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Thread: Kleck Reviews: TNA Impact Episode 4 On Destination America

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    Kleck Reviews: TNA Impact Episode 4 On Destination America

    Hello all and welcome back to another review of TNA Impact on Destination America! This is TNA's 4th episode on their new station to date and oh boy was it a fun episode. Some might question why I am still using the original Ad banner up top. Well it isn't a secret that professional wrestling federations that advertise in such a manner tend to have their featured performers prominently displayed on the promotional material. If you take a look at that banner you might get an idea on who TNA is focusing on in this initial run on the new station. Thinking about that, combined with the outcome of this episode gives me hope that we are in for an enjoyable ride. Well then let's get to it!

    Video Recap package opens the show.

    Bobby Roode comes out to start us off and....he still has the belt?!?!? What the heck transpired on the street? Did they just call it a day mid stare down once the cameras stopped rolling? Lashley was cool with Roode walking away holding his title for a kayfabe week? If I was Lashley I'd be spearing anyone who held my precious World Title longer than a few seconds! We gotta hear this out...

    Roode acknowledges that the title doesn't belong to him currently and wants to give Lashley back the belt and calls him out in order to do so. Roode tells Lashley it isn't that easy though. He wants his rematch tonight. And in fact, right now! Before that can happen we are interrupted by Austin Aries! Aries comes out with his newly acquired World Heavyweight Championship title shot briefcase. Great promo here by Aries. Aries ponders out loud if he should cash in right now and join them, or sit back until the match is over and then cash in. Before he can decide we are interrupted yet another time. This time by MVP! MVP does his usual promo- stating why everyone in the ring sucks compared to him and the BDC. He wants the belt too. Lashley accepts all challengers but it didnt seem clear to me if it was going to be a four way match or not definitively. Looks like we will find out later. What an awesome way to start the show! Good way to amp us up, TNA!

    We come back and get into our first match of the evening...

    Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell (C) for the Knockouts Championship

    We start off with sexy Gail and Taryn joining efforts in bringing Rayne down. Rayne rolls out to the floor after some corner splashes. Taryn uses the opportunity to try and roll up my lady friend for a 2 count. Taryn takes control briefly with some solid offense. Gail counters a splash and offers up one of her own for good measure. Gail looks to take control now but Rayne pulls her out to the floor. Madison gets back in the ring and Taryn delivers a nice snap suplex. Madison gets her shit together and hits a decent running back elbow for a 2 count. Rayne takes firm control over Taryn here while keeping Gail out of the ring in a very nice bit of match psychology. Rayne hits a very crisp Northern Lights Suplex on Taryn for another near fall. More offense by Madison over Ms. Terrell until Gail finally manages to get back in the ring and match just in time for Rayne to hit a tremendous simultaneous DDT/Neckbreaker on Gail and Taryn respectively! Hot damn this was a great spot! Crowd chants, "Better than Diva's"- oh it's true. It's damn true!

    Madison looks to cover Gail but she isn't having it as she rolls Madison into a very cool looking submission. I've seen some moves similar but it is unique enough that I'm not sure what to call it. Taryn comes up and locks in Gail in a Dragon Sleeper while Gail still has Madison locked into her own submission! The next few spots play into the face/heel dynamic of the 2 faces helping each other versus Rayne. Madison is not having it and does well in working through it. Rayne gets in some good outside offense on both ladies but she gets cocky. Damn heels alway monologing and trash talking. When will they learn? Rayne misses some offense and Taryn takes control. Madison counters Taryn's finisher and nails her own. Gail breaks it up and gets a near fall. Rayne counters Eat Defeat and a High Cross, but Taryn hits her Cutter and gets the pin to retain the strap.

    I broke this down a bit more because this was a great match by the ladies aside from a very weak Cutter by Taryn Terrell to finish the match. I think she may need to find a new finisher because that is about the only move in her arsenal I'm not feeling personally. Sloppy, ineffectual weak Cutter aside this was a great match worth checking out! These ladies showed that it isn't just Havok and Awesome Kong who are in the Knockouts division. This whole division is stacked, and from what I am hearing it is only gonna get better. Take notes WWE- this is how you book the women's division to not be a total joke afterthought!

    Magnus promo on the streets. Gonna meet up with Bram at the bar. Wonder where this segment is going? In a bar? I think they will shake and hug and be pals. I almost said that with a totally straight face. Almost.

    Spud and Man Juice (AKA "Mandrews" AKA Mark Andrews) cut a segment on the streets. Short spot here of Spud and Juice finding their way around New York while pointing at the friggin Empire State Building and calling it the Washington Monument... Sigh. Silly Brits. Spud does mention a potential challenge match for them against ECIII and Tyrus though. Did someone say E-C-III?

