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Thread: Wayne's World: FWE ReFueled - Night 1 Review and Night 2 Preview

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    Wayne's World: FWE ReFueled - Night 1 Review and Night 2 Preview

    In my adventures into the world of Indy Wrestling the last few years I have found a few companies with whom I will return to at every chance I get. DGUSA/EVOLVE are easily my favourite companies, they put on regular great shows which are always worth the money with some of the best wrestlers in the world and SHINE is easily the company I have the most passion for, the one that has surprised me the most and helped me find a love for womenís wrestling that I didnít have previously. However even though these companies are great they feel more like any other company, something that I watch as a fan but do not get involved in.

    This is where my other prefered company, Family Wrestling Entertainment, comes into play. My dealings with them over the last 2 years has led me to really feel like a valued member of their family. From responding to me when I make queries to having youtube live feeds of their old shows where a member of their team would be in the live chat mucking around with us. Due to feeling part of their team I have therefore been more inclined to go out of my way to help publicise them including columns and radio time in one of only 3 shows I ever did on LOPradio.

    However since December last year FWE hasnít been able to put on any shows, well at least till this weekend anyway when they presented their 2 night ReFueled iPPV event. And in their family building style, and thus once again proving why they make me feel valued, the first night was streamed live and free on YouTube.

    Now for those of you who know nothing about FWE they are a New York based company who traditionally put on a show every few months and stream it through iPPV. Unlike most indy companies it is more casual fan friendly for while still having itís own homegrown talent (Wes Draven and Jorge Santi are two names who you need to check out) they are an ex-WWE/TNA haven (their champions coming into the weekend were FWE Champion John Morrison, Tri-Borough Champion Paul London, Womens champion Maria and the Tag Champions The Adrenaline Express, the only non ex-WWE champions). I always recommend this company as the first step for any WWE/TNA only fan to help break into the Indies.

    Anyway as I said day 1 of their first show ReFueled aired today and I was one of 1,100+ people who tuned into their YouTube channel to watch the show live. However unlike the rest of those guys (well maybe not but hey, I can bignote myself if I want) I am part of one of the best wrestling sites on the interweb and am able to put my thoughts to keyboard and review the show in my own style, plus give a preview of tomorrows show for you my readers.

    The feed started off with Ĺ an hour worth of promos from various people involved in the nights show. I hate to say it but the promos offered didnít give me a great excitement for the coming matches. It might have been the fact that it kicked off with a promo from Joel Gertner that felt like it went nowhere but they never seemed to kick out of first gear. Lucky this was not the show proper though and things would change once the show started.

    Colt Cabana v Eric Young v Robbie E - The first match saw a triple threat match including talent whom any TNA or CM Punk pipebomb fan would be familiar with. Looking at the three names involved you would be amiss not to expect a match which was humour driven yet still showed some great quality wrestling during itís entirety and that is exactly what we got. I quite enjoyed the beginning with Robbie E acknowledging the fact that his opponents were going to work together to eliminate him and thus trying to turn them against each other. Granted it didnít work but hey, it was definitely fun to watch. Another great touch was the running of the ropes ala old school style by Cabana and Young. This was a worthy curtain jerker and am glad that they were actually allowed to show it now that TNA have once again laxed their rules about their talent appearing elsewhere. And to top it off it is always good to see EY pull out the win.

    Alex Reynolds v Orange Cassidy - Firstly I have to question the positioning of this match. Coming of a match showcasing a more comedic style having Orange Cassidyís character next sort of seemed to take it too far. Thatís not saying I didnít enjoy it though as Cassidyís character intrigues me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him well all I can say he doesnít give a shit. His character is just lazy, case in point during this match he was whipped to the ropes and instead of running he merely strolled. His whole persona adds nice little touches that you will not see elsewhere, yet he is capable of doing some great moves once he actually gets into second gear. However it is the FWE guy Reynolds who got the win and then cut a promo about how he was left off the day 2 card. This brought out Gertner meaning I was tortured through a second promo of his which eventually led to Reynolds being booked against Little Guido on night 2.

    Jorge Santi v Damien Darling - This match was greatly affected for me by the dragging out of the promos that we had seen so far, which included the ghastly one that Darling gave before the match started. While I donít mind watching Santi go I ended up with very little interest in this match to the point that I wasnít even in the room when the ending occurred. While it is unfair to the two guys who were in the match as both have proven they are great talents but this is just where the first hour of the show had put me in my attention span.

