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Thread: LPW Presents: pYromania 25.4 LIVE! From St. Louis, Missouri! - RESULTS!

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    LPW Presents: pYromania 25.4 LIVE! From St. Louis, Missouri! - RESULTS!

    We fade to a raucous pYromania crowd. The opening notes of “Motherfucker of the Year" by Mötley Crüe burst through the already loud as hell arena and the excitement turns to negativity as boo’s are thrusted towards the World Heavyweight Champion Sixx King who walks out from the back with a jester’s smile.

    With the microphone in one hand and his title hoisted around his shoulder, Sixx enters the ring as he’s continually jeered.

    Sixx: Now, now.

    The disapproval intensifies.

    Sixx: C’mooon. That’s no way to treat the best this damn company has to offer!

    Again, the jeers reverberate throughout the arena in a deafening fashion.

    Sixx: That’s no way to treat the better half of what used to be SKG.

    That’s no way to treat the man who put the legendary reign of Morpheus to an end.

    That’s no way to treat the man who will mercy kill the Brother he carried to glory in Golden.

    You all act as if I’ve done something personally wrong to you. You come to my job and treat me like this. You’re all luck my schedule as World Champion is so compacted that I don’t show up to your place of work in some wretched shipyards full of dilapidated boats and utter squalor and knock the mop out of your hands!

    Sixx… Sucks. Sixx… Sucks. Sixx… Suck.

    Sixx: We are but one show away from the devastation of my former Brother Golden. One show away from your hero falling. One show away until the truth of SKG is revealed and the light is shown on my greatness --- that I was the one who carried LPW’s most successful tag team of all time to glory time and time again.

    Sixx… Sucks. Sixx… Sucks. Sixx… Suck.

    Sixx: Now I’ll tune out the noise. All of you punk bitch St. Louisanites… Louisins… Whatever the hell you call yourselfs… I call you inbred hicks.


    Sixx: And I want to talk directly to Golden. Golden… come on out here.

    The crowd perks up in their seats.

    Sixx; Come on out here, Golden. Come on out and talk to me.

    There’s a long pause in the ring as Sixx waits. The crowd’s anticipation can be felt. Their eagerness to see the fan favorite Golden who has recently gone through so much turmoil.

    Sixx: Oh… That’s right…

    Golden isn’t heeere. Can’t even be bothered to show up. Cry me a damn riv-

    ”The Devil Takes Care of his Own” by Band of Skulls blasts and the crowd pops louder than they’re sure to all night. In the ring Sixx’s face turns to an almost comical surprise. The camera stays on him as he looks towards the ramp where it’s slowly becoming clear that nobody is coming.

    Sixx: Get out here you little rat!

    At the top of the ramp comes the golden haired fighter. Except this Golden, this version of Golden, is about 3’5’’ and weighs 80 pounds. The little person imitation version of Golden sprints down the ramp, his little legs working as hard as they can… In the ring, Sixx laughs hysterically as the crowd's disappointment evolves into shattering boos.

    Sixx: HAHHAHAHAHAHHA… OH MY GOD HAHAHAHAHA. You should see the looks on all of your faces.

    Sixx doubles over in laughter. Wiping tears away from his eyes.

    Sixx: It’s a little Golden Nugget!


    I’ve heard of 24k Gold… but this must be only about 4 Karets.


    No, but seriously. Mini-Oscar. I asked you here to say one thing.

    The little Golden stands across the ring from Golden, who holds the microphone at his hip and thinks about how to say the next thing.

    Sixx: I wanted to say… that…


    Sixx lands a SUPERKICK to the midgets face, causing the imposter to fly between the second and bottom ring rope and land onto the outside with a sick thud.

    “Motherfucker of the Year" by Mötley Crüe hits again and Sixx raises the title above his head. He rolls out of the ring and ruthlessly steps over the fallen body of Little Golden. He walks backwards up the ramp still red in the face with laughter. His smile tells the whole story. We fade into the intro.

    LPW Presents...

    Rise up, gather round, rock this place to the ground

    Burn it up, let’s go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke

    Rock on! Rock on!

    Drive me crazier

    No Serenade, no fire brigade, just pYromania!!

    LPW pYromania

    The set comes to life, with pyrotechnics of orange, red, and golden sparks jettison throughout the LPW Pain-o-Tron and set. The crowd comes to life with a raucous applause as pYromania begins.


    Lillehammer: The Home of the Gateway Arch, is also the gateway to our next Pay Per view, At All Costs!

    Chaos: Very true, very true. We have a great show for you tonight, as we see in our main event, Mourn Despana takes on Obsidian, in a non-title match.

    Lillehammer: Also tonight, Damien Blaze challenges D. Hammond Samuels, in what is sure to be an instant classic!

    Chaos: But right now, we’ve got The David Maverick up against “The Lone Wolf” Udy. Let’s take it to the ring!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, THE David Maverick!

    "No Control" by David Bowie starts to play across the arena as The David Maverick stalls down the ramp. He starts flipping off fans at ringside as they start to chant “MAV-RICK’S SHIT” in his face. Maverick enters the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle, soaking in the boo’s from the crowd.

    Announcer: And his opponent, Representing the Cabal. He is The Lone Wolf - UDY!

    “Wolf Moon” by Type O negative starts to blast across the speakers, as “The Lone Wolf” Udy makes his way down the ramp. Udy shrugs away from the fans as they reach out to touch him as he passes. Udy rolls into the ring, and the match begins.

    Ding Ding Ding!

    Chaos: And Maverick now, wasting no time, comes at Udy with a right hand. Udy tries to cover up, but Maverick backs him up into the corner, and rams his head into the top turnbuckle!

    Lillehammer: Maverick knows that Udy is dangerous. That he has to make quick work or the Brotherhood of the Cabal could make their presence felt. Mav is making a statement right out of the gate here.

    Chaos: Kick to the midsection! Another big right hand! Udy is having a tough time getting any offense in! Udy manages to squirm away, but Maverick slams him back into the turnbuckle. The Lone Wolf rebounds off, and takes out Mavericks leg with a missile drop kick!

    Lillehammer: Udy goes low! Now coming in like only a wild-man can! He’s on Maverick with stomps.

    Chaos: Maverick fights up. Chops to the chest follow, and we can see the chest of The David Maverick already starting to light up red like a Christmas tree.

    Lillehammer: This may be a mistake.

    Chaos: Udy heads to the opposite end of the ring to charge, but Maverick is out, and catches him with Samoan Drop

    Lillehammer: He tries to!

    Chaos: Udy falls off the back-end, gets his footing, and connects with another dropkick to the leg!

    Lillehammer: Cat like reflexes by the young man.

    Chaos: He now turns him over into a single leg Boston Crab. Udy seems to be really going for that leg, maybe he’s thinking that without the legs, Maverick won’t be able to pick him up for the Maverick Bomb.

    Lillehammer: That’s right, without his legs to support him, he can’t carry him. It’s sound strategy from the self professed “Lone Wolf”.

    Chaos Maverick is asked by the ref for a submission and-

    Lillehammer I think those words aren’t kosher.

    Chaos: Maverick hasn’t gone down just yet, though. He is able to twist onto his back He grabs onto Udy, and kicks him into the ropes. Udy rebounds and Maverick connects with a low shoulder block.

    Maverick takes the time to shake out his boot, grasping at his leg. It appears to be ok, and he walks over to Udy, carefully. He reaches across the shoulder of the wild-man, and attempts to lock in a chin lock. Before he gets too much pressure on it, Udy manages drop toehold Maverick into the second rope.

    Lillehammer: The viciousness he’s acquired from being around Obsidian is prevalent. Udy almost decapitated this wretch!

