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Thread: Today's Music Sucks

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    Today's Music Sucks

    I guess the title says it all, but man, today's music sucks. I don't just say that as an old guy caught up on nostalgia, either. It seems that I see more and more from the younger generations saying the exact same thing.

    Specifically, I watch the React Channel on YouTube quite a bit (which is something I intend to bring up elsewhere) and it never fails that when they have teens or college kids react to 70s, 80s or 90s music, like half of them bemoan the fact that today's music scene sucks ass in comparison to what many of us experienced growing up. That's bizarre, to say the least. Sure, older people have always preferred the music of their youth to whatever's going on in the current landscape, but I don't recall too many past generations lamenting that, for instance, the 60s was so much better than the 90s in terms of music.

    I've got my own opinions on why it is. I think that so much of what you hear nowadays sounds alike that it's crazy. A lot of that has to do with the natural evolution of music towards electronic over actual instruments. It used to be that I could clearly identify artists or groups pretty easily, even if I wasn't a fan or necessarily super familiar with them. That's become incredibly difficult to do now. Rap, for instance, has never been my forte. But man, I can definitely tell the difference between Biggie and Tupac. Not just because of the voices but because they each had their own distinctive style and sound from a composition and production standpoint.

    I also think that the sheer diversity of what's out there in the mainstream has narrowed. It used to be that there were massive pop acts, massive country acts, massive rock acts, massive rap acts, massive r&b acts, on down the line. Now the line has blurred to the point that genres as damn near nonexistent in the mainstream. Country artists are pop stars, rappers are also r&b artists, rock barely exists in any recognizable form. I knew times had passed me by when Royals by Lourde won Best Rock Song at an awards show a few years back. That song isn't even remotely rock to me. Of course, this is coming from a guy who wants to weep over the fact that Imagine Dragons are probably the biggest "rock" band in the world right now while bands like Foo Fighters and The Darkness kick out new shit that nobody outside of their pre-established fanbase even knows exists.

    Sure, all the subgenres and stuff still exist, and finding new stuff to dig is easier than ever in today's digital landscape. But the simple fact of the matter is that most people don't look for stuff, they simply listen to what's popular. That's always been the case. And when a small segment of stuff is deemed mainstream as opposed to the huge array of stuff that used to gain the same label, you wind up with everyone listening to the same shit and the product being produced sounding incredibly similar across the board.

    Am I way off base, here? Am I just old now?

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    Whisper it, but I think a lot of pop music is better now that when I was a teenager. Like that whole period of 1998-2006 or thereabouts. So it depends on what count's as today's music, really. That whole run there had some big bands and some catchy songs, but it seems to me like we've reverted in this last generation to people who are more 'talented' and less 'stars', as it would have been back in the 1960s where the voice or musicianship was paramount. At least, that's my take on it. Though having said that, it still sucks compared to pretty much every major movement in pop music up until the 1990s, so... yeah.

    Outside of pop music, I think you are right though, and it might be something to do with the genres homogenising. Where it hurts me the most is that it hits me where I live. I mean, nothing new that is worth noting has happened in rock music since Emo, and before that Nu Metal. Emo wasn't really my cup of tea and Nu Metal was very much a flavour of the month. So you end up with it now being more than twenty years since rock music produced any kind of serious innovation that I actually want to listen to. I think that is why grunge still seems so significant, still looms so large in the consciousness, and why a lot of people in their teens now are wearing the same Pearl Jam t-shirts that we used to wear 15-20 years ago. It's the last time something came down the pipe that actually spoke to people in a way that could last.

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    Nah, Steve is right, music has been crap for ten years and on the way down for years before that

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    I quite happily call myself a retro listener of mainly 90s rock and metal, but occasionally they'll be something I dig from more recent times or different genres.

    I wouldn't say todays music sucks, it's just a LOT of it isn't to my taste.

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