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Thread: Tag Team/Roster Info Thread

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    Tag Team/Roster Info Thread

    Here's a thread for you to post your information on your tag teams and stables.

    Please note that if your stable has several members, you might want tohave info for the different combinations on characters, such as combined weight and move set.

    Basic Information
    Team Name:
    Combined Weight: 000lbs

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Band Name - "Song Name"
    Entrance: Basic description of the entrance sequence. (NOTE - Not guaranteed to appear in all matches)
    Alignment: Face/Heel
    Primary Finisher: Name - Description
    Secondary Finisher(s): Name - Description
    Moveset: (Which moves would you like to see your team pull off?)

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    Basic Information
    Team Name:
    Members: Damien Blaze and Justus
    Combined Weight: 443lbs

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Freedom Call - "Warriors"
    Entrance: Pretty standard. Themusic hits, and both men step out, slowly making their way to the ring. Add a little playing to the fans here or there, especially for Damien.
    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher: The Crusader Crusher - Modified Doomsday Cutter. As Justus hits the Cutter, Damien hits an electric chair face buster.
    Secondary Finisher(s):
    Dead To Rites - Damien lifts the opponent for a Dominator set-up, Justus comes off the top rope with a double foot stomp to the chest of the opponent. Damien uses the force of the stomp to bring the opponent down for a stiff piledriver. (Kill Move)

    The Final Crusade - Total Elimination, where Justus hits the leg sweep and Damien hits a running big boot to the face/head.

    Damien sets up a Russian Leg Sweep. Just before he starts to fall backward, Justus hits a Jumping Neckbreaker on the opponent.

    Flapjack (Damien)/Codebreaker (Justus).

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    Basic Information
    Team Name: The Cabal of Serpentus (a.k.a., The Cabal)
    Status: Inactive Faction

    PHP Code:
    [color=red][b]Members:[/b][/color]  Obsidian, Clarence Holt, and Udy The Lone Wolf ("Freebird" rules apply)
    [color=red][b]Combined Weight:[/b][/color] 787 lbs
    [color=red][b]Billed From:[/b][/color]  The Lair of Serpentus (a.k.a., The Dojo of Serpentus)*
    [I]*This is located in Detroit, Michigan, but is never to be referenced in story for the time being.[/I]

    [size=4][color=red][b]Wrestling Info[/b][/color][/size]
    [color=red][b]Entrance Theme:[/b][/color] [b]NoodlesBeats[/b] - [i]"Hard Dark Evil Hip Hop" (instrumental)[/i]
    [color=red][b]Entrance:[/b][/color] The trio walk out to the stage together.  While Clarence Holt and Udy walk out stoically, Obsidian raises the Serpentus Staff (a bo staff with a cobra's head) up in the air as he lets out a war cry before menacingly walking towards the ring (without acknowledging any of the fans who try to touch him.)  Holt and Obsidian walk over the top rope while Udy rolls into the ring.  The trio face the camera, with Obsidan and Holt raise their arms as Udy kneels down and howls while their pyro goes off in the ring.
    [color=red][b]Wrestling Style(s):[/b][/color]  Powerhouse/Hardcore (Obsidian and Holt), High-Flyer/Martial Artist (Udy)
    [color=red][b]Alignment:[/b][/color] Heel  
    [color=red][b]Primary Finisher:[/b][/color] 
    [B]The Mission of The Cabal[/B] - Jackknife powerbomb performed by Holt or Obsidian while Obsidian or Udy  performs a diving elbow drop.
    [color=red][b]Secondary Finisher(s):[/b][/color] 
    [B]The Will of Serpentus[/B] - Double running lariat (a.k.a. The Clothesline from Hell) performed by both Obsidian and Holt.
    [B]The Arrow of Serpentus[/B] - Aided Shoulder Block (Udy climbs the turnbuckle while either Holt or Obsidian launch him into their opponent.)

    [b]Tag Team Signature Move[/b]: The Power of The Cabal (Aided snap swinging neckbreaker performed by Holt and Obsidian)
    [b]Alternate Tag Team Signature Move[/b]:  The Excommunication of The Cabal (Holt or Obsidian picks the opponent up in an electric chair drop while Udy delivers a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle.) 
    [b]Illegal/No-DQ Tag Team Signature Move [/b]:  The Illusion of Serpentus (The referee is distracted by the legal partner while the illegal partner hits their opponent with the Serpentus staff)
    [b]Tag Team Setup Moves:[/b]
    Clothesline/chop block combination
    Double suplex
    Aided cross body
    Backbreaker and standing elbow drop combination

    [b]Tag Team Basic Moves:[/b]
    Double DDT
    Double body blow
    Drop toe-hold/elbow drop
    Armbar/diving axe handle

    [color=red][b]High Spots:[/b][/color]  Yes 
    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:: Haven't made it this far without having done so.
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    Basic Information
    Stable Name: The Professionals
    Members: Steven Thornridge, Bronx, Mourn Despana
    Combined Weight: For the tag team of Thornridge & Bronx: 438lbs
    Despana/Bronx/Thornridge: 683lbs

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: Rage Against the Machine - "Guerilla Radio” (as a tag team of any kind)

    Solo is their normal individual themes.

    Entrance: Thornridge is his energetic self, giving high fives and free hot dogs to ringside fans. Mourn his serious self while acknowledging the fans. Bronx somewhere in between but always having a fun time with those at the rails.

    Alignment: Face
    Primary Finisher/s:

    Super Cannon Def Sentence - Thornridge holds the opponent in a fireman’s carry before Bronx bounces off the ropes and hits a Fame-Ass-Er on the opponent, driving the opponent’s head to the mat.
    A Tale of the Butterfly - Bronx hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker, holding the opponent on his knee as Thornridge comes off the top rope with a diving elbow to the heart, before Bronx applies a bow and arrow submission hold.


    Rolling Justice - Thornridge holds an opponent in a torture rack before Despana hits a vicious rolling elbow, with Thornridge sending the opponent into a cutter.


    Strangling Salt - South Side Strangle ( Standing or running sleeper slam, as the opponent bounces off the mat a sleeper hold is applied.) followed by a moonsault while the hold is kept on.


    Rolling Def Sentence Effect - Thornridge holds an opponent in a fireman’s carry before Despana hits a Rolling Elbow, followed by Bronx hitting a Fame-Ass-Er to drive the opponent’s head to the mat. Thornridge runs to the corner, jumping onto the top rope before hitting a diving elbow.

    The Most Professional Finisher - Mourn applies a bear hug into a top rope Blockbuster by Thornridge. Mourn follows with a Sasori-Gatame (Scorpion Deathlock) with Bronx cleaning up with a rolling thunder legdrop onto the back of the opponent.

    Secondary Finisher(s):


    Photon Cannon Def Sentence (Bronx bounces off the ropes and rolls and jumps into a Fame-Ass-Er) followed by The Butterfly Effect (an elbow drop onto the back of the opponent). .

    Moveset: Writer’s discretion based on the team make-up.

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