    Chaos: Udy backs off. Waiting for Maverick to stand. Udy charges again, this time Maverick is ready with a back elbow. Udy is on wobbly legs! Maverick whips him toward the ring-post, and follows quickly with a body splash! Maverick sets it up! The crowd cheers in approval! DDT!

    Lillehammer: Oh, this crowd can shove it. Udy can’t afford to take a loss back to The Cabal.

    Chaos: I don’t think Maverick cares much about what his friends think. Udy is down, and now Maverick ascends the top turnbuckle! Down with a top rope splash! Right onto the chest of the Lone Wolf! 1! 2!

    No! Udy kicks out!

    Lillehammer: My heart can’t take this!

    Chaos: Maverick is back on his feet, and connects with a kick to the skull of Udy who is still prone on the mat. We’ve seen time and time again, that mean streak of the David Maverick, probably even meaner now since England voted against Europe.

    Lillehammer: They took their country back!

    Chaos: Imagine having some idiot in charge of your country who would make terrible decisions all the time! I’m glad that will never happen here!

    Lillehammer: Agreed!

    Chaos: Er…Both men trading punches in the center of the ring. Maverick rakes the eyes!

    Maverick picks up Udy to his feet. He shoves him toward the ropes, but Udy ducks through, and escapes, landing on the ring apron. Maverick follows after him, through the ropes. Udy goes for a kick, but Maverick blocks it, and wraps Udy’s head under his arm pit.

    Chaos: He lifts Udy up for a Vertical suplex! NO! Both men land on the mat outside the ring with a sickening thud!!!!

    Lillehammer: Good Reagan!

    Chaos Both of them must be broken in half! Udy looks like he’s out cold, and Maverick is struggling to get to his feet!

    Lillehammer: What gumption David Maverick must have, to try a move like that!

    Chaos: Maverick is on his feet, and he manages to roll into the ring. Maverick stands up, taunting Udy to join him in the ring.

    Lillehammer: If Udy isn’t careful, he might get counted out! The referee is at 5 already!


    Chaos: Udy is on his knees, reaching for the apron.


    Maverick: Come on! Get in the ring, fucktwat!


    Chaos:Udy is up, almost there!


    Lillehammer: Udy made it into the ring!

    Chaos Maverick picks up Udy immediatly, gets him onto his feet…

    Lillehammer: No! No!

    Chaos: And lifts him up for the Maverick Bomb! 1! 2! 3!

    Announcer: The winner of this match, THE - David Maverick!

    The David Maverick: 3.6 APS + .8 Votes = 4.4 Total

    “The Lone Wolf” Udy: 2.6 APS + .4 Votes = 3.0 Total

    THE David Maverick’s hand is raised by the ref as "No Control" by David Bowie bellows through the arena. As the ref lowers his hand, he insists to have it raised again.

    Chaos: THE David Maverick with the hard fought victory. He’s almost forgot how to act after a victory.

    Lillehammer: That’s because he’s a Loser. A straight up loser. And he got lucky.

    Chaos: Udy’s up and he looks flustered. If Maverick is a loser, what does that make Udy?

    Lillehammer: He was unlucky.

    Chaos: Udy is pulling at his hair, I have no clue what to think of this. He’s storming to the back. Well, our winner is THE David Maverick. pYromainia is truly underway!

    DeSean J. Connery, sitting at the GM’s desk, looks around and smiles. He leans back in his chair as a knock is heard.

    DJC: Yo!

    In walks a somber Mourn Despana.

    Mourn: You asked for me?

    DJC: Ya’ heard right. Les’ talk bid’ness.

    They shake hands and Mourn slowly sits down.

    DJC: How’s ya cranium?

    Mourn: Eh.

    DJC: Betta’ be right and tight. If one of my champs ain’t prepped for the PPV…

    Mourn’s eyes dart up with a hint of anger before he takes a deep breath and nods.

    DJC: You good?

    Mourn’s lips pursed into a slight frown, he looks up at Connery with a worried look.

    DJC: Illy ain’t throwin’ stones. Ya fought harder than a few homies back in the ol’ town would have. Was some fu-

    Mourn: Is that all?

    DeSean takes a deep breath.

    DJC: Cuppa thangs. You and Bane will be facing off at At All Costs for that there Gold, sir. But you already kno’ dat.

    Mourn’s eyes narrow.

    DJC: I ain’t interested in any bitchin’ or moanin’ from either side, so that stip’s gonna kill dat noise off rip. A best two-out-of-three falls match. Bane already privy.

    Mourn: K.

    DJC: Speakin’ of privy ... I know boutcha li’l … side hustle, I’ma call it. Getting yourself a raise under this… I get it. You carryin’ gold now, an’ ya usin’-

    Mourn: The hell?

    DJC: You takin’ tha fall.

    Mourn: Smitten. That dirty low-

    DJC: Not Smitten. I ain’t riskin’ my neck or anyone else’s if it ain’t warranted. So again, keep it 100… did it go down like ya said or nah? Did it go like this?

    DJC plays the recorder:

    Quote Originally Posted by audio recording View Post

    Smitten: Yes. I not saying a small fee would be required. But with the uptick in business, I am sure something can be handed down to the talent. If you work with me on this, play ball...

    Mourn: I can play ball, Smitten. I’ll stand behind you to the end on this...

    Smitten: Well, if I have your support we’ll give this roster a nice little treat.

    Mourn: One that, I’m sure, they’ll never seen coming.
    Mourn: What? No. I… I was running down the… the proposal!

    Mourn takes a very large breath.

    DJC: Figured. Could’a popped ya more. Ya care for these cats. Even tha benedicts...

    Mourn: Who...

    DJC: Don’t play dumb, fam.

    Mourn: I don’t assume things like this.

    DJC: Bane.

    Mourn nods slowly as his eyes start to grow in anger.

    DJC: Pump ya brakes. Calm down.

    Mourn and DJC share a staredown.

    DJC: Mourn, keep ya shade. I’m on yo’ side, dig?

    Mourn stands from his seat and they shake hands.

    DJC: I want ya word, nigga. Save it for the main event.

    Mourn: As a man of my word, I cannot give it...

    Connery nods with a smirk.

    DJC: Aight den, peace.

    Mourn nods, eyes already towards the door. He cracks his knuckles and vigorously marches out of the room. DJC reaches for the desk’s phone.

    DJC: Get me some blues…
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    Chaos: We already had an amazing match tonight. And next up we have a 6 man tag team match,

    Lillehammer: It’s sure to be a slobber-

    A Howl emanates and the arena goes dark!

    Lillehammer: What the heck!

    The Tron comes alive and there’s a man standing with scissors.

    Chaos: Is it The Lone Wolf?

    Lillehammer: It sure seems to be the mad man but what the hell is he up to??

    The Lone Wolf starts chopping off his hair with what looks like a straight razor. The crowd murmurs in confused horror. The clumps of drenched black locks drop to the floor and ribbon around his feet as he screams through the tearing. He then picks up his trench coat.

    Chaos: What is he doing?

    The Lone Wolf goes back behind gorilla position and enters back with a red canister. Pouring gasoline onto the trench coat, he soaks the things straight through. Reaching into a pocket, a rubs a match against his chest. From behind him, PERC forces grabs at him to contian the dangerous scene. As he’s apprehended, his tosses the match onto the coat. The flame ignites. He lights up the trench coat. The smoke and flames rise as he’s taken to the ground. It continues to burn until PERC forces stamp out the flame. The camera zooms in at The Lone Wolf’s face, pressed against the ground by Risk Control. He stares long into the camera.


    The light are back on the arena and the crowd continues to murmur.

    Lillehammer: It was weird. The man just added another level of crazy to his craziness.

    Chaos: Weird it was man. But what does it mean? The action rolls on tonight, with our Six Man Tag Team Match!

    Lillehammer: That’s right! It’s Bane Uzzah, Leon Caprice, and Clarence Holt squaring off against Bronx, Miller Allen, and Joe Citizen!

