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Thread: Sub'isms: Week in Review (#33 ~ 05/10 - 05/16) [Full Edition] + Payback TweetReview

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    Sub'isms: Week in Review (#33 ~ 05/10 - 05/16) [Full Edition] + Payback TweetReview

    What’s up, CF’ers? Yeah, so I said I’d write The Week in Review Daily normally this week, but time has really been hard to come by of late. So, instead, this week I have to write a full edition with all the 5 shows in one post. Bear in mind that this would be a bit different than usual as I’d ditch the long description of the matches and put more focus on what I thought about them. And also remember that I’d post my TweetReview for Payback in a few hours; so check back for that as well.

    This was an up and down week in wrestling world, so let’s get right down to it and review the week that was…

    (Credits to Wrestlinsight Gav!)

    Week iN Review

    RAW Reactions

    Talking Point of the Night: Triple H returned to RAW this past week and immediately laid down the law by putting the 4 competitors of the Payback main event in individual matches. He also raised the stakes for Kane by putting the latter’s job on the line should Seth Rollins fail to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Title on Sunday.

    Dean Ambrose had a 2-on-1 Handicap Match versus J&J Security, and though Mercury and Noble used their numbers advantage to get some in on Dean, it was ultimately an easy win for the Lunatic Fringe. What was cool to see was the reaction that Ambrose got in his home town of Cincinnati, Ohio. After the string of matches with Bray Wyatt last year, Dean had lost a fair bit of crowd support. He was still popular in some sections, but he wasn’t getting nearly the amount of reactions he got when he was tearing it up with Rollins last year. The past couple of weeks have truly helped to cement him as a credible threat to the champ and his reactions speak for that improvement. After the ascent of Roman Reigns and Rollins throughout the latter half of last year, Dean’s future was in a state of bother. Both Dean and WWE proved here that they were just sitting in on his potential, and only a small spark has reignited his fire in the eyes of the fans.

    Reigns had to battle Kane, but was attacked by the Demon before he could barely enter ringside. That ultimately led to Reigns spearing Kane over the announce table, but they would get a chance to settle the scores in a No DQ Match on SmackDown.

    Finally, Seth Rollins battled Randy Orton, in a match that was uncharacteristically bland for the pair. I’ve greatly enjoyed their past couple matches on PPV, but they explicitly made it seem here that they were killing time before the ensuing brawl broke out. It had their usual spots, but failed to really get going and mean something apart from just being filler. The brawl led to Rollins eating finishers from all his Payback opponents, with Kane refusing to get involved even though he had a chair in his hands. Taking revenge from last week, Reigns speared Orton, but was taken out by Ambrose moments later.

    Honorable Mentions: The US Title Open Challenge of the week was answered by none other than Neville, who put up quite a fight to John Cena. What I’ve noticed with Cena’s matches recently that he, more often than not, tries to end matches quickly. It really suits well with the role he’s playing here – a veteran trying to stand firm against the tides of the new generation. Cena knows that he out powers his opponents 90% of times, so it’s logically appropriate. Neville actually came the closest anyone has ever did to beating Cena, as he hit the Red Arrow, but his hopes were dashed by Rusev who attacked immediately after. That was a nice nod for Neville to have as I was dreading the possibility of John kicking out of the Red Arrow so early in Neville’s main roster career, but the agents chose a better path for the match up. Rusev’s interaction with Cena also went down well with this fan, as I feel he’s been too distant from Cena, seeing as how an “I Quit” Match is in store for them at the PPV. Come to think of it – this has been one of the most poorly built, high profile “I Quit” matches that I can remember, and both Rusev and Cena should have been more up each other’s alley. It also proves true the thoughts of those who felt this match was largely unnecessary and the bookers would have a hard time to make both the competitors come out looking strong from this match.