    Johnny Gargano v Chuck Taylor - As a DGUSA/EVOLVE fan this matchup will always have me intrigued and was a good showcase about just exactly what those companies are about. The match started slow and thus didnít help my growing disinterest but it worked itís pace up as the match progressed thus regaining me back to being an invested watcher. The match seemed cut short though when Gargano pulled out the surprise pin when Taylor was going for his own pin.

    Sam Shields v Wes Draven v Chris Sabin v Bandido Jr - This is a match I would have loved to have seen properly but thanks to my Sister-In-Law turning up I missed a fair part of this match through distraction. I hate to say though that what I did see seemed a bit sloppy. With the talent that was in the ring you would hope for a clean match but it didnít quite seem to happen, that is not saying that is how the whole match went down it is just what I saw. However something i did see was a killer T-Bone suplex on Bandido/Samoa drop on Draven combo that Shields pulled off. Eventually though Sabin pulled out the victory in a match that I will surely be going back to watch again later.

    Adrenalin Express v Nese/Jigsaw - In what was originally going to be a non-title match between these two teams with the titles only up for grabs in the big match on night 2 Nese & Jigsaw were able to convince Adrenalin Express to put the titles on the line. So in a match that already had me very very intrigued I was now even further invested. I have said it time and time again that Nese is easily my favourite non-WWE wrestler and with the last time FWE had a show he beat the Champion John Morrison to win the Open Weight Grand Prix, well I knew he had a great chance to win the titles here. Having Jigsaw as his partner in FWE, upped the team even more for while I like the guys he teams with in the Premiere Athlete Brand in DGUSA/EVOLVE they just are not Jigsaw. And the match did not disappoint as a great showing was had by both teams and I was all cheering when Nese and Jigsaw pulled out a superb double team move to prove my prediction right.

    Veda Scott v Hania - In knowing the talent that FCW has used in the past in their womenís matches this match was a major let down. The two ladies here were not the calibre of the likes of Winter, Angelina Love, Rosita etc who had come before them and the match showed that. Maybe itís the fact that Iím spoilt by SHINE and Iím now more critical of Womenís wrestling but this match just did not really do it for me. Veda Scott would eventually win in a match that brought the crowd right down after the excitement from the previous match. The highest point had to be when after the match Joey Ryan superkicked Veda in what felt looked like a really devastating manner and reminded me that this was definitely not the WWE.

    Drew Galloway v Carlito - This match like many of the others started with promos leading to the creedence of the online bitching (something that I will get to soon) but in a funny twist Drew actually made fun of the amount of promos we had had so far on the show. These two guys showed why I love FWE so much during the match. Here were two very talented ex-WWE guys who had the ability to go places in the company but were just unable to do so for various reasons and thus eventually were let go by them. This match could have very easily been praised as a midcard match on a WWE PPV and both guys showed the talent they possessed with Drew getting the eventual victory, once again leaving me a happy viewer.

    Joey Ryan & Candice Lerae v Tommy Dreamer & Ivelisse - This match, hands down, was the weirdest match of the night, but you would not expect less from a match that contained Joey Ryan. The first thing that was noticeable though was Dreamer could barely move, I donít know why this was so as he normally still moves well,maybe he was beat up from another show but you knew he was hardly going to be a factor in the match. The weirdest point of the match had to be the second lollipop gag of the match. This consisted of Ryan putting a lollipop in his mouth before Dreamer stole it and put it in his, Ryan stole it back and then rubbed it down the front of his undies before putting it back in his mouth, Dreamer once again taking it and putting it in his mouth thus finding pubes then rubbing it down the inside back of his pants and then it ending back up in Ryanís mouth. Another high point was Candice grabbing Dreamerís balls and suplexing him and then Ryan grabbing Ivelisseís boobs to suplex her. This led to Dreamer getting a handful of Candiceís crotch thus leading me to wonder was I watching wrestling or a porno.The match ended thanks to interference from Ivelisseís and Dreamerís opponents for night 2 Maria Kanellis and Drew Galloway, and one of the weirdest 69íer pins I have ever seen. Oh and did I mention this match was Intergender, not mixed?

