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Thread: Lucha Underground General Discussion

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    Here's the situation. Apparently when Court Bauer initially reported LU was going to be on Netflix starting tomorrow he was actually reporting the day Netflix would receive all of LU's content. Unfortunately it's not as simple as them uploading it all onto the platform; there's apparently a lot of technical mumbo jumbo that will take some time to sort out. Hence why LU won't be on there till probably early to mid-March (some reports have said it could be till early May but I'd be stunned if it took that long). It's unfortunate, but it's more so for the fact that Bauer incorrectly reported the date thanks to misinformation or a misinterpretation of the info he got (it's notable now that LU never confirmed the date themselves, outside of several performers parrotting Bauer's report, and that numerous other people close to the situation were saying it wouldn't be on by February 15th soon after Bauer's report). The good news is that it will eventually be on there and it'll be far easier to access now. Even better news; both Pentagon and Eric Van Wagenen confirmed separately this week that the LU and AAA deals are indeed separate and Pentagon will indeed be back for season four. And if he's back, that means everyone else with a question mark will be back too.

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    I could see early May. If they're coming back May 31, it gives a few weekends worth of binging time.

    Most info coming out has been regarding Netflix US, I'm still pulling for Netflix Canada to get the latest episodes each week. That would be big for LU. I think I mentioned before, but Dusk Til Dawn got the "New Episodes Weekly" treatment and was pushed as a Netflix Original, despite being an El Ray production. What that meant was that I couldn't escape that shit, it was all over my feed. I'll bet LU could get a ton of view based on that alone.

    I don't see why they wouldn't do it if they could get a few extra bucks out of it, since a) the rights are different from country to country, blah, blah, blah and b) they have literally no access into Canada right now. Put everything you've aired so far up and that's great...but there's no way to legally access anything up to date. I can't even watch the recap videos on YouTube because they're geoblocked. I had a buddy that I thought might be into LU, but it was such a headache to find highlights that weren't blocked in Canada that I just gave up.

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    Does it really matter that we binge? As I understand it, it's only the first two seasons, so we'd still be behind the curve picking up on 5/31.

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    Just a heads up, I'm working on getting an interview with Eric Van Wagenen for LOP Radio. He reached out to me earlier this week and said he'd be open to doing something soon now that the Netflix and Pentagon stuff are worked out. Stay tuned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleR View Post
    Just a heads up, I'm working on getting an interview with Eric Van Wagenen for LOP Radio. He reached out to me earlier this week and said he'd be open to doing something soon now that the Netflix and Pentagon stuff are worked out. Stay tuned.
    Sounds good!
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    Son of Havoc just tweeted out March 15th for the Netflix debut.

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    Entertainment Weekly and other sites have also listed it as being available starting March 15th and Eric Van Wagenen has said so as well. You never know for sure after the wackiness from earlier this month, but that seems to be the date.

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    Lucha Libre FMV (the joint company run by AAA and Lucha Underground) threatened to sue Pacific Coast Wrestling for booking Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr./Penta0m. They sent them a legal letter. This all despite the promo material not referring to Rey Fenix or Pentagon in any way. The letter even says "At the light of the above, we are sending you this communication requesting you to cease and refrain from the unauthorized and misuse of the intellectual property and also please avoid to hire any person that uses such intellectual property or any other confusingly similar.

    The actual letters are out there but because they are hosted on another wrestling site i dont think I can post them. It is an amazing view of how Lucha Underground views Rey Fenix and Pentagon. Seek them out.

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    It has happened! Lucha Underground is on Netflix, here in the States and apparently in Canada and Latin America as well. About damn time.

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    You are coming over, we are binge watching this. By the end, you will be a Believer!

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    We have interviews on both the Main Page in my WTTU column and on LOP Radio on The Global Revolution next Tuesday with Eric Van Wagenen, Exec Producer of LU.

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    Enjoyed both of them, really good stuff.

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    So there's some potential problems in Lucha land. Looks like Impact and AAA have entered into a partnership and AAA President Dorian Roldan said it's possible that some LU stars could potentially appear on Impact Wrestling, but NOT in their LU personas. This is a bit of an issue, as Ricochet has been told he's not allowed to appear for Ring of Honor as he's under a LU contract, and others like Sami Callihan have joined him in their bewilderment of what appears to be a double-standard.

    No comment from LU as of yet.
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    God, that really is frustrating. Nothing will hurt LU more than getting a reputation as a bad place to work. I've heard mostly positive comments in the past but between the season break (not their fault) and now this (possibly their fault), it could start to be a concern. Hopefully not, but I completely get why Ricochet is feeling frustrated if this turns out to be true.