    Announcer: The following is a Six Man Tag Team Match, scheduled for One-fall! Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 265 lbs. The team of Bane Uzzah, Leon Caprice, and Clarence Holt!

    “Sapari” by Orphaned Land blares across the speakers, as Bane, Leon, and Clarence make their way down the ramp. Bane strolls down the ramp, wearing his top hat, and leather jacket, and starts to remove them as he climbs the ring steps. As he kneels down to to pray, Leon, and Clarence give him a funny look, and shrug as they start to warm up.

    Announcer: And their opponents! Coming in at of 672 lbs. The team of Bronx, Miller Allen, and Joe Citizen!

    “Berserk” by Eminem starts to blare across the speakers as Bronx, Miller Allen and Joe Citizen make their way down the ramp. Bronx looks serious, as he leads the team towards the ring. They climb the steps, and the match is ready to go.

    Chaos: It looks like Miller Allen and Leon Caprice will be starting this one off.

    Lillehammer: Leon Caprice of course has a bit of added pressure, if he impresses in this match, he’s added to the DEEPNET title match.

    Chaos: That’s a lot of pressure to face, and Caprice looks ready, willing, and able to live up to it! Miller starts with a headlock, but Caprice shoves him toward the ropes, and shrugs him off. Miller hits the ropes, and comes crashing into Caprice, but once again, Caprice shrugs him off, not even budging the slightest bit!

    Lillehammer: That’s the strength and determination of Leon Caprice!

    Chaos: Allen looks shocked, and retaliates with an elbow to the jaw!

    Caprice now looks stunned, and Allen locks the elbows, for a double-arm DDT.

    Lillehammer: Double-arm DDT! But Caprice flips over him, even with his hands tied, and plants his knees on the back of Miller Allen! Allen is down!

    Chaos: Not for long! Caprice picks up Miller Allen, and interlocks his hands between the top two ropes! We’ve seen this before! Trapped in Time!

    With Allen immobile, Caprice starts to strike, first with a left hand, then a right hand , then a right foot, then a left leg. He continues his assault, and backs up, ready for a super kick to the jaw. Reaching from the corner, Bronx tags himself in. Caprice hits the super kick, but as he stands up, Bronx is there to greet him with a standing missile drop kick, which sends Caprice flailing into the corner.

    Lillehammer: Caprice definitely got the better of Miller Allen, let’s see how he does against Bronx.

    Caprice tries to get his footing, but Bronx capitalizes on his dizziness, and batter him into the corner. Bronx grabs the shoulder, as stiffly as he can, and launches Caprice towards his own corner. As he does, Bane tags him on the back, and jumps into the ring. Bane grabs Bronx in a headlock, as Caprice rolls away.

    Lillehammer: Bane now laying into that street thug with jaw jacking elbows.

    Chaos: These must be two of your favourites, eh Lillehammer?

    Lillehammer: Well let’s just say I’m doing the best I can to maintain my professionalism. One is a terrorist, the other is a common gangbanger! It’s Sophie's Choice for morons!

    Chaos: Well Bronx now, with a kick to the lower leg. Bane goes down, and Bronx hits the ropes. Bane comes after him as best he can though, and ducks under. Bronx goes right over top of him, and Bane stands up, and lifts Bronx up, over his head!

    Lillehammer: Bronx isn’t exactly a giant either, but just imagine how strong he must be!

    Chaos: Bronx heads to the top rope! Bane is struggling to get up on the mat!

    Lillehammer: Photon Cannon Def Sentence! What the!?

    As Bronx goes to jump off the ropes, Clarence Holt runs over, and shoves him off, back into the ring.

    Chaos: Clarence Holt may have saved the match for his team!

    Lillehammer: That dirty Commie!

    Chaos: He looks pretty clean to me.

    Lillehammer: That hygienic Commie!

    Bane starts to crawl towards his corner, where Holt is ready to make the tag. Holt tags himself in, just as Bronx is trying to pull himself up. Holt winds up for a kick, but Bronx dodges, and gets to his feet in a flash. He’s there to meet Holt with a German Suplex!

    Lillehammer: The Nazi suplex! That one sent Holt all the way across the ring. Bronx heads back to his corner, and tags in Joe Citizen. Joe flips over the top rope, ready for action, as Holt climbs to his feet.

    Chaos: And now it’s Holt and Citizen going at it, trading blows. Holt winds up for a kick, but Citizen blocks. He backs Joe up to the corner, and drives his knee right into the chest. As Citizen goes to the floor, Holt starts to stomp on the back.

    Lillehammer: Holt now, drives his foot over the neck of Joe Citizen. He pulls him up, and delivers a razor chop to the chest! Citizen shoves him away, and drives an elbow into the jaw! Clarence is stunned!

    Chaos: And now, Joe shoves him back into his own corner, where Leon Caprice is waiting to make the tag! Leon Caprice tags himself in, springboards off the top rope with a Springboard Dropkick right to the skull of Joe Citizen. Citizen back to his his feet, but the sturdy Australian grabs him for a swinging neck breaker!

    Lillehammer: Caprice is about ready to wrap things up! In my books he HAS made a pretty good impact. But if he can hit the Timewarp, that will really drive his point home.

    Chaos: With Citizen now trying to get to his feet, Caprice heads to the top rope. He pulls down his kneepad, exposing his knee! Driving Home!

    Lillehammer: Caprice cracks him across the skull with that massively powerful kick!

    Chaos: Now! Caprice is signalling, ready for the Timewarp!

    Lillehammer: What? What’s Bronx doing!?

    Bronx hits the ring, and levels Caprice with a flying knee to the jaw before he can hit the Timewarp. The ref forces Bronx out of the ring, but with Caprice down, Bane reaches over, to tag himself in.

    Lillehammer: Well Bane still has a chance to win for his team. He heads to the corner, as Citizen tries to get to his feet. And look at Caprice! He’s furious! Not at Bane, but at Bronx!

    Chaos: Bronx with a picture perfect running dropkick to Clarence Holt! Caprice abandons the tag rope, and he manages to stop Bronx before he can get back into the ring.

    Lillehammer: Allen tags himself back in. Both men charging…

    Chaos: Allen explodes into Bane with a closeline! Allen off the ropes, another sends Bane sprawling!

    Lillehammer: How is this happening?

    Chaos Allen measuring, Off one rope, off another-

    [i]Just as Allen winds into a full momentum closeline, Bane catches Allen under the jaw with a lunging headbutt. [/b]


    Lillehammer: Citizen still hasn’t gotten up out here.

    Bane surveys the carnage around him and saunters towards the corner.

    Chaos: Bane waits, ready to strike with the Final Kick. Allen trying to get to his knees,

    Lillehammer: Turn away folks!


    Lillehammer: Bronx can’t get into the ring!

    Chaos: SLOWLY MAKES THE COVER! 1! 2! 3!


    Announcer: The winners of the match, Bane Uzzah, Leon Caprice, and Clarence Holt!

    Bane Uzzah + Leon Caprice + Clarence Holt: 4.1 APS + 3.9 APS + 1.7 APS + .9 Votes = 10.6 Total

    Bronx + Miller Allen + Joe Citizen: 3.8 APS + 0 APS+ 0 APS + .3 Votes = 4.1 Total

    “Sapari” by Orphaned Land brings a chorus of boos from through the arena. Bane just smiles and says a silent prayer.

    Chaos: A convincing win by the team of Bane, Leon and Clarence.

    Lillehammer: Bane really stood out. He’s really got that look of a champion.

    Chaos: Is he the only one you liked in this match?

    Lillehammer: Well Leon Caprice gave it his all, I wonder if he was able to impress the right people.

    Chaos: Very true. We’ll be right back in a moment, but first:

    Money. Some harbor it as an evil invention to split up the influence of the masses. Some run their hands through it as a prize for a job well done.