    Daniel Bryan also made his return this week, but he had some bad news for his fans. Because of an injury, Bryan has had to relinquish the Intercontinental Championship and his future is in jeopardy as the doctors cannot say for sure if he’ll ever be able to wrestle again. It’d truly suck to be Bryan right now as he had to sacrifice two titles now in as many years because of injury. Daniel evaded a surgery last year and that choice might be what has ultimately come back to haunt him. I’m a fan of Bryan - as a wrestler and as a person in general – and I truly feel bad for what he’s had to go through. Bryan needs to revaluate his position right now, and WWE is even open to giving him a non-wrestling role within the company. He’d be a Class A trainer, but I, along with many of his fans, haven’t given up on his in-ring career just yet. I respect Bryan’s choices of straying away from normal medical practices, but it seems like that is the best course of action right now. Whatever happens, though, I’m sure we’ll all agree that Bryan deserves a better send off than to be restricted because of his injuries.

    Lucha Lowdown

    Making his first appearance since losing the Best of 5 Series to Drago, AeroStar had to face a new face in the Temple – Jack Evans. The two gelled really quickly as kicks and high risk maneuvers were thrown all around. This was one of the best openers in recent memory and was exactly what the past few, story driven LU shows were missing. After setting up the big angles, it was highly required for LU to showcase a couple of new faces that can become a big deal in the weeks to come. AeroStar is big proof of that as he was seen as just a jobber initially, but some strong performances have set him up quite nicely. It also helps that he was paired with a more than able Evans. The latter has a great upside, and though he’s a bit of a showoff, like Angelico, it fits his character to a T and he has great moves, like the 450 off the balcony and a standing Red Arrow in his arsenal. AeroStar did get the win with a Canadian Destroyer from the top rope! This was an excellent match, I felt, that raised the quality of this week instantly.

    Dario Cueto then came out with another “unique” opportunity with 7 Luchadores – Killshot, Cage, King Cuerno, Sexy Star, Fenix, Cousin Mack and Pentagon, Jr. – fighting for one of 7 Aztec medallions, which apparently gives the holder immortality. Only in LU! The best things about this match – which was a bit tough to follow at times – are the great pairings that seemed to come out of it. Sexy Star was hell bent of targeting revenge on Pentagon, but it was Fenix’s interactions with the dark one that caught my fancy. One of the best spots even saw Pentagon land a Spine-Crusher on Star and a Package Piledriver on Fenix simultaneously. Killshot and Cuerno & Cage and Mack also had some nice sequences and the 4 of them seem to have embroiled in a tag team war. This was a bit too gimmicky, maybe, but in turn set up some nice matches for the future. The winner was eventually Fenix, who hit a reverse ‘rana and a moonsault on Pentagon after Sexy broke up an attempt at an arm break. But, Fenix’s victory was spoiled by a returning Catrina, who visited the Man of a 1,000 Lives in the locker room and informed him that Mil Muertes had been resurrected and that Fenix was merely a pawn to make him stronger. Just as she left, angels of death descended on Fenix!

    The main event saw Alberto El Patron face off against Hernandez, in a match where there had to be a winner. The match never really got going as Johnny Mundo interfered just 5 minutes into it, and sent him crashing through a window pane at ringside that turned out to be Dario Cueto’s office! Holy Jaboly! Mundo then dragged Alberto’s lifeless body to the ring, allowing Hernandez to become the #1 Contender for Prince Puma’s LU Title. I couldn’t be happier for this because Mundo was wandering aimlessly for far too long even when it seemed in the first few months that the promotion will be built around him. He’s had a couple of big wins, yes, but the losers have rather come out with the better storylines. This allows Mundo to have a properly defined role where he wouldn’t have to make time for other people and just fend for his own. He should have been a bigger deal by now in LU, and now he’s going to make sure that he captures it himself. And what can I say, the sight of Alberto crashing through the glass was excellent. There’s also something to be said about Mundo following the footsteps of his idol, Shawn Michaels.

    NXT Narrative

    Talking Points of the Night: Sami Zayn came to the ring this week to ask Kevin Owens, once and for all, the reasons for his attacks on his former best friend. Zayn went through with his own thought processes, saying that Owens did it just because he was jealous. Jealous because of the success Zayn has had so far, and how KO’s son would rather wear Sami’s shirt to school than his own dad’s. Owens, though, had nothing to say and just walked out of the ring. But, before he went to the back, Kevin retorted by saying that only he knows why he attacked Sami, and that was enough. Zayn said he went home after RIVAL to clear his head, but Kevin knows that it was because he was injured. And after Unstoppable, Sami would go home again, but never to return. I thought sparks would fly here, but it was a strongly delivered promo from both of them at least. After Zayn was legit (?) injured on RAW, this puts even more weight to KO’s words and the match is more intriguing as a result. Kevin decimated Sami even without a prior injury at RIVAL; now, with a real injury in his sight, Owens is going to be literally… unstoppable.

