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Thread: Sub'isms: Week in Review - 10/20 - 10/26

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    Sub'isms: Week in Review - 10/20 - 10/26

    What’s up, CFers? The week has come to an end, which means it’s time for another “Week in Review” column. The WWE presented the “go home” shows for Hell in a Cell, whereas TNA presented the fallout show for Bound for Glory. So let’s proceed and find out what were the things that happened in the professional wrestling week that was:

    (This epicness courtesy of Oliver: @MrOlliB)

    RAW Ramblings

    This week’s show featured a Contract Signing segment between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan for their match at Hell in a Cell and it was exceptional. Both men were made to look strong not only through their individual promos but also with the fantastic matches they had with Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose respectively, earlier in the night. Orton’s promo was totally unlike him in that, he was able to put over Bryan as a highly capable threat, but he also made himself look like a badass, while Bryan’s promo was delivered in his normal articulated, yet impassionate way. A lot has been made about Triple H’s counter to Bryan’s accusations but that promo carried a lot of meaning, even though it was historically inaccurate. I get that the likes of Edge, Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam must be pissed off, but they should take things with a pinch of salt. Triple H was smart in taking the names of the talent who have just recently worked with the WWE and will more than likely work with the company again in the future. For Bryan to be compared to them so early in his main event push should be no shame. More than anything, it provides a yardstick which Bryan should cross to become a true marquee superstar.

    Triple H never carried the company on his sole back, but through backstage politics and nepotism, he has taken himself to a higher level. Ever since Bryan entered the main event scene, his beef has been with Triple H. The biggest payoff to this angle would be for Bryan to defeat Triple H, hopefully at WrestleMania. Thus, I maintain my stand that Bryan has to win the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell. However you may want to twist it, the WWE fanbase is not ready for a 5’10”, 200 Pound guy to become the face of the company. With John Cena back and being put into the World Title match, which should hopefully remain an upper midcard Title for the time being, the 3 months between now and the Royal Rumble is the best time to test Bryan out. As much as I like Daniel Bryan, a non tested push for him could mean disaster if he happens to fail by chance. WrestleMania 30 should see Bryan defeat Triple H and not main event it; not next year, not so soon.

    The product sorely needs a new face at the top, but it should not come at the expense of another derailed push. We’ve seen so many pushes being carried out in recent times only for the wrestlers to fail and fizzle out to the midcard. Bryan is hot right now and his rise has been organic, but that doesn’t guarantee box office success. The time is ripe now to pull the trigger on a championship run for him, and WrestleMania should see the culmination of the feud that has been brewing since SummerSlam in Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. I would really like to see Daniel Bryan close out WrestleMania with the Title in his hands, but I don’t want the post WrestleMania lull to affect him so much that he can’t recover from it.

    Championship belts cease to matter if the company just doesn’t trust you to draw, like we saw with CM Punk in 2012. The question of ‘when’ ceases to matter when the question of ‘how long’ is raised. If Bryan defeats Triple H at WrestleMania and then goes on the climb to WWE Title contention afterwards, it brings forth a change of guard following the 30th Anniversary. Plus, it gives all kinds of fans a whole year to acclimatize themselves with Daniel Bryan so that they can invest in him as a main event star and support him come WrestleMania 31. Of course, I won’t pretend to know everything about the WWE business, but as a fan of the product for more than 10 years who has seen both new and old stars at the top, I don’t want a sudden push that could possibly derail all so suddenly. If the current product is any sign, then the Management believes in Bryan, so I’d expect them to be far sighted rather than just milk him as soon as possible. I want Daniel Bryan to main event WrestleMania, but I don’t want it at the price of a suitable payoff to a solid angle.

