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Thread: Lucha Underground General Discussion

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    As far as I know there's been no incidents between them at tapings as of yet. I wouldn't be surprised if they're kept away from one another if there's still heat.

    But then again, I have no idea if there even is heat. Most people still believe the whole thing was real, but I know for a fact that a scene featuring Vampiro stripping Taya of the Reina de Reina's title on AAA TV was taped the day before she was actually stripped, which would mean she (and Mundo) would've had to have known what was going on before it was announced. No one ever reported that though outside of luchablog, so it kind of fell through the cracks. My guess is Taya, Mundo and Vamp were all in on a work of some nature, and then for Taya it turned real towards AAA after they brought Sexy Star (who she had heat with) back to win her title. From that point who knows.

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    LOL at Lucha Underground threatening wrestling reporters over the tapings

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    NDA's are tricky things. Odds are no one will ever spend the money to pursue legal action, so yeah it's just a veiled threat. Plus it depends on if the NDA is bilateral or multilateral. If it's a multilateral NDA and it's pursued, then the site publishing the spoilers COULD be help to the NDA even if they never signed it.

    However, like I said, ain't nothing coming of that.

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    It's a no win scenario for Dorian and his cretins (who are the real force behind this), especially since they spend more time doing stupid shit like this then they do having the official LU Twitter account promote actual LU content (among other things). That said, Satin was openly mocking people on Twitter who told him they didn't want spoilers. So I have no sympathy for him; he's a prick and he deserved what he got. It's pretty funny too how he's the only one who got one that had to say something; So Cal Uncensored will release a statement later, but unless something changed, I was told they had no issue with LU and they worked things out. So it's really just Satin being a shit stain to try and get sympathy from Dorian and co. being idiots. He deserves none.

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    Is it too late to bring in Abbey Laith for the S4 tapings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mizfan View Post
    Is it too late to bring in Abbey Laith for the S4 tapings?
    This. I like this.

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