    Adam Rose and Tyler Breeze picked up a win over Hideo Itami and Finn Bálor after Breeze took advantage of the growing dissension between Itami and Bálor. After last week set the foundation for the tension, with a couple of mistimed kicks, putting them as a tag team worked really well here. Bálor and Itami came to NXT together… well, almost, but it was their friendship that made then make a name for themselves together. But, one would have had to guess that sooner, rather than later, they’d definitely come to blows. Breeze’s own ascent is helped by this as he’s just frothing at the mouth to pick up the pieces next week. I feel a little bad for Rose, though, who has lost all favors with the NXT crowd as well, and didn’t even have his Rosebuds to accompany him. The E:60 Special truly made me care a lot more about him, but perhaps a change in focus is needed right now. Pairing him with Rosa Mendes on the main roster isn’t doing him any favors either.

    Honorable Mention: Sasha Banks picked up a statement win over the debutant, KC Cassidy, but Becky Lynch was conspicuous by her absence. Despite this, the Women’s Title match at Unstoppable has a lot going for it, and it provides a fresh pairing that can easily steal the show. On the other side, Dana Brooke and Emma seem to on a collision course with Charlotte and Bayley. Dana is just not doing it for me. She needs to stay far away from the mic, but NXT insists on giving her regular time. Emma, though, had something good going for it and I might just live through this match because of her involvement. I do dislike her explicit turn here, as I felt that could have been done in a more logical manner, but she needs to get totally unleashed in her new found heel character.

    SmackDown SentiMents

    Talking Point of the Night: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns looked to clear things up following RAW, but Kane instead put Ambrose in a match versus Sheamus. These two have always had great chemistry, and that was on display here as well. Their styles just work together, and it creates a hard hitting kind of match that is rarely seen in today’s WWE. The finish here was a roll-up win for Ambrose, as Sheamus collided with the ring-post. It protected Sheamus, even in a loss, and gave Ambrose another credible win. Again, Ambrose has been handled really well ever since that win over Rollins, and one wouldn’t even have imagined how fast this actually happened.

    Seth Rollins was put in another disadvantage, with a match versus Ryback. The latter has really impressed of late with a string of nice performances versus Rusev and last week’s tag team affair with The New Day. He has learned how to mask his weaknesses in the ring, and is gelling well with a variety of opponents now. His character limits him, but if he keeps improving on his in-ring work, a better future is definitely in store. What also worked here was Bray Wyatt’s brief attack before the start of the match that allowed Ryback to work from underneath. Rollins and he worked well, but the champ picked up the win with a couple of Avada Kedavras. This is a far better finisher for Rollins, and also has a bit of history. Like Ambrose, Rollins also needs a bit of a push, and maybe getting rid of Kane would be the first step to that.

    Roman Reigns then picked up a win over Kane in a No DQ Match, which was your usual Reigns affair. There were a couple of good spots with the table, but that is all that can be said about it. Post match, Rollins conducted an interview with Renee Young backstage, but Ambrose attacked. As the heels got advantage, Reigns smashed through with an equipment table. Ultimately, Reigns and Ambrose were left staring at each other with the WWEWHC laying in the middle of them. That was nice.

    Honorable Mention: Some other developments saw Tyson Kidd win over Kofi Kingston in an entertaining match, while Neville picked one over Bo Dallas. People have started to notice that the tag team division is suddenly filled with a lot of entertaining parts, but WWE still needs to learn to properly highlight them on a weekly basis. There are a lot of stars right now that can be helped with some involvement in the division – Dallas and Rose is a pairing that can be cool, for instance – and with the WWE Network getting more and more exposure as time goes on, it’s time to tap into those resources. Elimination Chamber can be a major event for the division with the first ever Tag Team Chamber Match scheduled to take place. The two weeks till then should be used to properly build the 3, or maybe even 6, teams that’ll be used at the Network Exclusive.