    The Young Bucks v The Addiction - And finally we find ourselves at the main event seeing 2 of the best tag teams of the last few years, The Young Bucks and Bad Influence, go at it again. Now I understand that this is a match that is doing the rounds of the indies but hey I havenít seen them and apart from their encounter at a TNA One Night Only PPV this was the first time I had seen the match so I was pretty excited going in. While I wasnít really disappointed with the match it didnít quite live up to my expectations and reading others comments it didnít live up to their other showings. The match ended with Addiction getting the win and all the teams in night 2ís title match being involved in a scuffle.

    So after an up and down show I still come out of it feeling optimistic about FWE as the showing was still better than a lot of other shows I have seen so far yet it was still with itís problems. The first that needs to be addressed is the sound problems they had throughout the majority of the show. I am not sure what happened but throughout the second half of the show the commentary kept cutting in and out and at times would be missing for at least half a match. While not unexpected from an indy promotion it is always bad to see and hopefully they can fix the problem before tomorrows show.

    The main problem though would be the fans who were watching the show and commenting through the YouTube chat. Yes the show was a little promo heavy but the action was still pretty good, not top notch but pretty good. Yet nearly the entire time they were shitting on it in normal IWC fashion. They were carrying on from reasons including the sound issues (granted they had a good reason to be at grief with that issue), in ring action and the promos. May I remind all of you that this was a FREE show, no one was forcing them to watch it and it didnít cost them anything, yet they still complained. The show did itís purpose, gave us some good action and helped set up the second nights show, which I remind you to watch you have to PAY to see. If they really wanted to complain about a crappy free show well Smackdown was on for most Americans, instead did they really need to bitch and moan about a 3 and a half hour indy show? Get a life dudes, it isnít worth it.

    Anyway if you want to make up your own mind about the show well here is the video courtesy of YouTube, but be quick about it for FWE is only going to keep it up for about another 10 hours from the posting of this column (sorry Iím a slow writer or I would have been able to give you a few more hours to view it).

    Moving on though lets take a look at night 2 which looks like it will be one heck of a show. Here is the card as it stands

    Add to that picture what looks to be Joey Ryan pulling double duty in a match against Wes Draven and teaming with Candice Lerae against Veda Scott and Christina Von Eerie, and the announced matches from night 1 of Alex Reynolds and Little Guido and a six-man tag coming out of the Darling/Santi match, the show looks like one not to miss.

    The main event will be phenomenal seeing those four teams competing in a TLC match and you know it is going to be full of phenomenal action. The Sonjay Dutt/Chris Sabin match has proven in the past to be well worth the money and hopefully will be once again and the womenís title should deliver as well. The Drew Galloway/Tommy Dreamer match would be one I am normally looking forward to but with the way Dreamer looked on night one hopefully they find some way to make a good showing out of the match.

    No matter how pumped I am for the show though I am unable to watch it personally as my debit card is currently maxed out and I can therefore not pay for the show (my fault for leaving it to last minute and not paying for it when I had the money). That will not stop me however from recommending it to you my readers as a must see show. All details and purchasing information can be found at the following address, . Also any further information about the company, including previous VOD purchasing, can be found at and they also have some free content in their YouTube channel which can be found at .

    If you do watch Night 2 I would love to hear from you your thoughts on the show and for those who do manage to watch night 1 above I would love to hear from you as well. Anyway I feel like I have rambled on enough and it is time for me to sign off for another column. As always feel free to leave your feedback below and I will see you all next time.

    Thanx for reading,

    Wayne Little.

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    Grammatically, this is amongst the best I have seen from you. A big improvement in the technical department made this a much more fluid read than usual. Well done.

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    Echo Maverick here. It was grammatically pretty strong. Although little things like match ratings would have been nice here for those that might skim the column; it was nice nonetheless. Seems like a nice show, too - great mix of known and unknown stars - well, cannot watch Night 1 right now, but I'll try watching Night 2. Good stuff, z!
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    Maverick: Thanks for noticing Mav. As I was in a good spot when writing this I didn't over think everything and it just flowed, therefore coming out more fluid than most of my other columns.

    Subho: I find I always struggle giving match ratings for I could watch something now and think one way and watch it again later today and feel another. I hate looking back later and thinking why the hell did I give that rating.So did you manage to watch night 2, it sounded like a great show in the end.

    Now on a side note but I don't know if it is still working for everyone else but the YouTube show in the column is still working for me so if you want to watch the show well hop to it, you won't be disappointed.

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