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Thread: The John Cena Thread

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    I was watching older Smackdown's earlier and The Undertaker was in the middle of that run where he was the locker room leader on camera who gave advice to the younger guys with lots of talk of earning respect and paying dues which got me thinking about whether Cena would work on the current roster in a similar fashion. Then I remembered that a lot of Smackdown's younger guys aren't young guys, just guys that are new to WWE. So would a similar sort of character work on today's roster and would Cena be the right man for the role even if he's not a constant fixture on TV?

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    When he and Roman had their little word off Roman said it best when he said "maybe I just don't have to beat you" or something along those lines. Cena's character has gotten to the point where HE needs to face someone. People don't need to face him anymore.

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    Cena's chance to do that was in the early to mid 10s but sadly he missed his chance and instead (although the blame is not completely at his own hands) contributed the the systematic burial of all but two of them. The leaders of the locker room now are The Shield, The New Day, AJ Styles, the guys who survived, beat or avoided Cena's WWE addled ego tripping.

    If Cena was around more he could potentially fill in there but a part timer will not be around enough to offer any meaningful advice or act as a true mentor who takes an interest in his mentess.

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    I just rewatched Cena’s promo from Monday, where he called out the Undertaker like no one has ever done before. I know people talk about the greatest talkers in the history of wrestling, and the list, in no particular order as mostly agreed upon is:

    Dusty Rhodes
    Rich Flair
    Hulk Hogan
    Steve Austin
    The Rock
    Mick Foley
    Paul Heyman
    The Miz
    John Cena
    Chris Jericho

    But I would have say that Cena could very well be the most underrated of the list, and quite possibly the greatest pure wrestler talker of all time (because Heyman is number 1). In one promo on Monday, Cena showed that he can be remorseful, empathetic, funny, laid back, cool, aggressive, serious, and nasty. He did more in his 10 minutes of mic work than most others can do at all.

    As much as I have wanted Cena to turn fully heel for the past 8 years, he is brilliant when it comes to commanding a room. I really look forward to his eventual hall of fame speech. It will be the most entertaining one ever, and that includes the Rock. The Rock now is electric, and the most charismatic guy of all time, but he is almost all catchphrase and “I’m cooler than you” type of speech. Cena is compelling, and relatable.

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