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Thread: Puroresu introduction and match recommendations

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    JWG - I haven't seen much RNP stuff before, but that was nice. I tend to use the Showbuckle videos if I want to have a quick overview, they're the ones that Lazyking posted up the page. Honestly, the best thing I find is just to throw myself at the Japanese language of it all and interpret it how I feel. If there are promos, right now it seems NJPW are at least starting to subtitle a lot of the on their English page.

    Degen - Akiyama's a weird one, because being in AJPW in the 90s he was always behind Misawa, Kobashi, Taue, Hansen etc. I mean, he was always regarded as being the next big star in AJPW but then (supposedly) never really advanced beyond the guys ahead of him in the pecking order. It's strange, because there are a lot of his matches I really enjoy.

    Here's Vader vs Akiyama from 2000 -
    Akiyama vs Hansen from 1994 -
    Akiyama vs Kobashi from 1998 -

    Some of my favourite stuff of his is probably tags, though:

    Akiyama and Kobashi vs Misawa and Ogawa -
    Akiyama and Misawa vs Taue and Kawada -
    Akiyama and Misawa vs Johnny Ace and Steve Williams -

    There's a lot of stuff out there with him that I would say is just a notch or two below those really high levels AJPW could get to in the 90s. But you could put him in a tag with Misawa, Taue, and Kawada and normally get great stuff out of it.

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    I know plenty of guys who consider Akiyama on the same level as the Four Pillars, so if you're digging him you're not alone! He's still kicking and doing some very cool stuff too. Check this out from just a couple years ago!

    Jun Akiyama vs. Kento Miyahara

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
    Honestly, the best thing I find is just to throw myself at the Japanese language of it all and interpret it how I feel.
    I've always done that, but generally speaking been pretty guilty over the past 15 years or so of just cherry picking the stuff that has people in that I already know that I like. I've been a lot better at keeping up with the NJPW stuff that is translated or has an English commentary track.

    Not that there's anything wrong with cherry picking, of course. Seen some very good stuff that way. It's what got me into Kenta Kobashi, Misawa, Jumbo Tsuruta, Tenryu, expanded my knowledge of Fujinami, Nagata and Liger...

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