    Impact Insight

    Talking Point of the Night: Team Angle and Team Young faced off in a Hardcore War this week, with the rules being similar to Lethal Lockdown, but without the cage involved. Angle had The Rising’s Drew Galloway and Mika, Chris Melendez and a returning Bobby Lashley in tow, while Young took in BDC and Bram. This had the potential to be really good, but didn’t seem to work for some reason. I’m guessing that it’s because of the many number of times we’ve seen such pairings already. In fact, the most interesting piece of this match was Bobby Lashley, whom we haven’t seen in recent weeks, and he looked really good dodging and ducking Kenny King’s offense. What was also unexplained here was Bram’s involvement as him just being ‘crazy’ isn’t going to cut out for a long time. He’s switched alliances far too quickly ever since his turn on Magnus, and he just needs to tie his feet down and choose one way or the other.

    Eric Young was also awesome as ever, though, picking up the win over his team by Piledriving Chris Melendez. EY then went onto take out Chris’ prosthetic leg, and smacked Angle around his head with it, and locked in a choke later on. This kind of line crossing heel work is what has made Young one of the better characters ever since TNA’s debut on Destination America back in January. Over the months, he has eased onto his character with such finesse that it’s become hard to imagine anything else for him. What he needs, then, are strong wins like this, and Lashley should be an able opponent for him in the coming weeks. TNA also needs to choose what it wants to do with BDC and Rising, as all these “wars” tend to take a toll on the regular viewer. It’s apparent that not much is at stake with those two, so something needs to be done to raise those. As Slammiversary inches closer, it’s time to end things and begin anew.

    Honorable Mentions: The Wolves and the Dirty Heels met in Match 1 of their Best of 5 Series for the Tag Titles, and it was as good as was expected. The 4 men seemed to click from the sound of the bell, and they never let up in all the time that they got. The Dirty Heels played up to their moniker, and used a couple of cheap tactics to gain control over the relatively less experienced duo. But, The Wolves were far too quick, and that factor helped them pick up a surprise win as Davey rolled up Bobby Roode. This is the formula that needs to be followed for the tenure of this series. The Heels haven’t paired up as much as the Wolves have in recent times, and their singles desires are bound to affect them in a tag team scenario. The Wolves excel in that, and they should definitely take advantage of it. What Eddie and Davey would do now is to quickly cash in on this momentum, and they’d have a stranglehold of the series. This was a brilliant start, surely.

    The Dollhouse’s Jade and Marti Bell defeated Brooke and Rebel, but its better left not talked about. The slightly better development followed later in the night as Taryn came to the ring to talk about how she spent some quality time with Gail Kim’s stepdaughters. She then showcased the skimpy attire she was going to wear for her meeting with Gail’s husband. There’s certainly a way to look at this critically and it can be said that TNA needs to step away from the objectification of their more than able women wrestlers. But, true success lies in the balance of the two sides and the Dollhouse faction is something that can aid such growth. The KnockOuts put on great matches every week, but some character development would help them a great deal. It definitely needs to handled carefully, though, but as long as the ring work remains strong, I don’t mind a bit of spice to support it.

    Sub’s Recommendations

    1. John Cena © vs. Neville for the United States Championship
    2. Lucha Underground – 05/13/15
    3. Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus
    4. Seth Rollins vs. Ryback
    5. The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels

    Hey, Sub, Who Impressed You the Most This Week?

    Dean Ambrose wins in a week full of development. I hope WWE can carry on this momentum post Payback, and Dean has become the favorite to win the Money in the Bank by a mile.

    Hey, Sub, Which Was The Best Show Of The Week?

    Lucha Underground bounced back strongly this week with 3 important, and entertaining matches/segments.

    Quick Predictions for Payback

    With just a few hours left to go for the PPV, let’s see where I stand with my predictions:

    1. Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel should win the KickOff match and kickstart what might be one of the most interesting tag teams to come out in quite a while.

    2. Sheamus should defeat Dolph Ziggler as the former’s gimmick is in the danger of being neutered with too many losses.

    3. Same for Bad News Barrett who should defeat Neville and make the King of the Ring win mean something ahead of Elimination Chamber.

    4. Naomi and Tamina are an interesting pairing and while void of character, they have been toughing it out recently. Paige might also return during the PPV, so expect the heels to win beforehand.

