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Thread: SmackDown LIVE x 205 LIVE August 8th, 2017

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    SmackDown LIVE x 205 LIVE August 8th, 2017

    It's night 2 of 2 in the city of Timmy Hos,Short Hockey Goons and one of the greatest WrestleMania's of all time: The Air Canada Centre in Toronto for some blue & purple branded action.

    It's rematch city (as a certain Gorilla would say), as our WWE Champion sees snakeyes once again in a non-title bout.

    WWE Champion: Jinder Mahal V Randy Orton

    Also, the Women's Champion faces Ms Money In The Bank in another non-title matchup.

    WWE SmackDown Women's Champion: Naomi V Carmella

    We are getting a double dose of women's matches tonight, as Lana looks to prove herself against a queen.

    Charlotte V Lana

    Speaking of Charlotte, she'll be the focus of our VIDEO OF THE WEEK. Now Ms. Flair doesn't have the social media chops of her 4 horsewomen peers, so seeing her outside of kayfabe is kinda rare (for 2017 at least). So this VOTW is Charlotte's first appearance on UpUpDownDown (while playing the classic Streets Of Rage 3) where we find that while the IWC may not like her current tea-spilling seems a lot closer to who she actually is.

    Also, our future ref Shane will be in the house....and Tyler Breeze looks to solve the Fashion Peaks mystery!

    ((((((((((2 0 5 LIVE)))))))))))))

    Rematches also come in purple this week, as the friendly competition is over and we get another round of the CWC semi-final matchup.

    Rich Swann V TJP

    Also, has (the alleged future coach of Ronda Rousey) THE Brian Kendrick went too far?

    Let's keep things purple for our QUESTION OF THE WEEK.

    Do you think WWE is making the right move by keeping Gran Metalik on the backburner while he learns english? Or could Gran get over without getting on the stick?
    Enjoy the show, miss Talking Smack....and hope that no one else gets injured.
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    I guessing that Orton gets the win over Jinder, somewhat cleanly, because:

    1. The WWE usually has their champions lose non-title matches
    2. Orton needs to "look strong" going into SummerSlam as he has lost his last 3 PPV matches
    3. The WWE usually has their champions lose non-title matches because they do not know how to make their titles worth anything if they are not held by John Cena

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    I wouldn't be shocked if Orton won, although a DQ is probably more likely. The funny thing is all they need to do to get Jinder some real cred is have him beat Orton clean, yet they will never do that.

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    So Orton beats the WWE champion in the middle of the ring cleanly. Shocking.

    Way to make your champion look strong. Rusev should have interfered.

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