    At All Costs.

    A phrase synonymous with power. With sacrifice. With triumph.

    A friendship ruined by jealousy and greed. Willing to do whatever it takes to be named the best.

    A purpose for revenge. A reason to believe it is your time to prove your worth.

    A changed path fueled by hate.

    A time in which two careers collide for the first time.

    Sixx Karat Gold goes to war at the border of Mexico.

    #1 contender GOLDEN challenges Champion SIXX KING for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship.

    LIVE ON LPW Network!


    Contact your local Cable provider and tell them you want to witness pYromania's brand of combat sports, live!

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    Rose Florecer stands backstage with her normal radiant and inviting smile.

    Rose: Tijuana looms over our heads as we soon head to the San Diego/Tijuana area for the glitz and glamor that is a pYromania Pay-Per-View. I for one cannot wait for Sixx and Golden to settle things inside the squared circle. Tonight has been an action packed show of its own. Joining me at this time, ahead of his big match in the main event and a title defence against Bane Uzzah at At All Costs, the Western-

    Mourn Despana flashes past camera. Rose motions the cameraman to follow him. The camera catches Bane Uzzah walking through the curtain.

    Mourn: UZZAH!

    As Mourn closes the distance to the defensive Bane, security bolts in from the sides separating the men.

    Mourn: OUT OF THE WAY!

    Bane: Typical aggressive American.


    The tussling gets more violent from Mourn as Bane laughs.

    Bane: I’ll be taking my leave. Unless you plan on assaulting another Jew.

    As Mourn starts lunging over the secuirty, a battered Bronx pulls at Mourn.

    Bronx: This is what he wants! Calm down!

    Mourn scowls at Bronx.

    Bronx: Ya know I’m right.

    Bane: Yes. Stand down, Soldier.

    Mourn fixes his robe and stares at Bane as his rival struts down the the hall.

    Chaos: Things getting hot and heavy backstage.

    Lillehammer: Only because that so called champion isn’t able to handle his emotions.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

    He who makes a beast out of himself,
    Gets rid of the pain of being a man!

    The crowd erupts for LPW’s popular superstar, Damien Blaze. As one half of the Tag Team Championship strapped to his waist and Avenged Sevenfold’s “Bat Country” driving the crowd to a fever pitch, he presses vigorously to the ring.

    Announcer: Making his way down the aisle, from Transylvania by way of Austin, Texas. Weighing in at 275 lbs. One-Half of the LPW Tag Team Champions, DAAAMIEN. BLAAAAAAZE!

    Chaos: Blaze starting to turn things around lately with a strong showing at Murderer’s Row.

    Lillehammer: Good showing? He lost in the Death Cube. No one cares if you have a good showing. They care if you win. He’s driven, but can he put down without a shadow of a doubt, one of the toughest LPW superstars of all time?

    Announcer: And his opponent.

    ”Eriatarka” by Mars Volta gets drowned out by Boos as D. Hammond Samuels saunters out onto the stage.

    Announcer: From Tombstone, Arizona. Weighing in at 260 lbs. LPW Hall of Famer, D. HAAAAAAAMOND SAAAAAAAAMUEALS!

    Chaos: With his duster on, and an attitude that screams “I don’t give a-”

    Lillehammer: FAMILY SHOW!

    Chaos: Hoot?

    Lillehammer: Oh. Carry on.

    Chaos: D. Hamm-

    Lillehammer: HAM is one of the greats. I’ll give him that. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t need to. He is capable of beating anyone at any time. Tonight he gets to prove to another youngin that he’s stil as talented as he has been in the past.

    Chaos: Hammond gingerly making it into the ring. His battles look to be catching up to him.

    Lillehammer: You were ringside in Idaho. I’m sorry by the way you had to actually go to that backwood fly-over state, Hammond got straight up knocked cold at SOM. He doesn’t even look close to 100%.

    Chaos: Let’s be fair. Hammond isn’t the same man he once was. He’s been through WARS in an LPW arena. Spilled more blood than just about anyone. A fighter only has so many shots he can take.


    Hammond removes his duster as Blaze hands his championship to the ref. Hammond and Blaze lock eyes and both men now to one another. And slowly walk towards each other.

    Chaos: I don’t expect a scientific match-up here. This is going-

    Hammond’s battered body springs into action. closing the distance with a series of surprising jabs that catch Blaze under the chin.

    Lillehammer: HAM STRIKING!

    Chaos: Blaze getting peppering with lunging jabs. Blaze backing to the corner.

    Lillehammer: Ham is giving him a working! He knows his only chance is to end this quick.

    Chaos: Blaze shoves Hammond away.

    Lillehammer: Hammond quickly back up.

    Chaos: Hammond back in with a few rights to the mid- A HUGE ELBOW SMASH BY BLAZE! Clinch by Blaze, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

    Lillehammer: Blaze he’s an old man, let him be!

    Chaos: Blaze pulling Ham back up, ANOTHER ONE!

    Lillehammer: Like a ragdoll!

    Chaos: Blaze back up, not letting go of the hold. He drives Hammond to the corner. Arms still cliched? RELEASE BELLY-TO-BELLY BY BLAZE!

    Lillehammer: Hammond pulling himself up.


    Lillehammer: Hammond still pulling himself up.

    Chaos: Blaze in disbelief. Blaze walks over, right hand by Hammond!

    Lillehammer: That had no strength behind it.

    Chaos: Blaze with a vicious kick to the midsection. Blaze lifts him, ONE-SHOULDERED POWERBOMB!

    Lillehammer: That’s it.

    Chaos: Blaze with a cover. 1! KICK OUT?

    Lillehammer: A defiant kick out at 1!

    Chaos: Hammond still trying to move and Blaze is shaking his head towards the ref.

    Lillehammer: I don’t know if he thinks the ref counted really slow, of surprised at the resilience of his battered opponent.

    Chaos: Blaze goozles Ham. He pulls him up. CHOKESLAM!

    Lillehammer: This is ov-

    Chaos: Ham is still trying to reach his feet.

    Blaze throws his arms in the air and grabs his remorseless opponent.


    Lillehammer: That is it.

    Chaos: Blaze with a hook of the leg. 1! 2! KICKOUT!

    Blaze gets up and points at Ham who is showing as much fight as he can by prying himself off the mat.


    Lillehammer: He’s threatening to hurt Ham.

    Chaos: He’s doing nothing of the sort. Ham won’t quit. He won’t give up until his body can’t take any more.

    Lillehammer: Ref over to Ham He can’t seriously be asking Ham-

    Chaos: Ham pushes the ref away.

    Damien cautiously approaches Ham. Ham spins around towards Blaze who keeps Ham at an arm's length by wrapping his fingers once again around D. Hammond Samuels’ throat.

    Blaze: STOP!

    Ham smirks at the larger man then spits straight into the face of Blaze.

    Chaos: Oh my.

    Lillehammer: That’s… not a good idea.

    Chaos: Blaze spins Hammond around violently, THE DEVIL’S TRAP! HE’S FLAILING HAM AROUND!

    Lillehammer: No way Ham quits.

    Chaos: Hands locked! A man’s body isn’t supposed to be thrown around like this.

    In a fit of rage, Blaze violently slams Ham to the mat.

    Chaos: MY GOODNESS!

    Lillehammer: I think he just made an omelet out of Samuels.

    Chaos: Blaze with the cover. 1! 2!

    As the ref’s arm reaches its apex, Hammond tries to kick out but his leg raises up to the sky and falls helplessly to the mat.

    Chaos: 3! This is mercifully over.

    Announcer: Winner of this contest. One-half of the LPW World Tag Team Champions, DAAAAMIEN BLAAAAAAAAAAZE

    Damien Blaze: 4.0 APS + 1.2 Total = 5.2 Total

    D. Hammond Samuels: 0 + 0 = 0

    As “Bat Country” by Avenged Sevenfold plays, Blaze confidently smiles towards a lifeless Hammond.

