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Thread: LOP Grand Prix-An American Motion Sickness: il Trio

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    LOP Grand Prix-An American Motion Sickness: il Trio

    For Eli "Tucco" Wallach. Thank you you beautiful dirty SOB.

    It was always going to come down to this.

    There they stood, The Trio, ready for one last hurrah, one last battle. Fitting after all their journey's, all the wars and all the blown up bridges that this would come to end in one final graveyard, like the ones they had buried so many of their enemies in before. Only this time, they were trying to bury each other. They say the end of the journey for gold and glory can divide any cause, any brotherhood. This was no different; the journey was over and now only one of The Trio could survive. With that knowledge, they took one last glimpse at each other and began to move away. All except for one; he instead remained perfectly still, or as still as one man could while he shakes like a leaf.

    You only had to take one look at this lunatic to see the rage in his eyes. For him this was more than just gold and glory; this was about revenge, pride, or at least whatever he thought those two things were in his own dark madness. The gold and glory was just a bonus to be added on after he fulfilled his principles. These principles had been forged in the place he once called home, a beautiful place rapid with crime because that was the way the townspeople liked it. It was inevitable that he, the son of a thousand fathers, all bastards like him, would thrive in that town. It was a place he learned how to survive nuclear explosions, fitting as he was the one of The Trio most likened to a cockroach. But he wasnít a cockroach, he wasnít good, and he wasnít bad. No, this man was Ugly to the bone, a fact that remained regardless of what side of the law he was on.

    To his left moved a traitor. He didnít look like a traitor, what with his solid appearance and eyes that a stranger would dare call angelic. But those eyes only existed to hide the lack of warmth in his soul, an evil that exists in even darker depths than his Ugly brother. For this man, brotherhood was just a means to an end, an opportunity to use men to get him to the gold and glory he so desired. Now there was nothing left for his brothers besides cold hard elimination. Another look in his eyes showed nothing angelic; in fact it showed nothing at all except an eye on the prize. Nothing but Bad.

    To his left walked the last of the brotherhood. From a distance a man would say that this was the image of a hero; imposing, cool, charismatic. In reality he was a hero by default, due to the fact that he wasnít a heartless mercenary or an unstable wildcard. But he wasnít much more than that either; just a man with a cool demeanor who looked like someoneís idea of a hero. Whether he was actually a hero or not was something for louder minds to determine themselves down the road. For now though, he was the de facto Good, if only because itís better for gold and glory to be in the hands of appearance than a traitor and a lunatic.

    Finally the movement seized, and a triangle formed between The Trio. There was a buzz in the silence around them, like the anticipation of a crowd thirsting for combat. All three had felt it so many times before in so many different graveyards over the years. But now, there were only two graves left to dig, and one grave that held the ultimate goal. Oh yes, this was a Mexican stand off for the ages, a battle that hardened reporters in their marriage beds, that children would remember for years to come. The anticipation was killing all three of them. And yet, they all stood and took one last look.

    Thoughts raced through each of their minds. The Uglyís mind danced from thoughts of the long crawl here, the betrayal of one of the only people he had ever trusted in his life, the thirst for blood that he couldnít quench. The thirst The Bad had was for that treasure waiting for him once he disposed of these two men who were foolish enough to believe he ever believed in them in the first place. And The Good remained the blank slate he was always did, so much that you could wonder if maybe he was the real reason The Ugly twitched like man under constant electrocution. But the time to solve motivations was over. The only thing left to do was to finish the job.

    Gazes darted back and forth, each man ready to empty every bullet they had left to get this over yet. And yet they waited, patient like hunters trying to get their game in the right spot at the right time. Sweat poured off them as if the sun was ready to crash down from the heavens. Time draws near. The silence was now a deafening buzz as if a crowd was cheering The Trio on. And there they stood, unable to hear anything except the twitches and breathing of their enemy. The Ugly smiled a smile that no man could describe, while The Bad grinned and The Good stood there with nothing on his face. There was no going back now; the brotherhood was dead, the goal was all that remained. Time was up.

    And in that moment seconds turned into hours, and each man coiled themselves in attack position. It was over now, and finally they and the rest of the world would know who the better man was. Gazes flew like darts, each man waiting for one to make the first move, the first mistake. Sweat dripped, heartís galloped like a Calvary, and minds raced. The Ugly continued to smile, a look of excitement and horror that could only be that of a man relishing the thought of feeling fear for potentially the last time. And with that, he and his former brotherhood took one last look at each other. This was it; a Trio dead, a Shield broken.

    It begins.

    Please change disks to continue...

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    Wow! Just.... WOW!

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    I have no words.
    And Jacob wrestled with God.

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    If WWE does the eventual Shield showdown even 1% as epic as this was, I may start watching again.

    You've outdone yourself, my friend. This was one of the best things I've ever read on this site.

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    Awesome column. Lots of great descriptive imagery. Very strong effort here. I imagine you will be ranked very high as a result of this one. Great job Cult

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    Fucking hell this was good. Best of the round so far, hands down - terrific, Cult.

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    The good, the bad, and the ugly thing seems so obvious now.

    I have to agree with Oliver - this is my favourite so far. I particularly like the palpable dislike of Roman Reigns that runs right through it - that made me smile.

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    I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved this.

