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Thread: LPW Rules and Regulations

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    LPW Rules and Regulations


    The following outlines the rules and code of conduct all members of LPW need to adhere to in order to be a part of the LPW eFed family. Failure to comply will result in punishment, which, depending on the incident's severity and/or individual's track record, could result in permanent removal from the eFed, or from LOPForums.

    These rules are designed to be fair, while non-negotiable. Nothing we ask is out of the ordinary, nor is it outrageously restrictive. In LPW, we take a common sense approach to things. Many of these things have been considered "Unwritten rules" in the past.

    #1 LPW is governed under the same rules as LOPForums.

    Members of LPW are still bound by the rules of LOPForums, which can be found HERE. If you are unfamiliar with them, please read them. Remember, in order to sign up to the forums, you had to agree to abide by these rules. By signing up to LPW, you are also agreeing to abide by the sub-forum rules as well.

    Additionally, at any time you can be asked to leave LPW, but you will never be asked to do so unless there is a justifiable reasoning behind the decision -- at which point you must leave. That said, if you are asked to leave LPW and you refuse, then you subject yourself to being banned from LOPForums as a whole.

    #2 Flaming and Flame Baiting.

    Due to the nature of LPW being a role playing game, there is a loophole about flames and flame baiting that applies to LPW. This pertains to anything said In Character (often reffered to as IC).

    While in the LPW Trash Talking or LPW Voting and Promo threads, you may flame and flame bait other characters. You may not flame or flame bait the handler (AKA - the person who writes the character). This is referred to as "Trash Talking". A clear difference is required if you are posting Out of Character (often referred to as OOC), so as not to confuse people on whether it's a flame, or part of trash talking.

    As stated in the LOPForums rules, Flaming is against the rules, and carries a maximum penalty of a permanent ban from the forums. This also includes everything said in visitor or private messages.

    As a general rule of thumb, everything is considered Out Of Character, unless it's specifically stated the thread is an In Character thread by the person who starts the thread, it's a trash talking thread, or a Promo And Voting thread.

    #3 Plagiarism

    This is covered in the LOPForums rules, but we thought it important to make a point of it again, since we are a original writing role playing game.

    Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Not today, not next week, not yesterday. Never. We take plagiarism very seriously in LPW, and is considered one of the biggest crimes you can commit in our circle. This includes portions of script, songs, or the work of your peers.

    We do allow you to use other people's work as part of your work, but you must reference where it is from. If you're using the work of a peer, it is common courtesy to ask permission before you use it. If you use a song, or a quote from a person, make sure you quote the source. Just a name of the person or band & song title will suffice.

    #4 The use of other people's characters

    You may use other people's characters in your writing (primary or secondary/non-playables), so long as you have received the handler's blessing to do so beforehand. It is particularly mandatory, however, to ask if you wish to cause harm to a person's character. Unauthorized use of a handler's character will be retconned within the LPW Universe (by staff members or the character themselves), and will result in reprimands and potential suspensions for repeat offenders.

    #5 The use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites

    There are various groups on social media that are associated with LPW. The biggest and most notable is on Facebook. This is a closed group, and you will need approval to join. Please note that all rules of LPW reach there as well. If you are abusive, derogative, disrespectful or if you start flaming, you will be banned from the Facebook group, and possibly from LPW as well.

    #6 Contacting People

    Most people in LPW are very happy to talk, and are more than approachable on most topics. This extends to Facebook as well, with many people directly connecting through social media. However, if someone asks you not to contact them, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, LOPForums, or any other means, you will be removed. You will also be subject to a ban from LOP Forums. Please respect the privacy of your fellow LPW members. It's sad that this has had to be said, but we have had issues with stalking in the past, and we have developed a no tolerance policy towards this. I also remind you that stalking, depending on your area, may carry criminal charges. It's not worth it.

    #7 Problems and Issues

    If you are having problems with people in LPW, the way you are being handled/booked, or are having difficulties with LPW in general, there are support mechanisms in place to help you. Your first port of call if you're having dramas should be the head bookers (myself and Al.pYro). We also serve as "executive staff" here, with myself as president and Al as the forum moderator.

    If you don't feel you can talk to your head booker, then contact LPW overseer, The X. You may also contact Forum Head Admin YourAyatollah, though this is a "last resort" measure, as we prefer to keep most conflict resolution issues in house. Regardless, we are here to help you and will go out of our way to make sure your problem is solved. So don't ever feel like you can't come to us with an issue.

    #8 Have Fun

    This goes without saying. While the rules are a bit of a downer on any group, the purpose of them are so everybody can enjoy the group and have fun. Nobody here is paid a cent for what they do, and everybody does it for exactly that. We have been around for over a decade because of this, and look forward to you becoming an integral part of our community.
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