    Tommy Dreamer is walking and texting. Ohhh such a multi-tasking hardcore legend! He comes out and cuts a promo. He wants EY to come down to the ring. Insists that EY not turn his back on his best friend and the fans. Excellent heel work yet again here by EY. He asks if EY ever even asked Roode for a title shot and EY snaps and delivers a beautiful Tombstone Piledriver- like better than Undertaker delivers it, on Dreamer. Roode comes out to chase EY off. EY attacks the timekeeper outside of the ring out of anger. Roode stands in the ring as EY fumes outside.

    Hardy Boy promo now. Jeff mentions that they have a title match against Abyss and James Storm for the tag straps next week on Impact. Jeff then hypes his upcoming Monster's Ball match with Abyss. Felt a little foreshadowing to talk about their tag match for the belts next week first. Hoping I'm wrong about that in terms of tonight's match.

    Short segment of Magnus walking into the bar and spotting Bram.

    Angle segment confronting Gunner. He wants Gunner on his team because Gunner was in the military or some awful reason. Angle slaps him in the face to fire him up! Gunner, barely registering as conscious accepts the offer as sheepishly as humanly possible. Ugh. Why? BDC has been bad enough but now they are adding Gunner? Gunner? Really? (Ok I'm done.)

    Back to the bar with Magnus and Bram. They are drinking and sorting their shit out as best mates. Really good reality segment here between these two. Felt very casual and highly engaging for me right up until Bram asked to see a picture of Magnus' child. Considering they had spent the last 2 minutes talking about being BFFLs that felt extremely jarring to me. I get that best friends sometimes lose regular touch but these best friends travel and work together! If that one thing was cut out/overlooked this segment was genuinely awesome. They agree to be pals forever and start to head out of the bar. Bram has to pay his tab, he will catch up... Uh ohhh we all know where this is going... Magnus walks through the back area. He finds that the exit door is locked...


    Random mystery door camera keeps bringing into the shot in the back. Don't turn your back! Oh Magnus. You are so lucky this isn't a horror movie. Bram viciously beats Magnus down and then nails him in the back of the head with a Cue Ball. Ouch. Wow Bram! What a scoundrel. Maybe his point was that Magnus never even showed his supposed BFFL a picture of his new baby? Yea, I doubt it too. Guy friends aren't that into chatting about babies. Unless this feud is going super metrosexual then I think that was a segment goof. Overall a very enjoyable segment minus the big snafu earlier as mentioned above. If this is any indication of TNA's plans of blending a bit of a backstage reality into their wrestling then this will work. This was very well constructed to build a big new feud. Just keep an eye on those details, TNA.

    Monster's Ball Match: Jeff Hardy vs Abyss

    Here we go with Jeff Hardy and Abyss. They fight each other in the back and it spills into the ring. The match starts strong! Very fun match to watch with a lot of extremely well placed spots and timing. However there was one spot which I wanted to discuss a bit more in depth.

    {Jeff does a missed spot off the top rope through a table on the outside in which he over shot it by about a solid foot and a half, resulting in him landing head first into the barrier with his neck bent all kinds of wrong. If reports are true that he sustained an injury during these tapings, I am nearly convinced that this spot was where it happened. As much as I enjoy Jeff as a wrestler even up to present day, the man can't keep taking bumps like that without some serious health risks. If there is even a chance that a slight misstep could result in a scare like this then Jeff needs to tone it down a bit unless he wants to get himself killed in the ring. Hmmm. Sounds like a theme in his generation of wrestler. Attitude Era wasn't all good, people.}

    Abyss tosses Jeff Hardy back into the ring and has found a bag from underneath the ring! I wonder what's in it? Of course it is tacks people. And as we all should know by now whoever inevitably sets them up tends to proverbially eat them. Jeff takes this kind opportunity to rest by Abyss to repay him in kind with a stiff cheese grater shot to the nuts. And that makes the 2nd time in this match Jeff went for the balls. Who exactly is the friggin' face in this feud anyways? Strap on your leather, because this shit is 50 shades of Gray.

