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Thread: Call of Duty thread.

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    Call of Duty thread.

    Use this thread to discuss all Call of Duty games. from the originals to Ghosts and beyond.

    Anyone got Ghosts? Is it any good?

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    Similar to the bump for the Assassin's Creed thread...

    Call of Duty: WW2 is coming out in just a couple of days. Any hardcore fans of the franchise excited for it's release?

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    Saw a dude the other day heading out of Tesco dressed in the full COD track suit - branded hoodie, joggers, the lot. Can't question the guy's passion!

    I've never really felt much for COD myself. Always felt too difficult to get anywhere in the multiplayer, and too easy to get through the (sometimes all too familiar) campaigns. I also found it one of the more toxic multiplayer environments when I did partake.

    Not to hate or anything, but I guess they're just not for me, ultimately.
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    My favorite is CoD2. Love Modern Warfare but 2 is closer to my heart

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