    Chaos: No remorse from Blaze, and I really can’t blame him. Hammond isn’t the type to be remorseful about.

    Lillehammer: Man could have seriously been hurt. Have some humanity in your tongue.

    Chaos: Blaze isn’t above putting a man down. He’s also very knowledgeable towards who Hammond is. Even if he isn’t fazed by the actions he took, doesn’t mean he wanted to do it.

    Lillehammer: I’m confused.

    Chaos: Morality always confuses you. Damien Blaze was massively in control here tonight. Looks like his trip to Japan did help him out. He’s back to being his normal self at just the right time heading to At All Costs!

    The music suddenly goes silent. Cut to the office of Damion Kross, CEO of Public Enemy Multimedia INC, lit somewhat ominously by the incandescent bulb of an ornate desk lamp and the glow of a laptop monitor. The studied seriousness, and cold calculated dispassion that paints his visage only enhanced by the shadows of the reading glasses he wears. He seems unaware of the camera, until his piercing glare spikes the lens of the camera, as he shuts the computer lid with practiced deliberate motion, the nature of this set up giving the distinct impression of his control of the situation; whether or not this was intentional as a demonstration of that control or if it is a demonstration of his ruthless efficiency that he would work up until the moment he needs to address the camera is unclear. His voice comes out, cold but a distinct under note of inchoate rage.

    Kross: D. Hammond Samuels. The self-styled father of my prodigal P.E.R.C.s has been, to utilize the level of cliche that befits a man of his current stature, a thorn in my side. His disruptions and distractions cannot be tolerated any longer; however, it is becoming readily apparent that this shadow of a snake is just as hard to eliminate as said umbra. The combination of hate and determination that this shambling corpse is animated by would be admirable, were it not so contemptible. I cannot abide this man; however his contract is self-written and inextricable; his low cunning has made his termination an ordeal.

    I turn to another cliche; Fight Fire, with Fire.

    He clicks a button on his desk and a projector lowers behind him as footage rolls, even projecting over his face, still a cold stone mask. From the LPW Inferno watermark and SD aspect ratio it is clear it is footage from the past, from a certain era. A younger, still haggard D. Hammond Samuels is reeling from a punch as he lunges back at his attacker, only for a woman in bridal dress, showing slightly with child, pushes her betrothed out of the way. Samuels fist finds its mark on her belly. The footage is paused at the rage and pain on the father’s face as he cradles his downed wife.

    Kross: Drew Michaels may be done with LPW, but we are not finished with him; he owes the company one last match before he will be allowed to retire. However this is not a punishment, this is a gift. Finally, he will have his justice. He is rested, and Hammond is broken down. This is will be an end of it. No longer will this murdered be cheered for his murderous rage by the cretinous masses, no longer will his legend grow.

    There will be one Last Man Standing, At All Costs.

    Fade to black.
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    “I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie.”
    - H. Rap Brown


    A new division. A new start.

    Pushing the envelope, further than it’s ever been pushed before.

    Obsidian, Miller Allen, Bronx, and now entered into the match…Leon Caprice.

    We see images of all four men standing tall, followed by the DEEPNET title itself. The camera pans to a shot of Obsidian looking up to the sky, hands outstretched.

    A man possessed by belief. At Murderers Row, Obsidian became one of the few athletes to ever compete inside the DeathCube. Now, with Udy and Clarence Holt at his side, The Will of Serpentus grows in size by the day. Can the man who holds the Serpentus Staff take the newly created DEEPNET title under his control?

    To do it, he’ll have to go through a man looking for redemption.


    The camera pans to Bronx, arms crossed, head cocked to the side

    A man who is not afraid of a challenge.
    A clip is shown of Bronx stepping through the ropes and getting into the face of Gavin O’Connor, from Murders Row.

    Bronx seeks to face only the greatest of challenges that LPW has to offer. And there is no greater challenge in LPW today than becoming the face of a new division, blurring the lines between prize-fighting and grappling. In this regard, some might say there is nobody better suited than The Troublemaker himself.

    Some say otherwise.

    The camera pans to Miller Allen. Allen stands with his eyes closed, hands outstretched. As his eyes open, his hands close into fists.

    A man seeking to start a new life for himself. Miller Allen is leaving his past behind, and forging a new reality for himself in LPW. To justify his passion, he’ll need to take the DEEPNET Title, and with it, become the face LPW’s newest brand.

    But to do that, he’ll have to go through the wildcard.

    Leon Caprice stands, smiling. He looks into the camera with a wink.

    They say if you know your enemy, and you know yourself, you can win every battle.

    Leon Caprice has come out of nowhere, and has entered into the battle for the inaugural DEEPNET Championship. The element of surprise, of unpredictability is exactly what the DEEPNET brand is built on, and no man represents that better than the unpredictable Leon Caprice. The man who has vowed to purge LPW of ego. Leon Caprice looks to cull this company of all those who would oppose him.


    A new Division. A New Start.

    The world of LPW will forever be changed by this groundbreaking new concept.

    At Pyromania’s At All Cost’s, the world will be forever changed. Who will walk out as the first ever DEEPNET champion?

    Chaos: And it’s main event time.

    Lillehammer: And time for the public demise of one Mourn Despana. And the Main Event ascension of the most unstoppable force in LPW --- Obsidian.

    Chaos: I don’t know about that, Robert. He certainly was halted in his tracks at Murderer’s Row.

    Lillehammer: And it took the combined efforts of the best LPW has to offer in order to do it! The word is out - Obsidian is what’s next. The man, his size, his demeanor, his sheer force of will --- it’s going to carry him to greatness.

    "Stabbing The Drama" by Soilwork begins to blast through the arena as almost timid boos erupt throughout the capacity crowd. From the back walks Obsidian, looking menacing as ever. His gaze cast to the ground he walks atop, raising Serpentus above his head. As he sets his stance at the top of the ramp, he lets out a mighty war cry from that emanates from the depth of his very core. He walks down the ramp.[/i]

    Chaos: He’s in a foul mood tonight.

    Lillehammer: It’s not a mood, partner. It’s a belief system. A way of life. It’s just who he is. Keep moving… or get out of his way.

    In an awkward tenor shift, the classic riffs of Survivor’s "Eye of the Tiger" begin to ripple through the audio system. In a similarly jarring shift, the audience goes from thoroughly intimidated by The Leader of the Cabal to ecstatic to see one of LPWs greatest heroes, Mourn Despana. The Western States Heritage Champion stands at the top of the ramp, where his opponent stood only minutes before, and looks out to the crowd. He soaks up their acclaim and makes his way towards a fight.

    Chaos: It’s important to remember that Mourn Despana went through absolute hell at Murderer’s Row.

    Lillehammer: Turnabout is fair play.

    Chaos: How do you mean?

    Lillehammer: He makes all of us go through hell week by week when he talks.

    Chaos: Will you stop!


    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen… this match is scheduled for one fall… and is our MAIN EVENT!

    In this corner… From Parts Unknown… representing the Mighty Cabal… this… is… Obsidian!

    And his opponent…He is the Western States Heritage Champion... From Seat-BLAGH!

    Before the announcer can finish, he is thrusted out of the way as the Monster Obsidian bum-rushes the Western States Heritage Champion

    Chaos: Oh, come on!

    Lillehammer: Kill, Obsidian! Kill!

    Chaos: Obsidian throws a massive european uppercut into the unsuspecting Despana, who flies backwards and crashes into the turnbuckle. The Leader of the Cabal wastes no time, continuing in his attack mode.

    Lillehammer: It’s the only mode he knows. The man has two functions - hurt, and punish.