    Jeff charges Abyss in the corner only for Abyss to move and reveal that that was the corner he had wedged the chair into. Damn this was an awesome spot for me. I had completely forgotten about that chair honestly after my shock over the earlier bump outside, and the camera crew shot this wonderfully. Seriously that chair became a last second reveal as Jeff crumpled into it at full speed. A lot of other camera angles and timing differences on the cuts of the shot and that move would not be as powerful to the at home audience. Production is starting to run smooth. What a great match so far. Abyss grabs Janice to paint the town red. He swings and misses. Janice is stuck on the turnbuckle! Jeff nails a Twist Of Fate! Jeff goes up top to put this one in the bag, but Manik gives him the old crotch clothesline to give him a taste of his own twisted medicine. The Revolution make their way into the ring to beat down Jeff. In comes Matt 'Kendo Stick' Hardy to play some baseball! Lots of homeruns by Matt before James comes up from behind and nails him. Matt gets held up as James nails a really nice Last Call on Matt. Yet another very well positioned camera shot here to heighten how rough the kick looked on impact. And out come the Wolves! They clear the ring and hit stereo dives. I really am thinking of starting a petition to change their name to Stereo Sonic- stereo moves for dayyyyyssss people. They show how much they have learned from teams like the Dudleys and the Hardys as they sell the moves. Forget their indy stuff folks, they have come a long way. Still plenty of room for improvement but they are making big strides.

    Back in the ring we are left with Abyss and Jeff. Abyss is on his feet and is emptying that bag of tacks- uh-oh, don't say I didn't warn you! Abyss goes to set up Jeff on the ropes but Jeff delivers a Sunset Flip Bomb, sending Abyss down hard into the tacks.... Yeeeesh! Jeff isn't done though as he ascends the ropes and nails the Swanton on to Abyss who was still on the tacks.... Double yeeeeeesh! He pins him for the win! I had completely forgotten that the match wasn't DQ as there are no DQs in a Monster's Ball match! That pin was a genuine surprise moment for me after the absolute chaos interference spots, and capped off an extremely entertaining match! Monster's Ball delivers again!

    Couple quick segments in the back before we get some clarification via Austin Aries about tonight's main event. He says he respects Lashley for taking on all comers, and appreciates being able to save his briefcase while still having a title shot. Smug smile. You devil A-Double. You've done it again!

    Here comes Rockstar Spud and Mandrews to the ring.

    {The fact that TNA introduced a character from the start by their nickname peeves me a bit more then I thought it may. That led to my mishearing Mandrews as Man Juice. Each time his name was said it slowly morphed into Mandrews. All they had to say was Mark Andrews. But now I will forever call him Man Juice as an act of contrition... Or just because I find it overly amusing. Whichever makes me sound cooler.}

    And here come their opponents Tyrus and ECIII. The man grabs a mic... ECIII promo time! ECIII lets Spud and Juice know that their request for a match has been de-nied! But they found a suitable replacement team...

    Robbie E & Jesse Godderz w/DJ Zema Ion vs Spud Juice

    DJ Zema Ion opens with the usual annoying introduction. I used to enjoy this guy when he actually wrestled. Not so much now. I can tell you who I am starting to enjoy though and that is the Bro-Mans, particularly Robbie E. The most brilliant man in the world still has a job, and is very much staying alive. And in a moment of pure head scratching out comes Angelina Valentine as their valet... Uhhh girl- did you not see how Robbie dogged your homie last week, thus causing her her job? Get a clue, bro.

    This was a very short match clocking in at roughly 2 minutes so impressions were few. Bro-Mans used the isolation strategy on Mandrews, a highlight was the press slam by Jesse Godderz (particularly the character work during/after). Eventually though the Juice drops a hot tag all over a frantic Spud, and he goes berserk. Tearing through the Bro-Mans with reckless abandon. Spud sets up for Mandrews, who delivers a beautiful Shooting Star Press, the pin and the win for team Spud Juice. I may be picking on Mark Andrews a bit but if he keeps hitting that Shooting Star Press so well I'm gonna really enjoy his matches.

    In comes Tyrus with some nasty punches to lay out Mandrews and Spud. ECIII comes in and gets in Spud's face while he is laid out on the ground. He wanted Spud to know that he will never have the pleasure of facing ECIII, but he and Mandrews can face Tyrus next week on Impact inside a steel cage! Not sure how I feel about this one. Tyrus needs to be strong right now. This reeks of a Tyrus loss, although this is an introduction of sorts to the fans of him in a genuine match.

    Backstage promo with Spud. Spud builds emotion throughout this segment and finishes with an angered crescendo that was truly impressive. He was displaying full emotion here in his seething hatred for his former BFF ECIII. Spud is sick and tired of being treated like a loser! Spud delivered this beautifully. I'm pretty intrigued to see where this rabbit hole goes.