    5. The New Day should retain the Tag Titles in a match that’d allow them to use their numbers advantage by swapping who the 2 men in the ring will be.

    6. John Cena’s winning the “I Quit” Match, but the question remains as to how Rusev will be protected.

    7. Ryback and Bray Wyatt should be intriguing and while both of them need a win here, Wyatt coming out on top will allow Ryback to retaliate.

    8. Seth Rollins needs to retain the WWEWHC – not enough has been done for him, but Dean Ambrose walking out with the title might just be the shot that the product needs right now.

    I’m a little excited for the PPV – not as much as I had hoped I’d be, but the WWEWHC match has certainly become more interesting than what it initially seemed. The Tag Title match might just turn out to be the best of the night, and I’m most eager to watch that. Sandow and Axel as a tag team is also something I look forward to.

    What is your range of excitement for the PPV? I look forward to comments on that and the Week in Review, and hopefully, you’ll join me for the PPV review as well. See ya!

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    I liked LU a lot and think your review was pretty spot on. I'm not sure it is great having Pentagon taking two pinfalls in his last two matches (including one from Sexy Star) as it does hurt the strength of his sacrificing to the mysterious master storyline. With seven medallions, do we get 7 man matches every time? It is hard to know what any of that means as far as a consequence until we learn more about the powers bestowed on the holders.

    I was not in love with the Mundo/El Patron match last week. It was not bad but nothing I'd run to tell others about so I am quite happy that the #1 contender's match was cut short with interference and El Patron going through the glass was a great visual to develop sympathy with the viewers. Hopefully another match with Mundo will get Alberto out of first gear. Not looking forward to a Hernandez/Puma match at all.

    Mil and an army of death angels has me marking out a bit but I am also cautious. It would seem odd to have Fenix get crushed after winning the "unique opportunity" of the medallion and I don't think Super Mil can handle another loss. I'm almost hoping that Mil destroys Fenix on the way to a world championship, takes on and beats the other medallion winners before succumbing to their combined efforts. That would be the story I'd tell, we'll see where it goes.

    It is amazing how much better the taped Impacts have been on their DA run than the live shows. The premiere on 1/7 and last week's effort are two of the weakest along with a show from late January and the Hardy's Revenge episode in March that derailed the Revolution. I'm surprised you didn't give much mention to their beatdown of Magnus given how poorly the Revolution members have been treated lately. I was surprised to see Storm admonish them afterwards.

    I thought this episode had a lot of interesting mid-card stuff including the Bromans segment. They threw me for a curve as I was expecting Robbie to go full heel after losing to Brooke and refusing to be a part of the Tag Title match in London. They were then played by the Dirty Heels and came to blows which seems to have crystallized Robbie's determination to be serious about the competition and when he focuses he proved the better of Jesse, not once but three times. The story actually works but a face Robbie and heel Jesse was the opposite of expectations. It will be interesting to see where DJ Z goes, I'm guessing with Jesse. They were an excellent tag team in the match I just mentioned and could help to beef up the undercard of the Tag Division while the Best of Five is going on. The question now is that after this Robbie/Jesse feud is over, does Robbie become a member of another tag team (he has been in many) or do we finally see him get a singles run?

    I'm surprised you liked the Dollhouse stuff, I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I thought the Kong story that led to Taryn's heel turn was really well done but all of a sudden Taryn has all kinds of qualities that we haven't seen much lately. When she came in as the Knockouts ref she was the Hot Mess, prone to physical altercations with more than a hint of sexual heat to her but post baby vacation she has been plain vanilla wrestler. The Dollhouse character could be seen as an extension somewhat of her original TNA debut personality but I think it is too much, too fast.

    I don't think you give the main event enough credit. I thought it did a nice job of giving everyone a moment to shine, the way a multi-man match should and EY, in particular, furthered his feuds with Angle and Lashley nicely. The end was over-the-top heel goodness that I loved every minute of. I am assuming that Lashley and/or Melendez will cost EY in the rematch against Angle, the I Quit match.

    This response is already too long and I've covered the shows I care about the most but I will say that Raw was a good show again. Not as good as the week prior which I thought was the best show of the week by any company, but another solid effort. Ambrose has helped the main event scene on that show greatly and the IC title picture isn't being shown as a joke. I have been the first to say the 'E isn't living up to my expectations lately but they may be finding something now. It would be great to see as I firmly believe a ratings increase there will help get others to check out the rest and LU and TNA are putting out products that deserve, most weeks, to be found out.