    Chaos: And the punishing is exactly what he seems set on doing. He grabs Despana’s head and locks in a front facelock. With it applied, he rains down elbow smashes into the back and shoulders of Mourn.

    Lillehammer: The only way that the men in Murderer’s Row could deal with Obsidian was by teaming up on him, four at once, and even then he refused to give in. It took four Champions of past and present to put him down. And only then --- it was but temporary. Mourn has no chance.

    Chaos: And as much as I hate to say it, I do think Mourn might be thinking the same thing. He’s on his stomach, trying to get back to a solid base after Obsidian flattened him with a devastating elbow to the spine. Obsidian stalks Mourn, who is on one knee now, and grabs him by the hair. With Mourn up, Obsidian whips him hard into a corner. Obsidian pursues Despana, dropping to a knee and throwing a shoulder thrust into the wrapped gut of the Western States Heritage Champion.

    Lillehammer: It’s a full assault to the man’s midsection. Front and back. Without that core strength, Mourn can’t get to the a solid base and take Obsidian down. Without it, no rolling elbow. Sasori-Gatame.

    Chaos: Indeed, Robert. Despana needs to turn this around, and fast. Obsidian is going for a power move, lifting Mourn onto the top rope in a seated position. He gets onto the first rope, steps up to the second and no! Mourn comes alive! He’s kicking and thrashing and punishing Obsidian, who stumbles backwards, but instantly regroups and gets right back in front of Despana.

    Lillehammer: It looks like Obsidian doesn’t want to give Mourn any room to breath. Make him fight in a phone booth.

    Chaos: And so far he’s succeeding! Obsidian absorbs the blows of Despana as this capacity crowd begins to get behind their Champion. Mourn is able to get both of his legs back inside the ring ropes. He’s taking a defensive position, not allowing Obsidian to climb up. Mourn takes both of his legs and plants them into the chest of Obsidian! He pushes off! Obsidian stumbles all the way across the ring, slamming on his back and rolling. He gets right back up! Mourn runs towards him! Obsidian catches Mourn and lifts! Flap Jack!!!

    Lillehammer: Like a pancake!

    Chaos: Obsidian used all that momentum Mourn had gained and used it right against him.

    Lillehammer: And people like to pretend that Obsidian is just some no-brain monster. He knows what he’s doing in there. His intellect is as big as his volume.

    Chaos: And you have nothing to say of Mourn Despana?

    Lillehammer: The man getting dominated right now? No. I really don’t. Besides the fact that he’s getting EXPOSED.

    Chaos: I promise, partner. The match has only began. I’ve known and watched Despana for years now. He’s one of this company's most battle-tested, most resilient.

    Lillehammer: Yeah, well this isn’t a battle. It’s an onslaught.

    Chaos: He isn’t dominating. Mourn has him right where he wants him. He told me earlier that he’s been working on a new knuckle related submission hold. He’s just using his forehead to soften those knuckles up.

    Lillehammer: I…. what?

    Chaos: Just doing my best impression your of absurd logic.

    Lillehammer: I just… I don’t know how to respond… Oh my! Obsidian is gouging at Mourn’s eye!

    Chaos: No! He tried to! Mourn was able to get wrap his hands around the claw of Obsidian! The Ronin is tearing at those tiny muscles and separating his opponents middle and ring finger at an alarming rate. Obsidian drops to a knee!

    Mourn powers Obsidian down to the mat. With his arm in control, Despana wraps his legs around the limb and rolls over into an armbar, torquing the elbow and shoulder at an uncomfortable angle.

    Lillehammer: He’s a damn cockroach.

    Chaos: Obsidian gets his feet flat to the mat and begins to bridge from his neck and heels. Mourn is losing his grip!

    Lillehammer: The strength of this guy!

    Chaos: But Mourn is holding on strong, too! Obsidian is attempting to roll his shoulders, using his bridges legs as leverage. Mourn is like a Cowboy bucking a Bronco!

    Lillehammer: Lift him! Lift him!

    Chaos: LOOK AT THIS! Obsidian has lifted Mourn off the ground! Despana’s legs are wrapped around the arm of Obsidian and he’s being thrusted into the air! Mourn lets his legs down, he stands on two feet, still holding that arm. He uses Obsidian’s momentum against him! Depsana flips over Obsidian, taking the monster with him in the process into an arm-wrench La Magistral cradle!

    1! 2! No!

    Lillehammer: Listen to this crowd!

    Chaos: They truly thought that was it! As did I!

    Lillehammer: It’s gonna take a lot more than that, partner!

    Chaos: You’re probably right. Mourn gets right back to work, the crowd cheering him on. He gives Obsidian no quarter, right back on him with a chin lock. But Obsidian is having none of it - he’s on one knee. Mourn uses his free hand to send an open palmed shivers to the back kidney of Obsidian.

    Lillehammer: You ever stand at the base of a mountain and feel a light breeze flutter behind you? That’s what those strikes must feel like for this Beast.

    Chaos: Where do you get this stuff? Obsidian with both knees on the mat, Mourn hunched over. Mourn lets go, runs towards the ropes, bounces off… Yakuza Kick! Obsidian crumbles onto his back. Mourn back up. He runs towards the ropes… leaps! MOONSAULT! Despana pins!

    1! 2! Kick out!

    Lillehammer: And that only enraged Obsidian!

    Chaos: That seems to be the case! He’s gnashing and snarling and rising to his feet. Mourn sends in a kick to the chest of Obsidian. And another. They’re impactful, but ultimately useless. Obsidian is up to a knee and rising. Mourn bounces off the ropes! Hurricanr! No! Obsidian catches Mourn, who’s legs are wrapped around the man's head! Mourn slumps over in a Tree of Woe type position. Obsidian lifts for a powerbomb, but Despana is able to angle his body to prevent the position.

    Lillehammer: Precarious position for the Western States Heritage Champion… I’d hate for something bad to happen to him.

    Chaos: Obsidian has every intention on making that bad thing happen, happen. He stumbles around the ring… towards corner ringpost. Mourn gets his foot to the middle rope. Obsidian breaks his grip. Mourn sets himself. Leaps! Tilt-a-whirl DDT!

    Lillehammer: NOOO!

    1! 2! Thr-No!

    Chaos: Obsidian just barely answers the call! And Mourn is rolling now! He’s back up, the crowd firmly behind him,

    Lillehammer: They’re about to be firmly disappointed!

    Chaos: Mourn pumps up the crowd! Obsidian stumbles to his feet and backs into the corner. Mourn gets a running start and running high knee! Straight to the mush of Obsidian. Mourn keeps himself close and sends knife edge chops to the chest of his opponent.





    Chaos: Mourn demands more leverage! He steps to the second rope and mounts Obsidian, raining down punches, the crowd restarts their count!








    As he comes down with shot number 8, Obsidian drops to a seated position, pushing Mourn’s feet out from under him and sends Mourn crashing face first into the ring post.

    Chaos: Obsidian just bounced Mourn’s skull off the ringpost! This may be over once Obsidian recovers.

    Lillehammer: Recovers? Mourn is going to be eating from a straw for the next 40 years!

    Chaos: Obsidian comes to! Mourn is a heap in the corner. Obsidian rolls over the Western States Heritage and pins him!

    Lillehammer: It’s over! It’s all over!

    Chaos: One!


    Ref stops the count!?

    Lillehammer: That was three! Learn to count, you incompetent lout!

    Chaos: Rope break! Mourn was able to slide a foot under the bottom rope. Nobody saw it but the ref!

    Lillehammer: Obsidian is irate! And for good reason! I didn’t see the rope break!

    We go to a replay showing, clearly, Mourn’s foot under the rope.

    Lillehammer: I… I STILL DON’T SEE IT!

