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Thread: The Official LOP English Premier League Prediction Contest 2017/18

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    Cup results

    Shee 14-4 Oliver
    Sucky 12-13 Mazza
    Gooner 6-11 Prime Time
    Pringle 6-8 Maverick
    Anonymous 7-0 Smiffy
    Leaf 0-0 Korean
    Wilkimania 9-11 Freeman
    'Bear 16-7 Golden

    You may want to double check these but there's no difficult ones, I don't think.

    We had three no shows here, and they actually leave us a a player short for the next round. So what I'm going to do is this. The three no-shows are out. Everyone else - Sheepster, Shinobi, and everyone who lost in this round - are eligible for a space in the next round, and the highest scoring of those players in the next round of EPL games will take the final spot. And of course, if you won your tie, you are already through.
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