    Impact Insight

    After an expectedly underwhelming Bound for Glory, TNA produced the fallout show which was met with even more criticism. Everyone went into PROMO mode and we had less than 20 minutes of in-ring action during the whole show. Last week, I said that Bound for Glory felt more like a middle of the road PPV rather than the self proclaimed biggest show of the year for TNA, and the storyline continuations that we saw on Impact further substantiated those claims. With the amount of clean, yet indecisive finishes we saw at BFG, it gives the TNA Creative fodder to fill out the next few Impacts. I hope that Creative can look ahead to where they want to take the company. Some new marketing and logistical strategies are being applied with the 24/7 Initiative, moving back to the Impact Zone in Florida and a rumored more aggressive house show circuit, and it should result in a better and a more stable future for the company. Management has to forgive themselves for the weird decisions they took in the past few months and reconsider their objectives. A company with so much potential deserves another chance and the questions about their future should all be answered sooner rather than later.

    One of the matches that was there this week saw AJ Styles retain his World Heavyweight Championship in a rematch with Bully Ray with some help from a returning Mr. Anderson, and then refuse a new contract and allegedly leave the company. Let’s first address Mr. Anderson. What was supposed to be a contract expiration might just have been strategic time-off and the tool is back in the company to settle matters with Bully Ray. With the Aces & 8s almost disintegrated, one has to wonder what role Knux and Garrett Bischoff would play. Before his exit, Anderson was gaining the support of these men and with them already frustrated with Bully Ray, the latter might have to run for his life in the coming weeks. I don’t know what Anderson will do once this angle is over or if he even holds much importance in the company, but the angle is a long winded one and it deserves a payoff.

    As for AJ, many are accusing TNA of ripping off the CM Punk angle, and despite all the similarities, I won’t mind much if this all leads to a logical ending. If reports are to be believed, AJ Styles will defend the belt in outside promotions, most notably AAA in Mexico and Wrestle-1 in Japan and this is a very smart move if there ever was one. Whereas, to fill up the gap of a Champion, TNA will take the beaten road of a Championship Tournament to crown a new Champion and a potential Champion vs. Champion match in the future. Again, this all sounds way too similar, but if this brings with it some logical storytelling and good in-ring action, then I’m all for it. When you’re gasping for air, your hands catch hold of any possible straw, and for TNA, this could be the thing to pull them out of the water. They have employed their most trusted face to win some international fans and I expect some good things in the future that would restore faith in the TNA product.

    SmackDown SentiMents

    SmackDown saw Paul Heyman and Ryback defeat CM Punk’s alleged cousin, CM “Skunk” in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match, which was hilarious. Paul Heyman has been the true star of this feud, and with the ridiculously awesome promo he cut on Raw and the over the top acting in the aforementioned match, he has necessitated the involvement of the Hell in a Cell structure. Don’t get me wrong, Punk has been great too, but once he had battled Brock Lesnar, he wouldn’t have been able to maintain the intrigue with Ryback and Curtis Axel had Heyman not been there. The storyline has been going on for more than 3 months now and it should take a much needed halt this Sunday. Punk should “get his hands on” Heyman and end this feud on a triumphant note before possibly getting involved with The Authority storyline. Heyman should take a silent exit from the company before again reappearing during the WrestleMania season and helping Brock Lesnar out. Punk needs an all salvaging victory and Heyman needs a fresh storyline; Sunday is the best time to do so.

    SmackDown also saw the team of Daniel Bryan, Big E. Langston, Cody Rhodes & Goldust defeat The Shield & Randy Orton in another fantastic multi man main event, which once again stressed on the strengths of everybody involved. Big E. felt a little out of place in the whole situation but it shows the Management’s support of the guy and the potential that they see in him. Meanwhile, The Shield and Cody & Goldie continue having their infectious chemistry between the ropes and Sunday should see another great match for the Tag Team Titles. The Usos were able to secure a strong victory over The Wyatt Family too, but they were treated as the third wheel rather than an integral part of the match at Hell in a Cell. Cody & Goldie should retain the belts on Sunday and go on to have a lengthy run with the Tag belts which would not only help Cody in the long run but also maintain the momentum in the Tag division. I would have liked a Winner Takes All 5-on-5 Match at Survivor Series but then the problem of filling up the rest of the show appears. At any rate, the next few months are going to be crucial for the business as they move into the all important WrestleMania season and that should see strong champions and equally strong challengers as we’ve seen in the recent weeks.