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    Not one mention of the smoke show chick in the crowd at NXT wearing the school girl skirt just staking claim upon the camera...shame on you.

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    Subby! Another week gone, another good review...

    I really enjoyed LU this week, for me the 7way match was just utterly fantastic but I love that kind of nonstop action, so maybe it's not for everyone. But come on, Cage watching that dive, going for a delayed vertical suplex, and then getting dived on again??? That's gotta be one of the craziest and most innovative spots I've seen in a while. It's definitely true that Pentagon is the man though, he will bounce back no problem. Also agreed on Evans putting on a great opener, even though he took the loss I suspect he will be bouncing up the ladder of contention in no time.

    I'm mystified by MI_Fan having no interest in Puma vs. Hernandez, I think that's going to be great. Hernandez is a highly underrated big man wrestler, ridiculously strong and with some nice high flying in his arsenal, and Puma is who he is, an athletic marvel. The Konnan question has me interested to, maybe it's Vampiro's influence but I keep expecting him to betray his protege. Will this be the time?? As for this week's main event, it was all angle of course but a good one. I absolutely adored that Dario was actually sitting in his office at the time, and just watched the carnage unfold with that bemused smile of his. Great touch, it's the little things.

    Impact was a little more of a mixed bag for me but mostly I thought it was good. It obviously picked up tremendously when it got to the tag team match, which tore the house down I thought and made me even more excited for the rest of the series. The main event delivered too I thought, though it took a little time getting there it was in full swing by the end. EY is definitely next level heelness, I could help but admire the way he sunk to new lows, and the BDC have become so much better recently after their awful start. I do agree on Bram being too much of a floater right now, the man needs something to tie himself down to. For my money I'd like to see MVP manipulate Bram into going after Galloway for a bit, that could be a very nice way to establish both guys with more direction because this Rising thing doesn't seem to have that much in the way of legs.

    The Taryn stuff is interesting. I still think the character change was too abrupt but, to her credit, she's really embracing it and it seems to be getting over with the live crowd. Did her feud with Gail or Kong necessarily need this kind of thing? Not sure, but it does keep the spotlight firmly on the better prospects in the division. Now where is my Havok??

    The BroMans stuff hurt me a bit... I just don't see much for these guys outside of their previous roles, which they were so, so damn good at. Jessie is made to look like a complete loser, but then they try to get his heat back with a beatdown? And Robbie is a face now because...? I don't like it, I wish they'd find a way to put them back together because this feels like a breakup for the sake of a breakup, which is one of my least liked things in wrestling.

    I will say I'm still intrigued by this slow building Magnus/Storm issue though. I wasn't in surprised in the slightest to see him scold the Revolution for attacking Magnus, he's playing the "good" guy here perfectly to drive a wedge between them. The only issue is I'm having trouble seeing what match this eventually plays into, just a regular Storm/Magnus things feels like a letdown considering how much focus there is on Mickie wrestling 1 more match. I'm hoping in the back of my mind that Mickie eventually spurns Storm and he brings Havok into the Revolution to get revenge, but that might just be my Havok love talking again. You can't tell me some kind of mixed tag No DQ match between those four wouldn't be awesome though.

    Anyway, enjoy Payback tonight, I'll catch your review for sure!

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    I think that might be the problem. The only real intrigue in this match centers around the interference/possible betrayal of a manager who only has accompanied Puma to ringside twice all year. Hard to care about a guy who doesn't talk and a singles match against Hernandez isn't it.

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    Eh, to each their own. I hardly notice that he doesn't talk to be honest, he's almost like a silent protagonist right now. I just like his wrestling a lot so I'm good to go.

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    I like LU a lot but if I had to pick nits it is that they strapped rocket ships to faces I don't really care much about in Puma and Fenix. They are both fine wrestlers, can't find much fault there, but I am more interested in Havok, Angelico, Pentagon, Mundo, Mil Muertes, King Cuerno, etc. Once again, just my opinion.

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    If it's worth anything I definitely agree Pentagon is more interesting than both. Very much hoping he is the one to finally beat Puma for the belt.