    Chaos: Of coooooourse you don’t. Obsidian is giving Mourn time to recover here. He’s berating the ref, gesticulating wildly. Mourn is getting to his feet… He still seems to have his brain rattled a bit, though. Obsidian turns… grabs him… Small… err… still quite a large package by Mourn!

    One! Two! No!

    Lillehammer: Where IS The Cabal?!

    Chaos: Are you really calling for interference right now?

    Lillehammer: I’m calling for this man's followers to help him while this gnat is being an annoyance!

    Chaos: Will you stop! Both men back up, exchanging lefts and rights. I don’t think this is the kind of war Mourn wants to wage. To his credit, he’s hanging in there. Left by Mourn, right by Obsidian, left by Mourn, right by Obsidian.

    Lillehammer: That knock to the head must’ve done a number of Mourn. This is the dumbest tactical error since The Germans attacked England and France!

    Chaos: They continue! Left by Mourn, right by Obsidian, left by Mourn, right by Obsidian, Mourn ducks under! Obsidian stumbles, he turns. Open handed chop to the chest, Obsidian stumbles back. Another! Another! Another! The Monster is beat red! His back hits the turnbuckle. Mourn goes for another… BUT OBSIDIAN SWITCHES! Mourn in the corner. Knee to the mid-section of the Champ. Another. Another. Despana is doubled over. Obsidian sets up Mourn for a powerbomb, backs up… POWERBOMB INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! Mourn crumbles to the mat! Obsidian with the cover…

    One… two… kick out!

    Lillehammer: COME… ON!

    Chaos: And once again the crowd goes bonkers

    Lillehammer: It’s ok… It’s ok… The Leader of the Cabal is in control now. It’s only a matter of time. He’s lifting Mourn from the mat…

    Chaos: Might be setting him up for the Superplex we’ve seen from him. If he hits this…

    Lillehammer: If he hits this it’s night night, Ronin.

    Chaos: Obsidian gets his footing. He has Despana set up. Here it comes! No! Mourn sinches. Obsidian can’t get off!

    Lillehammer: Phrasing!

    Chaos: Mourn is holding Obsidian as tight as he can!

    Lillehammer: PHRASING!

    Chaos: The Champion battles back with a couple punches to the side and back of Obsidian, who absorbs them without much effort. Mourn is flailing himself wildly. He gets a leg free and is able to stand, get his footing to gain more power. Headbutt to Obsidian! Another! Another! The Leader of the Cabal steps down and stumbles back, still on his feet. Mourn sets himself… NORTHWEST LARIAT FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!! Both men crash to the canvas.

    Lillehammer: HERE COMES THE CAVALRY!

    Chaos: But not before Mourn can pin!

    One! Two! IT’S OV-NO! NO! DAMNIT NO!

    ”The Lone Wolf” Udy, sporting new shorter slick backed hair and Clarence Holt pull the ref out of the ring to stop the count. Udy rolls into the ring. Mourn releases the pin, which is at a clear 8 or 9 count now.

    Chaos: Mourn gets to his feet, Udy comes through the ropes… ROLLING ELBOW!!! Udy is knocked out cold, and stumbles outside the ring. Holt rolls into the ring as Mourn gets to his feet. The two exchange blows. The ref is still down. He can’t see the DQ! Holt whips Mourn-no! Mourn reverses. Holt bounces off the rope! ROLLING ELBOW!!!! Holt collapses to the outside! Mourn lets out a mighty scream!

    Lillehammer: Here we go!

    Inside the ring, seemingly from nowhere, Bane Uzzah stands with a chair in hand. The referee gets to his feet, resting his on the outside apron and screaming. Mourn turns, sees him, and is met with a steel chair across the skull. Mourn crashes to the mat with a vicious thud. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos, disappointed at the display of selfishness shown by Bane Uzzah.

    Chaos: No! No! Where did he come from?!?!

    Lillehammer: From Heaven above, Manny. From Heaven above!


    Chaos: He absolutely ruined what was developing into a great main event. Damn you, Uzzah. Damn you!

    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen… the winner of this match… by disqualification… Western States Heritage Champion Mourn Despana!

    Mourn Despana: 4.4 APS + .9 Total = 5.3 Total
    Obsidian: 4.0 APS + .3 Votes = 3.4

    Lillehammer: And now the fun begins!

    Inside the ring, Uzzah and a now revived Obsidian kick a downed Mourn. The Cabal join them, raining kicks down on Despana. Obsidian calls to get Mourn up. Udy and Holt respond in kind while Bane Uzzah smiles and backs away.

    Chaos: This is a mugging! Obsidian and Holt take Mourn to one corner turnbuckle while Udy goes to the one adjacent. Holt lifts Mourn up onto the turnbuckle. Obsidian gets in position! They’re going for The Will of Serpentus, that devastating Super Powerslam followed by a diving elbow. This move would take Mourn out of his WSHC defense for sure.

    Lillehammer: And Bane would be the new Champion. Yes. Yes. Yes!

    ”Party Up by DMX blasts through the PA system. The crowd, knowing that the deck is about to be evened out, rise from their seats. All of the people standing in the ring, turn their neck towards the ramp where Bronx and Miller Allen run out from the back.

    Chaos: Here comes Bronx and Allen. The dive in the ring, wait. The Cabal is… Why are they exiting the ring? Clarence and Udy are pulling their charge from the ring!

    Lillehammer: Lions don’t always eat all of a carcass in one sitting.

    Chaos: This blatant hit and run. They ruined a stunning match-up and now they won’t face the music!

    Lillehammer: Their mission was to send a message. One that the whole world has noticed.

    Chaos: Well, Obsidian will have to face Bronx and Allen eventually for the DEEPNET Title. And Bane… I can’t imagine what Mourn is going to do once he gets his hands on him.

    Lillehammer: Say what you want… but I consider this job accomplished. Good for them. Teach these swines who is in charge of pYro!

    Chaos: This is all from St Louis. For Robert Lillehammer, I am Mass Chaos. We will see you in Tijuana!

    Obsidian, still looking like he wants to fight, stares a hole through the men in the ring next to a confidant Bane as the the screen starts to fade.

    The names of all Lords of Pain Wrestling televised and live programming,
    talent, names, slogans, and LPW logos are trademarks and exclusive property of LPW, Inc.
    The likenesses and images of all World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling are trademarks which are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Lords of Pain Wrestling is not related in any way with WWE.COM and TNAWRESTLING.COM and is in no in way connected to WWE or TNA. All characters and images are primarily used for fun, and is not profiting from using WWE or TNA images in any way.

    All rights reserved.

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    Head Writer’s Note: The time has come for this to be said. Either we,

    1. Get more people to help out writing these shows,
    2. Go to a different format that isn’t so labor intensive,
    3. Clone Mark into a full pYromania writing staff.

    I don’t mind training you if you think you need it. But we need good, quality matches and segments being turned in. Stuff that is ready to roll without runs of edits or fixes. The truth is, I’m a big boy now with a full time gig and not enough time to write your character’s stuff. Mark has been a massive aid both organizationally and creatively. If you think you can be of service on either of those fronts please please please let me know. I’ll step my game up so that we don’t lose pYro or LPW. But I need ya’ll to match that effort. Or else these long layoffs won’t go anywhere.

    Hope ya’ll like this simple show.

    Peace. Love. Respect.


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    Mark note: I personally want to thank Marcus for his help with the show. He helped immensely and I can never give him enough praise for what he helps with.

    Lot of character development and direction for the PPV. If you aren't in a match as of this second, don't fret. You will have something at the PPV. Chat away and enjoy.

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    OOC: Nice show, and sets up our match perfectly.

    You know where to find me, I will help if I can.
    And Jacob wrestled with God.

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    Erm. How come Maverick has my theme music?