    You Cannot Afford to Miss…

    1. Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose

    2. Contract Signing Segment for the Hell in a Cell Match for the Vacant WWE Championship

    3. AJ Styles © vs. Bully Ray for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Rematch from Bound for Glory

    4. Daniel Bryan, Big E. Langston, Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Randy Orton & The Shield

    Well, that does it for this week's edition of the "Week in Review". As always, feedback and discussions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and may you all have a glorious week ahead! See ya next time!

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    Ah, where did the talking points formatting go? I was a fan of that, it definitely gave your stuff more structure and direction.

    But apart from that, solid work again Subby. First of all it's nice to see someone still taking a critical but fair look at TNA instead of giving into the hate-splosion that some have embraced to an almost cartoonish degree! There can be no doubt that the current AJ storyline is all too familiar, but the idea of TNA actually delivering on the promise of some international title defenses is actually pretty awesome as opposed to the letdown we ended up with in the '11 storyline. I wish they had scrapped this tournament idea, but at the same time it's hard to have a show without some kind of motion towards putting the belt on someone. Tricky story for Impact, but I'm very excited for Styles' part. Highly enjoyed the title match as well, even though the show was woefully lacking in wrestling otherwise. I get that you need to have a story driven show after so many changes at BFG, but come on! Very strange dynamic.

    The Triple H promo situation is surely an interesting one, eh? I'm a bit torn on it, on the one hand it's a rather smart heel move but I do wonder if a man in Trips' current position doesn't need to be a lot more careful. Developing a reputation as an unappreciative employer, even if it's not deserved, could be bad news for his tenure as a whole. Honestly I didn't think too much of it at the time, and for my money Bryan has already passed up all three men named in the promo in terms of being close to being "The Face" of the company, because even if it doesn't last Bryan has come closer than anyone else has in a long, long time, but time will tell how much impact it might have, if any.

    On Smackdown, I honestly felt the CM Skunk thing felt really out of place in a feud that was originally built so heavily on genuine emotion. It's a rather silly antic, although as always Heyman played it very well. I can't even tell you how much I dislike Ryback these days though, I thought being with Heyman would help but he keeps riding this awful bully thing and I just can't seem to get back on board with the guy. Blech! Ah well.

    Solid work as every Subby, looking forward to the next one.

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    Good stuff again, Subho, but I'm with Mizfan above me - that talking point format last week was definitely something that I liked seeing!

    Absolutely fascinated by the idea of Triple H vs Bryan at Mania instead of Survivor Series (where I was kind of expecting to see it). There's a lot of places they can go with Bryan right now, keeping him out of the title picture but still a big part of programming will be interesting - equally, the story of who will rise to take on Orton will give us something of a new thing in the main event - maybe after last night we'll see Punk rise to face Orton, or perhaps it will be the rumoured Big Show main event return, but either way shifting Bryan sideways rather than backwards is going to be something that I look forward to. Equally, I think a Bryan/HHH feud with Bryan winning the match will put the promo from Raw into context - if HHH only fights superstars, what does that make Bryan for not only facing off against him but also defeating him? To me, that sort of thing needs the pay off to be Bryan triumphing and proving HHH wrong and changing the context that we view HHH putting him down in.