    Even then, I used an insufficient amount of loves to describe my feelings on this. To cram that much eloquence and brilliance into 1,037 words is remarkable, slightly over the limit, but I couldn't have packed this much punch with 2,000 words.

    When I began reading it, I thought it was a thoughtful recollection of the moment before Rollins struck and killed The Shield, though after a second read, I don't know how I had originally reached that thought. As I read further the concept of these 3 men staring down one another before their eventual epic battle drew me in. I thought the Ambrose description was the most powerful part. Spectacular job Cult. Well done, the others are right, this is the shining star of the round thus far. You've raised the bar, and cemented yourself as a favorite in this competition. Bravo.

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    Absolutely superb stuff, and one of my favouritefilms to boot.

    I really hope that we do get the triple threat sooner or later, it really would be an excellent match and feud.
    I've joined the columns! Check out my most recent instalment:

    Episode 9 - Head Boy


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    Sierra Bravo
    I have an evergrowing dislike of Roman Reigns. I loved this.

    I would love this even with a certain fondness of Roman Reigns.

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    Topic: Competition in its purest form.

    Stip: Well you packed quite a punch with this didn't you. You were able to paint a vivid picture with such little space to do it. Well done.

    My Opinion: Brilliant, what else can I say?

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    Holy Balls! Looks like there's feeding to do. For the followers!

    Sub, I know...that Jack Bauer on a unicorn meme is breathtaking isn't it? That's totally what you were wowing about right?

    Jacob, Alright now it can't be about the Bauer meme. It's good, but not good enough to get me a gif of The Rock clapping and you speechless. I must've done pretty good.

    mizfan, you wonderful rapscallion! Sadly the WWE will never do The Shield match up like this; I can almost guarantee you they will not use any Morricone music. Which is a damn shame. I cannot thank you enough for the high compliment of this being "one of the best things you've ever read on this site." Coming from you, it means a great deal. Thank you my friend.

    Kleckamania, the imagery, upon reading the column again, came out a lot better than I thought. I was originally planning this column for my entry in the ABC's of Wrestling series, but it came out horribly and I went with another idea instead. I tried this idea again a few days later and here we are. I must admit though that I think the music helps a great deal; it adds atmosphere that I think the column would've lacked if it weren't there.

    Oliver, I echo what I said to mizfan. To have that praise coming from you is an honor. Thank you good sir.

    something something dark side, ah yes I didn't hide my disdain for Roman Reigns all that well. Eh who cares; he's an overhyped wrestler and someone needed to say it. Thank goodness I have Bravo to back me up!

    rayhagan, interesting that you chose to read the story as a recollection of Rollins' betrayal during your first read. I never intended for that, but I could see why someone could see it that way. It also adds to the piece that it could potentially be telling multiple stories. As for Ambrose, he's the member of The Shield that I care about the most and thus he got the most meat of the characters. That fit in with the comparison to The Good, The Bad, and The Guly though; in the film, the Ugly (Tucco) is the character we grow to know the most about and the one most people root for because of his personality, while The Man With No Name is good but kept distant from us and Angel Eyes is simply evil. The fact that Ambrose pretty much is the Tucco of this situation made it all the easier for me to make him the focal point.

    TripleR, never fear; in the directors cut of this column, Duchovny interferes, takes them all down and leaves the arena with the gold as the fans scream in delight. I sadly had to cut it out on the producers orders; you'll probably get the full story in about twenty years.

    dezorama, glad to see someone else on here loves that movie. It's one of my five favorite films ever, along with Blade Runner, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet and Once Upon a Time in the West (another Leone film). Don't ask me to choose between those two Leone westerns either; I flip back and forth between which one is better minute to minute. And never fear, we're going to get that triple threat. There is serious money to be made in that match.

    Sierra Bravo, have I told you how great it is to have you back? I have? Well I'm saying it again! Glad to be here to help you with the Reigns' disdain.

    zzzorf, what else can I say but thank you for the high praise.

    I can't thank everyone enough for all the accolades they've given this column. I honestly am quite surprised; I thought the column was merely good, and it's instead apparently turned out to be amazing. I need to give myself some more credit huh? Hopefully I'll be back in the next round for this, and in the meantime I think I'm going to run with this idea of telling wrestling spaghetti western stories (albeit in the regular section of the forum). Till next time!

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    Great use of 1000 words. Some of the columns here have somewhat obviously been restricted to fit 1000; yours seemed to have no restriction and was a natural fit under 1000. When a writer can take the chains imposed upon him or her and make a reader forget that there were chains to begin with, it's a mark of skill. Good job, man.

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    Catch up on my column series, Sound Of The Underground, only on

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    Boom! Now that is a tourney column. All I will say is that this seems wasted on a qualifier!

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    For the final three followers!

    Skulduggery, that's what I always try to do when there are restrictions with writing. Looks like I succeeded here. Here's hoping it continues into the next round.

    Leaf, all time great clip right there. Did you have to roll your jaw up afterwards too though? I reckon that would be painful.

    Mazza, perhaps this column would've been better used later on, but it's no big deal for me. I'm in this for the fun and the kicks mostly, and I know I'm good enough to dish something just as good or perhaps better going forward. Hopefully this is just a taste of what is to come later on. Either way I just want to have a good time; I had an awful time in the Davey Boy Cup trying to be something I'm not. This time will be different, even if I am obliterated later on.

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    I will be linking to this column in tonight Live Raw Blog.

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