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    This is either one of two things; Dorian doesn't believe LU has much longer and thus he's latching onto Impact as a safety net, or he's trying to appease a couple of individuals and thus has alienated others because he's a moron. Remember how King Cuerno/El Hijo del Fantasma wanted to go do the WWE CWC last year, got blocked and was unhappy with it? Well guess who was one of the poster children for this Impact/AAA agreement during the press conference; Fantasma. I'm betting Dorian has tried to placate him by saying he can work LU as Cuerno and TNA as Fantasma, thus why he's saying LU guys can work Impact under different gimmicks. Thus you have this and thus you have guys getting upset.

    The long story is that Dorian needs to go. Like now. Every single issue Lucha Underground has seemingly had in the past year with the exception of the season three hiatus (which was El Rey's call) has been because of Dorian; he's the one who ran off all the LU/AAA dudes from AAA and into The Crash, he's the only one who cares about them working both (as both Trips and mizfan revealed in their interviews, Eric Van Wagenen couldn't care less where these guys work as long as it's not on competing US TV) and he's the one who flubbed the Netflix announcement all so he could make himself look better. Every single thing LU has been criticized for is because of Dorian Roldan, which is hilarious because aside from investors the man has contributed absolutely nothing to the LU product; everything you see on TV is because of the talent, Van Wagenen, Chris DeJoseph, Chris Roach and the awesome production staff. And all of LU's work and reputation is being ruined because Dorian has no idea what he's doing. He has to go now; pressure needs to be put on Factory Made Ventures, Mark Burnett, El Rey and Robert Rodriguez now to get rid of him and actually take responsibility to fund the show themselves. If not, LU is boned.

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    As reported by the Observer

    According to The Observer, Pentagon was offered a new contract promising a push as the promotion's top wrestler and a raise to $1,500 per match. However, if he signed, Pentagon would not be able to work for CMLL, Impact Wrestling, The Crash or any promotion that was affiliated with Konnan. Pentagon quit AAA, which is affiliated with Lucha Underground, earlier this year and joined fellow Lucha Underground star and real-life brother Fenix, among others, in jumping to The Crash. Pentagon quit using the Pentagon, Jr., name, which is trademarked by AAA, and started going by Penta El 0M on the independent circuit.

    Seems as though LU is seriously caught up in the Mexico drama, and now with Impact thrown in, things are going to get very complicated

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    I can add a little to that Trips. I've been told that AAA was part of the places he wouldn't have to work either. It's basically an exclusive LU deal and less a "don't work with Konnan" deal (especially since Konnan has no affiliation with CMLL); Pentagon gets more money, the top spot in LU (which is odd because he already is anyway) and can still work PWG, AAW and the England promotions he's working, he just can't work anywhere else. The interesting thing is that this isn't a Dorian deal; Van Wagenen is the one who offered it to him at a dinner not too long ago and I was also told that he and several others put the deal together (this does contradict EVW not caring about Pentagon and others working The Crash, so it's possible Dorian threw that caviat in. Everything else was EVW and his people). At this point Pentagon hasn't responded one way or another to the offer and likely won't until he has to; he's still signed to that original seven season deal and has no plans to leave LU as of now. So until he has to, he's going to continue to work LU, Crash and all his indies.

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    Man, it's just getting seriously messy. I don't see how anything good comes out of all this drama between the Mexican organizations and this new deal with Jarrett.

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    Oh The Crash is going to get royally screwed too. They had an agreement with TNA first and also have Konnan working for them. Now this? I can only imagine how ticked off Konnan is.

    Again, this whole thing feels more like Dorian trying to find a fall back if LU goes under more than anything else. Keep in mind, the only LU people he can offer Impact (as of now) are the ones signed to both LU and AAA, which is Aerostar, Angelico, Argenis, Drago, El Hijo del Fantasma, Johnny Mundo, Kevin Kross, Mil Muertes, Taya and Texano. Aerostar, Argenis, Drago and Texano couldn't appear without being repackaged (and there's no way AAA is suddenly repackaging three established guys) and it's not like Dorian can force Angelico, Mundo, Kross, Mil (who had a terrible experience with TNA if you recall) and Taya to go if they don't want to (which I don't believe they will) as all five could merely quit AAA and latch onto The Crash/other indies while keeping their LU gigs. In short, most of the LU roster doesn't have to do it because they have no obligations to Impact or AAA, most signed to LU/AAA can't because they'd have to change gimmicks and the rest have enough leverage that they wouldn't have. El Hijo del Fantasma/King Cuerno is really the only one who seems to want to do both LU and TNA and can. So honestly I don't see this affecting LU as much as people think.

    The bigger issue is that Dorian is still in charge, may be actively trying to find another partnership with another company, may not have a clue of what he's actually doing and may also be trying to undermine everything just because he didn't get his was (i.e. Konnan leaving AAA for The Crash and taking many AAA/LU guys with him). He has got to go and be replaced immediately. There is no other way to put it. He needs to go.

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