    Elsewhere - thought the Smackdown main event, especially, was superb and continues the run that the blue brand is on for having these top matches headline the show. And Impact was sparse on much to talk about for me - lots of promos, and they're clearly now transitioning Bully out of the main event picture to a longer feud with Anderson. I think the AJ story needs to progress slowly now, but the flipside of that is if he's only signed a three month extension, and one month of that is already gone, how long can TNA progress without him turning up? They really need to try and keep as much as possible on the down low on this sort of thing - the internet doesn't help such an angle from working given the way things leak and news breaks. Oh well. I'm not sure where I sit on Impact as of now - can't help but feel I could fill my time with something else, but at the same time I want to see how the angle plays out because it could get good. The real issue is that it's so close to what WWE did recently with Punk that it diminishes the quality of the story - I know these sort of tales are as old as time, but you can't help but feel if TNA had done this without WWE having just done it we'd all view the storyline a little differently.

    Looking forward to next week, Subho!

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    I will definitely visit this site again because i learned a lot and got very helpful information from your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    Subho, just dropping a line to say hi and I'm still following your weekly series.

    Interested to hear your perspective on Big E. Langston...there's a guy who the WWE is absolutely pushing properly. He's been working his way up slowly since he arrived earlier this year and they haven't overdone his push by having him face one of the bigshots right away. His matches against Ambrose are a good fit for him. He doesn't seem out of place as a contender for the US Heavyweight Championship. Hoping that he can have a strong feud leading into Wrestlemania XXX where he will almost assuredly be fighting for a title.

    Mr. Anderson's return was HUGE for that Salt Lake City crowd...or I'm easily impressed. It was great to see him come back to give Bully Ray what's for and I think we'll see a pretty great grudge match between the two at the next on TV PPV...not sure what it'll be called, unless TNA's going to just have Impacts until January's PPV. I'm still intrigued as to whether there are more Aces & Eights waiting to re-emerge or be revealed...but it could've been a red herring from Bully.

    Speaking of great tag divisions, TNA's got quite a bit going on right now in theirs. I'm interested to see how the Bro-Mans handle being the top dogs and how the other teams are going to fight to claim the gold. There's a good mix of teams and I hope they stay involved, and that Impact continues to give them time to shine.

    The tradition continues... read the State of the CF for February 2014

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    Mizfan - I felt like I had a lot to say about the Raw part and I didn't want to bloat the column, again, so I ditched the 'Talking Point' and 'Honorable Mention' sections, and did so for the other shows, too. Would try to dissect them from the next time. For the CM Skunk thing, I felt that was the missing element from the storyline. I know the storyline was more emotion based, but a certain sense of fun, per se, was missing from it. They have come a long way since they included Ryback in the mix, so it kinda made sense, given Ryback's bully gimmick, too.

    Thank you so much, as always, for the read and feed.

    Oliver - Really want to Bryan mix it up with Triple H and beat him. Like I said, defeating a guy like H, not even counting his status as a wrestler, but as an Authority figure, who's always putting Bryan down, would be much much better.

    I think AJ would be back after sooner than 3 months or as long as they want to continue the Tournament thing. It is very similar to what the WWE did, but even the WWE storyline had traits from the ROH storyline, and numerous other storylines that have happened before. But whatever helps TNA, now, really. And it is really attachable storyline when all is said and done. Let's just see how they choose to deal with it.

    Stars - Thanks, man! Glad my column helped you in any way. Do come back.

    JCool - Thanks for dropping by, J! Big E. looks poised for a decent push and I hope that the WWE can capitalize on the momentum and don't just hotshot him into the main event scene after a little bit of success. We shall see; for now though, he looks good in the ring and he had a lot of untapped charisma, and I'm hoping it all comes into play.

    Impact is in a stage where it can go either way. They can tumble down the slope, like everybody is expecting it to, or they can rise again and prove everybody wrong. I hope it's the latter, so I'm eager to see what directions they have planned going forward with the storylines. Anderson needs to come forward and earn his place. He's far a new guy now, so he needs to the center of attention here, and he needs to do well in this role. As for the Tag Teams, not a big fan of anyone expect Bad Influence, so I'm hoping for the establishment of some credible teams that can bring back the good old days that Division had.

    Thanks for the read and feed, man!

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