    Bobby Lashley (C) vs Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode vs MVP

    We start with Lashley going for MVP right away as the veteran goes out to the floor. A-Double and Roode surround him to get him back into the ring. MVP dukes it out with Lashley. The match briefly turns into 3 on 1 until Aries and Roode step back to let Lashley and MVP beat each other up a bit. Aries and Roode join in again on the offensive front against MVP for a few more moves before Lashley and Roode have a staring contest. The two lock up and Lashley takes control. A bit of back and forth before Aries comes in with a nice Missile Dropkick on Roode. Roode counters another Aries Dropkick with a kick of his own before MVP comes in and gets all kicky as well on Roode. So.many.kicks. Roode nails a Spinebuster on MVP but Aries is in to make the save on the Roode pin attempt. Lashley rejoins and battles back and forth with Aries and Roode. MVP comes back in and targets Roode. MVP in firm control over Roode. MVP with a nice Superplex on Roode, prompting Aries to come in and lock on the Last Chancery. Lashley breaks it up by picking Aries up and delivering an awesome Argentine Backbreaker!

    After some more scattered fighting Lashley breaks up another submission win attempt, this time by Bobby Roode via the Cross Face. Aries and Lashley fighting it out and Roode delivers a Towers Of Doom move on both Lashley and Aries! (Roode Powerbombs Lashley off the ropes while Lashley was delivering a move to Aries) Crowd is going nuts. I am going nuts! Uh-oh. EY runs out to display his world class friendship skills again for Bobby Roode. Back inside the ring Lashley misses the Spear and Aries counters it into the Last Chancery! Damn this was yet another cool spot in this match. MVP makes the save and tries for a pin. Aries isn't having it, gets up and hits a nice Bionic Forearm on MVP sending him out to the floor. As Aries readies for a Heat Seeking Missile Lashley comes out of absolutely nowhere and hammers Aries in the side with a fucking awesome Spear! Oh damn this was a great spot. Between Aries' excellent selling and body positioning, and Lashley's velocity, Aries' body flung violently down as Lashley pins him to close out the night with a damn impressive win in a damn impressive match!

    BDC comes out to do what they do. Angle and Gunner (GUNNER?!?) run out to make the save. Roode, Lashley, Gunner, Angle and Aries are in the ring. Roode wants it finished next week between he and EY 1 on 1 in the cage! They both want each other's blood. Lots of blood talk. These men are foreshadowing some blood folks! Next week: blood! Aries insists on being on Kurt Angles team as he plays into the crowd and the crowd eats out of the palm of his hands. Angle accepts in a fun little back and forth moment between them. Angle turns to confirm Lashley will be the last member and Lashley declines! He stands alone apparently. Angle has a week to come up with a 4th member as we close out the show.


    This was definitely without question TNA's best episode on Destination America yet. TNA improved their in-ring time and the quality of the in-ring action this week. If we break down what they are working with this week it seems to be very encouraging. Let's take a look...

    TNA is slotted for a 2 hour show each week. The average show has about 12 minutes of commercials per hour. This translates into nearly one quarter of their time for the night if you include commentary spots throughout the night. They had roughly 34 minutes of matches tonight which accounts for a little more than another quarter of the show, amounting to a little more than half the show between them. The rest was connected segments and promos building the show. That break down is actually not bad at all. Especially when you compare it to certain other feds. That breaks down to about a 60/40 Promo/Segment to in-ring match time ratio, which certainly seemed to be the golden ticket that puts TNA in the proverbial chocolate factory tonight. This might just be a solid blueprint to follow in building future Impact episodes going ahead. Could TNA have added in 5 more minutes of in-ring time? Possibly but this seemed/felt pretty perfect tonight. Great job, TNA!

    TNA's production values improved yet again here in this episode, with some fantastic camera shots in multiple matches. It is readily apparent that the crew is hitting their stride, and that made the difference between good to great in-ring action tonight. Fantastic work on this front tonight.

    Match Of The Night

    This was a very hard choice this week between 3 matches. The Knockouts put on a gem, Abyss and Jeff Hardy rocked the Monster's Ball, but the match of the night has to be A-Double vs Lashley vs Bobby Roode vs MVP, with the match MVP honors being a true tie between Austin Aries and Bobby Lashley. These 2 men especially delivered beautifully within this match, making this 14 minute match a true pleasure to watch play out. Excellent job, TNA!

    Segment/Promo Of The Night

    Rockstar Spud damn near stole this one towards the end with that wonderful emotionally charged backstage segment, Aries came close with that excellent opening promo about how good life is to be a man with options, but it was Bram and Magnus who took this honor tonight. If this segment is an indication TNA is well on their way to blending story to wrestling in a very solid way. This segment definitely began feeling a little forced/contrived, but once Bram and Magnus started talking it became apparent TNA might have learned from past unrealistic backstage bits. Not a surprise to know that I'm a dude with dude friends and this is the kind of real talk about each others flaws good friends tend to have after having a few beers. This segment built wonderfully around that premise, and despite that hiccup I mentioned above that slightly took me out of the story they had built and the bit of obvious conclusion, this was still a truly enjoyable segment that personally gives me hope for this new reality approach/blend. This also built a foundation for a nicely developing rivalry, as we now see character alignments start to unfold. Well done!

