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Thread: What game are you playing right now?

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    [QUOTE=Tito;150538]Been playing a few games on my Nintendo 3DS lately...

    Super Mario Maker - Good, but not great. It's more unlimited Mario 1, 3, World, and New, but the online link is terrible and inflexible. I figure that Nintendo will update this game in the future to improve it (maybe).

    I think we will see a bra and panties match between Stephanie McMahon and Charlotte before they update that game. Nintendo is notorious for killing consoles and games prior to the launch of a new system. With the Switch's official presentation January 12th, and the rumor of a late March 2017 release, I don't see any updates coming. The 3DS version is a gimped Wii U version. But I am willing to bet there will be some sort of version on the Switch, as current "rumors" of software headed to the Switch include a Splatoon 2.0......

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    MGSV and Battlefield 1.

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    TitanFall 2, after just being pleasantly surprised by Assassins Creed Syndicate
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