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    MI -- I think the Aztec medallion matches will just serve as placeholders when they want to build to a couple of ancillary feuds. We saw a tag match and possibly two singles matches coming out of this affair, so I'm guessing the same will continue for the rest. LU had been focusing on feud building for the past few weeks, but this was a better way to do that where we got some nice action as well. As for Pentagon; I tend to agree with you. His gimmick has been put out of focus for long now, where it seemed like he was the hottest thing going for a while. I don't mind the losses as much I mind the lack of a forward arch. With the finale just 3 months away, I think it's time to progress on that.

    I thought Mundo/Alberto was the latter's best match yet in LU, but you're right that it didn't quite set the world on fire. Bertie does need an edge with the crowd, but I think this will just add to how much a badass Mundo is!

    To be honest, Mil's resurrection seemed a bit odd to me. It was weird to see Fenix getting no leverage after the win as is, but the explanation of Muertes' waking was too contrived for me.

    I'm not in line with the Magnus storyline. I'm hoping the endgame is excellent, but it feels too out there for me to truly enjoy.

    Agree with you on the BroMans stuff reverting expectations. It's an easy storyline to tell, and I thought the segment was done well overall. DJ Z and Jesse will remain in the tag division, I think, and I wouldn't mind a singles run for Robbie either. I also think that Jesse showed some nice progress in the tag with DJ Z, so i think a proper match between the duo will play out well. I'm hoping they save it for the PPV, and can play out how Robbie leaned on the face side more.

    The Dollhouse stuff could be too much, too fast, but I think Taryn is playing this up quite well. This segment did come out as a surprise, but I think it's just DA's way of making the show easier. I remember a report about DA being behind Taryn, so I think it's their hand that's working here to give her character more meaning. She was great as a face, but as long as she doesn't let the gimmick hurt her wrestling, it'll be fine. The KnockOuts were long being dependent on the in-ring stuff to extend feuds, so it's nice to see some character work for once.

    I enjoyed EY's stuff the most, but I thought the main event was a bit lacking overall. I think it just has to do with the time given to it, but I thought it tried to tell too many stories at once. And I guess I might be too overwhelmed with The Rising and BDC stuff for now, and the inclusion/exclusion of guys like Homicide, Bram, etc. on a weekly basis hurts the flow as well.

    I agree with you on the rise in quality for WWE. For me, it's been the Ambrose push that has served as the catalyst. The IC Title scene can still be straightlined, but they've done good work considering the sudden oust of Bryan. The Chamber would help a great deal, and guys like Ryback, Sheamus, Neville, etc. are constantly giving good performances. The US Title Open Challenge is a thing of beauty weekly as well.

    Thanks for the great feed, mate!

    AMP -- I've been too busy noticing the one bald guy who comes with his kid every time and covers his ears when the crowd chants "Holy Shit"!

    miz -- The 7 way was full of some great spots, and like I said I enjoyed the feuds that came out of it. Evans impressed me quite a bit, so I'm hoping he gets a more featured role in the coming weeks.

    Cueto just getting up and having a glass of whisky as Alberto bled on his window had me marking out like crazy!

    The tag match was better than even I expected it to. It didn't get that much time, but packed so much in it, it was awesome. EY is rewriting the books of heelness every week. I didn't think he'd go so far as to actually take out the prosthetic leg, but damn! MVP manipulating Bram would be a great touch, but the guy surely needs a concrete storyline.

    I think the Taryn stuff works in the way that she couldn't bear losing even ONE match. It's mostly the suddenness that's hampering it for a few, but in terms of giving us something new, it's working quite well. The other KO stuff could use some help, yes.. I want the Kong/Havok rematch!

    I'm hoping they save this match for the PPV, so they could explain why Robbie got so good. Jessie will be okay, I think, but he needs a few wins down the line to sell his ascent more.

    I'm also not overly intrigued by this feud. I think the endgame is a Storm/Magnus tag title run, but how they go there, I have no idea. It's too clumsy right now, and while Storm scolding the Rev didn't surprise me, too, it wasn't done in an excellent manner.

    Thanks for the great feed, as always!

    Couldn't get the Payback review out in time, but I'll have a few thoughts in this week's Week in Review.

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