    Room For Improvement

    Continuity in the finer details of segments as was discussed in regards to the Bram and Magnus bar segment. Also less BDC and Gunner would be very ideal, although completely unrealistic from the looks of it. At the least TNA needs to start truly distinguishing what makes BDC unique from every single other generic bad guy stable that has happened in the history of professional wrestling exactly the same before this. The other spots that felt totally botched in terms of story line continuity were Bobby Roode still having the World Title in his possession, and Angelina Valentine still rolling with the Bro-Mans despite them causing her best friend to get fired on the previous episode. Little details like this threaten to take us as the audience out of the nicely constructed world TNA had created, and creates unnecessary bumps in the road of an otherwise smooth ride. Just little tweaks to things like that turn this episode from really good to outstanding.

    Things To Look For

    Who will the 4th member of Team Angle be?
    What role will Bobby Lashley play from here on out?
    Will Roode and EY be out of the main event story line after their match at Lockdown?
    Will Spud and Mandrews manage to get the big win from Tyrus? Or will Tyrus show why he is the muscle?
    Kong vs Havok in a fucking cage!!!

    Lockdown next week is shaping up to be absolutely awesome. So far we know of these matches which will all be held inside the steel cage; Awesome Kong vs Havok, Bobby Roode vs EY, The Hardys vs James Storm & Abyss for the tag titles, Tyrus vs Spud and Man Juice, and BDC vs Team Angle! How's that for a match lineup?

    And there you have it. TNA is really heating up after putting on their 4th and best show so far imo, and it looks like the good times will just keep on rolling next week! You do not want to miss next Friday's episode of TNA Impact at 9 P.M. EST on Destination America! Until then let's discuss things below! I am Kleckamania- off to hopefully celebrate getting even fucking older in style with a Superbowl, presents (good ones hopefully ) some good food/booze and equally good company. If you'd like to give the present of feedback I would love it (hint hint ). TNA needs some love too people! So until next time always keep watching...

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    I tried to watch this episode but couldn't feel it after the opening segment. This Bobby Lashley guy does not seem to be a big charisma man, after all. I don't know why, I just couldn't get into this TNA stuff today. May be that's because I have been continuously working my ass off for a better part of a month and I better go out and meet some friends and family before I am either declared an outsider or gone mad. Save me, God!

    It was definitely nice to read about TNA. Column was enjoyable, love your insights. I don't like the fact that TNA have given up on the big screens. Every entrance, thus, feels like the same. Beat Down Clan doesn't sound very interesting. I like the James Storm stable though.

    I have wanted to ask you this from long time, what is The Tool Series : Ajna Shakra? Ajna Shakra is a person? That name just never stops to amuse me. How cool would be a person with the name as cool as Ajna Shakra?

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    Ahh, Kleck, how come your reviews always seem better than the show?

    So, I watched last week. Only time I've seen TNA since the move. I ff most of the show. The production is difficult to get used to, and I'm not liking Josh Matthews so far. It reminds me of Gladiators or ANW where they say a person's name or one 'clever' line, then the person comes out to silence from the booth. Just a strange vibe that I can't quite put my finger on just yet. Then too many faces that should be heels and heels that should be faces. Only parts I really watched were Roode's (backstage with Angle, match teaming with Angle). I watched a little EC3/Borash, but the opening fof seemed like a clusterfuck and I couldn't situate with the cameras and the action. . . .on the way home (I don't have cable so I have to drive 40 miles) my car broke down. . . .so, yeah, decided to skip TNA this week.


    Maybe I'm destined to never see Roode as champion again.

    The main event sounds awesome. I like matches that include both Roode and Aries as long as it's not reducing them to a tag team.

    I like your use of bold for particle sentences. Makes the important things pop...but I'm a little bias there!

    I think I will maybe try to see Lockdown. Not sure because school is now getting ridiculously busy.

    Hope you keep doing these. So far I enjoy them more than the current product.

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    Shane, long time since we spoke. I thought last week was the weakest of the post relaunch shows. This week's was head and shoulders above it. A lot of really good stuff. I actually think Roode's character is a bit stiff at the moment, needs some fleshing out since he went face. TNA's strength is in the mid card where they are doing a great job with the likes of EC3, Spud, and this week Magnus. Hopefully Roode and the BDC get the same character treatment in the weeks going forward.