    OOC: I'd be happy to help and write a match.
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    Quote Originally Posted by "The Lone Wolf" Udy View Post
    Maverick..oh maverick..You are so delusional...Are you ready for your annihilation? Are you ready to be sacrificed at the altar of the Demon Wolf? Your end will be a new beginning for me..I will bathe in your blood and emerge immortal..Maverick hope you listen to your favorite songs and eat your favorite food...because this will be your last..
    Maverick: Delusional? Annihilation? Where the fuck was all of that?

    OOC: I have no idea why I have that theme but whatever. My last solo win was as Dyno Might #sadface #onwardsandupward

    Great show Mourn and Marcus and staff #thumpsup

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    Maverick it was there..all of it was..delusion reeked from you. You won a battle but you didnt with win the war.. Anhillation has begun!

    OOC: Amazing show. Kudos to all the guys involved for the hard work. Loved the new developments.
    Also if need be, I can help with the write up. I did little bit of writing for a small time efed when I started efeding. Most of the matches are little more WWE like with false finishes through.

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    Obsidian stands in the back alongside Ryland (a.k.a. Udy The Lone Wolf) and Clarence Holt. All three of them appear exhausted from their encounters after pYromania. The trio manage to maintain a straight face, despite the overpowering smell of gasoline from Ryland's gesture earlier in the evening.

    Obsidian: Win, lose, or draw? Do not let the official scoresheet from tonight's event attempt to paint an accurate portrayal of what really occurred tonight. Brother Ryland, even in defeat, has shown that he knows no limits when it comes to offering sacrifice to Lord Serpentus. Brother Clarence showed the utmost selflessness by assisting Bane Uzzah and Leon Caprice to victory towards a trio who were unworthy of victory. Perhaps the official scoresheet will award the win to Mourn Despana this evening, but we can expect nothing less when the LPW leadership would rather protect a domestic abuser and false hero to appease the ignorant masses rather than embrace the truth that is espoused in The Cabal. This isn't the end between you and The Cabal, Mourn, so don't believe for a second that you've seen or encountered the last of us!

    Leon Caprice, we hope you enjoyed the benefit of fighting alongside Clarence in your encounter. Being surrounded by two highly talented teammates certainly had a role in seeing you defeat the hapless Bronx, that coward Miller Allen, and whomever Joe Citizen is. It is quite amusing for us to see that you've been awarded a spot against us at Against All Odds for the DNT Championship based on these results, but we'd be more elated if you sacrificed your ego for the benefit for fortifying The Cabal with your presence. The choice is yours and we implore you not to end up on the wrong side of this battle.

    And Bane Uzzah... We don't ask you to renounce your creed or your heritage. We merely ask you to consider what The Cabal can provide for you. There are no doubts in our mind that you could defeat Mourn Despana on your own, but with allegiances and alliances being forged constantly in LPW, it may be within your interests to seek our protection from the false heroes and true villains which plague the LPW. We'll be waiting.

    May The Power Compel You!

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    Golden shakes his head wistfully.

    Golden: Why, Sixx?

  13. #13
    Mourn: Because Golden. He has a propensity of throwing away his relationships.

    Obsidian. Let us look back at how you handle things. A man, who is at odds with the way you preach, insists on someone to not injure you in the heart of combat. You return that compassion for an enemy with the intent to injure him because he won't follow you.

    You want members of your cult, but you continue to show that even those who try to help you are but a person to be on the chopping block when they face you in a professional wrestling match.

    I expected this type of behavior from someone like Bane. You disappoint me Obsidian.

    May the power of Bronx's fist repel you.

    Oh. Bronx, Allen. Thanks.
    Last edited by Macho Mourn; 07-12-2016 at 08:44 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Maverick View Post
    Maverick: Delusional? Annihilation? Where the fuck was all of that?

    OOC: I have no idea why I have that theme but whatever. My last solo win was as Dyno Might #sadface #onwardsandupward

    Great show Mourn and Marcus and staff #thumpsup
    OOC: You have that theme because for whatever reason you came out to it last time, and that's where I looked when writing your entrance. So, my bad, let's get that changed ASAP.

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    OOC: Not the end of the world or anything lol

    Good show anyway. I'm looking forward to Sixx vs. Golden a lot.

    I've got all the time you could possibly need to write if staff need any help. The only thing (aside from drinking beer) that takes up my time is Warcraft, and when the next expansion comes out in August I don't think my laptop will handle it anymore anyway.

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    I am not surprised that you are still standing. You have a thick skull, Mourn.
    And Jacob wrestled with God.

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    Thornridge switched off the television once the show went off the air. He bowed his head, letting it fall into the awaiting hands underneath.

    Thornridge: And while all this played out, I wasn't there. Global justice or selfish success, what a fine riddle I have myself in...

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    Mourn: Bane. You are a foolhardy man. Quizzically, I wonder what you believe to have accomplished. All you've done is remind me why I train.

    Yes. You got me. My head hurts.

    I wish I had a cool catchphrase here.


    Kiss my ass.

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    Unlike you Mourn, I don't kiss asses.

    Not only did you kiss Smitten's ass, you two were playing balls. Is that why Allana left you? Should have known.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JacobWrestledGod View Post
    Not only did you kiss Smitten's ass, you two were playing balls. Is that why Allana left you? Should have known.
    Storme: Allana left because she's a strong independent black woman who don't need no man.

    Or in this case, a sniveling little boy.

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    Maybe she turned lesbian. When women are anywhere near Mourn he tends to have that effect.

    Hey, at least she didn't overdose.

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    Mourn: ...

    Man. Pile on a guy why don't you?

    Bane. If I was that way, there would be nothing wrong with it. Second. Keep at it. Will make for when my elbow repeatedly meets your face satisfying.

    Storme. How's the back? I hope you aren't still mad about Murderer's Row.... oh, and me still being the Western States Heritage Champion. Wouldn't want to inform you that you lost to a "boy"... multiple times. That wouldn't look good on your résumé heading into a title match.

    Trey. I've been kind to you.
    Last edited by Macho Mourn; 07-13-2016 at 02:42 PM.

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    Yeah. You've got a good point. People in glass houses...

    Seriously though, at least she's alive. Can't say that for my ex. I'm over it, but still have loads of bad stuff to deal with like an addiction that's slowly kicking my ass and a ton of debt.

    How to be a superstar and be broke? Just look at Trey Spruance.

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    Mourn: Never a bad time to start saving.

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    All the money I make goes to Hesta's parents because they tried to sue me for her death. I barely make enough to get by, no way can I save any money.

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    Mourn: You could look for endorsements. You did just main event a pYro show and showed that even those who abuse their bodies can turn a new leaf.

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    Ah, well, that depends if I really want to turn over anything. I've been to rehab again and again. To be honest, I think it's my life. I need something to fill the void that my ex left. Drugs seem to do that fine, that's why I keep doing 'em. There's not much to complain about when you're doped up on smack, everything seems grand.

    As for more money, sure, I'd love that, but it's not likely. I may have headlined one show, but I know next week it's back to curtain jerker. I was a pawn in Sixx's game. He needed to make himself look good, so he picked a guy that (sometimes) can barely walk. That's why I make such a good Hardcore wrestler, I barely feel a thing. Even my emotions are practically dead from all the shit I've gone through. Losing Hesta was terrible, but, at the same time, it made me invincible.

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    Mourn: Well. If you ever need someone to get shit off your chest to, I'm a good listener.

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    Don't lie to poor Trey. You just want to feed on his agony to tell yourself that your life isn't that fucked up.

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    Mourn: Yes. Trying to find a way for the man to have a life after his career is over is feeding onto his agony.

    Trey, I have some real advice for you. Stay away from the Philippines.

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    Hey, it's not all that bad being a jobber... Wait, actually, it sucks shit.

    Just can't seem to move forward no matter what I try.

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    Mourn: You may not care, but the people want to like you.

    You are as real as they come Trey. No fluff or hyperbole. You are your own man. So, use it.

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