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Thread: WCW: The Legacy Series

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    WCW: The Legacy Series

    Got a message for Shane and mizfan? Maybe want to express your opinion about a specific WCW PPV, wrestler or storyline that they've discussed on the show? Perhaps you'd like to bring up something you thought that they didn't spend enough time on?

    This is the place to do it, as you can use this thread to unearth the forgotten (or overlooked) narratives of WCW: The Legacy Series!

    26 letters... 26 columns... 26 days...

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    Bash beach 1999 hope u mention ddp falling of top rope and macho man loses belt in 24hrs

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    At least Bash 99 has the Triad vs Saturn/Benoit match, because (as I recall) the rest of it is an absolute trash factory.

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    The Rap is Crap elimination is good too. The rest is... just so awful.

    Here's my hottest take, the Junkyard Invitational was the third best match on the card. It wasn't good at all but holy crap, the stuff that was in the arena was even worse.

    DDP probably should have died when he fell off the top to the floor like that. The fact that he miraculously saved it is some kind of metaphor for his career, probably.

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