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    MI! It's funny you should comment here, as I meant to address one of your comments from the 3rd edition of this column. Although Kleck did a good job as always last week, I thought, for me, your comment won the thread. You wrote:

    8.) An addendum to point seven, TNA creative isn't clicking on all cylinders at the moment. Lot of decent pieces but the character work for so many guys is off at the moment. EY, Joe and MVP have history that needs to be resolved. Motivations need to be fleshed out in the tag division and characters need to be reestablished after the somewhat clunky heel tease for Davey Richards. TNA was doing year long arcs then had to reset around BFG 2013 and transitioned into months long stories pretty well by last summer. They aren't as sharp right now, reset button or not.

    This articulated so much of what I didn't yet know how to say. Most folks didn't like TNA during the Hogan run, so they don't have to come down from where I have to come down, which is those amazing year-long story arcs. I quit watching with the Magnus push (as I felt a strong Russo presence and stated it long before it was made known). So, with TNA, as I remember it, I'm used to every motive and every story making sense and carrying in it historic context. Right now that is not the case. As you put it (very well), it's not "clicking on all cylinders". I am also struggling with casting. Roode hasn't convinced me he is a true face. EY hasn't convinced me he's a true heel. I'm not as sold on face Spud as most are. And I could give a shit about face Lashley. So, beyond the weaknesses in booking, I am also fighting to believe the face/heel casting. Lastly, I'm not used to Matthews, and I don't like the style of commentary right now. I wish they brought back Todd Keneley to produce their own sound, and I hope they'll push guys like Kenny King. Their heavy reliance and favoritism of anything former-WWE is bothering me.

    I think I agree with you, though. I was not the biggest EC3 or Magnus fan. I thought people wanted them pushed faster/higher than they deserved. Yet, EC3 seems to at least be coming into his own and I don't hate Magnus. I don't know if either can carry a company (I'm open to seeing them prove it), but I think the midcard is currently not only getting better booking but they are committed to what they are doing. (But, too, they have more logical booking and better character fits right now).

    It's interesting. If I had cable right now I'd watch every week.

    I want them to do well, but I'm just not sure which way they are going right now.

    Only time

    will tell.

    PS. Tyrus has a chance to win me over. If he's booked right and can live up to the booking. While so many are praising EC3 for his work in this video, I was quite impressed with the quiet visuals from Tyrus.
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    Best episode so far for sure. I'll have my own thoughts coming up in the Week in Review, but enjoyed your column once again, mate. I loved that Bram/Magnus segment. Felt somewhat original and clever. I, too, was a little taken aback when Bram asked to see Magnus' son's photo. But wasn't TNA off air when Mickie delivered? Maybe that's why. Dunno, still enjoyed the segment very much.

    I think Jeff was injured in the spot they kept airing in the Lockdown commercials (when he falls from the cage door onto the steel steps). But, he wasn't truly injured, and it was done just so TNA has an excuse of writing him off air for the UK Tapings. Hardy's criminal past doesn't allow him an UK visa.

    Agreed with you on that this was the right balance of matches and backstage segments. Once they establish all the characters for the new channel, they can focus more on in-ring activities. This week, all the matches delivered and got perfect bell to bell times. Also, BDC getting only a couple of segments was nice. They were too overexposed in the weeks past, but they got it right this time.

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    I think I mentioned this last week but I will say it again. I have no idea who Magnus will find to have as a tag partner. A face turn and eventual triumph over Bram should logically vault him into the main event scene where he is needed as a face and, quite frankly, where he probably deserves to be. That would seem to suggest that he'd cash in his tag title opportunity earlier than later but I can't see how that happens and if Magnus is back to the tag titles come the end of 2015 almost 5(!!) years after winning the straps with Joe...I don't get that. There is nothing wrong with moving main event talent down to the tag ranks (Brothers of Destruction, Super Powers, Roode/Aries, Jerishow, etc.) temporarily while you wait for other stories to play out. There is something wrong with dead ending people there when their presence could be useful at the top. It has been nearly a year since Magnus lost the World Heavyweight Championship, he deserves to be elevated now. Especially given the UK tour that is about to start.

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    This is one of TNA's greatest faults. I remember living through Roode/Aries. Knowing they are both great and great together, but I couldn't accept that there would be YEARS between Roode being the longest reigning champion and getting the belt back. Even now, Roode is in this "grudge" with EY as a way to keep him away from the belt, yet his character is only driven by the championship, so he runs around talking about the title while being in a grudge and playing a face.

    It gets frustrating in TNA when a guy you see as a title player is floundering around with surface-level motivations.

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    Kleck, I am going to catch TNA really soon, because your review got me pumped up like no other. I always watch little segments here and there (haven't done that in a long while) so I wonder if it's worth my effort to sit and watch a whole show.

    Is TNA really worth watching? Soon, I will write a virgin review on it.
    And Jacob wrestled with God.

