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Thread: Global Force Wrestling Slammiversary XV

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    Global Force Wrestling Slammiversary XV

    You can call it TNA, TNA Impact, Impact or GFW. No matter what, you cant deny the 15 years that "Impact" has given us. Now it's time to celebrate via Slammiversary XV. Before we look at the matches, I will say that I like the build to this PPV. This wasn't just something that was thrown together in two weeks (technically, it was when you factor in the actual dates of taping, but stop being so technical LOL). Hopefully they use this recipe going forward. Personally, I would like to see 4 PPV's per year with 2 months of storyline building leading to each. Similar to what has happened leading to the biggest wrestling event of the summer, Summersla....I mean Slammiversary

    I'll start with the matches that are the most intriguing and work my way down.

    Main Event - Unification Title Match: Impact Champion Lashley vs Global Force Champion El Patron

    El Patron's dad will be in his corner while King Mo will patrol the corner of Lashley.
    NSF Rating: Must Watch

    Full Metal Mayhem: The Lone Wolf Davey Richards with Angelina Love versus Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards
    This will probably be the end of the feud and it's fitting that its a FMM match. This has the chance to be match of the night. Both Love and Alisha have proven they can take some bumps and we all know how good Eddie and Davey are.
    NSF Rating: Must Watch

    2 out of 3 falls X Division Championship: Challenger Low Ki versus Sonjay Dutt
    Love the build to this rivalry. Low-Ki got some serious heat in India (obviously) while Sonjay was living like a king. We haven't really seen a rivalry like this in the X-Division where a fan really cares about the outcome. Technically, this one could have the makings of match of the night and quite possibly make a run for match of the year. Both men work well together and it should be nice. However, I just think this one may not get the time that it deserves. We will see.
    NSF Rating: Must Watch

    Knockouts Title Unification Match: Impact Champion Rosemary versus GFW Champion Sienna
    I don't have the official stats in front of me, but I believe Rosemary may be the longest reining women's champion in Impact history surpassing Gail Kim. Hell, she may be passing Bobby Roode's record very shortly.
    NSF Rating: Very Good Watch

    Strap Match: The Cowboy James Storm versus EC3
    Impact has built up this rivalry for months now and it's fitting that it's a strap match. Not expecting a five star match here, but should be FUN!!
    NSF Rating: Very Good Watch

    Tag Team Grudge Match: Parks and Borash versus Steiner and Mathews
    If you are looking for anything more than fun and humor here, you are barking up the wrong tree. Impact has teased Abyss appearance.
    NSF Rating: Not very good but should be entertaining.

    4 Way Tag Team Title Match: Champions LAX versus Drago and El Hijo De Fantasma versus Laredo Kid and Garza Jr versus Maru and Ishi
    This was the only match that was thrown together last minute.
    NSF Rating: Interesting watch

    Tag Team Grudge Match: Impact Grand Champion Moose and NFL Pro DeAngelo Williams versus Eli Drake and Chris Adonis
    Definitely want to see how Williams has progressed in his training but beyond that, this match looks to just further Drake/Moose feud.
    NSF Rating: Beer break

    Don't forget DON WEST and Robert Flores will be calling the action!!
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    The opening to #Slamm15...

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    Awesome awesome tag match. 20+ minute tag match with a bunch of good spots and chemistry.

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    I enjoyed the hell it of that pay per view

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    Did D'Angelo Williams have the best debut match ever for someone with no experience? I didn't realize he was on the show but I just saw a clip from a Deadspin post and he was impressive.

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    JB/Joseph Parks vs. Steiner/Josh Matthews was surprisingly entertaining.

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