Austin Aries left the WWE a few months back, and his no-compete clause is probably about to run out. That said, he's obviously been with and left what was TNA before now, and at nearly forty years of age I'm not sure he's going to jump right back in there and main event. Besides, it's not like GFW is going to be the most appealing prospect for anybody, and if he's saved any money you might just want to avoid that hassle anyway. If he is as difficult to work with as reports suggest they might not be willing to fork out their limited cash on him, either.

So, does that mean that Aries is done at the top level? And if so what does that mean for his career overall?

I've always been a fan of his. But I think you've got his RoH work, and a very strong first couple of years in TNA that you can make a case for. I never had a problem with him being the one to finally defeat Bobby Roode, as in terms of the roster and popularity at the time he was one of the people who made the most sense. But I don't think they had a good handle on what to do with him as champion, and I certainly think that having had him win the big one, transitioning to Hardy so quickly made very little sense. In fact, with a few bumps in the road, I'd say the trajectory has generally been downwards from that moment. Which I guess for me means that for all of his talent, five years of his peak haven't really delivered on the man's great potential.

So what's next? Return to RoH? A stint in Japan? Or do you think he'll crop up in either WWE or GFW again?