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    Kleck, I also thought this was the best of the bunch so far since the move.

    I know Magnus got the shit beaten out of him by Bram, but somehow I'm still seeing this ending up being tag champs who hate each other. Magnus having the tag shot briefcase and feud with Bram just makes me feel like that's the direction they're going to go. Unless Bram develops new friends and beats Magnus for the case. Otherwise I don't see the point of Magnus having a tag shot but no partner.

    Roode still comes up a little short for me, not in the ring where I love him, but there's just something about the character that falls flat and fails to connect with me, and I don't know why. For me I never liked him more than I did as part of Beer Money though I see why he should be a singles star for TNA. I also agree that Lashley just lacks that certain something that makes me believe in him.

    I think that TNA is getting there, and that the stories and in ring action are getting to where they should be. In a lot of ways though, I think they just don't have the talent at the top that makes me say "OK that dude is a legit World Champion" except for maybe Aries who isn't the biggest dude, but I believe that guy as the best in a company. If they can keep grooming new stars to eventually take the reigns at the top of the card the future is REALLY bright.

    Jake IMHO it's absolutely worth watching. I've given them one year as a lark, and so far I've been impressed.
    Read my latest. That's not a request.


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    Klecko! I want to say again I really love these, you are absolutely killing it.

    Now for a few specific thoughts...

    I didn't share the one issue you took with the Magnus/Bram segment, in fact I thought it actually made a lot of sense that Bram, the violent hothead, wouldn't have had any interest in Magnus' new kid, and only feigned it here to take him off his guard. Also, if you know any new parents they are sure to have new pictures of their kid every single day and they'll take any chance to show it off, so I didn't get any kind of disconnect there. Apart from that we agree, it was a really well done segment and honestly the first time I've been interested in this pair... it's really been sharply downhill for Magnus ever since he lost the title. I'm hoping this will elevate him back to higher singles ground, while Bram wins the tag case off him as a consolation prize. Plenty of room for both guys, just don't think they clicked well as a team. This segment definitely work, they may be better enemies than friends.

    On Monster's Ball, you and I have very similar thoughts about Jeff Hardy. I don't believe he got injured here, but at some point I question the wisdom of doing such crazy moves what is basically a transitional match in a larger feud. Save that shit for the big dance, Jeff! And I would say the same applies to Abyss somewhat, it's not always necessary to go full arms-full-of-tacks for a match that doesn't have much effect in the long run. Still, it was enjoyable though I thought the interference ran a bit overboard. I'd be fully down for some kind of 4 on 4 No DQ situation though, Hardys & Wolves vs. the Revolution. Bring it on!

    I'm sad you don't like DJ Zema, although I also would like to see him given the chance to actually wrestle a bit more. Still, his hype man shtick for the BroMans is endlessly entertaining to me, the perfect mix of goofy and annoying for a good midcard heel in his spot. I was impressed with how much the BroMans and SpudJuice was able to do in a short time also, and both EC3 and Spud killed it on the mic once again. Spud especially nailed his post match promo, you are so right, and did you hear him question if Andrews would also turn his back on him in time? There are real psychological depths to Spud's character, it's crazy how well he can show how much he was hurt by EC3 turning his back on him. That's something you don't get to see much, the long term impact of that kind of betrayal. I think anyone who isn't sold on face Spud (yo shane) didn't experience the well thought out and developed character development he went though, it's really quite excellent. Spud is the man.

    Tyrus... he's a hard card to play here, honestly. I get wanting to keep the big man strong, and I like Tyrus so I'm all for that, but at the same time I think it's clear EC3 is the more valuable commodity and if Tyrus is able to turn back all challengers then no one will ever get to Ethan, which is just wasteful. I honestly think a guy like Tyrus can take a few losses as long as they are booked well, in the name of furthering EC3's larger feuds. I have no doubt the little Brits will need to pull out all the stops to make any headway against the mountainous muscle of the Carter family.

    I also hate Gunner.

    I thought it was a great touch with Lashley refusing to join Team Angle, very much sets him apart from the cookie cutter face. But then who will the 4th man be?? Muy intersante.

    Keep the excellent work coming Kleck, these are great!

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    Masked Newton- Ajna Shakra is a meditative system that aims to open our pineal gland (3rd eye) through the learning of connected life lessons. My series is done as a tribute to the band Tool and their album Lateralus. Each column uses one of the songs off the album as a theme for the wrestling material, and it sets out to bring the reader to an enlightened state of mind in order to achieve a greater sense of ourselves and our connection to the world around us. Very spiritual series set out to mainly make the reader think. If you ever check any of the columns out feel free to shoot me a PM to discuss

    The thing with Lashley is he has improved leaps and bounds in ring. His matches are worth checking out. He is no mat technician but he plays his role pretty much perfectly in most of his matches.

