that Hull is a dump, as are many of the Northern coastal towns, but I find a lot of beauty in them. I'll see if I can grab some pictures in a bit and add them to this post.

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    Post them up, Oliver! I love the idea of this thread.

    I've been to Las Vegas recently. I can confirm that every single tourist takes that one shot of the Eiffel Tower. I took one myself too.

    Degen, that shot inside the tunnel is just lovely. I quite like the landscape shot at the top too.

    I just came back from a 6-week trip around the USA a few months back, so I'll throw some of my best holiday photos up.

    I started in Minneapolis and met up with some of the locals.
    I then visited this evil-looking monolithic stadium...
    ...and saw some evil-looking monolithic band inside.
    Then I went to Glacier National Park...
    ...where I met a happy sheep. We had a natural rapport.
    Time to get some coffee in Seattle.
    I met up with an old pal in a jazz bar in LA.
    Here's the Las Vegas shot that Steve was talking about.
    The Grand Canyon is as grand as they say it is.
    Decided to head out to the Tetons in plenty of time to catch the total eclipse.
    Yellowstone is just ridiculous.
    Then I got a staph infection in my foot...
    ...and got to see the eclipse from a hospital parking lot whilst sat in a wheelchair wearing nothing but a hospital gown.
    Once I healed up, I headed on to Chicago.
    I had no idea that they lit up Niagara Falls at night!
    Finally, I reached the Big Apple...
    ...and had an amazing sandwich.
    This is the shot that every single tourist wants.
    A historic drubbing by the Chiefs? Last day of a 6 week holiday? Time to get smashed. Sam Adams for the win.

    Hope you all enjoyed this little tour around America.

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    When I created this thread, the posts by Steve and sheep were the types of posts I wanted to see here, so I'm ecstatic to see these pop up. Thanks, guys.

    Steve, did you stay at the Bellagio in that one pic you posted? I stayed there for one night since it was kind of a bucket list thing for my mom. We had just about the same view. I dug that hotel a lot. Then we decided to stay off the Strip for the next night we were visiting (South Point, I think) because the cost was 90% less than the one night at the Bellagio. Not a bad stay, to be honest. It was tons better than the price suggests.

    sheep, those nature pictures are absolutely amazing. What camera did you use for those? If those are cell phone pics, I'm pretty amazed. Also, I was caught totally off guard with your hospital pic.

    Keep the pictures coming! I want to dig up a few of my older pics from around Japan to share them as well.

    EDIT: Steve, you never did let us know who got served in the dance battle. Don't leave me hanging here, buddy.

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    Hah. They're not cell phone pics. I can't stand the awful quality of phone pics, and have gone heavily into hobbyist photography over the past two years or so. I've got a Nikon D3300. It's an entry-level DSLR. I very much enjoy landscape photography, which is why those photos look better. I know what I'm doing with a landscape. Maybe I'll put some snaps up from other holidays if this thread gets going.

    Can't wait to see more of Japan!

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    Some great stuff in here already, keep 'em coming.

    I haven't found anything worth offering so far. May have some better bits on an old hard drive somewhere but would need to chase that down.


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    Some very cool pics here. Don't think I will ever get to see the Japanese ones first hand so that was cool. My Vegas pictures never come out that well either

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    Just got back from the beach, again. If the school system wasn't so shit, I'd move my family down there (Florida). white sand, no income tax, beautiful weather, really affordable properties and property taxes. Just can't go too far inland as it's white trash/hillbilly heaven. That, and again, no matter where your kids go to school down there, the school systems are the equivalent to an alternative school up here. If you can write your name by grade 4 down there you're an honor student.

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