    The struggle for a social life is real, and I lost it a long time ago. With a near 2 year old son my nights are in house. So hobbies like wrestling and writing live on while my Frank the Tank days are long gone. Growing up is so lame. Thanks for the read and really glad you liked this!

    Shane- Wow that is a big compliment thanks. I put a lot of effort into these reviews cause TNA needs a fresh start not just with stati9n, but with fans. People need to look past stigmas and try it. So I am doing my part to help that. The wrestling world needs all kinds and TNA has moments of pure beauty. Like you mentioned their production is a work in progress but I have seen just that with each passing week so I am quite optimistic. And mark my words, I am convinced Roode will be winning the title back this "season". Everything seems to be pointing in that direction. Lots of subtle nods to that effect in story line direction and character work. Hang in there Shane, and thank you!

    MI Fan & Shane- Yea their mid card division has been their primary focus since around the wrestle - one crossover last year. ECIII can definitely run with the ball as top guy if given the chance imo, and Tyrus and TNA's booking of him really impressed the hell out of me this week.

    Sub- Yea it seems TNA is doing the less is more approach 2 weeks in a row with bDC. Which does indicate TNA is featuring heavy early to build stories leading into big wrestle nights. They showed us a blueprint for the first 5 weeks, with Lockdown being their "PPV" they were building to. It worked really well. I am very encouraged personally. Thanks for the read and feed man! Your TNA year in review was great btw.

    Shane and MI- I think you could say that about a lot of feds. There is always talent that deserves a push but so many talent deserve to be cycled through pushes that it can get tricky. I think Roode especially stands to gain a lot from this station move. TNA and Destination seem to want him featured in their advertising which spells good things imo.

    JW- absolutely. TNA is not perfect by any stretch, but it brings things to the table other feds dont. It definitely has a place in the wrestling landscape if people go into it looking for positives and enjoyment. There are some serious talents in TNA. Guys like ECIII, Roode, and Aries could be main eventing in WWE. They are that good imo. TNA loves story line continuity too most of the time. It is refreshing in 2015. I hope you do that review because I would love to hear what you think/have to say! Mine will be up for Lockdown momentarily. Thanks for the read and thrilled it got you thinking about at least trying the product out!

    Ray- yea Aries rules. I can see Bram and Magnus going that route though I'd like to see them have have a proper rivalry while just stringing along other wrestlers while they feud each other to build tension and keep things fresh. I've seen a few people say this but I've been content with Roode. He is driven purely by being champ. So he is kind of one dimensional in nature. lots of people are irl. I can kind of see where you are coming from though.

    For what it is worth I think Lockdown was their best effort yet. TNA is only going to get better the more time they have to get comfortable in their new home. I'm pretty optimistic. Thanks man!

    Miz! Love your feedbacks. Shows me I'm doing something well. Humbled truly by your praise. Glad I can do TNA some much deserved justice.

    Definitely see your take on Bram/Magnus. Interesting thought there. I agree that I want them to feud and not go the Aries/Roode tag route.

    Yes! They need to make that Revolution vs Wolves/Hardys happen! And Jeff... Idk what to say. Watching him wrestle anymore makes me half cringe throughout knowing he is going to do something way too risky in order to get fan attention. He is still enjoyable in ring, he just risks too much. I hate thinking how his career will end at this rate. Genuinely scares me. And Idk how Abyss takes those tack bumps sometimes. Oh man they must hurt so much. I always get a kick out of the thought that people are picking tacks out of him after those matches for a long time.

    I think the thing with Zema is he does annoying so damn well. Too well for me. And mixed with him not wrestling and and me genuinely enjoying his abilities in in a ring and I just get a bit put off. He really is doing a good job though, apparently he just hits one of my ticks though. The Bro-Mans/Beautiful people angle is a gem. Enjoying most of what they do. You really nailed that one a long time ago. Kudos Miz!

    Spud questioning Mandrews was a touch of beauty in that segment. That vulnerability was so palpable and Mandrews reacted beautifully to it as well. Most of the time Spud is pure money. One of the definite bright spots.

    Tyrus can and should lose sometimes, but it is too soon imo. My review goes up soon but if you caught Lockdown then wow. Did they nail that match or what? Tyrus is being utilized so damn well so far. Makes WWE look embarrassingly bad in how they handle talent. Especially considering how ECIII is doing these days...

    Yes let's hate on Gunner. That man sucks. So much.

    Thanks Miz! Always love hearing from you!

    Thanks all! My review of Episode 5 is coming in minutes... Good time to watch folks!

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